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A side discussion on censorship and/or boundaries for Central Snark by Snuppy
Thursday, 15 June 2006, 7:31pm
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Sophie and Casper (Neva and Laura) didn't discuss this issue anywhere in the setting up of Central Snark. Today Jenna (The Little Blue PIll) asked what the movie rating is for this place. Sophie proposed NC-17 and asked if any one would like to express an opinion. Because this is a community playground, I'm putting this post up so everyone can weigh in if they want to.

This is Laura typing this by the way, so I thought I'd give my opinion first. (yeah, I'm in control of the buttons so you have no say!) πŸ™‚
I talked once on my blog about the kind of home I grew up in. We were always encouraged to 'look things up' and learn as much as we could. That upbringing and the subsequent 'wide reading' gave me an abhorrence for censorship. Therefore, I am never going to say I want to censor anyone on this blog from speaking their mind on any topic at all and in any language they want, colourful or not. (Remind me someday to tell you about the study of movie ratings I undertook at University in my 20's. Watched a lot of porn for that course!)

I think most of the people who will come to this place are reasonable adults and decent human beings. If you want to swear, go ahead. If you want to talk about sex or genitalia (Miz B!), go ahead. Its supposed to be a place to hang out, blow off steam, and enjoy your cyberfriends. I will behave as I would in any public, yet informal setting with my friends.

My only boundary is – I don't welcome nasty, vindictive, cruel, hurtful people into my real life, I don't want to welcome them here. If someone joins in at the playground on a regular basis and behaves like that, I will consider them a troll and ask my buddy Neva to kick them out !! πŸ™‚ (She's the enforcer). Just kidding. You know what I mean.

That's not to say people can't get mad and have arguements and discussions, as long as its conducted along the lines of 'fair fighting (no name calling, accountable language, etc.)

Well, I think I've blabbed enough. Let's hear your thoughts.


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couldn't have said this better myself… thank goodness i didn't *have* to! that said, enforcer? me? have you not been listening to my tales of poor parenting?? hee hee! we may have to pull in the "big guns" (i.e. bobo) for that duty! actually, that's not true. i have no problem what-so-ever telling someone to shut the fuck up eat shit or die stop being a pain in our collective asses if they get out of line in any way we deem unreasonable!

well done, Laura! and thanks for setting the record straight before someone had a chance to scratch it! πŸ˜€

off to bed now, like the good little girl i try to be on any given day. hope everyone comes back to play again, tomorrow!

Comment by sophie


Comment by Karen

On the one hand, there are times when (I think this is a Bierceism) “there is nothing as satisfying as a good round oath”. On the other hand, there is Tolkien’s excellent paragraph in the appendices to LOTR comparing orc speech to, well, the kind of language one hears in most movies PG and up today, characterizing people (the term is used loosely) to whom “only the squalid sounds strong”.

I would hope the people here would have, or cultivate, sufficient wit so that the “f” word would feature rarely if at all – because folk found and used better and equally expressive alternatives. But then I’m a prolix no-penny-a-liner. What do you expect from a protozoon?

Comment by The Amoeba

I think you set the limits according to what you want to achieve. I personally have no problem with profanity but going hell-for-leather like I do can impose certain… restraints on what you can acheive. Let’s just say I can imagine being recommended on the church bulletin board anytime soon. And lucky I’m not in it for the money – it would be an unusual advertiser who would want to appear on my blog.

So the short version of my opinion is NC-17 but hopefully with people acting like grownups not juvenile delinquents.

Comment by Mr Angry

Hopping along to the park,
wrote a Haiku to start.

we are all adults
romp by any other name
yum exchange fluids

NC-17? No problem here.

Comment by Gone to the Dogs ate my Bunny

I’m here this morning and it’s very, very quiet…eerily so…where is everybody? Are you hiding in the bushes? Did everybody sleep in?

Comment by BoBo

Karen: *woof* right back at ya, girl! (i still owe you a comment… aieee! too many distractions yesterday. sorry!) πŸ™‚

Amoeba: thank you for that thoughtful comment. and, i might add, you make an *excellent* point! y’know, you’ve managed to cram a heck of a lot of information and/or wisdom into that single cell of yours! (lovelovelove the references!) πŸ˜‰

Mr. Angry: fortunately, with *this* crowd, i think chances of acheiving a tone/level of dialog worthy of perpetuating viable/lively discussion(s) are excellent! and, hopefully, we’ll be able to count upon you as a regular and insightful participant! πŸ™‚


my mind is empty
i think i need more coffee
the words are not there

good mornin’ my friend! hope it started out great and just keeps gettin’ better! πŸ˜€

Comment by sophie

BOBO!! dios mio! y lo siento, mi amor! (i didn’t see you there when i was in that compistorial mode…) you’re *never* alone… tho’ i’m sitting here with a TGSNWM (surprise from boy #1) how about you? love ya! πŸ˜€

Comment by sophie

Totally unfair! First of all…what is boy #1 doing up and about at this hour of the morning? Secondly, well there is no secondly so let’s stick with the first point. Did you mean compOSitorial? Cause if you didn’t I don’t know what the heck you’re saying (scrambling for new, larger dictionary). Love you too…even though you are having a TGSNWM without moi.

Comment by BoBo

Good morning snarksters. I’m interested in the opinions. Sounds like we’re all pretty much in the same ballpark so far. Wait a minute, is this a ball park? ha ha ha. I Kill me!

Anyway, I don’t have any other deep thoughts at the moment but maybe will go make a couple more links in the sidebar. Sophie, if you see what I do and want to tweak, please do so buddy (that is, if you can stop making out with BoBo for awhile) πŸ™‚

Oh man, a TGSNWM sounds like heaven right now.

Comment by Casper

Morning sophie,

Just hopping around hither and yon, did add you to my family sidebar this am.

BoBo- me thinks the parks dept put a new fence up overnight, too many unsavory avatars lurking.

Comment by Gone to the Dogs ate my Bunny

Morning Casper,

You know you should bark or ring a bell or something.

BTW, I am very text ignortant, my floppy ears no comprendo TGSNWM.

somebody send me a glossary

Comment by Gone to the Dogs ate my Bunny

Bobo: whoa… spellcheck? et tu, bobo? hmmmph (takes another sip of her TGSNWM). actually, it was an oversight, one made in haste and between sips, which i'd normally have corrected! but now that you've pointed out the error… i shall proudly allow it to remain, uncorrected, for all the world to see. put the dictionary away. (love you!)

Casper:i figured we should leave this post up for the day… it's a perfect springboard for discussion! and the TGSNWM is quite *tasty*, to say the least! now, where's that bobo… i need to have another make out session word with him…

Brian: thanks! i'll return the favor! (i actually need to add several new sites to my sidebar… i'm a bit behind!) now, hop away, my friend! just don't wear yourself *out*!

Comment by sophie

TGSNWM = “Triple Grande Soy No Whip Mocha. mmmmm.

Comment by sophie

Hi again, I meant to acknowledge the Amoeba's comment.
With respect to the word 'fuck'. I'm a bad girl and tend to use in in private conversations with friends that I know don't mind. (Ask Nancy how I talk when I'm really annoyed! Worse than Miz B, if you can imagine). But, when I'm around people who I know don't appreciate profanity, I have no problem curbing it and will, most of the time, do so here. (I may slip up). However, I don't mind if others want to curse a blue streak in context so am not comfortable with suggesting people don't use the word. If its part of their normal expression, why not?

I think most of the people that come here have quite a good handle on communication without swearing and for the most part do so. But, I have to admit that I am often amused by the extra impact and colour that swear words add to a person's thoughts. For example, Sophie's first comment on this post made me laugh.

Anyway, O'C, do what you feel most comfortable with and I hope there won't be more profanity than you're willing to live with. I suspect the park will be a great place to hang out and I hope you'll stay, even if there is the occasional blue cloud.


Comment by One Hot Puppy

Thanks, no caffeine for this bunny, does bad bad things to mind. CFS you know.

OHP- I don’t swear much, well, I do use cocksuckers for just about everything thing .

Sophie- I just be over here in the bushes nibbling. Don’t mind me.

Comment by Gone to the Dogs ate my Bunny

NC 17???? What will my mother think? Wait… Cindy would be proud that I’m not hanging out with the XX crowd as I was last friday night. I mailed her the penis shaped lipstick I won in the dirty mind game that also got me 10% any thing I wanted to buy. *LOL* with THAT being said I am totally find with the NC-17 rating with the promise to act like an adult and not a juvie.

A triple grande soy no whip mocha? I am having an Iponema Brazillian Bourbone cup of coffee – ICED.

Today I am going to babysit for my friend Amy…. I thought it was a good idea until about 10 minutes ago when she called and said “Gosh I hope they are not all crabby at the same time.” THAT thought had never crossed my mind!!! So as of noon I’ll have a 3 year old, 2 year old (who likes to kiss my 3 year old) an 8 month old and a 1 month old. Pray for me. *LOL* really I may need it.

Comment by romance enhancer

“Hot Puppy”: you do the blog, proud, girlfriend. you and i are excellent counterparts (if i do say so myself, which, apparently, i *do*!) and we’re very much on the same page with regards to the whole issue of “colorful language! i have a feeling O’C will be just fine with the rhetoric around here, and is, in fact, no stranger to the occasional “blue” word! (unless i miss my guess!)

GDB (brian): i see ya over there… by the way, you can get the GSNWM’s *without* caffeine (tho’, what’s the point? just kidding!) plenty of caffeine-free treats to be had… around here we’ll try to honor any and all requests!

Comment by sophie

romance enhancer? You are a better woman than I!! Sounds like hell to me πŸ™‚ The penis shaped lipstick sounds ‘interesting’ though LOL.

sophie-I’m glad we’re such excellent counterparts. What a team πŸ™‚
Public displays of affection are ok in the park eh?

Is that a bunny in the bush?
hey, do you think Ariel will come back and see the by line I gave her link *snort* One day I mailed her and asked her if that was what her avatar was. She laughed and said yes!! No secrets in the park/.

Comment by kyahgirl

Romance Enhancer: holy-all-those-kids-potentially-cranky-at-the-same-time-crap!! as for the lipstick? hmmmm. i once met up with my sister in chicago for a book signing she had–which took place at a very classy, for women *only* (kind of) “adult” shop (called “g”, for the “spot”, which is why i always laugh when i visit our mutual friend, kyahgirl!). i know those lipsticks… hee hee!

Kyahgirl: i think Ariel will be dismayed delighted! (in the bushes, eh? better tell that bunny to watch out!) by the way, the link to her site wasn’t working… as for public displays of affection? *absolutely*!! now, get over here….*slu-u-u-u-rp* (big wet kiss!) calm down, boys… nothing kinky going on h…oooh! look! is that ariel over there in the bushes?? (hee hee!) πŸ˜€

Comment by sophie

Penis shaped lipstick? Now I haven’t seen that one in the “must haves” for summer in Ladies Home Journal πŸ™‚ Do tell. Now I’m getting all mixed up with the names – but you know who you are! Neva and Laura, One Hot Puppy and Sophia and Casper, seee. Anyway, you two are perfect together and I have to agree wholeheartedly with what you say. It’s funny, I do use colorful language myself – and usually when I am with myself, mostly I think it when driving. When no other word will do and I trot out the big guns, people who don’t know me so well are surprised. One of the parents at my daughter’s school laughed and said that almost sounded elegant the way you said it. Point is I think, we’re all sort of on the same page here. OC, you make me want to be a better person and someone with whom I wouldn’t mind sharing a park bench. And gone to the dogs…bunny – case you didn’t know that is a curse word, Mr. I don’t swear much!

Comment by lady of the lampshade

hot puppy et al. – see “good round oath”, above. I’m no prude (I don’t think, though as an obligately asexually-reproducing microbe I don’t know what you’re talking about half the time anyway) – maybe it’s because I know damned well that I can let loose on occasion that I encourage minimizing the blue streaks except when ya just gotta. I just hope for a high standard for “when ya just gotta” is.

coffee – are there others besides me on here who can’t stand the stuff. Anyone for a nice cup of lapsung souchong?

Comment by The Amoeba

Lampshade Lady: lol at your comment to DGB! and i’m with ya on the “big-gun cuss words when driving by yourself” thing… (by the way, that “g”-spot comment to kyahgirl was in reference to you, girlfriend… hee hee!)

Amoeba: i find swear words are, in general, much more effective when used in moderation, for the purpose of good effect. unless i’m reallyreally pissed off, then fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke all bets are off!

tho’ i tend to prefer green teas, a cup of lapsang souchong might hit the spot later!

Comment by One Hot Puppy

d'oh! i forgot i was logged on when i made the above comments (as "hot puppy"). my bad. or not. what difference does it make, anyway?… why is everyone looking at me like that?? yeesh. tough crowd.

Comment by sophie

Speaking of tough crowds and Monty Python (“and now for something completely different” – we need a “thread starter” utility in this park – there’s a little space for it in the shed next to the bathrooms; this park does have bathrooms, doesn’t it? I’m not inclined to water the trees), I’ve gotta snark on something, kyah. It’s working, Doug. I hope …

I know God will not give me anything I can’t handle.

Heavens to atheism, I hate that line! We die, don’t we? Last I knew, immortality was not an option – if you know differently I want to have a word with you, pronto. Talk about “too much to handle”!


Comment by The Amoeba

LL- I was just munching over in the bushes, trying to have lunch. And it is so not a curseword, I’ve heard it looks like lipstick.

Good earth tea is very good, and I’ve always liked sleepytime, which kinda reminds of the park today.

Comment by Gone to the Dogs ate my Bunny

No Coffee!?!?! What kind of ****ing s**t is this?

Loosely translated:

All you lovely people should really give a well pulled shot of espresso…not starbucks…a chance in the morning.

And that buldge in my cheek is my tongue…

Swear words generally happen when I do things like, put my foot in the front wheel of my bike while riding, or smash my thumb etc.

Comment by The Village Idiot

The Amoeba would like to start a thread for today’s snarks? coming right up!

Comment by kyahgirl

I agree with those who’ve already piped up.
I think most of the people here have demonstrated the ability to moderate their own behavior pretty well.
As long as trolls are booted and everyone feels free to respectfully address any perceived line crossing…
Play ball!

Dammit, Idiot, gimme some of the that ****ing coffee, NOW!

Comment by Ariella's Alpha

Mmmmm Tea is good too. I am currently working on getting my tea certification. *LOL* Really I am.

Rice crispie bars made, house 2 year old proofed, gates up, bassenette out, toys ready, Great Muppet Movie in cheque…. I am ready, bring it on CHILDREN of the neighborhood!

As for the lipstick it really was a nice shade… my mom loves the shade so it was only fitting that I give it to her. I like to imagine her pulling it out during Church council meetings …. She is absent minded at times, its only a matter of time. πŸ™‚

Comment by romance enhancer/ cj

Amoeba: kyahgirl's got ya covered… i'll join ya in a flash! oh, and, not only do we have bathrooms, bub, we have very *nice* bathrooms. we aims to please. no peeing in the pond/on the grass/behind that bush!

DGB: perhaps one day we'll see how many variations of that "concept" we can conjure up (pun intended). remember. my sister wrote a book about such things…we'll wait for a day when there's nothing *else* to talk about!

Ariella: well said! and "play ball" was *not* a pun, right? as for the coffee? on the cart in the gazebo… enjoy!

VI: did you not see the earlier talk of triple grande soy no whip mochas? i'm pretty dang sure 3 shots of espresso counts as a caffeine boost in any coffee clatch! (yes, i know it's starbucks. and, yes, i know there's that question of the soy and/or mocha, but still… there's a jolt to be had, and, in the end, *that's* what counts, right?) πŸ™‚

Romance Enhancer: please (PLEASE) let us know what happens when she *does*! (can't wait) good luck with the kids! πŸ˜‰ 

Comment by sophie

Sophie’s sister this poor bunny does not know.* Sigh*

Comment by Gone to the Dogs ate my Bunny

VI-I’m going to step out to Starbucks at lunch time. We actually have on in the Safeway here in the hinterland!

Comment by kyahgirl

I am aghast! Actually, if I ever consider erotica, with some tips from LBP, that might be a name for my next blog. Funny, now that’s in my head. I always love a green tea with my lunch which I am finsihing right now, other than that – grande skim latte – soy for a while, but that masked the coffee taste too much. VI is right, though, I am a wimp, can’t deal with a straight shot.

Comment by lady of the lampshade

By the way, it is sooo a curse word! I should know – I know them all – an ignoble distinction at best. I too love sleepy time tea, especially the little sleeping bear on the box.

Comment by lady of the lampshade

Well then, LL, since your shining erudite rays,
have exposed poor floppy to your gaze,
since you know all the words,
choose six to send as verbs.

An erotic blog title!

“Naughty Bunny-Smack!”

Comment by Gone to the Dogs ate my Bunny

Well LL with your erudite ways,
exposing floppy to your gaze,
knowing all the words,
send six as verbs.

Comment by Gone to the Dogs ate my Bunny

Ok, This is COMMENT # 7 in the new park timezone. Carry on from here.

Comment by Gone to the Dogs ate my Bunny

So, is the kind of place where I could just shout out “Shrimpboat!” anytime I want to? That would be so great. Dad’s a stodgy old coot.

Can I say “coot?”

Comment by Walela

Sleepy time? What the? Say it ain’t so…

jenna off to raid her friend’s freezer for something to put on her effin’ ankle after boogeying with a 6 year old who “still has energy!!” and if any one asks…my ankle is fine. Fiiine. Shh.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

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