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Tell me honestly….. by Snuppy
Friday, 23 June 2006, 8:38pm
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This is Laura posting. I would appreciate it if over the weekend people come to this thread and give their honest thoughts on how things are going in the park. Last weekend we had the discussion about the rating of the blog and content. I'd like to hear people's impressions and suggestions if you have any.

Honestly? after a week I don't think I fit in here. If everyone else is enjoying what's happening and the park is viable as is, say so. If there needs to be changes, guidelines, please say so.  ***PLEASE NOTE, An Update: First, after reading last night's comments I want people to stop being concerned about offending me. That didn't happen. OK? Upfront-I like and accept the people coming here, don't sweat that, please.  Uncomfortable means something different. Which I'll try to clarify in them comments rather than hog 'air time' here.

I won't say any more about my opinions right now because I don't want to influence anyone. I haven't asked Sophie's permission to post this or had time to discuss it with her so don't blame her if you don't like this. You can mail me (or her) privately if you'd rather communicate that way. There is also a blog mail box you can send mail to by clicking on the page about that says 'contact one hot puppy'. So, lots of options.
I don't know how much I'll be able to get here this weekend so wanted to get the post up sooner rather than later.

thanks for your input!



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Well, I’ve already snarked about this a bit. So regular readers will already know my feelings. Which are divided.

I suppose it says something not entirely pleasant about me that I hang around a place that is overwhelmingly female in membership and slant, and seems obsessed for the moment with topics usually reserved for the girl’s locker room – or can. That’s less “Central Snark” than “Alice in Blunderland”, begging your pardon.

On the other hand, I started blogging at a community site, BloggerParty, and still post most of my stuff there. That community has undergone wide swings in tenor and tone, as bloggers come and go. Another community blog site, WritingUp, became the private preserve of a bunch of flamers and less-than-honorable AdSense hitmeisters, and that drove many away. To Bloggerparty, in fact, where (usually) the conversations were mellower, and sometimes even more thoughtful.

In both places, a few prolific and influential bloggers set the tone for the time, and the others largely followed. Or tasted, saw, and went. As time passed, so did the class of influential bloggers, and so did the tone.

Rightly or wrongly, I consider myself one of those “influentials”. The more thoughtful bloggers at Bloggerparty might be somewhere else, or nowhere, but for the fact that they had my contributions to look at. They do seem to disappear when I am absent (like when I’m on the road).

So I stay put. Because this too shall pass. I hope.

I might suggest more “free-for-alls” and fewer directed topics. Our core comes from Doug’s place, and snarkable issues fly from that comment box like sparks from a sparkler. I imagine those sparks to be plenty enough to get people talking and getting the backs-and-forths off our collective chests. So Douglas doesn’t go wrapping his tail between his legs and whimpering off in a corner. And then busting out in a fit of resolve and biting our ankles.



Comment by The Amoeba

One of the reasons for starting this site was to provide a playful environment for folks who have been fortunate enough to make connections with each other on a variety of other sites, which, of course, includes WA. That said, it was never the intention for this to be a place where anyone would feel uncomfortable or offended, in any way, shape, or form. Personalities mesh. Personalities clash. As in life, that’s what’s fun and, last time I looked, interesting!

Not sure what you mean by Alice in Blunderland, Charley, but no one’s holding a gun to your head to keep you here! Or me! Or anyone else, for that matter. For heaven’s sake, this was a light-hearted attempt to allow a few friendships to grow and blossom, and, hopefully interact in a playful and entertaining fashion beyond the blogs they all frequent!

How serious are we when we’re talking about topics like the Boob Tube? or Time? The way I see it, these are merely stepping off points, ice breakers if you will, in order to aleviate that initial awkward sense folks sometimes have when trying something new. Plus, it seemed like a good way to share a little bit about ourselves in order to get to know each other a little better. I’m not sure we haven’t accomplished that in a pretty nice way. I imagined a time where we’d be adding a variety of interesting/funny/bizarre/whatever threads in order to spark an equal amount of discussions. And make fun of stuff in the process!

Bottom line? This was never supposed to be something to get too worked up about. It was meant to be fun. I think it is. And I honesty hope we can figure out a way to make it so for everyone who wants to spend a moment, an hour, or day here.

So that’s where I am with all this…

~ Neva

Comment by snuppy

I guess it’s my nature whenever someone throws out something so honest as Laura has to say, uh oh, what have I done to contribute to the downfall of western civilization in the snark? I know I used the f word (not spelled correctly, so maybe you thought it was Hungarian) and if I offended, well I am sorry.

In my own blog all of one month old, I do not use profanity. Not saying if the situation called for it I wouldn’t, but knowing if I keeled tomorrow and someone handed my kids the blog, well I wouldn’t want them wondering why their mom spoke like a sailor in the port with Terrets (sp). Having said that blogs aren’t for our children, per se, and I don’t want to on the other hand, to condemn anyone who chooses to put it across that way. It’s your own blog, speak in your voice. Personally a couple of my favorite bloggers let fly with such freedom, it’s exhilerating (for me) to visit them.

Is innuendo good/poop bad? That begins to get personal and maybe the snark won’t be the place where anyone will feel free to express themselves which was the opposite reason of why it started.

I pesonally can’t worry about what people think every time I post. I never comment without thinking could this offend anyone because it is never my inention to do so. Laura this may or may not be where you were going, I sort of springboarded off Charley’s thoughts shared above.

Some days are going to be off, some the dynamics will be great. I think the idea and blog itself are new and are working their way through what it will be when it grows up.

Hang in there and if you don’t like where it’s going – discuss with Sophie and redirect. Anyway, I hope you will feel free to share more and make it the place you want it to be.

Comment by lady of the lampshade

Trust me, I’m not suggesting that we turn this into a sober (and deadly dull) forum to discuss the eensiest obscurities of the Lake Poets’s oeuvre. I dig “fun” too.

And I mentioned (and Lady Lampshade picked up on it) that it’s probably way too early to judge. It may be too early three years from now, after all the slings and arrows of outrageous blogging.

As I’m sure you noticed, I’ve had my fun either chipping in to or snarking at some of the more salacious topics. If after three weeks that’s all there is here, well, that’s a worry. All I’m really sayin’ about that.

As for “Alice in Blunderland”: think “shagging ladies”. ‘Nuff for now.

Amoeba out.

Comment by The Amoeba

You know, I hesitated to comment directly, but it is still bugging me, so I must. This directed to Charley, the fact you shared that you “rightly or wrongly” considered yourself one of the influential bloggers wherever sort of sets the tone “rightly of wrongly” that a heirarchy of bloggers exists here and that, my friend, is anithetical to why the snark was born. And I know you mean your comments about Doug lovingly, but this ain’t Waking Ambrose, and the tone set here was meant to be free and where people could comment without following the topic. Have some fun in a free form way. This is not to say that WA is not fun, quite the contrary and I could see where Doug’s frustations arose, but that’s his place and I fully respect his right to do so – there. But this is all going back to my heirarchy comment. Truth is everyone has a unique voice and I, for one, have been happy to listen to all of them. With regard to the “Alice in BLunderland” snipe, well Charley, put that rock aimed at the glass house here.

Comment by lady of the lampshade

actually, that was supposed to read down instead of here.

Comment by lady of the lampshade

Okay, perhaps I spoke too soon as I’ve just read your comment, but I think this is good and is also a ringing endorsement of the snark. That is, to wit, that we are able to hash it out and be honest with each other about our feelings. Direct without worry of offending.

Comment by lady of the lampshade

Lady of the Luscious Lampshade: i love you. we'll be having coffee, when?

Amoeba: i really do know what you meant… frankly, some of the "threads" haven't necessarily been my cup of lapsung souchong either. but that's what i mean about having more than one on any given day, because, within those various threads everyone should be able to find his/her comment interaction groove.

and, like LL, when i re-read the "Alice in Blunderland", i realized what you were referring to, so i decided not to take offense, after all. of course, you know what? fuck me my bad if i *had* taken offense! that's THE POINT! no one wants to offend and no one should be offended around here. i mean, anyone who wants to be genuinely hurtful is not welcome. on the other hand, friends should/will be able to flip each other off and still hug at the end of the day! i say let the snipey comments fly, and do your best impression of a duck if a comment you don't like gets too close! (you know how to do an impression of a duck, don't ya? you just… duck! sorry, dumb joke).

basically, i think we're all saying the same thing-ish. it's too early to make any rash decisions. unless we agree we all hate this with a passion that could make the gods cry, in which case… highlight, backspace… delete. and we'll be done.

~ neva

Comment by snuppytoes

Well, I like having this option open.
I am not here commenting on all the threads but I do like the idea that we have a social place to take convos that spiral off other blogs.
I agree that is it early to make a decision about exactly what we have here, and that the tone now is not what it will be next month, this fall and next year.
I also agree with Kyahgirl, I have more than once popped over and thought, eeeh, this thread is not for me.
But… if as has happened, topics are posted as they arise on Waking Ambrose or where ever, it will increase the chance that we will end up with something that tickles everyone’s fancy now and again.
I like having the park available and I promise to clean up after my pet.

Comment by Ariella and Logo

Huh? did something happen in the park? I’m so confused…
we squares always seem the last to know.

Comment by Square-ish Girl

As long as the water fountain works and there are no leash laws, I’m happy.

Comment by Doug

Yeah, did something happen? the threads I have participated in (and not in all because I am simply not home or the time difference interferes) have all been fine and fun and I have felt free to throw in my nonsequiturs.

I can see where problems can arise when some, lacking in common sense (as has happened before at my place) do not know how to treat a particular vernacular and take things beyond one’s comfort zone or the boundaries of common decency… for example, with me, at my place, seeing that I am quite liberal with my language, my ways and thoughts, took their comments too far to a point where they were loaded with too much, and disrespectful at that, sexual innuendo that was uncalled for. Playful, flirtatious nad yes even respectful sexual innuendo is fine but there is always that thin line. I have run into a few problems with that (not recently so everyone rest easy!) at my place and have not encountered that here but if any stricter guidelines are set I am fine with following them!

Having said that, my damn laptop crashed and I am stuck on the PC, the keyboard here kills me these days, and so forgive me for not popping in as often for I miss you, oh wise friends o’ mine!

Besos to all!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

*looks around, baffled look on her face* Did something happen?

I’m happy as long as I can run amok. It’s what blue pills do the best.

That being said…I must poof away to work. I’ll pop in later to see what the heck is going on.


Comment by Little Blue Pill

I enjoy the conversation…chime in when I have something to say but feel no obligation to participate if I don’t…my choice. There have been a couple of threads that I didn’t feel compelled to participate in but I still enjoyed following the banter. I think as people get more comfortable with the format they’ll be more likely to start multiple threads so if one topic doesn’t grab their attention they’ll start one that does.

Easy, breezy, no obligation…just fun conversation. For me personally…don’t want to have to think too hard about all of this…that will make it too much like work which is usually what I’m avoiding when I visit the Park.

Comment by joel

Hi everyone, thanks for the comments you’ve given so far. I think I might have given the impression that I was offended or upset with people but I’m not. However, I’m glad people have aired a few of their thoughts.

Before I talk about my discomfort, I want to say that I’ve read through all the thread here and seen a lot of really interesting sharing of thoughts, feelings, and memories. Its obvious that people are getting to know each other and enjoying each other for the most part. That’s wonderful.

I want to clarify in a bit more detail on what ‘uncomfortable’ means to me.

There are two parts. One which concerns the format of the site which I’ll speak to first. We need a mechanism to keep more topics or threads going so that each thread doesn’t become one long overwhelming pile of babble. I was thinking of creating a ‘page’ for thread ideas/ requests that people could go into any time and make a comment, thereby making a request and the hot puppies could start a new thread. I did make a blog mail box but digging through the last night I found a thread request from 3 days ago that got lost in the comments. The hot puppies haven’t been diligent about looking the mail box and I’ll take that on. The mail box is good if someone want to say something to us privately but a page might be a more open and accessible place to suggest threads.

One logistical problem is that we’re using the blog as a kind of chat room but no one really has the freedom to start chats except Neva and Laura. We’ll have to figure that out.

Also on the topic of discomfort. I realize that I’m not an extremely social animal and in fact, cannot sustain socializing for any length of time. That being said, I like to be with people. I don’t have a problem with coming to the park, commenting periodically, and taking care of the blog housekeeping or mechanics while my, more social buddy, is more involved in commenting. Don’t take this one as a problem with the ‘friends in the park’ that come here. There is no implied censure there.

Neva and I also discussed the need, or not, for moderating. We decided that she will not longer attempt to ‘hostess’ and acknowledge all the comments. That is then ‘work’ for her and not really in the free flowing spirit of the park.

Now, if you’ve waded through all that stuff and are still with me, I’ll just try to diplomatically state a couple of areas I’m not comfortable with in terms of ‘interaction’.

Perhaps the most potentially hurtful area that makes me uncomfortable is one that I hesitate to mention but , to be honest, have to bring it up. Its been mentioned by more than one person privately.

Sometimes I feel like I’m intruding on private couple conversations or even activities, even though that may seem a strange thing to say in cyber space. If I was in a real park a came across a couple having a one on one conversation I’d veer away to give them privacy and if I knew someone near me was making out, I’d be hightailing it out of there.

I still say I don’t want to censor people but I think a few times conversations have gone to a place where several of the people around are perhaps squirming. Like it has been mentioned in other comments, we’re growing and finding our boundaries here. I would like people to try to be conscious that you are in a public place and really intimate or really disgusting discussions should go off line. There are also some ‘gender’ lines that we have to be conscious of. I mean there is practically nothing I won’t talk about in a one on one discussion with a friend but if I know there are other people listening, especially of the other gender, I won’t go there if the topic is ‘sensitive’. This is mostly out of respect for their sensitivities and the fact that they have no choice about hearing the conversation and may not want to. Men may not like the down and dirty feminine discussions that women can get into and women may not like the down and dirty male discussion that men get into. We need to respect that. Enough said.

I will be out for most of the day but will check later tonight on the discussion. Please make any suggestions you’d like about format or anything else. And please forgive me if I’ve given the impression that I don’t like the people in the park. I do like all of you and don’t have any desire to throw in the towel. I think Central Snark is a great idea for social interaction. We have to expect some growing pains as we figure out a format and guidelines that allow everyone to have fun, yet not feel repressed.

Comment by Laura

hmmmmmmmmm, i lovelovelove all the different conversations going on at the same time, it’s funfunfun… kinda like multi-tasking the brain… {grin}


Comment by Canine Karen

“a format and guidelines”

personally i’m not a “a format and guidelines” type of person… too stiff and formal for me. i love *free flow* open banter.

Comment by Canine Karen

so what you are saying is…
We need a good oldfashioned 90s style
And dang it, if you want to make out, get a room!
Is that it?

Comment by Logo and Ariella

Well put Logo/Ariella – not so unreasonable a request.

Comment by lady of the lampshade

Sounds fair, Laura, and your rules makes sense. Wag but keep all four paws on the ground? Where are we on social sniffing?

Comment by Doug

Hi y’all, This is Brian and Diane. We were asked to cool it because some snarkers were getting uncomfortable with us romping which is how this thread came about. No problem. But reading this thread so far, it is clear that nothing is clear and that everyone here has a different comfort level. So lets say that rather than a park, we are all at a restaurant having dinner. And we are not in a private dining room, but at a large table in the middle of everything. Obviously we in particular would not be pawing each other, but we would still say that we love each other and kiss. We are married and if that is too much and not acceptable then there is no reason for either of us to continue in the park. What topics then should be threads, I know that all of you enjoy Doug’s site and the banter there, but neither of us have ever felt all that comfortable there so to have threads that only follow WA doesn’t do anything for us. What is the point of having a thread that excludes someone, yet how can you have something that appeals to everyone without being dull as dishwater? If,we decide to return, we want to feel welcome, and if anyone is put off by us, to tell us here in the park. If y’all want honesty then tell us straight up.Please.

Comment by I'm Feline Frisky

This is Brian,BTW- Doug you posted while we were typing. I admire your site and the way you moderate daily. The reason I always leave poems is that growing up in my family, intellectual sarcasm was used as a means of control and punishment. I can’t spend much time at your blog w/o getting bad vibes and flashbacks. I use your blog as therapy and it doesn’t work very often. Please don’t think that I am upset with you.

Comment by I'm Feline Frisky

The threads here do not just follow Waking Ambrose. It would be erroneous to deduce that it is either that or a matter of being “dull as dishwater”.

There are plenty of topics to speak of and conversations to be had that do not need to focus on one’s private romance.

And I love Waking Ambrose, I love Doug and to know Doug and his crowd is to know a safe place where a playful way with words and perhaps simply a play on words is encouraged and the name of the game… not intellectual sarcasm for that implies that Waking Ambrose is restrictive as well as an inhospitable environment and it just isn’t. Plus if Doug’s blog “doesn’t work” as “therapy” it is because it isn’t a place for therapy nor is Doug anyone’s therapist.

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

hi guys!

thank you all for your wonderful and thoughtful feedback! means more to me than you can ever imagine. i'm sure Laura feels the same way.

the idea for this park came about as an entirely spontaneous impulse on my behalf. in part, i thought it would be nice to provide a "fix" for days when those whose favorite bloggers use Blogger couldn't "get" to them. because Blogger often sucks. and some folks, (okay me), have been enjoying the community they (me) have had a chance to interact with on a semi-regular basis, and when they (me) can't do that, all is *not* right in the universe! i'm afraid i dragged Laura into park ownership before she knew what she was getting herself into. i'm like that sometimes, just ask my husband.

that said, i think we both saw a fun opportunity to provide a safe and entertaining vehicle for like-minded chatters/fellow bloggers to hang out, and i think we've done just that! i *do* have a bawdier take on life than some of you, i am probably a bit more tame than others. again, i like that. but ya know, i'm a little older than many of you, and since we have older kids, some things aren't as "shocking" for us as they may be for others. i clean up nicely, but, on occasion, i can swear like a fucking sailor, and i make no apologies. what the hell, i've earned the right to express myself. and i'm very okay with thoughts of allowing everyone else to do so, as well!

my point, for i have one, is that i'd like to put up posts, some thought provoking, some less so, let you guys have at it, create more threads as needed, and allow this "park" to grow and morph into the thing it wants to be. there is not one single person here who's been overtly inappropriate. not one. trust me, when and if i don't like a direction, i'll either speak up or put up something new.

oh, and what about those of us who have partners? or "interests"? nothing wrong with flirting. i'm not going to apologize for being in love with my husband, nor do i think you guys want me to. but we will try to be sensitive to everyone else, and keep our "mushy" stuff to ourselves. i can live with that. i don't like it when things are thrust in my face, and i would feel terrible if i ever did that to someone here. will we always remember to behave ourselves? hopefully, but, hey, i'm an ADD girl, so impulse is a way of life for me. if we get too cutsie, tell us to knock it off (or get a room!)

okay… rules? formats? emails? let's start with emails. this is another place i've done a terrible disservice to Laura. she set up the email account…but do you think i've checked the mail even once? if you said "no" give yourself a gold star! i'm sooooo sorry about that… because i think emailing us with thoughts for threads is an excellent plan. i will make sure to be diligent in this regard in the future (i promise, Laura!)

format? what format? i'll put up a post. you'll comment. or not. the end.

rules? i'm not too interested in having a lot of rules. basically, i don't like out and out rudeness. i don't like crass behavior. so those are my rules. don't be rude. don't be too crass. play nice, pick up after yourselves, and you'll always be welcome!

i'm sure i'll have more to say but that's it for now. wait. i *do* have one more thing… that dumb video? the toilet training video? everyone realizes that's part of an actual parenting series in Japan, right? i found it posted on Dave Barry's Blog (i am a fan and a friend), which is why i felt comfortable putting it up here. besides, in my warped mind, it was hilarious.

okay, that's it! thank you for helping us sort through all this… if you weren't all so wonderfully unique, lovely, and interesting, none of this would be worth pursing. but you are… and so it is.

~ Neva

Comment by snuppytoes

Hmmm… I never for once have ever been made to feel uncomfortable between the exchanges you share with Joel… they are lovingly witty as are you, dear Neva!

Thought I’d go on the record with that!

Bawdy… ooooh! Me like but then again you knew that or I wouldn’t be raving about your veryveryvery smart sister’s book for nothin’!

Fo’ sho’!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Miz B: this is why i love YOU so much!!!! xoxo

Comment by snuppytoes

just some thoughts…

first two blogs i ever frequented were political blogs. they had threads/posts with topics of discussion. most of the time, bloggers swayed off topic into their own banter, everything from political to personal, i.e. birthday celebrations, prayer requests, etc. there always was several different subjects being discussed at the same time. if you didn’t relate to certain ones, you would simply scroll down.

it was suggested to have *forums* with set topics that people would adhere to. they tried it, but no one went there, everyone seemed comfortable to stay on the ‘homepage’ site and that’s how it’s been for over three years. it works for them.

it still seems a little *weird* for me, even now on my own blog, having topics with people sticking to them because i’m used to the other format. i’m sure that’s why i feel very comfortable here at the park with its open friendly atmosphere …

as i said, just some thoughts…

Comment by Canine Karen

Brian, peace, friend. Nothing works for everyone and I didn’t take your comment badly. I don’t think Laura meant to recreate my site here. My interperetation was that just as there is a word of the day at my site to start the conversation, which can go anywhere there might be a topic or two here. And you can leave poetry on my site anytime you like. You are a talened poet.

Yummy Mummy, right back atcha.

Comment by Doug

oh please…no message boards!! My writing group moved to a message board forum and it drove me nuts. So much I’m not renewing. It’s too hard to keep track of topics and such. I have the attention span of a kid on sugar so…message boards require too much focus for me. Sigh.

I haven’t had a problem with the topics of conversation here, not even the potty training video which I could only watch a few minutes off because I wanted to puncture my ear drums. Didn’t even mind the mushy stuff. Oh sure I feel very, very single but whatevs.

Hm…just realized I’m not saying much in this. I guess…I like the park. The park is fun. The park is friendly. The park has the best menagerie of animals and, uh, amoeba (are they classified as animals? *shrugs*) that a pill can know.


Comment by Little Blue Pill

Long live the park and I think we are all reasonable (okay work with me here) and can continue with some behavior modification therapy offered (hey that would be perfect for Tan Lucy Pez)!

Can’t we all just get along? (no not the PrincessBride).

Gotta go – working on things house. Hate when that happens. tali’s breathing down my neck to get back to Tamatown.

I’ll be bringing bagels in the am.

Comment by lady of the lampshade

Thanks for all your comments. We have a lot to work with here and I’m happy to see people being forthcoming with their thoughts.

Neva said something that I will copy here because I agree with 100%:

my point, for i have one, is that i’d like to put up posts, some thought provoking, some less so, let you guys have at it, create more threads as needed, and allow this “park” to grow and morph into the thing it wants to be. there is not one single person here who’s been overtly inappropriate. not one.

Also, this blog was created by us in a moment of silliness and I wouldn’t want anyone to think that we have to stick to comments or topics from Waking Ambrose. We love hanging out there as much as the rest of you do and we are afiliated by friendship but certainly not intent. Doug is one of the ‘friends in the park’ like any of us, and bears no responsibility for content other than what he contributes in discussions. Speaking of his contributions, I laughed out loud at his synopsis “wag, but keep all four paws on the ground”. Social sniffing? If you’re a dog, you have to do what dogs do!

A big part of my discomfort, as I mentioned, is in format and logistics. To that end, Neva and I agreed to try one thing right away, that is the ‘topic page’. I’ll put up something to night so you can get the idea of what I’m talking about.

Based on everyone’s comments here, we thought we’d also post a couple of simple rules on the side, so that new people here can get the gist of what we’ve discussed here without having to see this thread.

I’m sincerely wishing you all peace and no angst. We are all friends and this discussion has been constructive and helpful. Its part of growing. Discomfort and turmoil almost always accompany growth. Remember what my wise 5 year old told me when I started rollerblading “its normal to feel uncomfortable when you’re learning something new”

Comment by Laura

oh, and keep sending your photos in for the header. If you want to have creative control over the look, crop it to 730×140 pixels, otherwise I will gladly do it. (Laura in the puppy suit).

I’ll go make that ‘page’ now. πŸ™‚

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Out of the mouths of babes, Kyah.

Comment by lady of the lampshade

…but you’re still bringing bagels in the morning, right Lady?

Comment by joel

amen… to the wisdom of babes. (if LL brings bagels, i'll bring cream cheese.) πŸ™‚

Comment by snuppytoes

joel – that leaves you with the lattes – make mine a triple skim – Night…

Comment by lady of the lampshade

Ooooh! I also bake me some mean muffins and popovers! Bringing them over with some fresh OJ and my famous Danish Apple Coconut Coffee Cake to boot!

And hey, the best thing about cyberspace gatherings? NO CALORIES!

OOOOOOOOWWWWEEEEEEEE!!!!! ‘Tis a cake free-for-all! Let me at it!


Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

I want regular latte vente please with milk

Comment by kyahgirl

I’m not the brightest monkey around, so I’m not entirely sure what’s going on, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading and getting to know everyone here, and WA. I’m still confused about who is who, as I’m getting used to the new animal names, which btw, how did I end up being a “Sweet Baboo”? I like it, a lot, but I don’t even know how I got it or what it means. Is Baboo a monkey? And whose creative thought was this? Whoever is responsible could you email me and explain, or comment back? And speaking of us monkeys, well, I’m the only one, so long as there are some trees around, bananas, and some space to throw my poo, I’m happy as a chimpanzee.

My expectation for this site was it to be a place to just goof-off, and if a serious post came up then cool. I can do both, but prefer goofin off given that we’re all personified as animals, and me a monkey. I actually liked the “Time” thread, and wanted to contribute a serious thought, but it seemed like it would have been a feeble attempt, as everyone was goofing off. And that’s cool. It’s kind of difficult to take anything really serious in here thus far, at least for me, but I expected that- as WA was the serious stuff, well, kinda. Anyway, guidelines would be good, at least for me. 90% of the time I’m not aware if I do something wrong, I can be insensitive unknowingly, I think it’s part of my primal roots. Guidelines, but not rules, rules are just going to be broken and frustrate folks.

I’m new here, and know a couple of you pretty well, but the rest might as well be Adam and Eve to me. For the most part, I just trust that my friends keep good company, and so any friends of my friends are friends of mine. My vice is flirting. If I flirt too much, just shoot me an email, I won’t be offended as I have pretty tough skin. I’m not here, exclusively, to flirt, “ne c’est pas u bordello” (lol) but I enjoy the feminine mind, and you gals are great. I’m here to talk about whatever, blogging and intereaction with blogger friends excercises my mind, especially with you more “intellectual” types (guys and gals) that’s why I am here. Even when everyone is goofing off it excercises my mind.

Anyways, that’s all I have for now. Thanks for letting a humble primate hang out. I’m going swinging now.

Comment by Sweet Baboo

oh, yeah how bout timestamps on comments?

Comment by Sweet Baboo

Sweet Baboo: first, i’m the one who gave you the name (neva)… i guess it just struck me as fitting, in fact, i gave it to you on the day you first showed up in that “puffed up” primate mode of yours (which i thought was hilarious)! i’m glad you like it, i meant it as an endearment, and because i think you *do* have some highly redeemable qualities (your affection for Ann Coulter, notwithstanding! hee hee)!

as far as i’m concerned, you’ve nothing to apologize for around here… i think Laura is just interested in making sure everyone is on the same page, so to speak, so no one *does* have the chance to feel uncomfortable! flirting? last time i looked, there were some mighty cute (not to mention nice) young ladies hanging around here, so i say flirt away! those of us who have had the pleasure to “know” you (even if you don’t know all of us) know you are not one to push too hard. and i think i’m safe in saying most realize your intentions are good. we also understand that if you *do* step out of line, you’re fine with a good smack in the back of your head! that’s a great quality, and one most appreciated by me… and everyone else, i’m sure!

i’m glad you liked the Time post… especially since i wrote it!… one of the things we’re trying to do is be more sensitive to the various levels of topics folks want to explore on any given day. one of the ways we’re going to help is to pay attention to topics as they crop up in a thread, in order to spin them into new threads. Laura also made a “suggestion page” for everyone to use…when a thought strikes ya, write up what you’re in the mood to discuss, and we will! (as long as it’s “appropriate”, again, i’m sure that’s never going to be a problem with you!) personally, i’d love to see silly things (like that stupid video i put up on friday) and serious topics…as well as everything in-between! this is meant to be a community, and, last time i looked, that’s how a community works!

as for “time stamps”? EXCELLENT SUGGESTION!! i like those, too. it’s a good way to see who’s around and when (in case you’re hoping to “bump” into someone…) i’m not sure how to put one in there (i’m not real familiar with WordPress just yet) but i’m guessing Laura will.

THANK YOU so much for your input, and for hanging around! you bring a lot to the party… and i’m sure i speak for everyone when i say you are ALWAYS WELCOME here! πŸ˜€

Comment by snuppytoes

As long as you don’t throw “poo” at my lampshade. Am I the only non-animal here? It’s hard to maintain dignity in such a setting – well that will work out just fine. Not offended Baboo, and now you’ve earned yourself bonus points with your appreciation of the feminine mind. I, myself, am fairly new to blogging, having just started mine in May, but seem to have fallen in with the write crowd:) So I (after having been thrown out of better places) followed the pack from WA here. A finer bunch of people I don’t think I’ll meet anywhere. Nice to make your acquaintance (extends gloved hand).

Comment by lady of the lampshade

Ooh, no offense to all you lovely animals – you’re all quite dignified if that’s what you want to be:)

Comment by lady of the lampshade

snuppytoes- you’re cool. and thank you for the term of endearment. i like it, and i agree that it’s fitting.

lady of the lampshade- my handshake is weak as I have limited use of my thumb, we primates still haven’t figured that out yet, but you can share a branch with me anytime, and I might let you have a banana too. don’t worry about the poo my aim is pretty terrible.

good to make your acquaintance too. πŸ™‚

Comment by Sweet Baboo

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