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The Naked Truth by Snuppy
Friday, 7 July 2006, 7:30am
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HOT off the Suggestion Box Presses, from our favorite BoheMian, CATTY YUMMY MUMMY:

Ok, leave it to me to think this one up but hey, someone’s gotta talk about it right? And seeing the kinda banners and art that speak to me, well, you really cannot claim to be surprised. Let’s talk about the body, specifically, nudity.

Being part Danish and raised in Europe during my formative years, one year actually spent home in Denmark, nudity has never been a big deal to me. Walk on any beach here in Spain and see an array of naked breasts baking in the sun. Unfortunately for you men, they are mostly hung on geriatric, pink vacationing Brits but hey… I am not one to dwell on things so moving on… Denmark offered me a broader view of things and full nudity on beaches can be had, my first such encounter being puzzling to my 5-year-old self who did not understand why the frizzy, blonde lady was ok being naked but still would not remove her glasses. It just did not seem right but yes, all these years later I remember her glasses and no, no titty trauma for me!

So it was no wonder when in the fifth grade I had no problems with showering with the other girls (whereas my brother would not tolerate being seen naked) and just hanging naked. In Europe it is quite normal for us girls to go have a bathroom break together and if there is only one bathroom, well in we go! A German girlfriend once stayed with me for a month, back in my single days, and whilst getting ready being naked and getting ready in front of each other was absolutely normal. And hey, if ever a problem crops up and you just gotta have a friend’s opinion it is so much easier to just “show” rather than “tell”! Yeah, nudity is just simply the way to go!

It follows then that I have a hard time understanding why I should be self-conscious, shy, ashamed or what not in front of my fellow ladies. Even back when my body was a “thing to be loathed” by my insecure and teenaged self, nudity was still not an issue. And maybe there are fellow Europeans reading this who cannot relate so chime in, but ladies on the other side of the pond, how do you feel about nudity? Men? What’s this like on your end of things?

Disclaimer: Any potential pervs lurking around, do not chime in if you are to take this discussion down inappropriate paths ’cause we are not interested in your freaky ‘n spooky ways! Be gone I say, BE GONE!


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First of all…let’s be clear…I don’t qualify as a “free spirit” or one of the fortunate who are free of inhibitions, however, I’m constantly baffled by our (USA) continued need to embrace our puritan roots. The fact that Janet Jackson’s exposed nipple could set off such a seismic event is proof positive that we are one group of repressed mofo’s. I mean seriously folks…when did the body become such a forbidden fruit? Are Uncle Adam and Aunt Eve the culprits or is this another one of the religion based, mind control ploys dating back to the dark ages that we have yet to free ourselves from? And why are some freer than we? A mystery to me…anyone care to enlighten??? Inquiring minds want to know!

Comment by BoBo

it’s because most folks in this country were raised in a culture of shame. blame it on our puritanical roots… which certainly fostered that idea that the moment Eve bit into that apple, her body became offensive in the very eyes of One who created her. that said, tho’ i appreciate the beautiful differences that can be found in the human form, i’m in no hurry to join a nudist colony.

Comment by snuppy

I am in no hurry to join a nudist colony either…but I am still shocked that there is so much discomfort about nudity. It confuses me how we have hung on to some morals and ideas that really are insignificant, yet have no grasp for the one that really matter.

This is off topic, but I love how it says “Much More than a Girl on a Horse!”…and then I got a big chuckle out of reading everyone elses…

Coffee is good this mornin’ ya’ll!

Comment by Ride'Em Cowgirl

No, no…definitely not a nudist colony…don’t get that one either.

Comment by BoBo

My friend’s four year old a few weekends ago said “I want to be naked in the middle of the night.” Sigh. From the mouths of babes. Me too, darlin’, me too.

My late uncle used to call my brother & I nudniks because we ran around naked all the time: at home, in Edmonton – where ever we could be naked we would. Granted I didn’t pull a brother move and manage to open the front door at two and wave my naked body parts around. EVERYONE in the neighborhood has a naked Bro story – this is mine. When the nephew grasps the concept of velcro, methinks there will be some naked front yard shenanigans 30 years later. And no I don’t know if Bro runs out naked ::::shudder:::: I really don’t want to know.

REC: I’m the same way. I love how I’m “the gift that keeps on giving”. I feel like Hallmark or something. But don’t they say that about herpes too? Sigh. Damn.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

Nudity. sips coffee. Well I was raised here and nudity was treated in a somewhat utilitarian way – someone was always naked with me in the tub because the assembly line of baths was occurring – usually me and my Irish twin sister who is a year younger.

The US is really so uptight and twisted on this topic. I wish we weren’t. I for one often walk about in the nude after a shower and as I’m getting ready for work – to which Adrian will ask – “Birthday today?” I just want my children to appreciate the beauty that is their own little work of art. I remember talking about nudity on beaches with my daughter – you know going topless, which came up as a result of her comment that it’s not fair that boys only have to wear shorts on the beach. I told her about when I was in Europe on beaches and there as the delish Catty Yummy Mummy has pointed out, well it is much more relaxed (my experiences were with lots of German tourists playing volleyball) and you could go topless if you like and yes, it was comfortable. At first she said “that’s kinda weird”, but then conceded “I think I would like that”.

The point – our first instinct is how good it feels to be free, then someone throws in the shame.

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

Lampshade…isn’t that the way it is with so many things?? Our gut says right until it serves someone else’s interest to tell us we’re wrong. Not to get us off topic but that is my primary problem with organized religion…rules motivated by the need to control. Oh, don’t get me started on this one or you’ll be sorry. What? You didn’t ask my opinion on the subject? Right. Sorry. Carry on…as you were and all that.

Comment by BoBo

LBP: Funny, nudnik in Hebrew is an endearing term for being a little kooky pain in the neck (sort of), as “ooh, you little nudnik”. But not you, okay the kooky part 🙂

Your comment reminded me of another story of my youngest sister going awol to be found riding a red tricycle in the garage – naked – to the hoots of laughter of some of the neighborhood kids. Hey, I came from a big family – someone was bound to escape into the wild naked.

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

By the way…it’s 10:11am EST

Comment by BoBo

By the way when I say “raised here”, I don’t mean the snark – although this may have been a better alternative – I meant the US (how American of me to think that obvious).

BoBo-Well put, that could be a seperate thred? Hey, you’ve got a set of keys too.

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

Ooooh! What a yummy discussion indeed! Yeah, not one to join a nudist colony either but in a situation of my choosing no shame in being naked either! I am like you LL, comfortable with being naked in the house, and the kids hang out as I get ready out of the shower which means I am naked as I put my creams on and then get dressed (obviously)! But no closing the door and not allowing the kids to watch. They are so comfortable with the body that it is no big deal to them and my separate body parts are neither “wow” (how eloquent of me!) nor are they shameful. Although hmmm… the other day as I sat on the toilet after my shower (meaning that I was naked and unable to escape) they took it upon themselves to squeeze my breasts as they yelled “Mik, mik!” and then we all kinda laughed our asses off at their nuttiness.

As for the Janet Jackson thing everyone here in Europe was absolutely baffled by the US’s reaction to it all! We actually got to see her tit here on the news. No big deal. There one second, gone the next and on we went with out lives. What really pissed me off is the message that such an outcry over a friggin’ breast gives little girls! “Your bodies are shameful and boobs are traumatizing!” Part of why I am so in love with David LaChapelle, the photographer and creator of my banner!

And dear Snuppy, I think you hit the nail on the head with the WHY part of it all!

And LBP, this made me think of you. Loverboy walked into the bathroom naked to get something before getting dressed. Lil’ B was on the toilet, looked at her father and said, “You know daddy, you should go get dressed now because I can so see your penis and your butt and it is making me giggle so please go and get dressed now ok?” A giggling and blushing poor Loverboy sped out the bathroom and off into our room!

Comment by Miz BoheMia

I agree with snuppy, we live in a culture of shame and fear.

Comment by kyahgirl

p.s. Miz B/Catty Yummy Mommy, thanks for suggesting a topic. We like that!!

Comment by kyahgirl

miz b: yes there are always the instinctual grabs of the breast – to which I say, hey back off, you had yours. To the kids, the kids!

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

YLL-I periodically have the same problem. The five year old wants to check for milk, the seven year old wants to know when hers are coming! Oy!

Comment by kyahgirl

I’ve spent the majority of my life in the midwest. I’ve escaped for a few years here and there for educational purposes, but this is where I make my home. Nudity in my parents home happened, and there was never a shame attached to it. I distinctly remember 7th grade when we had a “locker room” and were expected to use it during phy ed. The trauma… oh the trauma….. I remember as a senior there were still girls who were pretty close to changing inside their locker with the adjacent locker door open as well. (I was always amazed at what great legnths people went to shield their body.) I spent a lot of time in the locker room as I was active in school sports year round – I got used to the naked in the shower gig, as did many others.

I belong to a gym and after I got sick some kid commented on my scars when I was changing out of my swim suit. That was pretty traumatizing for myself. I only swim late at night or early in the morning when its just the geriatric ladies and myself now.

Nudity is an interesting thing. We are not genetically wired to be clothed. Who hasn’t had a toddler who absolutely enjoys running naked? God knows how many times I had to pin the back of Thea’s overalls to make sure they were escape free. I remember many nights during my internship where we had patients that would struggle to be naked. Agitated as hell with clothes on, calm naked. Its too bad that its so shamed…. and we’re lead to beleive that Janet’s boob was offensive and down right traumatizing!

Comment by cj

ok, sorry-way too much information .I’ll go lay down by the fountain.

Comment by kyahgirl

You better run little Kyah – I was just queing up “It’s getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes….”

cj – i’ve got the scars to prove it too 🙂

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

Ooooh! I love you lady K but I must say I love the honesty and the true introspection being given to the subject at hand! This bohemian applauds you all, APPLAUDS I SAY!

On a more serious note, on my end of things that is, as a mother there is such a fine line between teaching kids, mostly my daughter right now since at 5 she is more aware than my son (who at 3 could not care less and listen to me? HAH!), self-respect for the body and to not allow gratuitous nudity that can strip you of self-esteem and that can be demeaning and objectifying and that at the same time the body is beautiful and there should be absolutely no shame to it in all its naked glory. It is a constant balancing act with some falls along the way but all in all I think (hope) that Lil’ BoheMia is getting the message or at least sorting it all out well and not getting too confused!

Comment by Miz BoheMia

MizB: Very well put on the serious note. It is so important to be comfortable with it but most importantly to have the self-respect so important of yourself both physically and emotionally. I for one, was a late bloomer and so am sensitive to making the environment for my children open in this and other regards.

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

I like to be naked. I like to run around naked, inside and out. I like to lie on my back with my legs up, airing out my underside.

I’m a bohemian dog Fo Sho!


Comment by Casper

Nothing to do with being naked…

11:15 MST 45 minutes until I’m on HOLIDAYS!!!! WHOO YEAH BABY!!! *wiggling in her chair*

Now – no one needs to know I’m going to be slacking off, piling up the jobs for Dumb Ass to work on while I’m away right? Huzzah! I knew you’d see it my way.

Woop! 11:17 MST 43 minutes left.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

Oooooh Casper! A bohemian dog fo sho! Talk the lingo and make this bohemian purr!



LBP… YAY! Almost there! But *sigh* would it not be more delish to be naked than at work right now? It is so damn hot here in Spain that even being naked won’t do it! I wanna rip off my skin dammit!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

I like this topic. We primates run aroud in the nude all the time, besides I’m too sexy for my shirt.

A perspective from the other side, as seen through the eyes of a monkey…

I agree- I think we are a bit uptight here in the U.S., however, our display of nudity here is certainly gratuitous as compared to say, Europe. Here, in our country when it comes to naked women, in particular, they are displayed and flaunted as an object of lust. It is rare to see nudity here without the specific motive of selling more magazines, or movies, or shampoo, etc. etc.

I am personally not ashamed nor do I fear nudity itself. I do fear my mind and eyes becoming obsessed with such gratuitous nudity. Not so much out of a “fear of God” and his Puritans. It’s out of how much I value my future wife, and my furture daughter, and those other daughters, wives, sisters, and mothers out there. How much I value beauty. There aren’t words for the beauty of a nude female. I believe the woman is the crown of Creation, the most beautiful thing on this Earth. I believe that a woman’s beauty in its most intimate and purest form- nude- should be valued and set apart.

Ladies, I don’t think you all will ever fully comprehend the male sexual drive. Without some restraint, a male’s sexual lust knows no end. The potential of perversion is limitless. LIMITLESS. We are visual. It is difficult to see nudity especially the sort we see on the average newsstand, or TV spot without being aroused. For those who have no restraint it is manifested on your TV’s every evening in the daily news.

Europe has certainly cultivated a healthy view of nudity, though sometimes gone overboard in my opinion. However, they understand the beauty and the value of nudity more so than the average person in our society. On the contrary, In many cases, in Europe, it is simply not given any value whatsoever, almost as if, a boob is merely an anatomical feature for feeding babies. Making it seem like “no big deal” Come on! This is crazy. There is much more to nudity than being naked.

Our indulgence for gratuitous displays of nudity in the context of unadultereated lust and self-satisfaction, has skewed our appreciation of the beauty and value of the naked body. It’s like we’ve settled for eating chocolate covered Alpo. Nudity is like a dark chocolate meant to slowly melted in the mouth, never chewed, never devoured, but savored, and appreciated.

I think William Blake said it best…

“The naked woman’s body is a portion of eternity too great for the eye of man.”

Sadly, America in my opinion is incapable of this kind of thinking, we are far too gone.

Comment by Sweet Baboo

snuppy- whay does the “jake the rake” mean? i’m emailing you back on my dinner break later this evening. robin meade just emailed me, i thought i’d go on an email fast in her honor.

Comment by Sweet Baboo

Can I just say – I love that ape!

Wow, well said Baboo and that is true on the European thing as I think back and remember thinking “Do they really need to deliver the newscast topless?’. Your comment was so well put, I am sure I will have to go back and reread.

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

Hello Gatekeepers of Central Snark,

I like being nude. As a matter of fact, it is so muggy right now, I am typing this half nude. I leave the choice of geography to you. Oh bugger, ok, so I took my toupee off.

I imagine I woud enjoy the freedom of nudity, or perhaps the nudity of freedom, as it may be. The opportunities aren’t many here in Asia. We’re generally a prissy lot governed by myriad culture-steeped how-to’s. In fact, bikinis weren’t even de rigeur at the local beach until about 1996, Singapore, that is. That’s a mere 10 years ago. Of course with bikinis came the Brazillian wax. Now, is that fun or what? I’m sure it’d sent quite a few girls back into their closets, never to swim again except in their bathtubs. These days, show up in a 1-piece and you might as well march yourself to the nearest museum and ask for an available fishbowl in which to park your backward ass.

As for nipple slips, a few years ago, I think it was 2, some models at Bangkok Fashion Week walked down the runway and had quite a few accidental nipple slips. There was a huge row about how these “women of loose morals” were tarnishing the image of Thailand and betraying their Buddhist roots and oh dear, what are international visitor going to think now? I’d thought they might have been better served cleaning up the go-go bars along infamous Patpong (to be fair, they have, altho the methods have been ‘draconian’ i.e. bars and clubs all shut by 1am, weekends included. That also led to another big row). But all that said, it is these quirky mixes of old and new, sacred and irreverent that make Bangkok so interesting.

I do believe I have lost my point and have no idea what I’m droning on about. Right. Nudity. I’m pretty comfortable being nude and in my *ahem* hey days, have been to nude parties and done the impromptu nude poolside thing while on vacation. In villa pool, that is, not 1000’s of tourists around pool, with a bunch of 10 or so. Of course, the copious amount of vodka helped. Bf then was a very happy man hding his bits in the water while admiring naked women floating about.

Ok, that’s all the grey cells I’ve got to offer today. Whew.


P/S For the record, I’m not that sorry Eve ate the apple. Imagine, we might still see no need to cover ourselves today. *shudder* Whatever shall I be shopping for if not a new slinky dress, that must have boho top and that will-last-this-season-only skinny leggings??

Comment by good girl

Wow Good Girl – this is so, well – Good to see you here. So glad you’ve made it to our little hangout spot. And intersting to have a perspective from yet another continent. I can see your first time here hasn’t inhibited you 🙂

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

Oooh! Naked poolside? I once went to a community jacuzzi with my sister and my cousin, at night, and they dared me to get up and run around the pool naked. There was no one there then but always a chance of someone showing up. I did it and it was liberating.

Now I am bummed the neighbor is building a house tall enough to see into our yard. Naked laps were the way to go and now, *sigh*, no more!

Oh! And when pregnant with my first we used to own a boat and we took it out in a lake in San Jose. Being in the water was so freeing! It felt like an escape from the pregnancy but I am one to feel things full force and so off went the bikini (yes, I still wore a bikini when preggers) and a very panicked Loverboy was going nuts inside the boat trying to dress me up but nope. Nuh-uh! Not gonna happen!

Sweet Baboo… ooooh you sweet talker you! Many good points though I must say that I disagree a tad with what you say about us Europeans. We just know how to switch mentalities without needing to be stuck in a madonna whore complex type of mode. When need be, the breast is quite the useful object with which to feed our children and when the lights go out (or not, depending on when the mood strikes I guess but hey, that’s spicy fodder for another day) and time to rumble arrives they are indeed weapons of seduction. No confusion. We know how to multitask them breasts! 😉

And LL, where do they broadcast their news topless? Last I heard they did that in Russia but since I am not in the topless broadcast news fan club I plead ignorance on the subject! Hey, is there an interest there you are not telling us about? ;-P Kinkay lady fo’ sho’!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Perhaps I had had too much sangria – after all, Ernest Hemingway ate there – but I believe it was right in your lovely Espana! …not that there’s anything wrong with it 🙂

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

I agree with you Miz B. Multi-task! Sometimes its seductive, othertimes its just a body.

For example:

Not a whole lot of sexy, riding down a mtn on a bicycle, naked. Lot of excitement though, trying to get to teh bottom and dressed before the police show up. You should have see the look on those hikers faces when 8 naked cyclists went past. And lets just say its a good thing they were all dressed when the police showed up in the parking lot.

Comment by The Village Idiot

As my very learned sister-in-law (Dr. Terri) once said…our most powerful sex organ is the mind. It’s the illusion or reality we create given the moment or circumstance that dictates when nudity is sexual and when it is not, yes?

Comment by BoBo

what’s so lovely here is to see how willing everyone is to bare all for the betterment of the blog. no? that’s not what you’re doing?? oh well. still nice to see such an open conversation being conducted on such a frequently close-minded subject (or, should that be clothes-minded?)

jake: eloquent. and beautiful. just make sure the women in your life know how high that pedestal is… as for “rake”. okay, so after all your talk about the respect you have for women, perhaps i should change that? initially, i meant it in a playful happy way, i had a lot of friends in the military in my youth (i lived in san diego & hung out with a lot of navy pilots) who were all “rakes”, in that they were never shy in their pursuit of women. a rake (in my mind) is a seducer, a Don Juan, a wolf and/or womanizer. i shall be happy to change that, if you find it uncomplimentary–tho’ rest assured i never intended it to be! as for your “email fast”. ah… he suffers for love. that works for me!! xo

GG: you go girl! nice to have your (many) thoughts here! and, ya know, once you open up, there’s no going back! especially now that you’ll be added to the side-bar (are you already? i forgot to look) what handle are we to give you? or do you prefer to be known as GG?

i am sooooo totally on board with you, CYM & LL, teach our kids to embrace their beautiful bodies in ways that are safe and socially acceptable (i mean, a naked youngster racing around the kitchen is about as cute as it gets… but when they’re grown and have hairy pits/asses, quite another!) and i’ve never made a big deal out of my kids seeing me in various stages of undress… tho’ i’ve always tried to impress upon them the concept of “respect”.

great topic, CYM!! so glad ya suggested it! xoxo

Comment by snuppy

VI: okay… i wish i had seen that earlier, cuz HAHAHA!! please tell me you have pictures! (not that we want to see ’em, mind you, but still…)

Bobo: 100% agreed. Terri would love knowing she’s being included in this particular conversation, too! (by the way, shouldn’t you be comin’ home soon??) xoxox

Comment by snuppy

sorry snups, no pics. Well, none that I know about anyway

Comment by The Village Idiot

Why are kids so fast when they are naked? I have had to chase Thea down a number of times buck naked and I swear she runs faster naked. 🙂

When I was about 5 I lived with bestemore and papa because my mom had gotten quite ill with cancer. I will never forget walking into the kitchen to find my grandma and her sister comparing bra’s while drinking coffee – let’s just say it was a sight. Later in life my sister and I still talk about it… and often you can find my mom and I comparing bra’s in the kitchen to irratate those around us. My sister in law finds it tacky… My mom and I find it to be a quick way to get Chris outta the house. 🙂

Comment by cj

VI-we don’t need the pics, trust me, the visual in my head is enough!

Jake, something you said in your comment brings to mind another question that I’ve always wondered about with respect to men.

You mention how men are so visual (trust me, women are too) and that they can’t look at a picture of a nude or partially nude woman without feeling some kind of arousal. Then why, why, do they so often want to have pictures plastered around the walls of their workplaces? Can they not make it through the day without that visual stimulation?

Comment by kyahgirl

There is that naked kid phenomenon – like the wind I say!

Snuppy, we missed you today! Now I will be competing with Joel for the fastest route home.

Bye all – have a good weekend, although I am sure I’ll drop by 🙂

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

bye g!

Comment by kyahgirl

they’ve all left!
I’m here alone with the crickets.

oh well
*sigh* it really is a dog’s life

Comment by Casper

Hey Casper…just on my way out to fight the evening commute – yuk! Enjoy the solitude while it lasts…I’m sure they’ll be back!

Comment by BoBo

take care BoBo…don’t envy you the commute.

Comment by Casper

“It’s the illusion or reality we create given the moment or circumstance that dictates when nudity is sexual and when it is not, yes? ”


Comment by Canine Karen

Hey Karen…looks like everyone’s called it a night in the park??

Comment by BoBo (aka Joel)

G – I try not to be inhibited when on “first times” . The attempt is everything…the experience, well, we can rue that later 🙂

Yummy Mummy – Isn’t it liberating?? I went to collect mail naked once too. It was a flatmate dare. In winter. Out by the main road. Cars zipping by. “GG, you have to pretend you’re flipping through the mail,ok??!” Gosh, silly uni days.

Snuppy – Lol. Darn. I did get carried away, didn’t I? It’s what staying in Friday night does to me. All that energy and no podium in sight for Solid Gold antics. Snuppy, would Adventures of a Good Girl be ok? It’s the blog title. If not, Good Girl is groovy too. Many thanks xo

Have a good weekend. Hopefully, there’s some nudity to be had.


Comment by good girl

Note to GG: This is the Snark, so your name can’t be exactly what it reallly is – get it? Now then, how about Good Girl is Groovy!? Come on now, have a little fun with it.

Comment by lady of the lampshade

YLY- What would an ape do on a summer day without some shade in the park 🙂

CYM: Sweet talker? CYM I am sweet to the core, just got a hard shell. The name is Sweet Baboo. I certainly don’t claim to be an expert of European thought, so any corrections are welcome. I’m just an ape.

Snuppy- i love girls, but i’m no womanizer. more like a harmless flirt. no need to change the rake. i’m not offended. btw, please don’t worry about offending me. it’s rare that happens, and if it ever does i’m plenty gracious. I’ve got a litte insomnia from my near fatal heart attack after reading the Robin email.

Kyahgirl- I don’t know. However, not every man does that. In the workplace? That would be considered harrassment in my former office experiences, but they may not be aware that they are being pigs. Graciously let them know. As for making it through the day without some visual stimulation, I don’t think it is possible to go an entire day without being bombarded by some sort of imagery meant to do precisely that. I don’t know friend. Let me know if you any lightbulbs go off for you, and I’ll do the same. Maybe O’C will share his wisdom on the matter, he’s always at the least a good laugh, and at best our very own Einstein.

Comment by Sweet Baboo

Hello Lampshade Lady G,

Actually, just as I’d logged off earlier, I saw everyone had done differently, as you’ve said. But I didn’t want to sound whiney so I’d left it 🙂 May I please have GG in a G-string then? That would be accurate 80% of the time, toupee or no.

Thank you x


Comment by good girl

Good conversation and I agree with Cowgirl. It’s amazing how in the states we’re so prim about nudity and easy about sex.

Comment by Doug

just couldn’t stand seeing this stuck at 49.

Comment by BoBo

I have never had any problem showering and changing in girl’s and women’s locker rooms which was a good thing since showers were mandatory from the seventh grade thru the 12 grade.

A few of the other girl’s (usually some of the heavier ones) would try to avoid taking a shower, but the showers were communal and we always had a female gym instructor so she would make sure every girl would shower. But most of us would usually become comfortable with locker room nudity after the first few days of seventh grade.

I couldn’t believe it recently though when I was nude in the women’s locker room at the YWCA that I swim at and a women who had her son who I would guess to be about 10 years old came up to me and said that I should not be nude when there were children around.

It was a YWCA that only allows men to swim there one night a week, it was the WOMEN’S locker room not the men’s, and her son was about 10 years old. I couldn’t believe this woman had the nerve to tell me that I should not be nude in the women’s locker room because she had her SON in there! Am I wrong in the thinking that I should be able to shower nude in a female locker room after my swim?

On a side note my sister lives in L.A. and she goes to the same gym that the actresses Courtney Thorne-Smith and Kimberly Williams Paisley from that show According To Jim workout at together, and sis says that Courtney and Kimberly do not hesitate to walk around the locker room totally nude and even do things like blow-dry their hair or do makeup while still totally nude.

Comment by Jennifer

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