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Day Three — Sunday Brunch by Snuppy
Sunday, 11 June 2006, 5:28pm
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The wait continues. Will Blogger continue to function normally? Or, will it once again betray our friends, forcing them all race towards the “snark park” in hopes of finding a means to wag their collective tails? Only time will tell. Before potential chaos ensues, perhaps one of us should stock up on a few extra pooper scoopers. (just sayin’…)

Happy Sunday, to one and all! And Welcome! We’ve got coffee, green tea, fresh orange juice and berries, along with a spectacular array of scones, bagels, and muffins set out for you in the gazebo. Naturally, there’s a wide–and tasty–assortment of doggie biscuits, as well. Later, we’re planning a barbeque. Unless it rains. In which case we’ll be making a run for Taco Bell.

Lots of people talk to animals… Not very many listen, though… That’s the problem.” ~ Benjamin Hoff, The Tao of Pooh


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hope i haven’t forgotten anything… ‘course, it’s early. and, last time i looked, the stores are open. yogurt! we need yogurt! ooooh…and granola! yikes! (this is the kind of spread we often find at out favorite B&Bs in Maine… in case anyone wonders) : P

Comment by sophietoes

Hi Sopietoes! Blogger is being naughty today so maybe we’ll have a fun party here.

A brunch followed by a barbque sounds just like what this puppy loves! Food, followed by more food, and some fun times with friends at th park.

What’s that lump over there in the shadows? Oh, its Willie, laying in the grass in silent contemplation!

Oh, who is stalking him? Its the Yummy Catty Mommy….watch out Willie!!!!

Comment by Casper

Casper? where are you?

Hi Neva. I would love some coffee yogurt and berries. Yum!!

Well, I’ll be back later. I talk to you soon πŸ™‚

Comment by Laura

coffee… berries… and yogurt! mmmm! a happy mouth = a happy me!

talk to you soon! gosh, i hope Yummy Catty Mommy doesn't tease poor Willie in the midst of his morning "contemplation"…or is he taking a nap? hard to tell from here! : P

Comment by neva

What a cool idea! Very pleasing:) And a wonderful breakfast, too!

Comment by actonbell

Hey Casper…not that I’m a big hockey fan or anything but how bout them Oilers…not dead yet! I seriously hope someone is making a Starbucks run…you know…TGSNWM.

Comment by BoBo

Catty Yummy Mummy is to proud to crouch down in the shadows… especially when wearing a leather catsuit! Cannot afford any scratches on that thing! Mon Dieu! πŸ˜‰

Ooooh! Frsh OJ? Green Tea? You ladies are a delight! I bring my trademark Danish Apple Coconut Coffe Cake… long title yet quite a simple delight fo’ sho’! That’ll teach y’all to plan a meeting with sweet G and alas, no trips to Spain! *sob*

Hey, what would life be without some bohemian style drama! Fo’ Sho’! Happy Sunday to my fave fab ladies! Muchos Besos,

CYM… Meow!

Comment by Miz BoheMia

PS~ Now that I think about it… crouching can be quite sexy… Hmmm?

Ha, ha, haaa! Cannot have drama without the raunch! Now that would be a sin! A SIN I SAY!

Comment by Miz BoheMia

a sin… and absolutely NO FUN!! and, we may not be much, but we're *all* about fun here! gulp. sort of. in a non-kinky-non-group-sex-let's-play-badminton-instead-shall-we kind of way, that is!

good mornin' Catty YM… meow, to you.. too! cat nip's over there by that BIG fluffy pillow. enjoy! : D

Comment by sophie

and, danish apple coconut coffee cake sounds/looks delish!

oh, and, trust me… if there’s a way to get my ass to Spain any time soon, i’m there!! it would be a thrill and a delight… and i’m dusting off my Espanol in the event/hope i’ll be able to do *exactly* that in the near future!

Comment by sophie

Bobo-awww, thanks for caring!! Yeah, the Oilers aren’t out yet!

Actonbell- enjoy your breakfast, sophiestoes is the queen of the delicious brunch!

Miz B-you are such a sweet and welcome feline presence in the park.

I have to run but will catch you all later πŸ™‚

Comment by kyahgirl

I've never played badminton… or have I? I tend to play things and then not remember what they are called… I think I did when a kid in Denmark once…

Hey, who's up for an Ashtanga Yoga lesson?

Don't worry about the raunch… I am a respectfully-raunchy-chick-of-the-type





-as-long-as-what-she-herself-does-is-her-choice-and-up-to-her kinda gal so

sports are way more fun… the raunch is good here in talk and the like and

as for the delivery of it that is in the Loverboy's explicit contract of

bohemian demands! K-Kish! πŸ˜‰ Yeow!

I hope that's ok?

You guys are the sweetest canines I have met! Most canines would have had me for lunch by now! *sigh*

Comment by Miz BoheMia

And yes Neva! Get your sweet ass on over as SOON as you can! The house is waitin’ as are we! Fo’ sho’!

Comment by Miz BoheMia


i love PAR-TEEES!! πŸ™‚

Comment by Karen

Miz B: i would never have thought otherwise! as for badminton? fun game, if you like hitting things over a net! i’d be just as happy learning how to twist and stretch my body into better health, to tell you the truth! (this is one of the things we’ll do when i make it over there for our visit, right?) 😎

Comment by sophietoes

Karen: and this par-tee would not be the same without YOU! tho’ i’m gonna have to stop stuffing my face with MizB’s yummy coffee cake pretty soon, and spend a little time re-reading that article in order to have something good to contribute at your place tomorrow! πŸ˜‰

Comment by sophietoes

A party sounds quite delightful!

Comment by cj

This is Central SNARK right…for a minute there I thought I had ventured on to Party Central instead. No one feeling especially snarky today eh? Well, that’s okay I guess…it has been a beautiful day (at least in this locale) and it’s still the weekend…come to think of it…I got my triple grande soy no whip mochas Saturday and Sunday so more can I ask…perhaps Mexican food tonight?

Comment by BoBo

‘k, i’m bringin’ my balloon to the par-tee but since i can’t preview, we’ll havta hope it isn’t busted, *grin*

—————β™₯—- β™₯
—————–β™₯- β™₯

Comment by Karen

Oooh a party. Yes. I’ll bring the vanilla vodka because it’s just not a party unless I’m all tingly and such.

Thanks for the linky love my snarklicious friends. Everyone’s friend? Oooh lah.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

not too bad, a little flat, but what the hey… werks fer me and i’m sure sophietoes and casper will love it!! πŸ™‚

woof, woof, slobber, slobber

Comment by Karen

bobo: hard to “snark” when the sun in shining and we’re surrounded by friends, right?? 😎

cj: sooooo glad you were able to make it! sthe party wound up spreading out, just a bit… still fun, even MORE so with YOU here! πŸ˜€

karen: your “comment art” is a wonder to behold! and surely adds a much needed festive touch! thanks for comin’ and bringing the decorations!! πŸ˜€

LBP: as long as you’ve *also* got a bottle of the non-alcoholic stuff–i’ll be happyhappyhappy to join ya! sooooo glad you’re here! just wouldn’t be the same without ya! πŸ˜€

Comment by sophietoes

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