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Boob Tube by Snuppy
Tuesday, 20 June 2006, 9:18am
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WE realize that not everyone watches TV every moment of every day. That would be wrong. Not to mention pathetic. Still, don’t we all indulge, from time to time, in the guilty pleasure of electronic entertainment? Of course we do! if you said “no”, you’re telling a lie from the pits of hell and the spirit of Philo T. Farnsworth is gonna swoop down and bite you in the ass.

Our point, for we sort of have one, is that we all watch the “tube”. And, sometimes, when there’s nothing better to do, we even watch really crappy shows (sports events with undesired outcomes notwithstanding). Why, some of us have confessed to watching episodes of Knott’s Landing on the Soap Network. Others, reruns of The Brady Bunch. At least one of us is addicted to really old/really bad movies, like those frequently aired on TCM. So, what’s your “guilty pleasure”, with regards to bad and/or questionable TV? And, be warned, we want embarrassing stuff here… tell us you secretly watch National Geographic and/or CNN and we’re liable to come out there and smack you. (and, trust us, you don’t want that!) So, come on… don’t be shy. The truth will set you free. That said, please resist the urge to share your passion for porn, Unless it’s PG(ish)-rated and/or involves Popeye and Olive Oyl. Alrighty then, spit it out! What’s in YOUR viewing closet?

Television: chewing gum for the eyes. ~ Frank Lloyd Wright



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Okay, I’ll start…when we lived in LA we use to love to watch a public access show called “The Sex Goddess,” or something like that. It was a “talk show” hosted by the aforementioned sex goddess whose claim to fame was having slept with a gajillion men (and women?), and I believe the world record holder for most men slept with in a single day, if I’m not mistaken. It was absolutely hilarious because she and her men-ions took it all soooooo seriously. Ah yes, good times watching The Sex Goddess.

Comment by BoBo

sex goddess? oh yeah! i remember her… she was hilarious! (ya scared me for a minute, honey!) xoxox

Comment by sophie

by the way, i thought you were gonna mention that bizarre ‘preacher’… what was his name? whatever… you know the one i mean. (don’t ya?) oooh… look at the time… gotta go! but i’ll be back later! ๐Ÿ™‚

Comment by sophie

Morning, I told Frisky Feline that I wasn’t going to romp in the park until later, but the pitter patter of kitties everywhere, and there vegetarian slaves woke me up.

I love watching romances on the “Hallmark Channel” right Lamp Lady?

Also, the best tv show ever “Buffy, the Vampire Slayer” BTW, I knew Willow was going to turn out as hot stuff.

Comment by Gone to the Dogs ate my Bunny

Oooo, caught you! I have had several facinations over time. I don’t partake much anymore (except when HonBun & I watch NASCAR), I was mesmorize by it and did nothing but sit in front of it all day. A list of indulgences: Nickelodian’s Sponge Bob & The RugRats, Food Network, Days of our Lives, Cartoon Network’s Ed, Edd & Eddy (so hilarious!), Lifetime dramas (really bad one!) & Godzilla flicks! Hows that for indulgent?

Comment by I'm feline frisky

The wild and wacky minister Sophie is referring to is Rev. Gene Scott…we got hooked watching him in LA as well…weird, wacky stuff!!

Comment by BoBo

My Mom used to call it “the idiot box” which really fits.

Comment by I'm feline frisky

I gotta confess I don’t watch a lot of tv although I did get addicted to Gray’s Anatomy late in the season. Hot doctors…need I say anything more? Patrick Dempsey….grrrowf…geeky sexy. Pardon me.

I’m also hunting the city like a junkie to find the first season of Young Riders…man alive I loved that show. Oh sure you’ll think it’s because it starred hot guys like Gregg Rainwater, Travis Fine, Josh Brolin, Stephen Baldwin, Ty Miller but you’d be wrong. Wrong!! It was for the…uh…um…plot! Yes, the plot!! And the uhm…historical value!

I will try out the new Rock Star though when it airs. I was addicted to the INXS one. Addicted. Granted there’s no INXS but Tommy Lee…enh. One little peek can’t hurt right?

Oh and Baby “Sien, Sien!” Einstein when I’m with the nephew because then it’s him and me on the floor having a snuggle. I dread the day he can say the Wiggles. :::Shudder::: I really, really do.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

BTW FF- Head over to Doug’s if you have an appetite!

Comment by Gone to the Dogs ate my Bunny

I am on my way out the door to bring the girls to pump it up – a big arena filled with G-NORMOUS inflatables for a few hours. So I can’t stay long. BUT….

1. I’ve never seen a porno movie – always wanted to. Erick assures me I am missing nothing and all I’d do is laugh.
2. I like watching the HBO real sex documentaries and spend time laughing. Sometimes I call my parents to see if they are watching it too. (we all laugh)
3. “Lord of the G string” the soft porn flick on HBO, Showtime whatever was on and my dad called saying “Turn it to channel “whatever” You GOTTTA see this!!” I called him back but couldn’t understand a word he said because he was belly laughing to hard.
4. My sister and I Love watching Sesame street. Fond memories from back in the day. She and I like to sing Bert’s song “Doing the pigeon” cooing and doing the dance until we can’t stand up anymore because we’re laughing so hard.
5. I liked playing Win Ben Stiens Money along with the tv show.
6. My friend Amy and I watch Magnum PI during lunch time as we feed our babies (we both had tiny babies at the same time) and would talk on the phone about the show while watching it. We’d do the same with Hawaii 50

Gotta go!

I think I want to see the Sex Goddess show!

Comment by cj

LBP – “Sophie” and I also addicted to Rock Star INXS…hoping against hope the upcoming version is as good!

Comment by BoBo

Hmmm…. Bad TV…. well, there isn’t much available here so when nothing else is on I catch me some Oprah… I NEVER used to watch her in the US until I moved here… the lowest low has been Dr. Phil… *sigh*… some things he is right about but most of the time I want to smack him! I think Oprah should have promoted Dr. Robin, the fab, black woman who is the resident therapist of her show…

In the US there would be Lifetime movies to be had… although I’d have them on as background noise… didn’t give me much pleasure… the E Entertainment channel! Ah! Now that was fun in such a low and gossipy way! We even had it in French here for a while which was awesome as I even started thinking in French again but the bastards took it away! What am I to do?!?!?!

So yeah, back to that mustachioed freak of a Dr. Phil I go! *sigh*

As for Spanish TV… forget it! It sucks ass! And yeah, we actually tend to have our TV on CNN International most of the time…. Back in 2000 I wasn’t so crazy about it since it actually had a Republican slant for a while but it has gotten better since and I am enjoying it again…. one of the anchors I wanna smack though… I cannot remeber her name (will pay attention now) but she always seems so freakin’ high on caffeine her head just jerks about! I wanna push her out of the fucking frame and show her how to do her job right dammit! And I love Richard Quest! He is soooo funny and has very quirky mannerisms that totally irritate you but he has the wit and intelligence to make it a plus…. see? Loverboy turned me into the CNN geek but yeah, still doesn’t stop me from yelling at the TV. I think he hoped I would shut it for once but what do you expect when Bush comes on TV?!?!?! The kids have to leave the room or else they will be truck drivers in the making! And yeah, the anchors that irk me get yelled at too!

Wow! I am such a TV loser!!!! Come one people! Fess up! I cannot, CANNOT be the only freak I say! OH MY!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

AS per Richard quest that should read “that could totally irritate you”…. plus I like the CNN format better now than in the past… snazzier and funkier fo’ sho’! But yeah, I am a geek that will sit and study the formats and how they try to appeal to their audiences so I may even tune out what is being said and observe other things which is why I sometimes make it through awful things even without having heard much dialogue…or sometimes, unfortunately, all of it!

Oh! They show Charmed here… It sucks but there is something about magic that always has me mesmerized… they have recently started airing Strong Medecine (is that the Whoopie Goldberg produced one!)… I HATE IT! The script is shit! It is so fucking preachy I seriously want to bitch slap the writers and the actors….

David E. Kelley is one I consider brilliant…

Hmmm… are you sure you wanted to raise this topic? I could talk about such things for hours! *sigh* I am afraid you won’t be able to rid yourselves of me on this one! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

I banned the vast wasteland from my “house” years ago. I’m not particularly desensitized, and I don’t like being jerked around the way TV jerks you around. Especially in the name of their profits. Ever notice how it takes 25 years to play the last 30 seconds of a football or basketball game? They keep stopping the thing FOR THE COMMERCIALS! They’ve got you on their nasty little hook and they know it. Fo’ sho’, catty one. Of course soccer’s almost invisible in this country! They won’t let you tell the players to stop for 90 seconds every ten minutes or else (like they did with ice hockey – which I stopped watching or listening to when they did that). And the last two minutes of the game take, shock horror, two minutes. How the hell can you sell anything with a stupid game like that? When the hell did we get baaa baaa enough to let ourselves be manipulated like this?

And then … there’s animรฉ. Sought out in hotel rooms and visits to family. Inuyasha. Trigun. Samurai Champloo. Which of course the Cartoon Network banished to 3 AM Sunday morning the minute I discovered it. And after the fourth commercial break in ten minutes, each one artificially breaking up the show, I curse myself for my weakness.

Comment by The Amoeba

I confess that sometimes I’ll watch ANYthing rather than turn the tv off.

I’ll watch nearly any ol’ science fiction series (Battlestar Galactica, Quantum Leap, Incredible Hulk) that shows up on the SciFi channel during the day if I happen to be home. I can’t believe that I got caught up in American Idol … and here I am with new “Soul Patrol” t-shirts in the house. Hee Haw sure was funny.

When I was a kid in L.A., I liked to watch Speed Racer, Simba the White Lion, Marine Boy, 8th Man and the rest of the Japanese imports (before “anime” was used in the States). And Dark Shadows!!

I’m sure that I’ll be spending the rest of the day thinking up others.

Comment by dddragon

Go speed race, go speed racer, go speed racer gooooo. Actually, that was my younger brother’s show as he played with his Rock em sock em robots. Wasn’t it Kimba the White Lion?

Okay TV: pen me in for Sunday night HBO. Sopranos, Six Feet Under, all of them, excpet I didn’t get hooked in to Rome and Deadwood (which I have heard is quite good). But then again, this isn’t what I like, it’s confessing a guilty pleasure…

I stand before you with nothing but good viewing tastes, so my record is clean. Okay, I’d be lying if I said, “I only watch a little public broadcasting before I turn in”.

I’m trying – in the meantime does anybody remember the Prisoner of Cellblock H series – 70’s? That was the best show, bar none. You lillypod! I used to watch it with me mum. Lizzy, the ole gal always getting into the grog. That may qualify.

Brian: Those Hallmark shows usually featuring Richard Thomas or some such actor can be quite good.

Comment by g

Oooh! Yeah, they show Quantum Leap here too! Once again… add an element of magic and… although the acting there ain’t bad so it is bearable.

They used to show Battlestar Galactica here when I was a kid! I made my mom make me a gold and shiny outfit which I wore as I fantasized about marrying Dirk Benedict! Oh god! And we used to watch, crap, what was the name of the show… with Kit, the talking car and David Hasselhoff? I cannot believe I cannot remember the name! Also, MacGyver was big here but my all time childhood fave was V OF VICTORY! There I wanted to marry Kyle (he came in later in the show when he fell in love with Elizabeth… the half-lizard girl)… dreamy! They even showed part of it before we moved away from SF and it was soooo my guilty pleasure to watch it! The effects were so cheesy now compared to what they were to me then!

Thirtysomething was a great show.. not bad TV… that I was also hooked on… I loved the writing and the acting was absolutely brilliant… I was in my teens back when I watched that, needless to say, a weirdo amongst my peers!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Nope, G, Simba the white lion was his name.

In the 70s I was watching Sesame Street, Mr. Dressup, The Muppets and Electric Avenue, The Buck Shot Show and the Polka Dot Door, Saturday morning cartoons and Hercules before school. I was tres chic.

jenna hummin’ the Hercules theme song now…curses.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

Oooh V. I loooooved that show. Scared the crap out of me but I loooooved watching it. Two words: Michael Ironside. Grrrrowf. I still get all fluttery on the inside when I see him in a movie. Like in Starship Troopers oh he was so very, very grr with his robotic arm and kiss my ass attitude. Mmm…yummy. I think it’s the scar on his cheek and his gravelly voice. -stares blankly at monitor- oh yeah. Ooooh yeah baby! Kyle? Kyle was a wuss!! Ham. Tyler. Grrrowf.

jenna still hummin’ Hercules…bah

Comment by Little Blue Pill

http://www.kimbawlion.com/kimbapage.htm: I had the song in my head “Kimba the White Lion is the one”, so I had to double check…look and see if this is the lion you remember.

MizB: The talking care, oh my friend Jennifer loved that show….Dukes of Hazard?

Comment by g

BTW: I have been so remiss: Kyah: Sorry about the unfortunate outcome of Game 7. Puppytoes: Excellent finishing in the Slogan Contest at Sar’s! It was a close one. And Joel. wow – congrats and mazel to all!

Comment by g

Well, I was only 10! What did I know about bad boys? Kyle was good to Elizabeth and here’s a little secret… men who are good to their women are OH SO BAD between the sheets… grrrrr baby grrrrrr!

You mean Mike Donovan? I looooveeed Julie! I thought she was such a bad ass! Oh… I even owned a V outfit… the red uniforms the lizards wore! My brother and I wore it in the streets when we lived in Denmark and man were we hot! HOT I SAY! All the neighborhood kids followed us around, touching us in disbelief as we paraded around in our lizard suits!


Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

The Amoeba – one word…Deadwood. Not your typical TV fare, although not for the prudish or easily offended fo sho!
Catty..Quest is the best (Richard that is)…quite the character! We too watched Thirty Something (although we were not in our teens, ouch!)
G – You have to try Deadwood! I’m not a fan of the western and yet this has become my favorite show – best on TV i’d say! Thanks for the caption congrats but me thinks I got smoked…finished out of the money, oh well.

Comment by BoBo

I really tried to watch Deadwood Bobo! I did! but I just could not understand what they were saying! I had to keep asking the Loverboy and everything is so dirty that for a clean freak like me it was too stressful…. very stupid criteria to go by but hey, there you have it!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Joel and CYM: Okay now I ‘m laughing because I think Catty hit the nail on its dirty head – maybe that’s it, everything and everyone is always so dirty and sweaty looking (not in a good way). Dusty, I don’t know…Okay, I’ll watch a rerun or two.

Comment by g

Sophie! I didn’t mention it on my site and I don’t know if you will get it via email or your place sooner than here so I thought I would say it here….

I am soooo glad you liked the books and I just wanted to say sorry for the lack of a personal touch! It took me so long because I tried to find them here so as to send it to you personally from Spain but things as they are I think I am more likely to be a grandmother than to get those books in English soon here!

And back we go to our scheduled TV viewing discussion… sorry for the improvised intermission!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Ooookay…*steps back nervously* I didn’t love the show that much.

Although in Grade 6 I did go as Punky Brewster because, well, I looked like Punky Brewster. Then I got mad at this boy Travis and hit him in the head with my dog “Brandon” because he was teasing me. I cut his lip, we got in trouble. No one told me that 20 years later he would become this rig pig babe *stares blankly at monitor* Yeah oh yeah. And it took me two drinks to get the nerve to walk up to him and go “Travis right?” because dang…the boy grew up niiiiiice. He went from short and scrawny to big and buff…with biceps like this
( ) and then I had to apologize for tattling on him because…shazaam! A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do when she’s drunk on cheap wine. And it was going good until my friend interrupted and yanked me off to the bathroom and *poof* he disappeared until our 10 year reunion until he *poof* disappeared again after causing mass hysteria followed by a stampede. I remember him fondly, with drool dripping off my chin. Y’all just ask Mistress Anna how hot he was. Like…hot.

Wait…what were we talking about?

Heck at 12 I knew about bad boys, Yummy Mummy. At 33 I know much much more about bad boys and that they are best avoided. If one shows up and starts purrin’ all the right words in your ear, punch first. That’s all I’m saying. Punch. First. or Kick. Kicking’s good too. One good kick to the…


Comment by Little Blue Pill

Ooooh! Kicking! A boy wanted to play kiss cath with me in the third grade. It was the boy I had a crush on but I would be damned if I allowed anyone, even hom to kiss me and so I said no to kiss catch. One guy did not believe my NO meant NO and tried to kiss me and I kicked him where the sun don’t shine…. yeah! KAPOW! I put the girly, pointy shoes I hated to good use and after that, me and them girly shoes were tight, TIGHT I TELL YOU and no boy dared tried to kiss me again!


Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

And wahey! What’s wrong with loving the show that much? WHAT I ASK! *sobs uncontrollably at hints by her dear Ladee that she may be, dorky*

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

CYM & g – Deadwood is dirty for sure…but the characters are incredible, especially the one played by actor Ian McShane…the best I tell you. The dialogue is tough to understand…more than once we’ve threatened to turn on the closed captioning. So far, we just crank up the volume and rattle the dishes.

Comment by BoBo

Guess I’ll give Deadwood a try, BoBo. Next time I’m in a hotel room. ๐Ÿ™‚

Sorry to hear that jenna. Bad boys are, well, bad. Nice guys are boring. It’s a no-win situation. eh? Crede expertum. (How many times have I heard lately “I have to be baaad…”. Grumble.)

But look on the bright side. Your town can have its Flames pennants back.

Comment by The Amoeba

Little BLue One: You and Mistress Anna are homies off the blogosphere? Cool.

Comment by g

And now, once again, for something completely different – imported from your favorite rules-giver and mine, Waking Ambrose.

Brian GDB: Furball?!? Ack. Don’t go there. Please. I just cleaned up …

Comment by The Amoeba

Knight Rider was the name of the Hasselhoff & Kit show

Comment by I'm feline frisky

Oh, almost forgot, Joel – Ian McShane always catches my eye in previews – looks like a good actor. Hey, where are all the four legged critters today? Park is quiet without them. Looks behind bushes – nope.

Okay, I told you I was all confused – I’m signing in as G – but here I’m LL.

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

can't… respond… to …. everyone…. feelling …. overwhelmed….
(where the hell is kyahgirl???)

okay, so Bobo's blabbed about some of our guilty viewing habits (tho', did my eyes deceive me, or did he leave out "Dancing with the Stars"?). for the record, i'd like to acknowledge that he's much more restrained than i am. i will (and do) watch a lot of reallyreally stupid shows. i LOVE sci-fi! the original Star Trek, Twilight Zone, Battlestar Galactica (original)… all of these shows are ADORED.

and Amoeba? i'm with ya on some of the offerings on Adult Swim… tho' my favorites are Robot Chicken and Orel Moral. too funny! (i usually watch Samurai Champloo with our son). i still TOTALLY DIG Looney Tunes and Hanna Barbara cartoons. and don't get me started on Popeye! by the way, TiVO is excellent for avoiding commercials.

as for MOVIES shown on the tube? i can't help it, but if Zorro, Pirates of the Caribbean, or Braveheart pop up, i'm watching (right honey?).

and Deadwood? yes, CYM, it's dirty, in a *very* delicious way. in all honesty, it's completely BRILLIANT, yet, it really is an acquired taste (sometimes i have to re-watch an episode in order to catch everything)… Dead Like Me, on the other hand… BEST SHOW EVER to be cancelled (well, along with Arrested Development, and, after this season, aforementioned Deadwood). also, i cannot resist The Daily Show or The Colber Report. i can't. i just can't. and i won't.

Magnum P.i.?? LOVE it! but then, i also LOVE The Rockford Files. *and* Columbo.

Dark Shadows, dddragon? DUG IT, too!!

Catty Yummy Mummy? I ADORE THE BOOKS AND YOU FOR SENDING THEM TO ME!! i was soooo overwhelmed (just ask joel). i started reading one last night. i can't THANK YOU enough! (i owe you a proper e-mail/thank you note, but i'm hoping this PDA will help demonstrate the depths of my appreciation AS WELL as my LOVE for YOU, beautiful bohemian!!

that's it… OHP (sophie) out! until i re-read through this, realize i left out a bunch of folks and/or shows, and come back! ๐Ÿ˜€

Comment by One Hot Puppy

LL: ian mcshane is a God. he’s beyond good in the role he plays on Deadwood.

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Yep. Known Mistress Anna since Grade 1. She knows none of my secrets though.

Oh Yummy Mummy…I love you FOR your dorkiness. If it makes you feel better, my brother, our babysitter, the girl down the street & I used to put my Annie album (yes…album as in vinyl) on the record player and play Annie. I, of course, was Annie. It was class act acting when I dangled off the back off the couch yelling for Punjab to “Save me, Punjab. Save me! Eeeek!” So…there ya have it…secret pill stuff. Don’t tell anyone though.


Comment by Little Blue Pill

LL: the other actor who blows us away is, believe it or not, William Sanderson (remember him as Larry from Newhart?) OMG, he’s amazing!

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Thanks for spilling the beans on Dancing with the Stars Soph…ugh! And, I can attest to the fact that you watch Braveheart almost every weekend…I figure you’ve probably seen it a couple of hundred times by now…should I be worried? Oh no, just remembered that Mel lives nearby at least part of the year…uh oh.

Comment by BoBo

William Sanderson is amazing…we were just saying that Sunday night.

Comment by BoBo

LBP: not to get “technical” here, but FYI, a “dork” is, in fact, a whale’s penis. a blue whale’s penis, to be more specific. and, in case you wondered, it’s 10 feet long. you kids are, therefore, not “dorks”. you are nerds. or geeks. you decide. ๐Ÿ˜€

we now return you to our previously scheduled programming.

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Bobo… worried? you?? NEVER!! you are my adored one… always have been, always will be. (in spite of your fondness for “Dancing with the Stars” or, in part, *because* of it!) xoxo

Comment by One Hot Puppy

have we scared off the love-birds bunnys? were'd you two kids scamper off to?? (don't think i didn't notice that, while *one*of you acknowledged an affection for Hallmark Channel, the *other* likes Godzilla!) ๐Ÿ˜€

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Ameoba? that was HYSTERICAL! for anyone wanting A) a change of topic pace for a tick or two and B) to learn about one man's battle with geriatric cats, i HIGHLY recommend you check out THIS LINK. you won't be sorry.

by the way, we have to do the fluid thing with our cat once a week. correction, joel does it. i hold up the bag. (of fluids, not our cat)

(all this orange is starting to look obnoxious. i'm gonna log off now so i can "blend" in.)

Comment by One Hot Puppy

ahhhhh. much better.

Comment by sophie

One Hot Puppy – See I get confused – sometimes I think that’s Kyah’s moniker and then she calls Bobo her adored one. Well, I can’t stand by and see this going on, but then I remember it’s Puppytoes so that’s okay. Ten feet huh? See it’s not always the shoe size.

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

OHP- In case y’all missed our comment late yesterday.
Hi everyone, This is Brian and Diane. In an answer to OHP question as to the marital status of the bunny and frisky feline, we will be celebrating our 19th next month. Thatโ€™s right we have been married for 19 years and together for 21 years. So, not newlyweds, but romping like ones.

As for today, yes I like sappy tv shows. Love Pimp My Ride too. Diane digs Godzilla and other monsters.

Hey, LL- don’t get confused, it’s all in their minds!

AM- So true about the cats, but FF gets to clean up the hurl during the day.

Comment by Gone to the Dogs ate my Bunny

William Sanderson very goood. I also like the guy, Raine Wilson from The Office and he was also in Six Feet Under – both excellent roles. Funny/quirky. Also love the role of Ari on Entourage along with the B actor brother played by Kevin Dillon and Turtle.

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

Yo Lady! yeah… sorry about that! (the name thing, i mean!) that’s why i figured i should log off… in order to feel free to be… ME! (and yep… 10 feet! aieeee!)

Comment by sophie

Sophie, kyahgirl is so sorry she has been MiA. Please forgive her, she knows not what she does, she’s goofy like that. and swamped.

She suggested I ask you to check your mail before I go play with the other dogs.

…..and cats? there are cats here? I loooooovve cats!

Comment by Casper

GDB: thanks for clarifying that! (you two have been together *almost* as long and joel and i… congrats!) ๐Ÿ˜€

Yo Lampshady Ladeeee!: oh, we lovelovelove Raine Wilson… he was wonderful in Six Feet Under, is even more so in The Office (god we love that show!) we haven’t gotten into Entourage just yet. not sure why…

by the way… for reallyreallyreally HORRIBLE-AWFUL-TERRIBLE-NO-GOOD-VERY-BAD TV, WATCH THIS (don’t be afraid, she can’t hurt you now)


Comment by sophie

thanks Casper… i’ll go check NOW!! โ™ฅ i just miss her โ™ฅ

Comment by sophie

But I loved Connie! WHAAAAAAAAAAA!

Comment by Gone to the Dogs ate my Bunny

GTDAMB: Firstly congrats to you two luuuvvvbirds – very nice. July what? Secondly, now you’ve tapped into my guilty pleasures of which I have wasted many an hour – Pimp my Ride, Cribs, and the early Real Worlds. Okay, it’s all coming back now.

Sophie – I heard the audio on my way into work and could only conjecture that she is under the influence of a controlled substance due to the Maury “her ass ment” situation, but I will have to watch this at home because I can’t get the audio things going in my office. Connie, how could it come to this?

Oh, I loooove The Office. It is so funny – you gotta love the Michael character and I did work with someone like him in my old office.

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

YLL- July 18th. Also May 28th. And yes, I do have an appetite for younger women, FF is seven months younger than me.

Comment by Gone to the Dogs ate my Bunny

Thanks for the “cats” mention, hotsophietoes. ๐Ÿ™‚ The Ancient Meowers get another mention in today’s post. But it’s sadder.

Comment by The Amoeba

GTDAMB: Was the ceremony that long? Civil/Religious? Whaaat? You scallywag!
Amoeba – seems we’re dancing between the daisies, you and I. Okay just had a flashback – The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, with Charles Nelson Reilly. Ohh boy, am I dating myself.
Will have to read your links after I run out for a lil bit.

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

Oh man, I hate to disappoint but we hardly ever watch TV.
Mythbusters is my idea of good TV and Mr. Logo likes the food network.

We have on a rare occasion watched a South Park episode.

I grew up without TV at all and find less is more.

Comment by Ariella and Logoโ„ข

Now that, I can remember – Hotsophietoes! I just posted a whole long comment and I don’t know if it went through. Ahh, well – will check back later.

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

YLL- It should be GTDFF- Feline Frisky. Speaking of which , I have called her and she will be here romping soon.

BTW- Scallywag is a type of ameboa.

Comment by Gone to the Dogs ate my Bunny

sorry… i was AWOL there… my son’s just entertained me with a few “episodes” of ‘Strong Bad’ (ever hear of him? toooo funny!)

Yoyo Lady ‘o Lampshades ‘n Such: LOVED The Ghost & Mrs. Muir! (the movie was actually very romantic…)

thanks for the link, Ameoba… i’ll look forward to reading it as soon as i get back from the groomer’s hairdresser’s (got to p/u the puppies) ๐Ÿ™‚

Ariella/Logo: Mythbusters & Food Network are GREAT things to watch! only… we’re actually confessing our crappy TV viewing habits… so, those don’t count! South Park, on the other hand… is a FABULOUS guilty viewing pleasure! one we indulge in often!! ๐Ÿ˜€

oh, and GDB? i like ’em young too! (isn’t that right, Bobo? xox)

i’ll be back… soooooooon!

Comment by sophie

g’wan bunny boy, you’re just posting that to try to make me feel better while I sit here microscopically watching you all torture the grass.

Comment by The Amoeba

Holy moly! I just learned something new! And y’know I had to go google and sho’ nuff!

Hm…then I will be…


Cuz I’m a lot of things but I ain’t no dork!

South Park hurts my head and yet if it’s on, I can’t turn it off. Is there a cure for this? Maybe medication? Because it really hurts my brain.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

Hmm, what?? I was happily napping! With all 3 kitties, no less. the ?? being when & how were we mwrried? July 18 1987 (JOP), May 28 1988 (JOP W/ceremony), then on our “honeymoon”, 9 years later in St.Thomas at Blackbeard’s Castle (by local clergy). Our first date was Sept 19th, 1986. Lots’o dates! You should hear how he proposed!

Comment by I'm feline frisky

AM-You know we bunnies have an appetite for grass, so we see the scallywags trying to look up the tails.

Comment by Gone to the Dogs ate my Bunny

LBP: i’m on my way out… but i just wanted to say i’m glad i could help expand your vocabulary/knowledge base! (see? i *am* a giver!)

rememeber… my sister wrote a book about penises and vajay-jays… so, you know. trivia? yeah, i’ve got that. ๐Ÿ˜€

Comment by sophie

LOL – bunny boy! sorry.

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

Where’d everybody go?! (I took my bath today, it can’t be THAT) Romping alone is no fun

Comment by I'm Feline Frisky

FF: Do tell honey.

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

YLL- We was waiting on you to ask more questions!

Comment by Gone to the Dogs ate my Bunny

And what a wonderful book it is Sophie! I am her #1 fan!!! (after you that is!)

Oooh! Yes… Pimp my ride and Cribs are fab… althoug Cribs makes me wanna get to my “riches dream” all the sooner! Are you with me on this still Bobo?

Yeah… no dork here either! I have two eyes, am 5’3″ and there will be no stroking me and no spitting to be had! MY GOD!

Oh! Changing Rooms on BBC America was my ALL TIME guilty pleasure! I love organizing and decorating and I soaked up, taped and studied 100 shows… it was my inspiration for decorating our house the way we did (no white walls to be found… hint, hint at the hippiness of it all) and I got all the practice I needed back in our SF apartment which ended up with a red front door (great Feng Shui)…


Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

oooh! This kitty in particular loooooveeees cutie pies named Casper! Fo’ sho’!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

GTDAFF: Such as?

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

Catty Yummy: Ioooove all those decocrata shows!

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

CYM – ready for riches…keep putting that energy out there…large dreams!!!

Comment by BoBo

YLL, any curious question you have. We have a zillion misadventures to blab about.

Comment by I'm Feline Frisky

Sophie…yes I can attest to your preference for younger men (at least in my case, and it better be the only one damnit!)…but let me just say…forget the calendar, I have to run to keep up with you!

Comment by BoBo

Okay, we’ve gone off topic – FF: you said “You should see how he proposed LOL: said “Do tell” So – how did he propose?

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

Oh, sorry – missed that. Well, it was our second date, yes 2nd! We were just talking casually, when he out and says “I’m going to marry you.” I thought I’d heard him wrong – huh -again please? “You are the one. Will you marry me?” Well, I’d never been a socialite in school – or popular with the boys – so I had no idea what to say. I kept my mouth shut for 9 months, (he waited) then relinquished. It has been a wild adventure so far. On our first date, we went for “movie & pizza”, okay, I can do that easy enough. We saw Kevin Costner (purrrrrrr) in that first movie he did, a western – (Silvarado?), then we walked back to his apparment. We went right by the pizza place, thought it was weird, but maybe he’s gonna call for it. Nope, throws a Mama Celeste in the oven. He really had my heart from then. He was so broke, but took me out anyway. Probably cost him in groceries that week.

Comment by I'm Feline Frisky

Now you got me started! I should tell ya how we met. We were both hired at a time share office on the same day. After a couple days, he was supposed to “sell” me vacation time. He was tall, handsome, well dressed and knew his stuff – I was busy admiring the decor. About a week later, I’m at the coffee machine making a mocha (coffee & plain old cocoa, back before coffee got fancy) and all of a sudden, there were arms wrapped around me. Now, I hafta tell ya the sales force here was nothing but curmudgens (sorry AM) and letches, the grope & oggle kind. I had two choices, either turn and break his face or take it easy on him. something warm came over me and I relaxed and leaned into him. Then I noticed it was HIM.

Comment by I'm Feline Frisky

Oooh! I love stories like this. *sighs* Love, love, love them.

*sigh* deeeelish. I want a story like this.

jenna still sighing…

Comment by Little Blue Pill

Love you sweetheart. See you soon.

Comment by Gone to the Dogs ate my Bunny

Each Wedding has a story, too. I’ll save those for another night. Don’t want to drown you. He really has a wonderful romantic side, when he wants to.

Comment by I'm Feline Frisky

Oh, you guys! sigh. It’s enough to make my cranky day go, ahhh, isn’t that nice. Now mine and my hubby’s was romantic in its’ own way. Short version: Rangers Devils game December 4th (I wanna say) 1989. To be continued because if I absolutely positively don’t get my butt out the door, I may be telling you my divorce story tomorrow (i’m picking up dinnaire).

Very sweet story, but I would expect nothing else. GQ

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

84 comments… it seems like I’ve been gone for’eber and eber.

Comment by cj / romance enhancer

Now see, if that was me by the coffee machine (unlikely, I can’t stand the stuff – how could you pollute good Swiss Miss cocoa with burnt ground beans), I’d still be in traction and eating my steak through a straw. Y’think it’s not easy being green, Kermit? Try being pseudopodial.

Ms Lampshade insisted I define toy boy for her over at WA. Even though I told her not to make me. Especially not over at Doug’s place. But it was too late, Cerberus was awakened and his growl resounded over Owl Creek. Not without justification I might add, though we tried to disguise our transgressions under the rubric of the word of the day.

So here I am, and here you go. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.

TOY BOY, phr. Human male, to a female. Disposable.

Comment by The Amoeba

Make that “disposable”.

Comment by The Amoeba

Amoeba: spoken like a disposed TOY BOY. or is that BOY TOY? i get you guys confused. what? you never heard of RECYCLING??

Comment by sophie

Hello ya’ll. *waves* Hear this is the place to be.

I need a boy toy…sick of the ones I have around here. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Watched the last of the Stanley Cup last night…

Comment by Ride'Em Cowgirl

Sure I have, sophie!

RECYCLE, n. Your second session on the bike.

. ๐Ÿ™‚

Comment by The Amoeba

Well hi there cowgirl! Yes this is a great place. But perhaps not for boy toys – I guess I learned that phrase when it was first in vogue, and they had the word order reversed. Fickle thing, taste. They always told me mine was in my mouth. Which is a neat trick for an amoeba. Anyway, you might find the boy element in short supply here. A bunny here and there, and do be careful with those boots and chaps in the tall grass, lest you tramp on the bunnies doing, ah, what bunnies do. Only protozoa left over – and we’ve been there.

Where did that commando get off to?

Comment by The Amoeba

Cowgirl: howdy! sooo glad ya made it over here, girlfriend! oh, and don’t mind the Amoeba… he’s just bitter, what with having to watch those bunnies do what… ah… bunnies *do*, and all! sigh…poor Amoeba. so much action, and not ONE female amoeba in site! wait! wouldn’t that be a famoeba? (actually, that would be an *anomaly*, right?) ๐Ÿ™‚

Amoeba: recycle? hee hee. good one. (smartass) ๐Ÿ˜€

Comment by sophie

I am teh 94th comment! You people are driving me nuts ๐Ÿ™‚
i couldnยดt read all of the comments through, ยดcause mom has me pullign down old wall paper from teh walls and it is really messy…but B and D…youa re just too cute ๐Ÿ™‚

Comment by Penguin

back to the initial question. I love FRIENDS. ther is nothign for me that compares, although recently SCRUBS has kinda arouse dmy attention. Whenever I have to clean I through nay of my Friendยดs CD in and listen…well, I mostly know teh snetences of by heart heart…but they keep me company through the rougher things in life!
I think that was embarassing!

Comment by Penguin

Hi Cowgirl, Hi Penguin.Glad you could make, now don’t be strangers.

AM- First off it is bunny and kitty, yes a cross species thing going on, and it is in the bushes not the tall grass.

BTW- FF likes you, maybe boy toy can join us in the bushes sometime.

On that kinky note, we are outta here, see you tomorrow when Bunny Boy has a new post at the hutch.

Comment by I'm Feline Frisky

A stranger? Never. I added this hopping place to my favorite links.

Amoeba – not sure what happened to his Jakeness. He is around here somewhere.

Comment by Ride'Em Cowgirl

Penguin: i don’t think that’s embarrassing. i think that’s actually pretty cute! as a matter of fact, WE LOVE FRIENDS, too! (the show and you guys!) and *almost* as much as we love Seinfeld. too funny. in fact, it’s the show is right now… tho’ i’m fixing dinner, not cleaning, but still! on that note… i must go check the lasagna! but i’ll be back.

by the way… is this comment thread getting too long? would you guys like for me to open up a new thread-ish commenting thinga-ma-jig? same topics, shorter scroll-factor?

lemme know… i’ll check in later (or kyahgirl will… tho’ she’s got a lot on her plate at the moment, too. and i don’t think it’s lasagna!) โ™ฅ

Cowgirl: if you don’t mind, i’ll add ya to the side-bar right after my dinner break!! do you want to remain “Cowgirl”? or would ya like a different ‘brand’ here? xo (by the way, we’re callin’ jake “Sweet Baboo”. not sure *he* knows that, but i’m guessing he’ll find out soon enough!) ๐Ÿ™‚

Comment by sophie

FF & GDB: see you kids manana! (be good. and, if ya can’t do that, be careful!)

Comment by sophie

Need to round this off to an even 100! Hope everyone has a nice evening.

Comment by joel

101: Sorry Joel – just stopping by before I go write some little teacher thank you notes. Oh Amoeba, I’m with Sophie, I’m into recylcying ๐Ÿ™‚ I tried to be discreet as relates to the definition of the day, but you’re right, some things are better left for the snark. Oh that feline – she’s a frisky one, ain’t she?

Joel/Snuppytoes – hope you enjoyed your lasagna.

Amoeba, BTW: noticed you snapped to when Cowgal cama struttin in. Why do I picture a saloon door for her entrance?

And to all – a good night.

Comment by lady of the lampshade

I also have to admit to some of the shows on Adult Swim. As well as the already mentioned Robot Chicken, there’s a show called the Venture Brothers. I also occasionally watch Martha Stewart, because I’m convinced (or is it that I hope?) that she’s going to lose her mind on air one of these days.

Comment by TDB

Lady – The lasagna was excellent (a puppytoes speciality)! It’s now tea time and sweet sleep. Good luck with the thank you notes!

Comment by joel

…actually, we’re trying to watch Huff (Tivo’d) but keep getting interrupted.

Comment by joel

I honestly don’t watch too much television and I try not to like shows too much because the ones I love usually go off the air after one or two seasons…My So Called Life, Arrested Development (need I say more?)

But when I have cable, I loooooove the Iron Chef and I enjoy NBA basketball…do these count?

Comment by Square-ish Girl

Square-ish…definitely agree with you on Arrested Development…and it does seem the shows we love the most get cancelled sooner rather than later. We used to be big fans of the original Iron Chef too! Being a Lakers fan I’ve sworn off watching the NBA for a while.

Comment by BoBo (aka Joel)

gosh, you guys are total party animals! sophie, you’ve made the park the preferred playground around here. Good job buddy!

TV? I’m sorry, no guilty pleasure there. Although I must say if there happens to be any version of any Star Trek, I’ll sit down and watch it.
I used to watch Coronation Street (come on- no brits here?) but when Nicole got to be about 2 I stopped. Couldn’t see having a two year old think that it was normal to sit around drinking all day and bitching about everybody!
I am a geek and like most educational TV and tend to just catch whatever happens to be on when I turn it on. We have four english channels and one french channel out here in the boondocks so usually a book or the computer holds more appeal. I know. Pathetic.

This is a great topic Hot Puppy.

Comment by kyahgirl

Square-ish Girl: oh… we looooove Iron Chep. (that’s how they say it on the original show). and Arrested Development? waaaaaaah. we loved that one, too and Hated the fact that it was cancelled! did you ever have the chance to see Dead Like Me? that was a brilliant show (on showtime) really one of the BEST EVER (in case anyone wonders). you should rush out and rent the DVD. i highly recommend it. it’s beyond brilliant. and hysterical. ๐Ÿ˜€

Drive-by-Blog-Guy!! (everyone say “hi”… he’s very clever, and you should all go visit his blog!) Venture Bros. is very funny. our son often makes me sit and watch the entire Adult Swim line-up, so i’ve had a chance to see/enjoy a number of the shows they feature. i especially enjoy the 15 minute shows (perfect for an ADD girl like me!) as for your curious fascination with Martha Stewart …hmmmm? break down?? yes. i can see it now. sweeeeet.

Yo Mama’s a Lady of the Lampshade (what shade? i don’t know. but it’s nice): i noticed Amoeba’s snap-to-ish behavior, as well! good to know *someone* can cause a smile to sweep across that curmudgeonly face, eh?? ๐Ÿ™‚

okay time now for all good Bobos and Snuppytoes (i like that! i may have to start using it!) to go to bed.

HEY & By the Way, there YoYo Mama Lampshade Ladyfingers Twirlin’ Your Hair Under the Shade of that there Lamp: are you *sure* you’re not really one of my best friends disguised as a Lady in a Lampshade? ‘cuz i swear to all that’s Holly Hunter you sound like either one of TWO (count ’em 2) of my dearest friends in the whole world (with the exception of Joel and my sister). *one* (of the *other* friends… keep up) lives in Quogue. the other is my darling gay friend in Los Angeles. any relation to either? if not, you really *should* be. i swear you sound just like them. and me. you sound like ME! are you me? no. wait. i’m confused. you can’t be me… I’M me. is it time for bed yet? yes? oh thank god.

see ya in the mornin’ ๐Ÿ˜‰

Comment by sophie

Kyahgirl!! i surely can’t go to bed without saying goodnight to YOU!! (yay… i’m glad i saw ya before i turned off my computer!)

my last offering, since you brought up British shows: Absolutely Fabulous… which was/is… ABSOLUTELY FAB-U-LOUS! i lovelovelove it. seriously. (seriously funny, that is) great show!

okay…that’s it (i promise!) good night Kyahgirl… g’night everyone!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Comment by sophie

better late than never!


Comment by Canine Karen

HEY! Y’all are cheating now and talking about GOOD shows! I thought the whole point of this was to confess as to the BAD tv we watch!

Soooooo….. a playful pfffffttt to all…. I will say what my fave shows are!

Let’s see….

Sex and the City…. I know many women have mixed feelings about it but I LOVED it… it was simply liberating to see women portrayed as free to make their own decisions and simply living their lives according to their own rules, society and men and other’s influences be damned! Woooh to da hooh!

Friends… need I explain?

Seinfeld…. gold! Brilliant! Amazing! A true classic! Although the last number of shows were not good and the very last episode ever was quite disappointing I thought.

Lost…. brilliant writing… the script has had so much forethought put into it it is absolutely unbelievable… Friends would have many storylines with flaws in that they would not seamlessly come together in time whereas here, there are so many characters to keep track of, so many paths that intertwine and never, never, NEVER have they fucked up… the storyline is seamlessly sewn together and as more mysteries are revealed more in awe am I of the writers… the acting is brilliant as well and the show itself fan-fucking-tastic!

24… granted, probably not realistic but amazing and such nonstop action that this is such a show you either would love or hate to watch with me as it has me up, pacing the room, screaming at the TV, hiding with my legs behind my head (tense moments brings out the yogi in me) or running to the Loverboy… and Kiefer Sutherland makes a yummy macho Jack Bauer of a hero fo’ sho’!

Sopranos… I must admit that this season I watched out of habit and loyalty… it hasn’t been able to grab me and I am not sure if it is because of an actual change of script or because I have gotten so used to the format of the above two shows which may have fucked up my enjoyment of the Sopranos… I doubt it because the next show is a slower drama as well and I absolutely love it… which one?

Huff… Hank Azaria was the main selling point to draw me to it and what kept me glued to the screen. As an acting choice his choice to play Huff was absolutely brilliant as it is a departure from the bit roles he was often typecast in and brings out his manly strength and his amazing screen presence as well as showcases his depth and versatility as an actor. He is brilliant and in his brilliant oh so sexy… I love, LOVE a good drama and though heavy issues are prevalent here, the acting is so amazing that I am glued to the show… Huff is my new crack! GIMME, GIMME, GIMME! I would give anything to act on this show! WOW! That is my fantasy as I sit and watch and *sigh* away!

We also gave these two shows, Invasion and Surface a try… not bad! Gripping and intriguing but it remains to be seen if they will be picked up again!

Arrested Development caused us quite the heartbreak when it was discontinued… another show where seamless perfection are words that describe it perfectly and the cast of actors was just perfect, PERFECT I SAY!

Years ago, Julia Louis-Dreyfuss attempted her major comeback with a show Watching Ellie which was sadly not picked up… it was brilliant, spunky and had quite the cast of ecclectic characters that would have kept it going for many years and would have provided quite the rich fodder for the writers to keep producing away but alas, NBC had its head up its fucking ass, cancelled it and yep, yours truly wrote them quite the frank, expletive filled, and bordering on vulgar and angry letter when they were too chicken-shit to declare the show cancelled and simply anounced that it was on hiatus… assholes!

Her new show is bearable… The New Adventures of Old Christine… but predictable and formulaic and nothing close to the brilliance that was Watching Ellie….

Believe it or not, I probably have more stuff to talk about but lucky for y’all, I cannot remember anything more right now! So yeah, take a break, have a drink, relax because I MAY BE BACK! *GASP*


Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy


Everybody Hates Chris… brilliant, poignant and fucking funny as hell! Chris Rock is brilliant and his writing and comedy goes beyond race and is introspective as he is a black man that looks towards cultural flaws, whereby his own people fall under the microscope as well, and not only on race as the main issue of discontent and conflict…

How I Met your Mother… sweet, well-written and nice to pass the time with…

My Name is Earl… hicky, white trashy, karmic brilliance in action! Jaime Pressley is amazing in her role! Woooh to da hoooh once more!

Ok… see? I told you I’d be back and this probably ain’t the last of it!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

(Hoping you don’t come and smack me ….) Yes, I am one of those who watch National Geographic, Discovery Science Channel, History Channel, Sci-Fi Channel – and not ashamed of it! Sorry, but there is only one show I watch besides sports and those just mentioned – and it is Jeopardy.

I tried to watch “24” but kept missing episodes, so I gave it up too.
Call me “Nothing to watch in Boston.”

Found you over at Peg’s place (Schnoodlepooh)

Comment by Mike Ashley

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