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Saturday, 8 July 2006, 9:17am
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**DUDE… apparently many of you kids were out and about yesterday (how else to explain the pitiful showing in the park) so we’ve decided to give you this BONUS day to wish the Lovely Lamphade Lady a *belated* happy birthday and Sweet Baboo a safe trip/speedy return. Or, you can talk about other stuff. We really don’t care. Some of us are going to the movies. Or sleeping in because yesterday’s birthday square-dancing activities were exhausting. Or getting ready to go on a camping trip. Whatever. Doesn’t matter. We are simply not in the mood to write anything new just trying to make sure everyone gets to say “hey” and/or “goodbye” and/or… er… other stuff.

 DO NOT let her know we told you… you know how shy that LAMPSHADE LADY can be. What? You thought she wore that thing on her head to keep the sun off her face?? Anyway, we have no idea how many bulbs are in that lamp, but we’re sure the extra one will make her shine even more brightly than she already does. What are we saying here? We have no idea. We should never try to write something before we’ve had a chance to drink copious amounts of coffee. We’ve made this mistake before, you’d think we’d learn.

We’re still looking for a fun “something” to give our NBFF, but for now, we hoped that, despite the fact that THIS VIDEO has nothing to do with birthdays, it might help get the party started. It’s pretty funny. We know we crack up every time we see it. But then again, we have a childish sense of humor. Which is why we can’t wait to see what LL’s kids think of it, because we suspect they’ll love it, too. In fact, we’re pretty sure they’ll be doing this dance for the rest of the day. Especially when we suggest replacing the words in the song with: IT’S HAPPY BIRTHDAY GINA (or Mommy) TIME!

IN OTHER NEWS: We would be remiss if we did not wish our SWEET BABOO well, as he prepares to leave us for a few weeks. Hurry back, Baboo…this place won’t be the same without ya!

~ snuppy 


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Comment by One Hot Puppy

Happy Birthday Lampshade! Hope you have a great day.

Best wishes Sweet Baboo!

That video always makes me laugh…”peanut butter and a baseball bat?” True genius.

Comment by BoBo (aka Joel)


I believe it’s time.

Comment by BoBo (aka Joel)

and we shall toast gina!

Comment by snuppytoes

Happy birthday Lampshade! Whoot!

Pay attention in this course, Baboo. And Good luck!

This just needs be said: “Mmmm…darjeeeling.” Bliss in a mug.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

Happy Birthday G! 🙂

Comment by kyahgirl

Happy Birthday Lady G!!! May you have a beautiful day with your delightful family and a year of great things to come, much health and happiness up ahead!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

How rude to leave before coming to the party! Thank you one and all for your b’day wishes. Thanks for the video – it kicked off the morning festivities before we headed into the city (Manhattan) to go square dancing (what else :). Life is good.

Baboo – all the best to you and I’ll save a spot under the shade for your return 🙂

Comment by lady of the lampshade

Oh bother, I bet my iambic pentameter was wrong, too. I had tomorrow! Happy birthday, Gina!

Comment by Walela

Awfully quiet in the park today…

Comment by BoBo (aka Joel)

donde estan todos los amigos??? (at 8:28PM est) 🙂

Comment by snuppytoes

at 9:13 est:

Oversugarfied but still holding strong in the birthday arena, G stops in to say thanks all for joining in my bday fun! Have a good night as I need to shower up for the last leg of festivities!

Nothing exciting watching movie rentals to round out the day 🙂

D, er Walela, I could have told you never rely on those iambic pentamers – listen to your elders!

Good night all!

Comment by lady of the lampshade

What a slow day! *sigh* Where did everybody go? DAMN this time difference I say!!!

Oh well! Today my family (that word is such a double edged sword for me) is coming over. So I am baking away but will be checking in to see what you are all up to! Hey! Not fair that you all have lives and me, just bummed that I have to mingle with people when I would rather be a relaxing bum chatting away with all of you!

Why don’t you guys come over instead? I am baking two banana nut bread cakes, one danish apple coconut coffe cake and 24 muffins!!! SO EAT UP AND Oh! Bring your swimsuits as the pool is filled up and ready to go!


*sigh* I think I am talking to myself! 😉

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Hey! Where did I go?? Now WORDPRESS DOESN’T LIKE ME????


Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

I wrote a loooong comment but word press ate it! *sigh* It doesn’t like me!

I am a baking fool today as we have family coming over. Yeah, dont like them much and would love for y’all to come over instead! Wooohooo!

There are 3 cakes and 24 muffins! Any takers?

OK! Let’s see if this works!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Happy belated birthday Lady Lampshade! Movie rental can be very exciting. It all depends on what movie 😉

Hope you had fun xo


Comment by good girl

is it still Gina’s birthday?? a two-day thing? not fair.

Comment by BoBo (aka Joel)

everyone knows you get an extra day to celebrate when your birthday falls on a weekend. it’s, like, a law, or something xoxo… ~ snuppy

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Snuppy – I see your well versed in birthday laws. Joel, the definition of fair that I recently learned from an educator’s lecture was appropirate for that individual. In that sense, it’s more than fair! I did promise a post today – but I can barely type this…

Let’s see.

Comment by lady of the lampshade

oh, alright…continued happy birthday G…woohoo!

Comment by BoBo (aka Joel)

Catty Yummy – Family of four on the way to JFK – muffins/cakes, we’re not fussy, we eat everything is site. 🙂 I’m departing for a bit. I don’t know what’s going on, it seems everything’s being caught as spam.

Comment by One Hot Puppy

#21) was and is me – Lampshade Lady 🙂

Comment by One Hot Puppy

“I did promise a post today – but I can barely type this…”

Little to much birthday spirit there Lampshade?

Miz…save some for us, we’re hungry.

Wassup with WordPress today? It’s gone beserk!

Comment by BoBo (aka Joel)

Really just oversugarfied Bobo because that’s how exciting my life is:) Seriously, alcohol is not top of my list to use in celebrating – I think it may have just been my birthday spirit!

I thought it a conspiracy – but it’s gone a ltttle bonkers – all the comments are going into SPAM>

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Yeah, that’s me Birthday Party Hat Lady. I was logged in to free any comments from the SPAM net. Bye for now.

Comment by One Hot Puppy

If you like square dancing, you will love Contra dancing. Only one caveat, you must stare intensely into your partner’s eyes or you will get dizzy.

Comment by Anomie-Atlanta

The problem is Anomie, my unwilling partner in this case only came up to my bellybutton. Well, I guess I could pick him up.

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

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