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Brunch by Snuppy
Sunday, 25 June 2006, 9:58am
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SUNDAYS are meant to be restful and relaxing. At least that’s what our tired brains would like to believe. We don’t know about you, but as far as we’re concerned, unless our mouths are happy, relaxing is next to impossible. Therefore, the gazebo is well stocked this Sunday morning with a delectable array of tasty treats, the coffee cart is loaded up, and the lawn chairs are set out under those large colorful umbrellas. Enjoy!

BY THE WAY: The thread below is still open for consideration and/or comments. Thus far, there’s been some wonderful/useful/thoughtful feedback, and, for that, we thank you! Heh? What’s that? You say you’ve yet to weigh in? What are you waiting for, an engraved invitation?

~Neva (aka Sophie/Snuppytoes/Puppytoes/Blow yer Nose/whatever…)


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Hi, got any meaty bones on your snack table?
wait a minute, I’m tall enough, I’ll just go for a cruise with my nose!


Comment by Casper

‘k, throw in rice krispies, w/ banana, oh and skim milk,of course … a bowl of strawberries, and blueberries, raisin cinnamon toast w/ sugar-free blackberry jam (two slices) and gevalia coffee and yer on for breakfast!


Comment by Canine Karen

Baxter would like to order a plain cheese burger, no bun, for his birthday bruch please. And could we have one for Bailey also? Peg, our benevolant human, would like the veggie burger.


Comment by schnoodlepooh

YAY!! Baxter’s here!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BAXTER!! we’ve got all kinds of beefy goodies for Baxter AND Bailey… and, for now, Peg can have veggie sausages along with Neva & Miz B…. burgers aren’t til later!! (what time is the party again??) 🙂

Comment by snuppytoes

Hope the weather is better in the park than it is here! Rain, clouds, more rain, clouds, muggy, rain, clouds, pouty pups…you get the picture. We did get out to Starbucks for our coveted TGSNWM so all is not lost.

Comment by joel

Ooooh! Veggie sausages? Bring it on fo’ sho’! I come equipped with tons of dessert (muffins, popovers as well as my fave Danish Apple Coconut Coffe cake… seeing that we skipped breakfast and are on to lunch I figured they would do!) as well as my trademark hippy salad… yes, you meat eaters can dig in too! 😉

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

yep, the TGSNWM’s were tasty, to be sure. as were the blueberry scones. xox

still, it sure is quiet around here…where the heck *is* everyone? WHAT’S THE PROBLEM, PEOPLE??? hangovers? lollygagging (what the hell *is* lollygagging, anyway?) soccer and/or baseball games??? DIETS???


Comment by snuppytoes

ooooh Catty Yummy Mummy!! YUM!! and, may i just say that veggie salad looks delish?? (we must have been writing at the same time!) 😀

Comment by snuppytoes

oh, and should we plan on yoga before or after we feast on this bounty you brought? because, lord knows, if i stuff my face with all those desserts, i’m gonna need to do something to burn a few calories! xoxo

Comment by snuppytoes

CK- save some bananas for me.

Comment by Sweet Baboo

Oooooh! Before!!!! We need to do it on an empty stomach so come on all! Get ready for some good ass whooping! YEAH BABY YEAH!

Oooweeee! ‘Tis the Sweet Baboo! Come on and yoga it up! It’ll be good for you after all that training althoug it is an ass kicking all it’s own!

And let’s begin…

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

No hang overs here, Snuppytoes…am on a diet though…but not one to lose weight, but one to speed up my metabolism and keep my hypoglycemia in check. So I eat 6 times a day – and more protein.

I am in love with these vanilla protein shakes.

Just got back from choir practice after church…and in about two hours, I am off to my usual Sunday of karaoke at my favorite local bar with my girl Bree. YAY!

Comment by Ride'Em Cowgirl

RG: good girl! most of us would LOVE to be on your diet! (tho' i, too suffer from hypoglycemia when i'm not careful) as for your evening activities? how fun is that? (lots, i'm guessing!) our youngest son hangs out at a karaoke bar once in awhile… not that he can sing, mind you, but he always enjoys the show! have fun!

hmmmm…. *karaoke*…. do we need that here? hmmmmm….

Sweet Baboo: plenty of bananas here, cutie… since we put in the smoothie bar, we never run out! besides, CK is pretty small, i'm pretty sure she can't eat that much in one sitting! (can ya?) 😀

CYM: i'm READY!! bring it on!

*NOTE: this isn't me "moderating", by the way, i'm just happy to say howdy to you all! also, Kyahgirl is not AWOL! unfortunately, she's been up a creek without an internet connection… she just got herself a fancy-schmancy new laptop, and is racing around the park looking to steal broadband from some random WiFi provider!

carry on! 😀

Comment by snuppytoes

I always have fun!!!

Karaoke is a favorite past time…someday soon I might let all of you hear me sing on my blog…or someone else’s. 😉

Actually, Bree should be here any minute to pick me up…as it is her turn to drive. Sitting here drinking a beer, doing some paperwork, awaiting her arrival.

Comment by Ride'Em Cowgirl

BYE! *waves as she flies out the door*

Comment by Ride'Em Cowgirl

Just read that Warren Buffet plans to give away most of his 40 billion dollar fortune…wondering where the line forms or how I can get an application? Actually, believe almost all of it is going to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which is great, but….

Comment by joel

*sigh* The wonders that a simple million could do! Don’t get me wrong! If they were willing to donate more then hell yeah, but one million? *sigh*

Now I am depressed! Pass me some cake… any ice cream to go with that?

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

In one of our previous professional stops we worked for a man who is one of the wealthiest men, certainly in America, maybe the world…I use to always think…he could just write me a check for a million or two…change our lives and never feel a pinch. He never did. I don’t know why. I know he liked us a lot…I’m pretty sure he shoulda done it.

Comment by joel

by the way…sorry I keep posting in my “real” name. hahahaha…like I’d reveal my true identity.

Comment by BoBo (aka Joel)

Yeah… I kinda felt the same way back when I used to hang out at Steven Seagal’s house (my monk friend lived there) and with his son. When a teen, we had lunch with Marlon Jackson… he also skipped on the check thing… hmmmm? I wonder what is wrong with all these people?!?!?! Oh well, back to the drawing board for some moneymaking schemes!

*still sighing away*

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

CYM – convinced the key is to aim high! Compel the universe to respond in ways that exceed “need” and instead address “abundance!”

Comment by BoBo (aka Joel)

Bobo: ya know, ed always liked my legs… i kept hoping *that* would be good for something! tee hee! xo

CYM: moneymaking schemes? lemme know what you come up with, and i’ll do the same. perhaps a collaborative effort? (i am *so* on board with that concept!) xox

Comment by snuppytoes

Morning all! (insert a lazy wave here)
Nice ta see ya on a sunny Sunday morning.
I’ll take an 8 ounce double shot latte with just a little bit of creamy caramel sauce, thanks.

I am about to take my not-quite-poor-but-certainly-not-loaded self out and mow my lawn. When I can afford a pool boy he is going to double as a yard boy.

Comment by Logo™ and Ariella

Snuppytoes… for sure! There are ideas aplenty, our problem is finding the time for them since breathing is hard enough with these two little ones! It’ll make interest fodder for a future phone convo for sure! I am definitely onboard!

Well, I must leave the party early. It is late here you see and my son is in quite the shrieky mood… sleep will be scarce tonight! Oh well! Thank god for school tomorrow!!!

Buenas noches and party on!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Did someone mention “restful”? “Relaxed”?

Deadline looming…production output – 2 paragraphs. # of email nags: 3..okay it was only ONE but it was as effective as 3. Sigh. There were many f-bombs in my reply. I’m currently contemplating just filling up two pages of f-bombs and sending them to My Men (doesn’t that sound nicer than effin’ Task Masters?). I have, however, already rewarded myself for NOT writing by buying a new little skirt for California. Scorchin’.

Someone mentioned treats? Cake? Ice cream? Oooh…ice cream. Yum. Chocolate please. ‘specially if it’s triple fudge chocolate brownie overload (swoons a little, gets weak in the knees). Holy moly…I’m drooling!! Maybe it’s time for a Hageen-Daas run, for those nice chunks of frozen brownie mixed with sinful chocolate chunks and velvety goodness ice cream. No! Focus!! I’m sitting here imagining that little red carton filled with ooey gooey goodness – I think I just growled. How come I can wax poetically about ice cream and yet I can’t write?

jenna trying to buckle down…really…I am. sigh. Just not well.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

I’m with Jenna re: deadlines. Due Wednesday … and I’m way behind.

My Dad always said, BoBo, that you never got a tip from a rich one. That’s how they got rich. By making sure they got and kept anything within their possession. Tiger Woods makes 90 mil a year just off sneakers. And word is he doesn’t tip. Cheapest bturd on the planet. I don’t think that’s particularly surprising. People like John D. Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie also gave away their fortunes. But only after they finally became convinced that they couldn’t take them where they were going. Or maybe because they couldn’t stand the thought of having it all go to the lawyers thanks to the kiddos squabbling over the leavings.

I seem to recall that there was a time, pre-Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, that Mr. Bill was renowned for his tight-fistedness. Guess he became convinced that a fortune greater than the annual gross domestic product of Tanzania (after the donation to the BMGF) represented sufficient financial security for his person.

Bierce had Carnegie in mind when he penned this definition:

PHILANTHROPY, n. Restitution.

Perhaps my father was thinking of him too when he told me (and told me and told me) this:

The man who’s short a million dollars dines in the best restaurants.
The man who’s short a nickel goes to jail.

Comment by The Amoeba

You want to know what kind of a dope I am? Too late. I worked as a caddy on golf courses from age 10 to age 27, when the approaching consummation of the Ph.D. plus some disquieting back twinges put an end to it. I always wound up working for people who were no-nonsense about their games. They played well, or if they didn’t they at least understood the game and played it for its own sake, not as an excuse for something else (like drinking). I appreciated and respected their attitude, and preferred to be employed by them. Of course they were lousy tippers. The other caddies did all they could to work for the drunken louts. They didn’t care, and so long as the caddy didn’t actually break something or injure somebody (it was a favorite pastime for the kids to swing their carry’s clubs when they thought no one was looking), they came away 50% richer than I did.

Neither virtue nor vice goes unpunished in this world. But virtue adds the special twist of being self-inflicted.

Comment by The Amoeba

Hi. We had breakfast for dinner.Eggs, english muffins and veggie sausage. The food of not-rich folk.

Comment by Gone to the Dogs Ate My Bunny

Breakfast for dinner is a good thing!

Comment by BoBo (aka Joel)

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