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Hump Day… by Snuppy
Wednesday, 12 July 2006, 9:38am
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WE like Wednesdays. We like ’em because they’re in the middle of the week, and, therefore, mean we’re thatmuchcloser to the weekend. We also like the fact that some of our favorite bloggers like ’em, and do special features in honor of the Hump. One great example is THE STILETTO, who highlights an inspirational word, based on a post she’s read. WAKING AMBROSE, who features guest posts on Wednesdays, is another. (The fact that ONE OF US is, again, headlining over there says less about our own ability and more about his desperate need for some new material and/or a vacation, but that’s beside the point.)  BIG RED JOY doesn’t necessarily write specifically for Wednesdays, but she did just find out there’s going to be another penis in the family she’s having another boy, and we all know boys like to hump things, so, technically, her post this week applies, as well.

** On a more serious note, as long as everyone’s humping and bumping into things on this day, please take a moment to visit KARMA, who has kindly posted an update on the horrors of yesterday, even as she tries to make sense of the violent insanity that recently ripped through her country.

 ~ snuppy 


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Allow me to be the FIRST to congratulate our own (mine more than yours) dear Puppytoes for her excellent, excellent post on Waking Ambrose today!! (she also has an inspired, corresponding write up on her own site, by the way at no additional charge). This on the heels of last week’s outstanding effort by fellow Snarkster Gina, aka Lampshade Lady to her friends and fans. Thanks ladies fo rep-ree-zent-in yo homies soo good!

Comment by BoBo

…thoughts and prayers to Karma and the people of India impacted by this tragic turn of events. Security in NYC today is a bit more obvious as a result.

Comment by BoBo

hope that doesn’t mean i’ll have trouble going to long island. of course, if i don’t get in the shower rightthisminute… that will be a moot concern! thank you honey for your kind words. well, for your funny/loving words to me… and for your kind words to Karma. tho’ why would i thank you for that? you’re a kind guy. that’s the *kind* of guy you are. what am i saying here…? i’m saying i need to take that shower. love you! xoxo

Comment by snuppy

Ha!!! I love that you managed to mention the miracle of my gestational powers alongside the vulgar usage of term “humping.” that pretty much sums up my life!

Am now headed over to Walking Ambrose.

Comment by Big Red Joy

Well, well, well – how perfect are you with your chatty self!!!

I have a lot of rounds to make this morning it seems! I don’t know, with all this headiness – is lunch still on? I’d understand a postponement under the circumstances. I’ll be back!

Great post – you sure know the fine art of special guesting.

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

Okay, I was so excited, I just commented without having read any of the other comments. Now, I’m a bit more composted (mistype funnier). So backtracking –

Big Red Joy – whenever I see your name, I think of one of your comments here “She’s in her nighty – it’s a dreeeess”. I think that should be in a movie. I just love it said with proper British inflection of course. Most importantly – congratulations and good health to you and your little “humper” throughout your pregnancy. So true about those little lads.

Joel: You guys are just the Blog Couple. There I have both nominated and crowned you! You two – winner of the coveted Caption Contest top honor – she – guest at Waking with a sizzle, might I add. May I say seriously – I am happy to have made both your blog acquaintances.

Snuppy – You’re still my NBFF? We’re still having lunch. Oh, I’ve got to go practice – nuance, touch, eye contact….

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

Most importantly – I really do feel so shallow, but I am not, I suspect some attentional issues. Thoughts and prayers to those in India. It just never ends. I will head over to Karma’s now.

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

Well here’s to Wednesdays, guests and Karma.

Comment by Walela

Okay everyone, I’m having lunch with Doug’s special guest for the second time! She’s on her way here now!! I’m so excited, but since she won’t be around to keep the banter going, please feel free to play and visit all the right places in her honor today!

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

Do you realize lampshady Lady that in the span of just a couple of weeks you will have had lunch with dear Snuppy twice as many times(during the week, that is) as I have? What’s up with that?? Is L.I. that much easier to get to than M’hatten…or is it the lunch company….hmmmm.

Comment by BoBo

Two things BoBo – Don’t be jealous and don’t force me to answer that question…Come on, you get her every night, all weekend, holidays, vacations… Do you begrudge a girl a little fun in this boring hellhole that is LI? No offense to all you Longuylanders.

Now I have to go look out the window for a day’s celebrity!

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

…at least tell her hi for me.

Comment by BoBo

Puppy’s here – gott go!

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

chatting up at doug’s with puppytoes made my day!


Comment by Canine Karen

BoBo – she’s on her way back to you now – we just had a nice 3 hour lunch (look the boss is on vacation). Now I know why you would like her to join you for lunch, she’s not my NBFF for nothing. We would still be talking right now had they not started bringing things out to my car for signature 🙂 Ah, she’ll fill you in but I believe she was hoping that you had a good lunch because niether of us are having dinner now. Quiet day in the snark?

Ooh, let’s see who made into the Caption Contest. If it’s you again, I’ll really have to suspect something (not that your Captions and Puppy’s cookies arene’t the best but….).

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

Oooweee! YEAH BABY YEAH! You have been fab, FAB I tell you!

But not Typepad! I just tried leaving comments for you and Joel but it kicked me out for “maintenance”… *sigh*

Well, you are both fab! Just thought I would tell you that and oooh! Have fun at lunch with YLL! FUNKIFIED!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

CYM – try and try again, please! Stupid Typepad, stupid Blogger…maintenance indeed.

Lampy – I’m happy for you two, no really.

Comment by BoBo

I know you are Bobes.

Effin maintenance – maintain this! I just left a nice (or so I thought) comment at the Pupp’s and poof. Hate that. Couldn’t they just warn you ahead of time?

Ah, MizB – for you to have joined us would only make us all the happier! But yes – it was FUNKIFIED FUN!

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

Now, I must get on the road, I hope Snuppy gets home to you soon and doesn’t hit traffic!

Ciao for now friends.

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

I HATE TYPEPAD! Still not working and I must turn in soon! (But being the geek that I am I have saved my comments, SAVED THEM I SAY!)

TYPEPAD! I don’t know what you have against bohemians but I will be back! OH YES I WILL! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Can you tell I am bored? I mean who does this? WHO???


Helllooooo? Am I being a dweeb all on my own? Now THAT is pathetic!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

YLL~ I am holding back the tears, HOLDING THEM BACK I TELL YOU at the cruel, cruel joke of being in Spain when I could be in New York! Dios mio!

Glad you had fun though! FUNK it up and live it up on my behalf to! A couple of DANCE THE DANCE ELECTRICS and FUNKIFIEDS should do the trick!


Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Lampy…wish I was home to greet her. Still at the office and the weather outside being frightful and all no doubt means a soggy, slow commute…have I ever mentioned how much I loathe long commutes….yes, I believe I have. My wish is for a transporter, like in Star Trek…point A to point B right now! Is that too much to ask? If TV pictures can fly through the air instantaneously than why, oh why, can’t I?

Comment by BoBo

Catty…damn typepad to hell….so sorry and frustrated right along with you because I want your comments damn it all!

Comment by BoBo

YEAH! Finally an admission to love of comments! I am addicted to them and want more, more, MORE! *sigh* Methinks the blogosphere may be getting to me! Oh my! I just tried again and damn Typepad won’t allow me in but I don’t want to put the comment here because your numbers need to go up at your place, YOUR PLACE I SAY! Yes, love those numbers going up and I suspect you just may too, no?

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Still won’t let me! Oh well! Off I go to bed but I will be back and you will get your comment! Damn, it best be good then huh? I think I have some homework now! 😉

Big besos to all and have a beautiful day!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

I try to ignore the numbers but can’t…need the affirmation I guess? Need to know somebody out there is paying some attention perhaps? Is that vain? Oh well…I’ve admitted the truth and it shall set me free…or so they say.

Comment by BoBo

Wonderful job over at Doug’s, Neva! And I really liked your chatty blog post today–you do have the gift. Oh, and the Groucho Marx quotation’s hilarious, too.

(I couldn’t comment over at your blog–typepad’s down for maintenance. Yay for Central Snark!)

Comment by actonbell

well poopie poop on Typepad!!

but we can chatty woofy woof here until Typepad quits whorin’ it up!! 🙂


Comment by Canine Karen

Great job Neva! Like Actonbell, I was unable to comment on your post (so I left the comment at Doug’s,hope he doesn’t mind).

Very funny!

Comment by Square-ish Girl

My wishes – that Snuppy got home safely and swiftly – I hope you did too, but I know having left my office about 5:45 and it was none too fun of a trip home. Also wish for Catty Yummy to have her desire and if that be New York – then bring her here – we’ll be the richer and more limber for it!

Snuppy – I hope you were not too drained from the whole trip to foresake blogging. Have a good night all and see you in the Snark.

Comment by lampshadelady

it figures that stupid typepad would go into “maintenence mode” on my “special” day, doesn’t it? razzum frazzum typepad…. grrrrr.

also, gina? yeah… it was a long ass drive today… BUT SOOOOO WORTH IT!!! can’t wait to do that again!!! (i’m thinking we should get one of those drive-in trays, ya know? that way nadine can bring out folders of shit for you to sign. save herself a little trouble. also, we’ll be able to get milkshakes ‘n stuff. and not get the inside of your car dirty.)

i can’t decide if it was reallyreally smart or reallyreally stupid to have done this in the middle of the summer when so many folks are away and/or too tired/hot to leave comments. i mean… it’s a good thing my self-esteem is okay today, otherwise i might feel a little, um, less self-esteemy, which is never good.

oh yeah, and LL? one of the reasons my afternoon AFTER our fun lunch and that long-ass drive home went down hill was because my mother called me. to tell me she had returned the flowers i sent her yesterday for her birthday. the flowers i spent $125 on. she decided they were the wrong color, and, since my sister had also sent flowers, she told the florist to hold off on bringing the new arrangement until next week. (and you wonder why i’m wiped out? try talking to my mother on any given day. i dare you)

I HAD THE BEST TIME TODAY!!! thank you ALL soo much!!! xoxox

Comment by snuppy

♥xoxox backacha!♥

Comment by Canine Karen

thanks CK! ♥xoxox♥ to you, too!

Comment by snuppy

Damn Typepad! I got to leave Joel a comment but Neva, it tells me comments are off for your post! WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?


Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Catty…Typepad data base meltdown yesterday. I think all is well now so if you’d still like to leave a comment on Snuppy’s site it should work…I just reset everything, tried and it went through. Damn Typepad don’t they know how much pain and suffering such meltdowns cause the likes of us?

Comment by BoBo

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