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HAPPY 4th of JULY! by Snuppy
Tuesday, 4 July 2006, 9:28am
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SOME of us wanted to sleep in this morning. And, you’ll be happy to know, some of us are. Some of us, however, are not. That’s right. We’re sitting at our computer trying to think of something to write on this, America’s Birthday, the 4th July. And, we might add, thus far we’re failing miserably.

In all seriousness, the one of us not sleeping is pretty sure no one else is sleeping either, but pretending to be asleep in hopes this post will be done before they leap from their beds (Kyahgirl? Lampshade Lady? Bobo? You know who you are…) Actually, we’re guessing Kyahgirl has to work, altho’ we’re pretty sure she should have the day off on principle.

Nevertheless, is that the deal for today? Will laziness abound? Our guess is, yes. Which is fine. What was this country founded upon, if not the right to put up our feet and watch the Twilight Zone Marathon on the SciFi Channel without fear of persecution?

*Lazy or not, don’t let the day go by without going over to wish Square-ish Girl a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! That’s right. Today she turns 33. Which means she was born a mere 197 years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

~ snuppy

p.s. by kyahgirl…don’t mind me, continue your drinking and carrying on… I have to upload a picture to try.




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Yay!!! First to wish all my Snarky American friends a happy, happy day of celebration!

yes, I’m working but I’ll see if I can fix up a special masthead for y’all today!

Comment by Kyahgirl

Today I have fantastic plans. πŸ™‚ 13 years ago today I was in Moscow at some party that a group of people thought they should throw for us because they wanted to make us feel more at home. It was a huge party, and whomever threw it together put a lot of hard work into it. It was at that party that my friendship with Brett (my new roommate) really started, and grew into a lifetime friendship. So later today we’ll talk on the phone and have a good laugh. Erick and I are going to bring our kids to his brothers house for a bbq in the afternoon – and we’ll let them all run and play. When I was a kid 4th of July meant bbq’s and a secret (not really) trip to South Dakota to get the “good stuff”. Somewhere tonight there is a upper middle aged man standing on his dock with a huge box of illegal firewords who’ll spend HOURS lighting them all off and smiling a huge smile.


Comment by cj

Happy 4th!!!

I can’t believe I’m at work. *pout*

Comment by Little Blue Pill

kyahgirl! hi! i hesitated to mention the fact that most are off today, since you don’t get to celebrate this holiday up there! i think that, in the spirit of peaceful coexistence, Canada and America should join forces and have one giant celebration! i think i’ll start a petition.

a new masthead? excellent! i love the one you had up yesterday, it was nicely fitting for LL’s first post! can’t wait to see what you come up with for today! (seriously, i’m not sure we’re ever gonna lock into one banner… it’s too fun to see them change!) hope you have a beautiful day, lovely kyah!! xoxo

cj: what special memories you have! how impressive it is that you got to celebrate the 4th in Moscow! and what a nice thing it was for your friends to do that for ya!

sounds to me like a lovely day… and that “upper-middle-aged” man setting off the fireworks must be a pretty special guy to provide so much lively entertainment for folks! that’s *very* cool. πŸ™‚

Comment by snuppytoes

LBP: i know… i’m so sorry. as i mentioned to kyahgirl, i hesitated (for a second) to talk about the fact that so many folks re off today, because you guys aren’t. on the *bright* side… don’t you have an awesome trip coming up?? why yes, yes you do! therefore, soon we shall be the ones pouting, while you’re the one having all the fun! xox

Comment by snuppytoes

Happy 4th everyone! Waiting for Snuppy to sound the TGSNWM alarm signalling our trek to S’bucks…after that, who knows? Could go to a movie…could BBQ…could do none of the above…we’re just that (lazy) unpredictable.

Comment by joel


one of the lazy hazy crazy days of summer here in the good ole U S of A … hamburgers, smores, chips, pop, beer, er, … baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and chevrolet… did i fergit anything? πŸ™‚


Comment by Canine Karen

Don’t worry I’m not at the beach or anything exciting. We seem to have settled into a nice sluggish pace of getting out of the house by 6:30 in the evening around here. Actually, I have a few things to do then I promised we could go —–somehwere. I think we’re going to the Hall of Science – Tali’s request. Hey, it’s Independence Day, we’ll do what we like! And it’s air conditioned. Mr. Scissorhands will be home hanging in there for another World Cup match which I am sure our dear Minka is prepping for as we speak – Germany vs. Italy. Then we’ll meet back for an evening que. Does it get any more exciting than this? Wake me when the revolution begins…

Happy 4th of Yuly as we like to call it around here! Don’t blow up anything.

Comment by lady of the lampshade

Oh, Snup, thanks for getting up early on a Holiday. I actually began to post and then I began to not…We’ll give you Labor Day off,

Comment by lady of the lampshade

Its incredibly difficult to find either a nice sized photo with flags or the right size with fireworks…this will have to do for now!! πŸ™‚

Comment by One Hot Puppy

ok, there, now I’m happy.

Carry on. πŸ™‚

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Yes but the trip is next weeeeeeek, Snup. That’s 7 days away. Yes, in exactly 7 days I shall be landing in Sunny California. I want a day off today. I know I had yesterday off but…I was too busy recovering from the weekend to really enjoy the day off. All I did was nap and read, nap and read, nap and read. It’s amazing at how little gets done when you read 3 books interspersed with napping. So really I should have today off too.

Hm…according to my widget horoscope today I learn a secret be it minor or major but I suspected it all along. Ooooh. But I must beware confrontations. What a lame ass horoscope. Where’s my tall, dark and handsome stranger? WHERE?!?!?

Comment by Little Blue Pill

We had neighborhood fireworks on the 3rd of July that lasted until around 2 a.m. I was trying to sleep in today too!

Comment by schnoodlepooh

excellent masthead choice Kyah!

Comment by BoBo (aka Joel)

kyahgirl! AWESOME!!! ya know, now i feel really guilty for not figuring out how to do something this nice for YOU! (when’s your birthday? i’ll make it up to ya… i promise!!) xoxo

LBP: he’s in so. cal., waiting for you! xo

Comment by snuppytoes

He is? (punches fist in the air) Huz-zah. If he’s not, though…you’re being held responsible…

Comment by Little Blue Pill

Lampish Lady of the Lake (or not… for that looks like a dumb movie!): i left you a lengthy (and very silly) comment on yesterday’s post… and dang if i didn’t hold off on today’s post, in HOPES you’d swoop in with another Snarky gem! so, i’ll take Labor Day! and be damn glad to do so!! (have fun at the museum… i’ll be waiting to hear about that keeflie!) xox

schnoodlepooh: since this was your first 4th in the new house, did you even know the fireworks were going to happen?? how was that for Baxter & Bailey? (max freaks out if he even senses a *hint* of lightning… can’t imagine how he’d react to ongoing fireworks!) today’s a good day for naps, tho’, right?? πŸ˜€

Comment by snuppytoes

LBP: trust me… talk/dark/handsome can be found on every street corner in hollywood. so don’t look there…. i’m guessing your “prince” will ultimately be found where you least expect to find him… that’s how it usually happens! on the other hand, if all you want is a good time? by all means, for the guy on the corner! πŸ˜€

Comment by snuppytoes

You’re welcome!! πŸ™‚

You don’t have to do anything for me silly! All gifts are given without strings πŸ™‚

Comment by Kyahgirl

woof, woof to Kyah for the awesome masthead!!

let the fireworks begin!!

Comment by Canine Karen

Oooweee! A happening partay! FUNKIFIED!


Yeah, the bohemian way of saying HAPPY HAPPY!

Besos to all as off I go to bed! *sigh* Damnn the time difference!!!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

CYM: be sure to click on the new thread (i’m sure there are no viruses) so you can enjoy a few “virtual” fireworks, too!! HAPPY HAPPY to you, too… beautiful Bohemian!! xoxox

Comment by snuppytoes

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