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Oh Canada! by Snuppy
Saturday, 1 July 2006, 7:47am
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HAPPY CANADA DAY! Or, as you kids up there like to call it, Fête du Canada. Canada Day is a national holiday that, according to Wikipedia, has been technically celebrated since 1868, officially so since 1879, actually so in 1917 and every 10 years thereafter, but not widely so until the 1980’s (we got confused, too).

Some of us will celebrate this momentous occasion by taking a 2 1/2 hour drive up to Massachussetts to attend a wedding. Some of us will stay out in Long Island drinking lattes and flipping through back issues of Hot Hair Magazine (okay, we made that up, and we’re pretty sure the Lampshade Lady will weigh in later, kick our collective asses, and set the record straight!), and some of us will actually celebrate the day in “typical” Canadian fashion. Which would be…?

* one of us (me) was remiss in not wishing everyone Rabbit, Rabbit today, as well! I apologize and beg forgiveness.

~ snuppy


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Like you Snuppy, I have chosen (??), oddly enough, to honor the day with a 2 1/2 drive to Massachussetts to attend a wedding. I really don’t know if that’s a traditional method of observance for the day but alas I’m not Canadian (even though I sometimes feel as though I am) so my knowledge of such matters is limited. Nonetheless, happy Canada Day to one and all!

Comment by joel

Happy Canada Day to all our Canadian Friends!

Joel and Snupp: Look at the bright side – it’s a nice day for a drive 🙂

Comment by lady of the lampshade

Indeed a nice day for a drive (to somewhere you really want to be, but I won’t say that here so as to avoid being accused of having a glass half empty sort of outlook).

Comment by BoBo (aka Joel)

I am the same way about such things Joel! PJs or comfy clothes, at home, hanging out and well, blogging, is oh-so-enticing! Have a great time you guys!

And mais oui, Happy Canada Day to all fo’ sho’!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

oooh. i forgot to mention YOU & loverboy were celebrating this festive occasion by speaking at that conference, CYM!! GOOD LUCK!! (or is it over, now…in which case… GREAT JOB!)

what?? i only have an hour to take a shower/do make-up/hair/get dressed and go?? aieeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

gotta go.


Comment by snuppytoes

CYM – good luck or great job! whichever is now appropriate regarding your conference. As for the wedding…3-4 hours (including reception) of non-stop smiling and nodding…some small talk…and time watching…then 2.5 hours to get back home. Offered to double our gift amount if we didn’t have to go, but Neva said that wouldn’t fly? Oh well.

Comment by BoBo (aka Joel)

Thanks guys. Oddly enough, we’re going to a wedding this afternoon too. Friends that Ron has know since Junior high. They dated then and broke up, got together in high school, broke up, went off and married different people, and now, 20 years later, are getting married.

We’re going to the parade in about an hour. Fort Saskatchewan has a way better parade than Edmonton. Lots of fun floats, horses, dogs, singers, cloggers, the whole gambit. Plus, they throw candy and the kids love that. Being the antisocial person I am, I’d never go to one of these if I didn’t have kids but I enjoy watching them.

In the afternoon they always have food, fun and games in the park in the middle of town, as well as entertainers. The local military unit is going to do some kind of flyby and I saw a huge trailer full of show horses yesterday so there is probably something up there.

Have a great day guys and gals, dogs, kitties, amoebas, shoes and everyone else.

Comment by kyahgirl

I hope everyone has fun at the weddings. It looks like a beautiful day for it! I actually like weddings, but don’t forsee being invited to any in the near future.

Comment by actonbell

My new love (my hair dresser who gave me curly hair without a perm…he rocks!!) said there are no fireworks in Calgary. I mean…WTF??? I need fireworks, damn it!! They better at least light the torch on top of the Tower.

Happy Canuck Day, Kyah!

Comment by Little Blue Pill

Rabbit Rabbit!!

Have a great time!

Comment by dddragon

Thank you dear Snuppy and Bobo! Yeah, it is over now… small but serious showing with quite the quirky Spanish-isms (?) in between. Others just talked straight through but Loverboy and I interacted with the crowd which made it fun and I hope memorable. Not knowing Ashtanga Yoga they liked the demonstration (yeah, put me on a stage and I will perform… don’t know if that is good though since I feel like quite the ape right now! 😉 ) and Loverboy actually treated two people from the audience with NAET (yeah! that same one I highly recommend!)… the best part? 5 hours of NO KIDS!!!! WOOOOHOOOO!

I fully understand Joel! I felt that way during our own wedding in Iran (we kinda had 4 so that was #2)… I knew no one, had to dance to friggin’ Iranian music which I will NEVER do again (I refuse to bop and shake my hands! Flamenco style is all I know!), and the smiling really did give me facial pain the next day, I kid you not! I could not wait for it all to end so I could go home and get out of the damn dress and take all that makeup off my face! Yeah, not into being the bride much! Much prefer being a wife so… imagine having to go to someone else’s wedding! (says CYM who is off to her hippy cousin’s Vedic wedding at the Hare Krishna temple tomorrow!!! But I like the Hare Krishnas, it is close and I hope I can chant and jump up and down and dance and get this, crazy dress is recommended! YEAH BABY YEAH! WANNA COME you guys?)

Ok… in typical bohemian fashion, I babble on… oy! Over and out!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

I wanna go to the Hare Krishna wedding! Crazy dress encouraged? Bopping and chanting. MizB, I actually like any middle Eastern type of affair that I’ve been to – dig the music. You know this park would be a perfect place for a wedding! Except that we got married in February, which in NY is a little cold for the great outdoors. But this park is well not exactly in New York, it’s not exactly real. Back to the Dalia Bobo’s thang on illusion. Ahh, we could do the wedding thread…we did get married in February, but it was an unseasonably warm day for New York, 60 degrees, but windy – a warm wind though. The winds of change The wide picture of us under the chupppah shows this illuminated EXIT sign which makes me laugh whenever I see it – oooh ominous. Any picture of my mother-in-law shows her with a puss on her face. Also makes me laugh. I believe I might have slipped from the chair (see Jewish wedding) when they had us hoisted up over heads. No big deal sort of slid gracefully (you see the graceful lamp lady that I am) and what with a wedding dress on, it kinda cushioned me for landing. I remember my daughter when she was about 3 looking at our wedding album wondering where she was – true kid style, can’t envision a time when the world existed without her. At eight, I don’t think she still can get her head around that.

Comment by lady of the lampshade

…we survived the wedding…and have returned home…whew! long day.

Comment by BoBo (aka Joel)

Ooooh! Me like your story fo sho LL! I got married 4 times to Loverboy… have a long post on it but I will spare you… the gist of it is…

Feb 1997 we had a spiritual Buddhist ceremony which my spiritual brother who is a monk in this life had for us with 3 very highly acclaimed Rinpoches (high monks in tibet)…

July 1997 we had the official wedding ceremony in Iran though it wasn’t legal as we never did the paperwork and the like there sooo…

July 1998, same day as the above wedding and our last day in Cancun, we paid off a judge to marry us so that it could be legal… damn idiots forgot to give us the apostill stamp which makes it legal internationally and we found this out right before moving away to Spain and Loverboy needed to be my legal husband to move to Europe so….

Dec 21, 2003… the anniversary of the day I moved to the US to be with him (means more to me than wedding #2 anniv) a Jewish Judge came to our apartment in SF and married us while our daughter watched TV and our son napped away. why mention him being Jewish? Because when I told him I was Iranian/Danish he wondered if I had anything against Jews because some Pakistani Muslim woman he went to marry once was quite the racist when she found out… I told him I felt more of a connection with the Jewish culture (most of our friends in the US are Jewish) than with the Muslim one and that being Iranian (well, part) does not a Muslim make (actually Iranians are originally Zoroastrians)… so we had quite a few laughs with him and that one was by far my favorite wedding! Alas, our kids were no longer bastards! Wooh! 😉

This is the short version?

Yep! Can you believe it?

And…. when a cat starts talking to herself you know she has got to go but not before saying this…

You are delightful G and I think you should join Neva and Joel and come on over to Spain!!!

And Bobo… glad you made it home! Bohemiasn everywhere are “WOOH TO DA HOO”-ing away! FO SHO!!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Catty Yummy: Love it. Ooh, I’m there! Don’t think that wasn’t part of our plotting when I got together with Neva! Wouldn’t I love it – thing is I would try to talk hubby into as part of a girls’ weekend – read, only me ba bye! Oh he would love it, but I just wouldn’t have time for him and the kids what with you, Neva and I catching up looking at wedding photos (HA!)! Poor Joel, come on, you can join in…

I must go to bed, this is crazy, I took a two hour nap and have now stayed up three hours beyond reason…do the math.

Buenos noches amigas y amigos! Hasta manana!

Comment by lady of the lampshade

Sleep tight sweet LL! I am on damn antibiotics and they have me drugged out like you wouldn’t believe (I never take any drugs so my body is just not used to it) and I am only taking 2/3 of the dose (continuing teeth drama) and so I have been lying around all day but now must get up adn start getting ready so sleep it up for me!

Yes, yes, yessss! Come on over and Adrian and the kids are always welcome… hey I got me a set o’ kids so they can keep themselves busy and this way the boys (Loverboy, Joel and Adrian) can have fun and support while they babysit and we take off for much chatting and catching up! Ha, ha, haaaaa! Bobo, am I scaring you? NOOO! I promise that won’t happen and hey, Neva needs her love by her side so you have got to come too! You and Loverboy can wax poetic about the benefit and joy of a good ol’ fashioned barbecue!

*sigh* Y’all better not be teasing me now!

Well, off I go to get ready, yoga away and then take off. I am SO hoping there will be Hare Krishna chanting! It is so much fun to dance to!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

🙂 Hope you all had a fantastic Canada Day!

Comment by cj

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