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Tuesday, 27 June 2006, 8:29am
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HOWDY Snarkle Parklers… and a very good Tuesday to one and all! This morning, as we were sipping on our Tazo Zen Tea, we heard an interesting story on Headline News. Apparently America’s issues with and/or causes for weight gain have less to do with Krispy Kremes and lack of exercise than they do with our sleep habits. Or who we’re sleeping with, for that matter. That’s right, according to a new study, which we just lifted, in part, from CNN, other possible factors include things like:

1. Inadequate sleep.

2. Nice temperatures. (Air conditioning and heating limit calories burned from sweating and shivering.)

3. Fewer people smoking. (Less appetite suppression.)

4. Older birth moms.

5. Darwinian natural selection. (Fat people outsurvive skinny ones).

6. Assortative mating, or “like mating with like,” Translation: fat people procreating with others of the same body type, gradually skewing the population toward the heavy end.

SO, if we smoke more, sleep less, sweat and shiver a whole lot more, and encourage really skinny teens to procreate, will that help fix the problem?

~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~

Hopefully, it still means a certain co-Snark Park administrator, whose name shall remain KYAHGIRL, can celebrate her 8th Anniversary with her husband Ron tonite by sipping champagne and nibbling on chocolate covered strawberries–without feeling the least bit of guilt!


~ snuppy


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Congrats Kyahgirl et all on eight wonderful years and many more to come.

SN Have a great time with GQ today.

I’ve been a vegetarian for almost 30 years now, and I weigh the same today as I did when I was 18. I’m 42+ now. Of course, I don’t care much for food, so if I want to lose some weight, I don’t eat.

Comment by Gone to the Dogs ate my Bunny

thanks, GDB (i changed the lunch part, in case you wondered!) and lucky you… i know a lot of vegetarians who contiue to struggle with weight issues… but i do think it’s a healthier option! (in my humble opinion) i’m sure more folks wish they could say they ‘don’t care for food’! (myself, included!) 🙂  ~snuppy  

Comment by One Hot Puppy

By the way…congrats to G and Brian for finishing 1st & 3rd in Sar’s caption contest!

Comment by BoBo

I am very skeptical of this article. We primates belive in a high potassium diet, with our source of protein from such carne as termites, earthworms. and stink bugs. Also, a good round of wrestling a day seems to keep the muscles toned. Swing for cardio, and when you’re finished, a nice long nap in the trees is always a pleasure.

Happy Anniversary Caspydoodle! I always like to hear about happy anniversaries… gives a young primate hope and something to look forward to. Monkeys need love too.

Comment by Sweet Baboo

Mazelations to Kyah and Ron (just bringing a little Yiddeshkeit to the Snark). May you celebrate many more!

Well, it’s official Snupp, we’re not having lunch, we’re going to buy a pack of butts and sit outside in the heat and let’s see if I can’t knock off the rest of this weight acquired from having my babies later in life.

Thank you kindly BoBo – it was lots of fun, I highly recommend it.

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

SB – Ah, priamtes that can speak Italian are quite nice. How’s tha ‘stache coming along?

My food habits have changed drasically over the years. I was raised on meat & potatoes (yum), however upon the discovery of failing kidneys went over to a more vegetarian format (it helps that GTD is a veggie). Then, about 2 years ago, the nerves in my stomach stopped digesting properly. A high protein diet was in order – (easier to digest?) however, there’s that kidney problen. sigh…it never seems to end. I have always had a weight issues, my endocrine system is all fouled up, so I don;t function at all like normal. I got wide instead of tall as a kid. That was really tough.

Comment by I'm Feline Frisky

Happy anniversary my fellow Albertan!

I’m gonna ditto Sweet Baboo because, well, little pills need love too!!

Comment by Little Blue Pill

Thanks snuppy, GDB, sweet baboo, g, you are too kind. I’ll be waving goodbye to Ron as he heads off to work tonight so no big celebrations are in store. Nto a problem, an extra cuddle and a ‘thanks for putting up with me’ just about covers it 🙂

I am so envious of g and snuppy going to meet each other today. I hope you have a great time! Remember snuppy, social sniffing is ok but it tends to make people under a lamp a bit nervous if you know what I mean.

Comment by kyahgirl

Thank you Kyah, I think she’ll accept it better coming from one of her own:) There are these nice gloves I wear and all…welll, thank you.

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

have a happy #8 and many many more. enjoy your chocolate and get some good sleep at a comfortable temperature. hahahahah!

Comment by schnoodlepooh

I guess I will repost this here for Kyahgirl.

Happy Anniversary.

Eight years ago captured a dream,
all is possible in love so it seems,
our future before us shone so bright,
lost in our eyes soul’s kind light.
dancing as one feet off the floor,
let’s never stop we’ll always have more,
growing in love through all of our tears,
today we are stronger after eight years.

Comment by Gone to the Dogs ate my Bunny

BLOGGER’s at it again! Can’t post on my page, LBP, can’t post on your’s either! What the deuces!

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary Ron and Kyah Girl! 🙂 Imagine me singing it. Cause I sound just that good. Have a happy 8th Anniversary and many more!

How did you know I was drinking Zen tea? Good Lord that was kind of spooky?!

Interesting weight study… then again next week they will come out with another. *L*

Comment by cj

cj: was that the Flinstones version I wonder?

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

Could have been. 🙂 Its the one my dad always sings when we have an anniversasry. He is of that generation. *LOL* I can do it in Norwegian too but I didn’t want to get that fancy. I didn’t think there were any norsk speakers in the park.

Comment by cj

I saw that YLL. Your “test” came through loud and clear though. It’s always the tests that come through. Sigh. Blogger.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

G – I remember the Flintstones version too…great.
CJ – Norwegian? Impressed. As for the Zen Tea reference…Snup is psychic, no wait, she drinks Zen Tea…yeah that’s it.

Comment by BoBo

Ja Bobo jeg taler Norsk. Min familie er fra Norge. Dets en av den få talenter jeg har. Når jeg var litt pike min bestemamma bestemt seg jeg lærer tale norsk. Så hun slutter tale noe engelsk til meg. Hun akkurat startet tale norsk til Thea slik vi bearbeider at en bit. Men ja jeg taler norsk.

Yes Bobo I speak Norwegian. My family isfrom Norway. Speaking norwegian is about the only talent I have. When I was little my grandma quit speaking English to me, she decided I better learn to speak Norwegian. She just recently quit speaking English to Thea so now we need to work on that a bit. But yes I speak norwegian!!

I love the Zen tea, the China Green tips that Tazo has… tastes like artichoke juice. I like artichokes but… not the china green tips. 🙂

Comment by cj

Wow! Jeg er Danske! Jeg ka forstar alt det du har skrivet CJ! Forstar du mig? Det tror jeg! Det er dejlig!

Happy, happy dear Laura! May you have a beautiful celebration and many beautiful and joyous years to share with much peace, health and happiness chica! Besos!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

CJ, I’m impressed
Gosh you guys, (LBP, shnoodle, LL, CYM, GDB) thanks a bazillion.!

CYM? I’ve been meaning to ask, what’s a ‘beso’?

Comment by kyahgirl

CJ & CYM…impressive (although it wouldn’t be hard to fool BoBo since he has no working knowledge of the language…and yet somehow it rings true)

Kyah – I will congratulate you on #8 here as well (left message on your site).

Comment by BoBo

CYM…dumb question, but since we’re on this thread began on the topic of weight…is Yoga an effective exercise for weight control? Also…here’s hoping your dental experience today is a positive one…my teeth hurt just thinking about it.

Comment by BoBo

Let me rephrase in english this time…

CYM…dumb question, but since this thread began on the topic of weight…is Yoga an effective exercise for weight control. Also, here’s hoping your dental experience today is a positive one…my teeth hurt just thinking about it.

(Brought to you by the American Proofreaders Society…”proofing our way to a better world.”

Comment by BoBo

Well, hi everyone! BoBo, I have set Snuppytoes free and she was last seen heading north or west er, in the right direction home. She is one adorable fun puppy in person too! We really really really do wish you could have all joined us for lunch/lattes, but you were there in spirit!

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

MizM: You remind me of my hubby, well let me clarify or ask – how many lanuguages do you speak?! I am always jeoulous of that ability!

CJ: Was that where the chef in the muppets was from? It sounds vaguely familiar. Thank you – now that’s a little bit of info in the “getting to know you” department.

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

CCYM: Ja jeg forstår De ! De skrev det meget godt ! ! Jeg ikke visste De var Danish !

I really enjoyed Yoga in the college years. I am pondering taking a Yoga class with Thea. We’ll have to see how that goes. Maybe this fall when I have some me time I can join a Yoga class.

Comment by cj

Muppet chef vas Swedish.

Comment by Gone to the Dogs ate my Bunny

Yes he was “Noomdie Noomdie Noomdie” 🙂 I loved how he threw the pancakes in the air and shot them and proclaimed “Dough-ga-nut”!

Comment by cj

And here I go off on a tangent…

Oooh I loved the Swedish Chef. Sure he was no Animal but he could toss a mean rubber chicken. Okay I also like Beaker. Ooh and the Doozers. Wait those were Fraggle Rock. Ooh and the…popsicles!

Yep…someone brought popsicles into work. Deelish. Mmm…strawberry. Deeelish. Oooh that just gave me an idea…

Comment by Little Blue Pill

OMG I love Fraggle Rock….

“Dance your cares away,
Worry’s for another day.
Let the music play,
Down at Fraggle Rock.”

Thank YOU LBP – now I’ll be singing this all day!

Comment by cj

You forgot the ultimate cross -species relationship. Oh Kermie! Doesn’t just make you green at how much those make in commercials!

Comment by Gone to the Dogs ate my Bunny

“Work you cares away,
Dancing’s for another day.
Let the Fraggles play,
We’re Gobo, Mokey, Wembley, Boober, Red. ”

My gift to YOU CJ. hehe

*sigh* I gotta get out more.

I’m going for more popsicles. That was deelish. And I didn’t even drip on my shirt. *pats self on back*

Comment by Little Blue Pill

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