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Happy Father’s Day… by Snuppy
Sunday, 18 June 2006, 8:40am
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WHAT the hell. It’s Sunday. It’s Father’s Day. Some of you are gonna celebrate. Some of you are not. Either way… we hope this is a nice relaxing day for one and all. And, tho’ here for your Snark’s desire, if everyone is still feeling “the Love”, that’s fine, too!

Once again, we’ve set out a fabulous array of tasty treats to tantalize the taste buds, for your Sunday munchin’ & brunchin’ delight. (We have got to get over these freaking alliterate inclinations some of us (well, one of us) has! We don’t know why we do it… it’s quite organic, not unlike the fruit, yogurt, and granola on the table in the gazebo. Nonetheless, sometimes our own way with words drives us (well one of us) crazy!). Help yourself. Oh, and be sure to try some of that amazing coffee cake the divine Catty Yummy Mummy brought today… last week it lasted about 12 seconds, so hurry, first come first serve!

Now, despite the fact that some of you are soccer fans… some are hocky fans… and some are electric fans (bad pun… we’ll stop) some of us (well, one of us) have husbands who are baseball fans. The following quote is hilarious funny mildly amusing cute either way.

Spread the diaper in the position of the diamond with you at bat. Then fold second base down to home and set the baby on the pitcher’s mound. Put first base and third together, bring up home plate and pin the three together. Of course, in case of rain, you gotta call the game and start all over again.” ~Jimmy Piersal, on how to diaper a baby, 1968

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY… to those who are, to those who will be, to those who thought about it, to those who never will! And, for those who prefer to forget about the day all together? Like it or not, someone’s sperm got ya here… so, you know, it ain’t all bad! (that’s all we’re sayin’…)



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Good morning Snarkster. Nice post Sophietoes and wow! what a nice breakfast.
Sorry to say, I have to run. I’m sick as a dog. Hey, wait a minute, dogs don’t get so sick the way you humans do! We’re much tougher than that.

Comment by Casper

Get well Casper…great quote babe! Reading through slightly blurry eyes this morning. Watched 14 innings of a 17 inning baseball game late into the night. The good guys lost 😦 which makes the effort seem so futile. Oh well…that’s sports for ya! Da’ Bums!!

Comment by BoBo

Hi, up early I see, good. The earlier you get up, the earlier nap time arrives. Me & honbun are relaxing in front of the soccer game (boring) (Casper – bunny says “Go Oilers”) Then we will thrill to the excitement of NASCAR, and during commercials, watch the Tour de Suisse (Cycling) on OLN. HonBun has been very busy writing sestina’s. (He disturbs my nappy time when not poeming) Hope all that wish to have a fab Father’s Day!

Comment by I'm Feline Frisky

We celebrated fathers day last night after Thea’s big dance recital with my dad- we went out to olive garden and had drinks and a nice dinner. Today We’re making steak and shrimp for Erick and as Thea says “Cover him with kisses!”

The dance recital went wonderful. Thea had 21 people in the audience who came just to see her. She has a wonderful set of grandma’s, grandpa, great grandma’s, aunts, and friends. Thea was a show stealer on the tap dance. We ordered the dvd so when we get that I’ll post it on my blog. She shook her head strongly “No!” when the other kids were not doing the right thing. There was a girl in her class who didn’t dance and just stood there, Thea marched over to her doing her dance and grabbed her hand and pulled her to the group. It was so sweet…. YEP it was a great dance recital!

Comment by romance enhancer/ cj

Happy father´s day to all you guys out there.
I donæt think we celebrat eit that much here, but i took teh opportunity this morning to whish my dad-although his sperm did not create me) a wonderful day. He seemed to enjoy it very much.
Now, if you don´t mind I´ll have me some slice of that delicious looking cake before I am off to work. Yes, some of us have shifts on Sundays! Imagine….

Comment by Penguin

Happy Father’s Day to all the daddies out there.

Had a long post planned. Went…enh…and deleted it all.

Too tired. Busy weekend. And no there was no drinking last night. You’d think I’d celebrate the Oilers win. Hah! You’d be wrong because that’s a few more days with that cursed flag all over my city. Sigh. It hurts my eyes to see them.

Now I’m off to the zoo with the nephew. Must charge those batteries. I WILL get “Auntie” on video. This is my mission. If nothing else it’ll bug the heck out of my “little brother.” Mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. It’s good to have a goal.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

Boy is this place great to crash when one is a weary soul! Nope… we don’t celebrate such holidays as everyday we celebrate each other but to those that do… HAPPY DADDY’S DAY!

The infamous baby shower happened today… we were surrounded by narcissistic, materialistic, toxic, toxic people otherwise known as my extended family… my cousin who was supposed to babysit the kids for me in two weeks time (mind you I asked her a month in advance) cancelled on us because she would rather go to a concert the night before (after being told how important July 1st was to us as we were invited to a Holistic Health Fair to promote our business and now…)… and when I could no longer breathe we bolted on outta there and rushed home… a nice nervous breakdown was had in the car and now, after a great saging ritual to cleanse the air and the negative energy I am in my PJ’s, at home, hanging out in the blogosphere’s it place and boy does it feel good!!!!!

Good news is I won’t have to see the fuckers (hey, I never said I was nice!) for a while now so YAY US!

I’d better stop typing… I had carpal tunnel badly today… no yoga was to be had either… *sigh* I wonder why? Gotta give those wrists a rest? Nope…. best to attach a split keyboard to the laptop! Fo’ sho’! 🙂

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

The good guys lost, BoBo? Hey, that’s just what you get when you bring so many Red Sox (Grady Little, Nomah, …) to Chavez Ravine. Welcome to angst, bro. Wonder if Grady thought his pitcher So last night was Pedro Martinez …

Of course, with this steroid/HGH thing about to rear up again, the real losers are any of us who are still watching this stuff. In my darker moments, I wonder if we shouldn’t be criminalizing pro sports. Yes I have lighter moments. Let’s see now … I think it was 1979 …

Since I don’t see Sar tramping on the grass (and where did Logo get off to?), I may as well take up her “shameless self-promotion” mantle. Today’s Sunday Diabolical Lexicographer is up – saunter over to the paddle boats tied up to the dock’s of the park’s little pond and take a cruise, why don’tcha? I’ve seen a couple of ya over there already.

Comment by The Amoeba

Let the record show that I have the Korea v. France, Worldcup Soccer match on television right now…my attempt to see what all the fuss is about. I’m also watching another baseball game on the computer…must be Father’s Day!

Comment by BoBo

Amoeba…with you on the evergrowing scandal that is baseball. So much for baseball, apple pie, etc…a huge black eye for Americana and a huge dose of taint spilled all over a lot of great memories. It is criminal, if not in the legal sense certainly from a morality point of view. YUK!!!

Comment by BoBo

Alas Bobo, it’s not just baseball and it’s not just America. I can’t name a “money” sport that hasn’t had some “needling”. And we pay Alex Rodriguez almost three times more in one year than the National Science Foundation has to give in my area of research – to dozens (out of the hundreds that apply – “one grant in five, one dollar in ten” – of scientists across the country. Wasn’t it just yesterday that we had to have “benefits” for great ballplayers so they could have cash enough to pay next week’s rent?

Comment by The Amoeba

a girl steps out for a few hours… and comes back to find that, once again, all’s quiet on the Snarkish waterfront.

Casper? sick?? no… you’re not allowed to be sick. well, not for more than a day, at any rate! (hope you feel better soon…i MISS you!)

Bobo: even tho’ we didn’t get those eggs/multi-grain pancakes, the TGSNWM’s and scones were pretty tasty, wouldn’t you agree? (i’ll make it up to you with mexican food tonite!) xoxo

Feline Frisky… soccer? NASCAR?? tour de suisse?? quite a day you kids have goin’ for yourselves, there! what am i saying? my honey’s sittin’ in front of the computer watching the Dodgers lose. tho’ we *did* get to take a nice long/brisk walk out in 90 degree temps…and we *do* get to watch one of our favorite shows tonite (Deadwood) so, all is not lost!

Romance Enhancer: can’t wait to see the pics and/or video! why am i *not* surprised to learn Thea stole the show? (sounds like it was a fun nite for all!)

Penguin: you’re a good daughter… and i bet your dad thinks so too. (that was so sweet of you to call… i’m sure it’s always a thrill for him to hear from his little girl!). work?? on Sunday?? tsk tsk… i’m soooo sorry! (hopefully you’ll get back into your soccer watchin’ mode in no time!)

LBP: as long as you have a goal, girlfriend! (let us know how it goes!) can’t imagine what the post you deleted was like… but i thought the one you *did* put up was lovely! (swingin’ gal that you are…) well done!

Catty Yummy Mummy: how did i manage to miss YOU today??? waaaaaaahhhhhhhh! still…since it’s late in your corner of the world, i’m gonna hope all good bohemians are tucked away in their various beds… sleeping the good sleep, dreamin’ the beautiful dreams!

carpal tunnel syndrome?? yowie! surely loverboy can help ease this pain?

as for the relative who was-gonna-sit-now-won’t? we HATE her. can you take the kids with you? do you need me to come out there and babysit? because i will! you *can’t* miss this… it’s too big! besides… i’d hate to think those in attendence might not get a chance to see you in action!

Amoeba: i’m VERY glad you linked to your post…’cuz i thought it was wonderful! i’m just sorry more folks aren’t around today to engage in conversation! ah, but the day is still young on the west coast… so maybe the banter has simply yet to begin! YA HEAR THAT KIDS?? (they heard!)

and don’t *even* get joel bobo started on the steroid scandal, that whole thing is enough to break a die-hard baseball fan’s heart! oh, the humanity! …but i mustn’t darken the baseball waters to much… especially not now…when the Dodgers are losing (again)! sigh

Bobo: sorry honey. you weren’t supposed to hear that! Go Dodgers! Rah! Rah! Rah! (love you) xoxoxo

Comment by sophie

Sophie – thanks for the mention of my Sunday D.L. post. But I’m afraid there’s a teensy weensy widdle pwoblem. Which I’ve referred to Google’s Blogspot sysadmin. I’m sure you all know his name by now:



Comment by The Amoeba

Its so quiet at Starbucks tonight… what will I do? Its been more than two hours since I’ve seen a human. Perhaps I should practice making my TGSNWM’s?

I did however find out I hurt someone’s feelings today. Eveidently at the adult party I went to last friday I laughed too hard when a woman said that she wore out a dildo in response to my cackle “Why is there a life time warrenty on this dildo?” Do I send an apology? Do I say “I’m sorry Wendi for laughing hard when you said you’ve wore dildo’s out before. Really I am sorry.”??????

Comment by romance enhancer/ cj

CJ…that made me giggle. A lot. Okay it made me snort as I howled with laughter before i wiped away the tears of mirth.

Does Hallmark make a card? Is there a market for this do you think? I could use some spare cash.


Comment by Little Blue Pill

Would you like to make a card for me to give Wendi? I need help!

Comment by romance enhancer/ cj

Amoeba: so, what you’re saying is that fucking doggone blogger is pitching fits again? i’m shocked. shocked i tell you, SHOCKED! no problemo… i’ll do an link tomorrow, and we’ll all hope for the best (ya know, wordpress does offer a free blogging service–as i learned when Kyahgirl set up this one… perhaps a change is in order??? hmmmmm?)

Romance Enhancer: i’m sorry, she embarrassed herself by volunteering such information in the first place. how the hell does someone wear out a dildo? i mean, maybe she just meant the batteries went dead (depending on the dildo). but wear it out?? what the hell was it made of, meringue? don’t apologize, feel sorry for poor Wendi, for having to resort to her “little companion” on such a frequent basis. yeesh… (sorry, she’s probably a lovely person. with very tired hands.) 😉

Comment by sophie

LBP & CJ: sorry! i guess i was writing while the two of you were having that discussion! and, yes… LBP, make a card for CJ to give to poor worn out/orgasmically challenged Wendi regarding that even *more* worn-out dildo:

Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue,
too bad 'bout that dildo,
NOW what will you do?

okay… i'll stop now. 🙂

Comment by sophie

oh, and Romance Enhancer (aka CJ)… YOU don’t need help. Wendi does. 😀

Comment by sophie

…alas Monday is once again upon us. Arrrrrrrgh!

Comment by BoBo

like white on rice, sweetie, like white on rice.

Comment by sophie

Hey Sophie and Bobo, I know it’s a little late in the day but I thought I’d just drop by to say hello.

Comment by TDB

Hey, guess what, I’m a dope! I just typed my entire comment on yesterday’s post. Dork dork dork.

Well, anyway, here I am. Go read at the end of yesterday’s comments for more nonsensical rambling from the schnoodlepooh bunch.

Comment by schnoodlepooh

It’s late in the day, bit happy fathers day to all you daddy’s out there! I really hope all of you daddies had a very special day!

Oh and by the way, this is quite the lovely park…a great place for a Square to lay a blanket down and indulge in a good book!

Comment by SquareGirl

And now you are sleeping my sweet Sophie! No worries… yes, the Loverboy has been working on my hand though it’ll need some time too… so minimum typing for me for now (*GASP*)!!!

Yes, totally HATE her but hey, the positive side of it all is that I got to see her true face before becoming too enamored with her (after all, she was the cousin I thought was actually different from the rest of my fam… my bad!)… as Loverboy drove us home I had a nice cuss fest in the car so all is well…

As for the Holistic Health Fair, we will still go…. Loverboy’s slot and mine are far enough apart for him to rush and do his thing and rush home to be with the kids while I rush over to do my thing…. will be totally stressful and we each won’t be there to help the other one out with the demonstrations and the lecture but it is better than nothing! Still a bitch though but hey!

Ooooh! If my saying I need you to babysit will get you guys to come on down for a visit then fo’ sho’!!!! Come on over anytime! We will be here for quite a while!

Now may you be having wonderful and relaxing dreams my sweet friends and may you wake up refreshed and full of spankin’ brand new energy with which to tackle your day (and may no Lennys be a part of it I say!)….

Big boho besos!


Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

We’re supposed to snark here, right? Well Father’s Day in Europe was not this Sunday. It was the 25th of May, on Ascension Day, a holiday in Europe. Why can’t this day be the same day everywhere. Consequently, no one wished me happy father’s day yesterday.

Comment by indeterminacy

OH MY! What a sin, A SIN I TELL YOU! Happy Father’s Day Indie!

But yeah… Father’s day in Spain is on March 19th… fucked up fo’ sho’!

Well, off I go to salute the sun…

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

TDB! Schnoodlepooh! Squaregirl!! yay!! WELCOME!!! i am sooooooo happy to see you all here! we will be adding you to the sidebar shortly… any preferences? schnoodlepooh, you’re easy, but TDB & Squaregirl… do you two want to keep your current ID’s or use an animal-related-alter-ego?? your call! unless, of course, you don’t, in which case we might just make something up for ya both! (oh yeah… we’re not above such tactics!)

Indie: you’re right… that totally sucks! fix us some pancakes and we’ll be happy to start celebrating Father’s Day any day you’d like! for now, however, HAPPY (belated) FATHER’S DAY!! 😀

Catty Yummy Mummy: for a bohemian with a sore hand… (just sayin’)
i’m relieved to note you’ve got a contingency plan for that conference… i remembered we have (and by have i mean HAVE) to go to a wedding on the 1st… of course, if you’re gonna need help past that day, perhaps…?

have a beautiful day, beautiful one! talk to you later! (i need my bohemian “fix”!) xoxox

Comment by sophie

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