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Casper’s Post: Speak to me! *woof* by Snuppy
Tuesday, 27 June 2006, 4:50pm
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I have noticed that quite a few people on this blog speak different languages. Please tell us what languages you speak, have spoken, or are learning to speak.

Me? I speak ‘dog’ and I speak ‘kid’.


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I speak feline, fluently. GDB is still learning. We have 3 and amazingly, none of them understand the others. I would think they would have a universal dilect, but NO! Each individual has a clear vocabulary. It’s uniquie (and useless), but I’m entertained by it. (I am a simple pieces)

Comment by I'm Feline Frisky

Well, I will answer some questions from the previous thread here first because I don’t know if people will go back to check there and I do not want to seem rude!

Bobo… yes! Yoga, the right one, in this case Ashtanga Yoga (the one I teach, would be great for that! it is the most physical yoga there is (the one practiced by Madonna and Sting… how I wish I could give you a class!!! I so kick ass!) and just amazing on so many levels! I am dying to call Neva one of these days and I will let her know all about it! One question, if interested would you want to take classes in New York or Connecticut because I could hunt down good places for you!

Oh my! I don’t remember any other questions!

So on to this one!

I speak 5 languages (Spanish, English, French, Danish and Farsi) and because of that can communicate with people who speak those languages as well as those who speak Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Farsiedari (what they speak in Afghanistan although some may call it Ordu)… but that is small time here in Europe… normal. My mother speaks 8 languages and both my children speak 3, as well as my husband.

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Me speaketh English and understand words in many lanugauges as a result of riding on my hubby’s coattails who speaketh: Romanian 1st, but forgotten quite a bit, a bit of Hungarian, of course fluent in English, as well as Spanish, tiny bit of Italian, Hebrew reads and can converse in (gets his point across). That’s all I can think of for now – adios amigos, I’m outta here!

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

Oh! Kyahgirl… a “beso” is a “kiss” in Spanish!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy


Like I speak MountianBike Slang

“Pray Tell Dude, why the foul mouth”
“Forsooth, I just experienced full on mandibular disharmony”


Damn that hurt, I just came down hard and smacked my jaw on my handlebars

Comment by The Village Idiot

I speak English, Norwegian, Russian, French and Esperanto.

Comment by cj

Just English. Five years of French, can still read it sorta. Vive La Tour!

Oh, and France vs. Brazil should be a good game.

Comment by Gone to the Dogs ate my Bunny

I speak Canadian, eh? And don’t think anyone can do it. That dude in French Kiss? So not Canadian. You gotta use the “eh” right or you just come across as ridiculous.

Oh and Nephewese. It’s a very complex language that few have mastered. Beware the dimpled smile as he says ” ‘Gin” for you will be doing the same thing over and over for hours…days…weeks. The kid forgets nothing. NOTHING!!

Comment by Little Blue Pill

cj: you took that quiz (2 threads below) but didn’t look at the video?? that kid is dancin’ in Norway (as well as in many many other countries) i figured you’d LOVE it! (heck, it’s so cool and nicely PG rated… )

languages? hablo Engles, un poco Espanol… i can count to 10 in Japanese, say “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year” in Italian, and “I LOVE YOU” in Swedish!

LAST but NOT LEAST: guess who had the BEST TIME today in Long Island with her new BEST FRIEND?? if you said snuppy after having lunch with the tres sophisticated/gorgeous Lampshade Lady, you’d be CORRECT!! (just thought i’d toss that in!)

Comment by snuppy

*GASP* I am having a heart attack… A HEART ATTACK SNUPPY!!!!


Glad y’all met but I am dying to meet you!

Oh well, as my monk friend and soul brother (because he is convinced I was his sister in a past life) is wont to say… I am afraid we have stingy karma!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

I will check out that video as soon as I get home from work tonight. 🙂 I brought the girls to the pool this afternoon and had a great time. Have a great night everyone!

Comment by cj

CYM: if ever there was another long-lost sister in my life… it’s you!! xoxox that said, LL and i had an AMAZING time! (okay, i had a great time… she’s probably changed her phone number in the time it took me to drive back home!) still… i’m guessing you can relate to *this*, we talked for hours, as tho’ we’ve known each other forever! (sound familiar??) 🙂

CJ: trust me… that video is so happy and fun, you’ll love it! enjoy! do yourself a favor, and read his “about matt” page, too! this kid is a riot! (right, LBP? right, YLL?) 😀

so what’s the dealeo with the indentations here? has it always been this way in the comment section? am i so oblivious i’ve just never noticed before?? weird.

Comment by snuppy

I speak Hick fluently. And my prefered langauge is horse.

Ok, seriously. I learned sign language and English pretty much at the same time, as my twin brother was deaf when I was little (he isn’t now). Still sign; my half brother’s wife is deaf.

Learned some Spanish initially from Sesame Street and from my childhood friend whose family originates from South America.

It is true what they say – use it or lose it. So most of my Spanish is caballo oriented. Or cussing.

Somehow I also have bits and pieces of German, Italian, and French that I hang on to; but I am by no means fluent. I would love to be, but don’t think it will happen.

My favorite language to speak has no words. 😉

Comment by Ride'Em Cowgirl

English, Italian, and I am currently learning Arabic. I have fun in French and Spanish too, but it just comes out Italian most of the time.

Someone once told me I speak caveman, but I still have no idea what she was talking about.

*scratches butt*

Comment by Sweet Baboo

other than english… {pig latin}!


Comment by Canine Karen

so many talents. I only speak English but am working on French.
obviously, speaking mountain bike slang, hick, and caveman come in handing for some people too!!

Comment by One Hot Puppy

OHP: Bien! Quand vous voulez parler le français, le discours à moi ! Je ne parle pas le français et apprécie souvent parler français. (Great! When you want to speak french, find me! I don’t speak french often but very much like to speak french.)

Any language comes in handy at times! I actually first used my french when a woman came through sexual assault services and was from Somolia – but had studied french in school. It was amazing. *LOL* And here I thought taking french would only come in handy when shopping in France for our language trip!

Comment by cj

hi cj, my kids are in French immersion and will start Spanish immersion in grade 4. I’ll try to keep up on at least one language! I’ll let you know you when I think I can hold a conversation! 🙂

Comment by kyahgirl

I need to check in becuase I believe I was abducted by aliens right after I waved goodbye, Snuppytoes. I am glad to say that I am back with little memory of what occurred during the abduction. MizB, please don’t be jeoulous, the only way it could have been any more enjoyable, is if you had been there as well.

Puppytoes, can I say that was fabulous!?! She’s a fun beauty queen folks – we talked, well we would probably still be sitting there if life didn’t get in the way. Don’t you hate when that happens?

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

Ariella is quite fluent in dog,
Logo has at various times had a reasonably fluent knowledge of English, Greek, Italian, and ASL (American Sign Language).
Now she mostly gestures emphatically and stutters.

Comment by logo and Ariella™

I am fluent in no languages but I fake it in English, Spanish and German in ascending order of absurdity. I did once have a two-hour conversation with someone’s Aunt in Portuguese.

Comment by Walela

Oh, and cowgirl, some of my first words of Spanish I learned horseback: “¡Pinche serote, chupa mi colón! ¡Cabrón! ¡Hijo me chingala!” Once you get the cussing right, the rest is just numbers and colors and days of the week. Miercoles does double duty.

Comment by Walela

And to brag a little, since cowgirl brought up Hick, I’m fluent in all major dialects of Hick including Southern Redneck, Southern Ebonic, Midwestern “We’ll leave the light on for ya,” Western Cowpoke and Southwestern Spanglish. I speak them well enough to translate the Bible if I could just learn Aramaic, Greek or Hebrew.

Comment by Walela

Walela, well aren’t you just the little chatterbox? I’ve always heard that the northern breeds and wolves are very vocal!

Ariella and logo, that must have been Ariella telling us about Logo’s gesturing and stuttering huh?

Comment by Casper

Cowgirl-I didn’t know that about your twin… was there something that could be surgicallyfixed so he wasn’t deaf anymore?

Comment by Casper

Ha, Casper! You should hear me sing to the moon.

Comment by Walela

ya know, Walela & Cowgirl, central california has a “dialect” all it’s own (the Tulare Twang — attributed to all those “dust bowl migrants” from OK and TX)… so, if you’re both gonna claim your “hick” dialect expertise, guess i will, too! (or should i not admit to being from there in the first place…?)

Comment by snuppytoes

Its ok snuppy, we love californians here too.

I grew up in a hick town and I live in the ‘Texas of Canada’ so we all have to embrace our inner hick.

Comment by Casper

inner hick? hee hee! love that! and you’re very right, kyahgirl… we must embrace *everything* that makes us the unique people we are! 🙂

Comment by One Hot Puppy

that was *me*, by the way… (it really does get confusing, huh?)

Comment by snuppy

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