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Not to Change the Subject… by Snuppy
Monday, 26 June 2006, 2:54pm
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BUT, in hopes of doing that which was so happily debated over the weekend, we thought it might be nice to let everyone know what else is going on in the Land ‘O Blogs… (or, Bloogs, as one of us just mistyped). So, here, for your enjoyment and/or perusal…

ANN COULTER VS HITLER: A little quiz. (sorry, Sweet Baboo, we couldn’t resist)

YOGABEANS: Yoga + Action Figures = Fun for the Whole Family! (Miz B, you will Loooooove this) When you get there, scroll down a bit to get to the pictures.

WHERE THE HELL IS MATT?: We saw this link on Whinger’s site, we LOVED it, and so we stole it like the scheming thieves we are!

In other blognews:

Sar’s talking about Al Gore, Bobo’s asking a 10 million dollar question, and Tan Lucy Pez is telling stupid jokes.

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, kids! Get out! Enjoy! Just don’t forget to come back and share! ‘Cuz the one thing we like MORE than giving… is receiving!

*OH, and if you haven’t bothered to participate in the thread below… get your sorry ass down there and do so rightthisminute! Afterall, the more we know about you… the more about you we’ll be able to Love! (in our heads this made sense)

~ snuppytoes


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Thanks for changing the subject so I could be FIRST!!!!!

Comment by Casper

YAY!! casper has internet again!! 🙂

Comment by One Hot Puppy

i hate it when i forget i’m logged in! so… internet’s back, eh? yippee!

Comment by snuppytoes

Unfortunately not at home yet. 😦

Comment by Casper

That Where the Hell is Matt video is awesome!!

And it seems to be the only thing working on my computer. Sigh.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

boo. is help on the way?

Comment by snuppytoes

LBP: i know! isn’t it cool? i just smiled the whole time… hard not to thinking about him dancing in all those places…

the other links don’t work? or your computer? aren’t you supposed to by synopsising (made that up, i think) or something???? (just wondered…)

Comment by snuppytoes

you *do* have to scroll a ways to get to the gist of the Yogabeans (i don’t know why it’s like that…usually it’s not)… be sure to read each “caption” as she takes you through each pose… it’s too too funny!

Comment by snuppytoes

No I mean my programs at work aren’t working. Spinning ball of frickin’ doom.

I waved the white flag on my synopsis. It was due last night. I was STRESSED!! I couldn’t write it. Never had the middle so I emailed my men and said “I give up. This is what is done. I know where I’m starting and where I’m ending up. I don’t plot. Now back off! (growled) and Let’s get to writing!” Then I attached my crap-ass spreadsheet of garbage that had this written for the middle: “S*** happens along with wild monkey sex…deal”

I’ve now committed myself to 1,000 words a day *swoons* in order to be done by the 11th when I run away to California.

I’ve sent the link to my TB Task Master because (a) sucking up and (b) he’s a world traveller and I think he should boogey it. Or maybe juggle. Yeah! TB should juggle around the world. That would be cool.

I confess I’ve watched the clip a few times now. I start to giggle when the seals bark and he flees.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

we’re still trying to sell a house, celebrating Baxter’s birthday, trying to stay cool, and not getting too p*ssed off about some situation(s) in the workplace. That’s what’s going on in the land of the schnoodlepooh.

Comment by schnoodlepooh

In an ADD moment, I couldn’t focus in on the captions on the Yoga thing tonight – manana. But Matt – well I smiled and felt strangely lighter the whole time. Please keep that link here and thanks Whinger for finding him.

Comment by lady of the lampshade

I have a hard time joking about Hitler (I know, it’s just me) – and I don’t care for Ann Coulter so I’ll probably skip this one.

Comment by lady of the lampshade

Although on the Hitler thing, a very funny friend of mine said that she was coaxed as we often are to have a focal point during labor, particularly the pushing stages. Instead of a picture of her dog or a meadow or some lovely mantra, as she clutched her fists, she shouted “Hitler!” because that would make her realllly angry and hence get the job of birthing that baby done. Okay she’s also a little odd, but very funny and my friend.

Comment by lady of the lampshade

Ok I just took the Hitler v Ann quiz… I am frightened by my score. I either watch FAR too much history channel OR I’ve actually LISTENED to Ann speak. EEK.

Comment by cj / romance enhancer

cj: i was surprised to get all but 4 right. but honestly, i guessed on just about every one. that’s how scary Ann Coulter is, in my book. that someone who alleges to be so educated and aware can spew about “liberals” in a fashion that mirrors hitler? well it’s just wrong.

LL: i hadn’t thought about the hitler sensitivity thing… sorry about that. tho’, i suspect the only thing you’d find offensive is how much this woman sounds like him (at least in print). read the quiz, don’t take it… then next time your friend has a baby, tell her to focus, push, and scream “Coulter”! i’ll bet she gets the kid out twice as fast!! (lunch today?? YAY!!!) xox

Comment by snuppytoes

my love for Ann is blind…

Comment by Sweet Baboo

Snuppy – no apologies necessary. I mean the Soup Nazi – references are everywhere. It’s my thang. Okay, after some more cafe, I’ll take a look. Lunch – I feel like it’s a class trip day!

9:53 – does she need directions?
9:54 – is she lost on the highway somewhere southbound?

Can’t wait!

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

you’re young, Sweet Baboo… give it time, you’ll come to your senses!

Comment by snuppy

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