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Summertime Blues by Snuppy
Wednesday, 21 June 2006, 9:28am
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TODAY is the “First” Day of Summer. Isn’t that Special? Actually, we can’t think of much to say this morning, so this seemed like as good a line to open with as any. For most of us, the word “summer” elicits fond memories of sleeping in, hanging out, swimming, barbeques, hiking, goin’ to camp, you know, happy rememberances of playful moments! A time when the only thing we had to consistently worry about was sunscreen. And, for at least one of us, enough bug spray to hold mosquitoes at bay until after the make-out session behind those rocks, while everyone else drank beer and sang stupid songs around a campfire in Three Rivers, California. But we digress. Summer. Stirs up memories. Please say it does, because, otherwise we’ve got nothin’ to talk about today.

*Miz B Catty Yummy Mummy??” We just read that long and fun comment you made this morning on yesterday’s post… and are gonna include it for the first comment today… for it would be a crime to waste it. A crime I tell you! A CRIME!! (just thought you’d like to know!) Naturally, we can keep talkin’ about TV today…it certainly has it’s place in summer vacation activities. I mean, God knows at least ONE of us spent way too much time watching the box during her breaks!


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MIZ B's comment Today on Yesterday's post:

better late than never!


111. Catty Yummy Mummy – Wednesday, 21 June 2006[Edit]
HEY! Y’all are cheating now and talking about GOOD shows! I thought the whole point of this was to confess as to the BAD tv we watch!

Soooooo….. a playful pfffffttt to all…. I will say what my fave shows are!

Let’s see….

Sex and the City…. I know many women have mixed feelings about it but I LOVED it… it was simply liberating to see women portrayed as free to make their own decisions and simply living their lives according to their own rules, society and men and other’s influences be damned! Woooh to da hooh!

Friends… need I explain?

Seinfeld…. gold! Brilliant! Amazing! A true classic! Although the last number of shows were not good and the very last episode ever was quite disappointing I thought.

Lost…. brilliant writing… the script has had so much forethought put into it it is absolutely unbelievable… Friends would have many storylines with flaws in that they would not seamlessly come together in time whereas here, there are so many characters to keep track of, so many paths that intertwine and never, never, NEVER have they fucked up… the storyline is seamlessly sewn together and as more mysteries are revealed more in awe am I of the writers… the acting is brilliant as well and the show itself fan-fucking-tastic!

24… granted, probably not realistic but amazing and such nonstop action that this is such a show you either would love or hate to watch with me as it has me up, pacing the room, screaming at the TV, hiding with my legs behind my head (tense moments brings out the yogi in me) or running to the Loverboy… and Kiefer Sutherland makes a yummy macho Jack Bauer of a hero fo’ sho’!

Sopranos… I must admit that this season I watched out of habit and loyalty… it hasn’t been able to grab me and I am not sure if it is because of an actual change of script or because I have gotten so used to the format of the above two shows which may have fucked up my enjoyment of the Sopranos… I doubt it because the next show is a slower drama as well and I absolutely love it… which one?

Huff… Hank Azaria was the main selling point to draw me to it and what kept me glued to the screen. As an acting choice his choice to play Huff was absolutely brilliant as it is a departure from the bit roles he was often typecast in and brings out his manly strength and his amazing screen presence as well as showcases his depth and versatility as an actor. He is brilliant and in his brilliant oh so sexy… I love, LOVE a good drama and though heavy issues are prevalent here, the acting is so amazing that I am glued to the show… Huff is my new crack! GIMME, GIMME, GIMME! I would give anything to act on this show! WOW! That is my fantasy as I sit and watch and *sigh* away!

We also gave these two shows, Invasion and Surface a try… not bad! Gripping and intriguing but it remains to be seen if they will be picked up again!

Arrested Development caused us quite the heartbreak when it was discontinued… another show where seamless perfection are words that describe it perfectly and the cast of actors was just perfect, PERFECT I SAY!

Years ago, Julia Louis-Dreyfuss attempted her major comeback with a show Watching Ellie which was sadly not picked up… it was brilliant, spunky and had quite the cast of ecclectic characters that would have kept it going for many years and would have provided quite the rich fodder for the writers to keep producing away but alas, NBC had its head up its fucking ass, cancelled it and yep, yours truly wrote them quite the frank, expletive filled, and bordering on vulgar and angry letter when they were too chicken-shit to declare the show cancelled and simply anounced that it was on hiatus… assholes!

Her new show is bearable… The New Adventures of Old Christine… but predictable and formulaic and nothing close to the brilliance that was Watching Ellie….

Believe it or not, I probably have more stuff to talk about but lucky for y’all, I cannot remember anything more right now! So yeah, take a break, have a drink, relax because I MAY BE BACK! *GASP*


 then she came back with this:


Everybody Hates Chris… brilliant, poignant and fucking funny as hell! Chris Rock is brilliant and his writing and comedy goes beyond race and is introspective as he is a black man that looks towards cultural flaws, whereby his own people fall under the microscope as well, and not only on race as the main issue of discontent and conflict…

How I Met your Mother… sweet, well-written and nice to pass the time with…

My Name is Earl… hicky, white trashy, karmic brilliance in action! Jaime Pressley is amazing in her role! Woooh to da hoooh once more!

Ok… see? I told you I’d be back and this probably ain’t the last of it!

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Oooo, 1st! I been waiting since 6am for the park to open! Summers always meant camping. We had a trailer and traveled up & down the east coasr. Most times finding some boring historical site to visit. Yeah, okay – so a battle was held here, now it’s a field of wildflowers. Big Deal. We weren’t very appreciative at that agee.

Comment by I'm Feline Frisky

(sophie here): d'oh! sorry FF…. i just saw that comment from Miz B and i didn't want it to be wasted. TECHNICALLY you ARE FIRST!! oh wait… 'technically' Miz B (Catty Yummy Mummy) is first, cuz she commented on the other post… oh, what the heck.

i wish my folks had seen fit to take us on some of those "boring trips"… joel and i have seen more historical sites in the 20+ years we've been married than i ever saw as a kid! so, i think that's pretty cool!

oh, and by the way, GOOD MORNING!! nice to see your happy face! your's too… Catty Yummy Mummy! (ooooh the kittys are out 'n about first today… impressive!)

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Summer also meant yard chores. I never got to relax or have much fun (very resrictive parents) so Dad would leave me a list of chores that I needed to accomplish before he got home from work that day. And he’d check closely – if it wasn’t to his satisfaction, you were in trouble. God forbid you missed a chore – groundings. Not that they ever let me go anywhere. I always dreaded summer. I preferred school, at least it was an escape.

Comment by I'm Feline Frisky

i used to get grounded for not doing chores, too. of course, that made me want to be nicer to my own kids. now it’s a chore to get them to put their dishes in the dishwasher sometimes. so… maybe chores weren’t always such a bad thing!

Comment by "snuppytoes" (sophie)

CYM: Huff is great… but it sure has been depressing this season! as for Earl? i’m right there with ya, girlfriend! and Jaime Pressley is beyond brilliant! we’ve been very impressed (not to mention amused!) πŸ˜€

Comment by "snuppytoes" (sophie)

Summertime means no more school, and longer days. I remember when I was growing up being allowed to stay out playing manhunt with the boys until it got dark and the streetlights came on. I remember watching the boys catching lightening bugs (ie fireflies) and thinking it was icky but very cool.

This is the first week the girls are done with school, so we’re starting our summer routine. Most days, I’ll be taking the girls to the pool early when it opens for a bit and then to the library for the afternoon summer program later in the day.

It’s nice having the time with them and not being on a morning schedule (read – license to sleep in!), but still, when does school start again? πŸ˜‰

Comment by Sar

Morning all,

Just a quick note. I work in an outdoor environment and summer in Florida is hot!
Go to Sar’s Brawl and vote for my caption, “Due to budget cutbacks the K-9 units were being replaced” Thanks Sar! Although I personally liked the other one better, *horsepower*, that just kills me.

Good morning my love FF- Sounds like you are in fine snarking form this morning. My knee still hurts so no romping in the bushes today.

Snuppytoes! How many gosh darnit names are you going to have!

I’ll be back this afternoon, busy day at work.

Comment by Gone to the Dogs ate my Bunny

“It’s not true. Some have great stories, pretty stories that take place at lakes with boats and friends and noodle salad. Just no one in this car. But, a lot of people, that’s their story. Good times, noodle salad. What makes it so hard is not that you had it bad, but that you’re that pissed that so many others had it good.” – Melvin Udall in As Good As It Gets

Reading the post and comments made me think of As Good As it Gets, and the great summer/noodle salad quote. Growing up I had many memories of noodle salads, lakes, boats, friends, diving towers, a stay at the psych ward… Everything a girl could ask for. πŸ™‚ I hope and pray that my girls have many of the same similar memories that I had as a kid of the summer so that they can grow into well rounded, fun satisfied adults like ME.

Speaking of the psych ward…. Who had rites of passage in their community? There is an old railroad bridge that runs over the lake my parents live on. Its been there forever… my grandparents jumped off it into the lake, my parents jumped off it into the lake, I jumped off it into the lake…. except I got caught with a few friends doing it. Nothing like having the hospital psych ward call your mom at work and say “Your daughter is here for a 24 hour observation because she jumped off the nest lake bridge with another girl.” Big Norsk and Ma were NOT real happy with me. Yet at the same time they found it quite hillarious I was at the nut hut because of it. (Parents with senses of humor are hard to find.) Now Rhonda and I have girls who are the same age…. and everytime we are at the lake and see those jumpers in the distance on the bridge we say “So how many years until Thea and Libby do that?” quickly followed by “Sure hope they don’t get caught, that hospital food sucked!”

Summers… are SPECIAL!

Comment by cj / romance enhancer

Almost forgot, new post, stop by the hutch.

Comment by Gone to the Dogs ate my Bunny

Ahhh, excuse me, as she butts her lampshade into the Shnark and oops, steps on a bunny; but I think the well rounded individuals that frequent this park don’t need to be told whom to vote for as when they arrive at Sar’s, they will see the dry humor of one G is the only choice.

But as I said, well, I won’t insult anyone’s intelliGence.

Oh, the topic was summer, most oft repeated phrase in my youth whilst sitting on the porch chin in hand, I’m boooored – between rollerskating, finding someone with a pool, sprinkler, hose, water gun to play with, bike riding, arts and crafts at the park, trips to the library (still prominently featured in my dreams).

My kids have no idea that camp was never an option being the 7th of 10 children, although I am beginning to burst their bubbles with the tales of squalor, okay, maybe not quite…

Laying in bed, listening to the birds, feeling that warm breeze that carries the curtain up into the air and back across your arm, the last one you may perhaps enjoy that day.

And Snuppytoes, I am tired as I was up late, but your comment in the snark last night did not go unnoticed – so sweet, really it did touch me. I am not gay and I don’t live in Quogue (not that I rule either out) but you’re becoming one of my bestest friends here πŸ˜‰

Now go vote for – your conscience. A vote for Brian is a vote for Florida – and I think we all know what that means:)

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

Oh and MizB: LOOOOOOVE Everybody Hates Chris – it’s the one “night time” TV show that me daughter and I share and laugh at. Everyone is excellent of that show! Can’t say enough about it – Chris Rock – genius!

DItto: My Name is Earl and as discussed with my neighbors to the immediate north – Snuppytoes/Joel – also love The Office. Really well played roles/good actors.

Arrested Development: It is my shame and relief that I couldn’t find which night it was on as they kept switching it, trying to find the right audience (read 17 viewers whose brain has not yet gone to rot) as I would have grown hooked.

Okay, back to summa time….and the living is easy.

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

Summer time means the Calgary Stampede.

This is when every male out there pours himself in jeans. mm-mm. And cops wear cowboy hats…grrrowf.

This is when free food is a plenty if you know how to find the barbecues, the pancake breakfasts and the internet provides you with maps. MAPS!!

This is the time of year when it is acceptable to have a beer with your pancake breakfast…in public…while singing country songs.

And this is the best part…this is the time of the year when the real cowboys come out to play at the rodeo. Grrrowf. Shine your belt buckle for ya?

Summer is also the time when Prince’s Island comes alive with guys without shirts. Ahhh….yes. And they toss around frisbees, lie around getting all golden and stuff, flex biceps. I regret that I don’t work downtown but Friday afternoons – oh baby, that’s where you’ll find me.

I love summer. I do, I do, I do.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

GGGGGG I thought you liked me!

Comment by Gone to the Dogs ate my Bunny

I do – imagine if I didn’t? Sorry about your paw. πŸ™‚ I’ll be over to your place later as it is, I am busy at work today – how annoying? So I can only snark in between.

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

Until I was 15 summertime meant riding bikes, being gone all day with friends, playing hours and hours of baseball, going to movies, a few chores here and there mixed in with a huge dose of having a great time…and then…my Dad decided to introduce the concept of responsibility in a big way and I was forced to work…and so it began. Summer came to mean more work than play…(sigh)…and so it goes.

Comment by BoBo

…oh, and our discussion yesterday (bad TV) inspired today’s post at Bobobanjoey…just in case you all wanted to check it out or something…you don’t have to, it’s okay…it would mean a lot, but I understand if you can’t…no, really…oh and my caption didn’t make the finals over at Sar’s so you don’t have to worry about voting for me or anything…it’s okay…mine weren’t that good anyway…guess I’ll just go back to work now…don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine.

Comment by BoBo

I’ll check back in later today.

Comment by I'm Feline Frisky

BoBo – It’s okay, and you know you always had my vote from any computer that I passed… but it’s okay that I’m already lagging in the race…after all it wasnt’ thaaat good anyway, i mean maybe if it had audio and you could heearr how i intended it…maybe if more peopel could get my humor…maybe if I could have gotten the italics/bold thing going mean, hey! That’s what’s known as Stinkin Thinkin – a genuine psyche disorder
knock it off! You’re brilliant – one week without a final does not negate that, I have many posts to catch up on today, but I don’t seem to have that much luxury in the office – but as soon as time permits. Think of the bright side, now with you and Snuppytoes not in (she looks around for Bunny Boy) you can vote without conflict. πŸ™‚

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

Bobo: that was HYSTERICAL!! but don't be shy… you're supposed to shamelessly link to a good post when ya have one. oh, here… i'll do it for you READ JOEL'S HILARIOUS POST HERE!

Lampshady Lady: it was gettin' late last night… i'm impressed you saw the comment. still… are you *sure* your name's not Palmer? and/or Neal? (you and i ARE meeting. there's no doubt in my mind you're the missing buddy link, and we've got a lot of catching up to do!) oh, and "a vote for Brian is a vote for Florida"? hee hee… too funny! (sorry, GDB, but it is!) i'll not say who gets the ONE fucking crummy vote i have to give from our home computer… tho', technically, it's still up in the air… so… let the persuasions begin! that said…LL, not that i'm bitter, but, um….you voted for BOBO?

LBP: back in my band-singing days… we spent a month at the four seasons in Calgary. i think we left just before the Stampede… much to my chagrin!

RE: they put you in the psych ward for jumping off a bridge into a lake?? lordy.

and, Sar, for the record, our kids are old, and i'm *still* feeling that "when does school begin" pain!  

Comment by "snuppytoes" (sophie)

Snuppy – Oh no (sound of furious back peddling) ahh only when you- I had voted for you first, then Joel, or something like that or Joel’s winning and you next or gotta go – oops phone call – see you guys later.

Persuasions? that would be unethical. Did you see the Starbucks on Wheels I had set up in the park today? And puppy pedicures right under the shady tree. No? go on enjoy. Timing is purely coincidental:) Violin concertos courtesy of Tali, don’t mind the open case, well throw in a coin if you like, camp is expensive after all…

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

A vote for me is a vote for a fair wage, a chicken in every pot, and most important, no G’s allowed, unless they have lots of zeros, in that case, send them to the hutch asap!

Will sombody please send me detailed instructions how link in a comment. Please?

Comment by Gone to the Dogs ate my Bunny

Oh! YLL- Thanks for the comment. I know, I know you are my friend. This banter we share back and forth is wonderful and freeing to me. I’d even leave the great state of Florida, to return to the urban jungle for a visit.

Snuppy and BoBo- You are a couple right? FF and I are confused. Nothing new there.

Comment by Gone to the Dogs ate my Bunny

…a couple of what? kidding. yes, a couple (married, in fact) for 21 years and change.

Comment by BoBo

Bobo: TOGETHER for 21 years and change, honey… married 20 years (our 21st anniversary is in August, but who’s counting?)

HERE’S A LINK TO YOUR CURRENT POST, TOO, BUNNY BOY! (yeesh! sorry i didn’t put it in sooner!) πŸ˜‰

Comment by "snuppytoes" (sophie)

Bobo: TOGETHER for 21 years and change, honey… married 20 years (our 21st anniversary is in August, but who’s counting?)

HERE’S A LINK TO YOUR CURRENT POST, TOO, BUNNY BOY! (yeesh! sorry i didn’t put it in sooner!) πŸ˜‰

Comment by "snuppytoes" (sophie)

I was just rounding off since it will be 21 years in what, oh let’s see, two months, at which time it will be married for 21 and together for 22…I think you see where I’m coming from here, right?

Comment by BoBo

Did somebody say change – throw it right there in the violin case.

Okay – SnuppyBos – get it?

Right. Heading over to Joel’s to comment.

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

Also just mentioning – Doug has torn down the Iron Comment Curtain – free form encouraged, alright maybe tolerated, for VI’s Special Guest Spot.

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

Oh and BB: right back at ya. Do you know I’ve never been to Florida? Another oddity about me. I mean, who hasn’t been to Florida?

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

Thanks Snuppy! Thanks for the comments, and the link, but what I wanted to know, you may have already sent an e-mail, is how do I when making a comment somewhere, leave a link.And remember, you are talking to a Bunny Boy!

BTW-Do you think two stodgy couples frolicking in the bushes is cutting down on the traffic, or is it just keeping out the riffraff. Sounds like couples therapy for all of us. Dates! Who needs em.

YLL- But can we trust the furry one?

Comment by Gone to the Dogs ate my Bunny

mmmm summer

Summer meant the beach

talking to scantily clad bathing beauties

the smell of coppertone

sore nipples from surfboard wax( yes there are comments lurking in that simple little statement )

Later, on in life, summer meant

Screaming down Mammoth Mountain on a bike. This was before shocks, and disc brakes and full face helmets. Nothing between you and the ground except thin lycra

Now, summer is swim meets, time at the pool, getting pushed off the dock and into the lake by swarms of kids

All in all a good time!

Oh yeah, in between votes, be sure to come on over and give me 5 spy songs.

Comment by The Village Idiot

Dates? You have palm trees in this park? Getting better all the time. Scenery and free snacks too. If only certain people would stop gloating …

I spent my summers as a kid on the golf course. Caddying. Then working the grounds. Putting almost every dime into the college fund. Stripping to the waist when I could get away with it (dress code) in the years before melanoma was discovered. Tried to play the game too. Got my first lessons in “sorry, wrong class”.

Comment by The Amoeba

summers as as kid, endlessly playing outside and exploring the hills around our home with a ‘gang’ of neighbourhood kids.
Swimming lessong, scrub, hide and seek, bike rides, and, if we were really lucky, someone would drive us out to Nancy Greene lake for a dip!

Comment by kyahgirl

YLL- Never been to the land of The Mouse! Is that even allowed? Do they revoke your mommy license?

VI-The park is a poetry free zone, thank you very much. scantily clad bathing beauties nonwithstanding.

AM-Isn’t the foliage wonderful, edible too!

Look who just popped in. Hi there KG- You need a new moniker, puppy/snuppy/sophie/neva/OHP/etc has got you beat.

Comment by Gone to the Dogs ate my Bunny

GDB: i sent you a note and tried to explain how to do links. but it may not make sense. as for all the names? I'M really confused, too, because on top of the ones i suddenly have, i *also* think G might be me… too many personalities, not enough mind. sigh

Yoyo Lady who Loves Lamps and Shades: had we not lived/worked in Miami, we might have missed out on the phenomenon that is Florida, as well! and, as Amoeba so kindly pointed out, we've got plenty of palm trees around here (and snacks.)…so i say Florida? we don't need no stinkin' Florida (oops… sorry GDB. it's a nice place and all… but we don't miss it!)

oooh VI, coppertone? yep…i know that smell. i LOVE that smell. only my memory of it is attached to waterskiing. which is how i spent many a summer day in my youth. when i wasn't at Y-Camp, that is (in the Sequoia National Park). or tripping over kelp at Pismo Beach. or slathering on baby oil (because that's how stupid we were) in order to properly "bake" our skin a glorious golden brown. crunchy!

hiya kyah! your summers sound a lot like mine, as well! xox

Comment by sophie

That’s ok Snuppy. We don’t miss Conn., well except for the pizza, and the diners, and the Indian food, and the deserts. Slobber, slobber. New Haven pizza is the best. Beats anything in NYC.

I’ll bet in Jan. FL will be looking mighty fine.

Comment by Gone to the Dogs ate my Bunny

good point.

Comment by sophie


Comment by sophie

Hi all FF here

Comment by I'm Feline Frisky

Ooh, I just got that sensation – lying on the beach – hot sun, warm breeze, smell of cocoa butter, radios tuned in to various music, baseball games, drifting away…

That is of course, before kids, now I barely sit down on the beach, no less lay down.

And BB: that is my job as a parent – to protect my children from such bad influences as the Land of Mouse.

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

Ooh, I swear I was just coming to ask if someone through the frisky feline into the fountation?!

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

It’s a small world after all.

Comment by Gone to the Dogs ate my Bunny

Hey love! How ya’ doing. BG wants to know about rubber stamping.

Comment by Gone to the Dogs ate my Bunny

Oh, I just snuck in. looking for my Hun Bun.

Comment by I'm Feline Frisky

Hi lovy, I am actually recovering from a low, (hey! don’t eat the aluminum foil, ya dumb cat – Blessing is eting the foil from my yogurt) – I am doing ok, and I will go “see” BG soon. How’s your day been darlng?

Comment by I'm Feline Frisky

Long, hot, rampant wackos. The usual. So, how many e-mails do I have?

For those scoring at home, low, means low blood sugar. Happens a couple of times a day for 35 years equals about 25,000 episodes in FF’s life.

Comment by Gone to the Dogs ate my Bunny

GDB – You have 2 emails – one from me. Bonnie will be picking me up about 5:45, so I won’t see you until after rubber stamping class at 9pm.

Comment by I'm Feline Frisky

Thanks babe. Perfect title for you know who post!

“Fire Down Below” HeHe

Comment by Gone to the Dogs ate my Bunny

Bri – I’m gonna lie down for a bit to recover. Then I’ll think about my dinner. Hope your day gos fast. See ou tonight. OXOX D

BTW – Have a great afternoon everyone! “See” you later.

Comment by I'm Feline Frisky

I thought of a better first name – Carline

Comment by I'm Feline Frisky

summer–in UK it gets dark SOOOOOO late at this time of year (10pm) SO for me it stirs up memories of having to go to bed, at 15, when it was still light out. Peeking out my window at kids playing outside, and being jeered at for "wearing 'er nightie." "It's not a nightie, it's a dreeeeeeesssss" I'd lie.

my mother–she made me go to bed SO FUCKING EARLY. I hated her for it. Now. NOW I understand…

Comment by Big Red Joy

Big Red: I am ROTFL at that description “wearing ‘er nightie…. it’s a dreeeeeeessss”. So British/so funny! I’m still laughing – certain things just tickle me. Pleased to make your acquaintance by the way.

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

Sophie: We spent time in the psych ward because that was the areas way of getting kids not to jump b/c of the height of the bridge and the whole danger of drowning thing. Poor Rhonda and I lost our swim suits in the jump so it was the fact that we were naked that drew the attention to us. Those were the days!

Summer for us meant lots of swimming…. spending hours at the diving tower, manizing and becoming tan goddesses. As I got older the hours got longer, tan got deeper, plans became more outrageous, and the boys …. oh the boys. Then one august this pesky geeky guy kept asking me out. He had tickets for phantom of the opera in minneapolis – awesome seats and some chick dumped him at the last second. I felt sorry for him and went with him to see Phantom. He asked me to marry him that night and I laughed at him. Six months later he laughed at me when I did marry him. Hurray for August Romances!!!!!!

Comment by cj / romance enhancer

Yoyo Lampish Lady: Yes! meet Big Red Joy! and, now that i fixed the link (the link on your comment was messed up, joy… it's fine in the sidebar!), you MUST go visit her… for you will ADORE her!! (i know i do!)

Comment by "snuppytoes" (sophie)

CJ/RE: what a great story! oh, and thanks for clarifying, i feel better about the reason for the minute in the psych ward… sort of πŸ™‚

Bunny? FF? you kids done for the day? and FF, were you serious about that name change? (lemme know, i’ll take care of it for ya!)
hope you guys have a great evening… see ya later and/or tomorrow! πŸ˜€

Comment by "snuppytoes" (sophie)

snuppytoes?? que pasa?

You are such a great park manager ♥ and you’re not ‘that old’. I was only teasing.

Comment by kyahgirl

Snuppytoes: You are ever the best at this blog administration. I have been buuuusssy today, so popped in as I could. I will stop by her spot.

I will not be around much tomorrow as my baby is graduating pre-school – just writing the thank you notes to his teachers, I was already crying. I mean cap/gown on his skinny little body, I can’t wait. So, perhaps see you later…

And hope all is well with Kyasper:)

And in case, nobody has told you lately – this was and is a great place to come play and you are both just genius for a) thinking it up and b) following through.

Romance Enhancer – that’s a nice story. I like it.

Ahhh, summer love…sneaking in at 2:00 a.m. oh, wayward girl!

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

2 am? Way to go Lady!! πŸ™‚ I never had to sneak, my parents slept like rocks. They could have their window open and my brother and I would have a volley ball party outside in the yard…. Did they wake up? NEVER. Once I was old enough to figure out they slept like rocks I was all pissed because I had spent so much time sneaking!!!!

Comment by cj / romance enhancer

Snuppy- No the name that FF said is for an upcoming post. Diane reads all my posts and gives me feedback. No change needed.

YLL- I’ll miss you tomorrow, but congrats to Choo-choo. And I second the notion, this is a great place. Of course anyplace FF is is great.

CJ/RE:Wonderful story, points out the differences between generations. Today, you’d have channel 11, and talking heads complaining about how reckless *today’s* youth is! I’m glad, I am sure you are, that you gave that geeky guy a chance. We *geeks* make the best lovers.

KG-Thanks for the comment, I’ll have to think of something to shake you up.

BRJ- I’ll try to stop by later.

Goodnight y’all, thanks for making this a safe and fun park to hang out in. Pellets and veggie burgers for everybody.

Comment by Gone to the Dogs ate my Bunny

As a kid summers were spent carefully navigating where you put your feet because cows leave presents, swatting flies with a fly swatter, climbing trees, eating cinnamon buns, hands gripping as we navigated from the house to the outhouse until Granny decided indoor plumbing was awesome, picking peas, eating the peas, swimming in the well (we were so hip and when you’re teeny tiny you can do this until you realize what exactly is IN the well water) or going to Clear Lake, sleeping in beds that are caving in and navigating floors with a slant to the narrow staircase. Oh and being yelled at in German. Not that I understood a word. Or cared.

Sigh. I just realized how much I miss though times even though I resented going out to the farm when I was older. I feel all reminiscy because…well…another time. I’ve cried enough today, thank you very much.

LBP be very, very tired after her new writing task master made her cry. He did not listen when she said: “Be nice! I cry!” Hah! Nice? Nice my ass. He is mean! Tough! We have a plan. Gasp! A plan!! What the hell? I don’t follow plans? And it is logical at that. Aurgh. And there are rules. RULES!!! RULES!!! Did you see that? RULES!!! He is going to kill me. Kill me!! Because he’s (hyperventilating) gonna make me talk to people in a week. Dear God. Cruel bastard. Mean task master. Luke Skywalker didn’t have to have conversations with strangers! Why must I? Because my yoda is cruel. Mean. Damn it…he expects me to write (sighs sadly) a synopsis by Sunday. Crap. And it has to be effin’ good! (I’d have done a scratched out f-bomb but I don’t know how. Secrets must be shared!!)

“dead cookie” jenna…I mean…talking to people! Conversations. I think I’m gonna barf but first…I gotta remember how to write a synopsis. Crapola.

ps – wow…no wonder he’s saying “Write a synopsis!” Can I go off on tangents or what? The man knows me. (looks around for hidden cameras) Spoooooky.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

I’m baaacck! Hi! Ain’t he sweet? And so darn lovable, too!

Comment by I'm Feline Frisky

*LOL* I was a child protection officer before I became a mom. Every year for mothers and fathers day my brother, sister and I all fess up something we did that they didn’t know about as a “gift”. I always be sure to write down what statute in MN was broken and just how many hours of counseling and parenting classes the parents would need now a days.

Isn’t it amazing how different life is?

Comment by cj / romance enhancer

Its true Geeks make great lovers! πŸ™‚ I am glad I felt sorry for him that night and went with him to the play. I didn’t pay attention to the play at all, I was completely in love with him before they took our tickets at the door. πŸ™‚

Comment by cj / romance enhancer

CJ: I like that gift idea – problem is there were 10 children in my family, if my mother’s made it this far, why kill her? She’s 81 – funny too. Guess a sense of humor was helpful.

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

Okay ladies and gentleman…my second shameless plug of the day…for those of you who haven’t ventured over to my site yet today (why the hell not for crying out loud?), I received an interesting response from a, shall we say, “spamstress” in the comment section after calling into question her intentions…first time I’ve ever had a spammer respond…woohoo! 5:40pm in the All-American city and looking forward to going home relatively soon…although not looking forward to the dreaded commute, specifically the always awful West Side Highway.

Comment by BoBo

Hi cj, that’s a great gift idea! πŸ™‚

Comment by kyahgirl

Poetry, we don’t have to show you any steenking poetry!

No, somehow that just doesnt work

Comment by The Village Idiot

It has been brought to my attention that the sore nipples comment may have left some of you wondering what that is all about…wouldn’t you like to know????

Oh you would

Minds out of the gutter, when surfing, and you are paddling out, without a wetsuit, or even with one. After many sets, you can rub your nipples raw, either on the wetsuit or on the board, since surfboard wax is sticky and makes a somewhat rough surface.

Seee, not what you thought it would be was it?

Comment by The Village Idiot

I have lived in a few different places but in most of them summer was spent outdoors or traveling with either my parents or my grandmother. Surfing and body boarding Is a great part of summer that and just traveling to different places whether it be near or far from wherever home is at the time.
Television never really entered the picture; we rarely watched it when I was small. When we finally got satellite TV, when I was in high school, I did get addicted to Six Feet Under reruns and the Red Shoe Diaries- my parents didn’t know that though.

Comment by cooper

who IS this guy, Jenna? he seems to have a clue …


Comment by The Amoeba

Talk about the Florida elections, I just hit the vote now button by mistake – oh well, BB – you’ll be happy to know of course, it was for you.

Joel – that was funny and that was me ROTFL. You handled it much more diplomatically than I might have – nice job. I mean what did “Marion” expect when she invites you to be “friends” and mentions “matches”? Then has the chutzpah to decry “why didn’t you read my profile” Wahhhh. I say we flog her in the park! We’re going to a stoning!

Everyone go to Joel’s now if you haven’t – funny.

Comment by lady of the lampshade

Summer used to mean to me riding horses and working outside all day. This summer is the first summer where I have been inside most of the day. (Poo).

Fun things to do in the summer: cut and bale hay, detassel corn, walk beans, halter break the show cattle, mow (and mow, and mow), paint fence, the list goes on.

My favorite thing about summer would be all of the county fairs, rodeos, and state fairs. I have had the funnest time of my life at these things…I usually lived at each one for about a week, staying in the barns with horses or my show livestock. Farm kids can PARTY…and no one has lived until they have jumped the fence in the middle of the night and went down the giant yellow slide at my state fair grounds in a sleeping bag. Just be sure not to get your wranglers hung up on the fence. πŸ˜‰

Comment by Ride'Em Cowgirl

He’s my fertilizer Amoeba.

And he is s-t-r-i-c-t.

My synopsis has to be effin’ good.

“And if it’s not?” asks I because I hate….hate…hate writing them.


“You’re going to lick me?”

“I’d think disappointing me would be bad enough.”

Aurgh! A hit below the belt! A hit to the heart! Sigh. I’m feeling guilty just writing this comment. All because I’m not thinking about that damned synopsis (but I am, Yoda, but I am!) And THAT is the power of my brutal task master.


Comment by Little Blue Pill

You’re going to lick me?

Now there’s a Freudian slip if I’ve ever seen one. Not to mention fertilizer. Images of teeth pulling green. In leather. A new departure for Jenna’s erotica …

Hey. You were the one claiming NC-17 for these pages.

Comment by The Amoeba

Okay, that’s it you two – out of the park! Yes, I do have the authority in Twohotsnuppygirls absence. Allright, just behave yourelves then, licking – in fact, I changed my mind again – get out and go vote for me at Sar’s πŸ™‚ After all, I voted for Brian.

Comment by lady of the lampshade

Pretty quiet in the park tonight…i guess everybody’s gone home?

Comment by BoBo (aka Joel)

Yeah Joel, where’s Snuppy – we were going to go to Starbucks. I might even do a quick post at my place. Loved yours today and loved that whole funny Marion thing.

Comment by lady of the lampshade

Lady – thanks! Snuppy has been flying around like a whirling dervish (whatever that is) watering plants, changing sheets…I suspect she’ll check in soon…not sure where she’s getting all this energy?

Comment by BoBo (aka Joel)

Oh Yoyo You Lamping Shadying Ladying Coffee-Drinking Pal O-Mine: we *are* gonna get that coffee… and soon, right?? i thought you were elbow deep writing thank you notes. (how hard can it be? thank. you. see? 2 words. bleh and blah. and you’re done!) i’m glad you liked joel’s post… i thought it was hilarious–and that marion person? what’s up with that? (scary) and i’m not the least bit offended that no one’s bothered to read my post, especially since it’s pretty stupid (that said, manymany thanks to joel, VI, cj, karen, and TLP for your lovely comments!!) πŸ˜€

what was that joel said? i’m a whirling dervish? (i actually got to sing that line my freshman year in high school, as sister margarita in The Sound of Music) well, truth be told, at the moment i’m dervishing more than whirling… guess i’d best get back to work in order to have actual sheets on the bed before we *go* to bed!

on that note… i’m gonna say nighty night, kids! besides… i don’t know if you guys know this or not, but it’s soooo hard to type AND watch the Colbert Report at the same time. i think they call that multi-tasking… and it’s something i just can’; pu t wonb hvbo ho aklh jhhoo poan; ho0uen hj vvhoe. ohw? ohw???? (see what i mean?)

Comment by snuppytoes

Nighty everyone… πŸ™‚ I loved my first day of summer.

Comment by cj

I am FIRST on thursday morning. Good morning Snuppytoes,
I wanted to let you know that I deleted your comment and reposted. That brain fart has been taken care of.

Comment by Gone to the Dogs ate my Bunny

Oh, HonBun beat me! Boogers!Good morning all! I’m gonna curl up in a cozy sunshine spot and nap until the park gets busy.

Comment by I'm Feline Frisky

Good morning…anyone out there? Can I go ahead and just get something off my chest this morning? Good, thanks…

Fu*k commuting
Fu*k commuters (I know, I’m one too.)
Fu*k people who drive slow in the left lane
Fu*k people who read the paper while driving
Fu*kity, fu*k, fu*k, fu*k.

Thanks…feel better.

Comment by BoBo

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