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So, this is OUR park, what would you like? by Snuppy
Saturday, 10 June 2006, 3:55am
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The blog administrator, ‘One Hot Puppy’, would like input from visitors.

She will just automatically add visitors to the ‘Friends in the Park’ list on the sidebar if you want.

yes? Anything else?



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this snarky visitor is adding this snarky site to her own snarky site cuz it’s so damn snarky!


*over and out* 🙂

Comment by Karen

Ooooweeee! Do we get to be naughty and raunchy? Essential for some good play you know! Woof indeed!

Hey! Where am I??? I wanna be a friend in the park!!! Gimme a sexalicious title! Fo’ sho’!!!

Will be adding this playground into the land o’ bohemian indeedy!

Comment by Miz BoheMia

it would be disappointing if we were not allowed to get naughty and/or raunchy, girlfriend!! especially on those days when Blogger won’t let us engage in banter with Bohemians, brawls and/or bierce (what’s up with me and my alliterate ways? dunno…)

hope this is a happyhappy weekend for you… i’ll leave the sidebar addition to kyahgirl–she’s the clever one who actually knows how to do such things! tho’ i, for one, am not sure there’s anything more “sexalicious” than your delicious bohemian self!

Comment by sophie

Miz B, would you rather be a naughty pooch or a sexalicious pooch?
If you don’t like the name I pick, please feel free to suggest one!

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Oooh! Actually I forgot I do have another name and alas, I am a cat! My name is Catty Yummy Mummy! Jenna knows the story! Hit it Jenna (she is a Chief Naughty Sexpot I would have you know)!!!… I come equipped in skin tight leather clothes and a naughty, naughty whip! K-KISH BABY!!!

Oh! Sophie! Typepad has been keeping me out from both your and your hubby’s place today! I am out the door but will try again as soon as I get back!


Comment by Miz BoheMia

et tu, typepad? tsk tsk! so sorry for that, Miz B… hopefully it will be more kind by the time you come back *through* the door!! : D

Comment by sophie

I now realize I posted today’s post under yesterday’s column…so sue me! I’m pretty sure the error was due to a lack of brain function brought on by a shortage of caffiene in the system. Sorry…promise I’ll do better tomorrow.

Comment by joel

my bad, honey…since it was i who kept you from your tgsnwm for so long! won’t happen again!! : P (lovelove you!)

Comment by neva

Can this be a place for silent contemplation?

Comment by Doug

doug: only for those who are silently contemplative.

Comment by sohie

kyahgirl: this look is nice! (i like the colors… very ‘clean’ looking… ) have you run through the other templates, yet? believe it or not, i actually experimented yesterday and accidentally put this one up for a few minutes! but i didn’t really take much time to look it over before i changed it back. it’s pretty! anyone else have any thoughts on this??? anyone? anyone? (anyone care??) : P

Comment by sohie

You are welcome to lay down in the grass for some silent contemplation Doug.
Sophie and I will play quietly in another corner of the park.

All bets are off if Miz B shows up though 🙂

sophie, I like this one too. I put a a others up but some seem to either cram everything to one side or they don’t show important features like the blogroll.

There is one burgundy/cream one which is nice but it has a calander on the side, don’t know what you think of that.

Comment by Kyahgirl

kyahgirl!! i like these colors a lot! but if you’d prefer burgundy, go for it!

oh, and i’m really sorry we didn’t get to chat tonight (joel & i didn’t eat until almost 9pm… aren’t we pathetic?) hopefully tomorrow will work out better… or monday (as i said, i’m flexible!)

i’m going to bed now… feel free to do the next post! otherwise i will in the morning. (tra la la la… not sounding very snarky at the moment, am i? must be ‘cuz my belly’s full of pad thai. this kind of food always makes me mellow…what’s up with that?)


Comment by sophietoes

Wahey! I am a yoga teacher after all but yeah… here in the blogosphere meditation be DAMNED, DAMNED I SAY!


Um… where were we now?

Comment by Miz BoheMia

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