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Why Do Today… by Snuppy
Thursday, 13 July 2006, 8:36am
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…what you might do TOMORROW? Or the next? WE’RE a little verklempt this morning. One of the first things we do every morning, after we do those things we have to do which do not actually involve the internet, is check in at WAKING AMBROSE to see what fun new word is up for us to obsess over definitions for… the word, not Waking Ambrose, try to keep up. We realize this sounds awkward, but we haven’t had our coffee yet, so bear with us. That’s right campers, keep up AND bear with us.

Where were we? Oh yes. So we were pissed off slightly miffed to note that, as of 8:26AM, est, no new word was up yet! Aieeee! We almost had a panic attack. But then we realized that, since we put things off sometimes, maybe Walela does too. We were only slightly disappointed, because we think so highly of him, but then we got distracted by the adorable pictures of one of us still up from yesterday, that we decided we didn’t care.

Thursdays seem like a good day to think about all the crap we haven’t done all week, that we know must be done, in order for us to have a peaceful/restful weekend. Oh sure, we could have thought about this stuff yesterday, but why bother.

Anyway, our question is this: anything any of YOU need to get done before Friday? And please speak up… it’s hard for us to hear over the rustling of paper we’re using to wrap one of our mother’s birthday gifts. The mother who lives in California whose birthday was last Tuesday.

Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow.” ~Mark Twain

~ snuppy


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I would just like to inform one and all that the new Waking Ambrose word is now up and I, for the first time ever, was the first to leave a comment. So shaken was I by the awesome responsibility, usually reserved for the likes of Minka, I could only muster a silly uninspired response but hey…I was first…what else matters?

Comment by BoBo

…also…left this message on the other thread but…Typepad is once again operational.

Comment by BoBo

honey: see? procrastination has never been an issue for you! i’m so proud of you… and, for the record, i thought your comment was quite clever (in that in insinuates the idea that someday you plan to have enough money to actually be a Philanthropist… which works for me!) xoxo

Comment by snuppy

i lost 8 of my comments from yesterday! aieeeee! and waaaahhhhh! (am i whining again? sorry.) still, they were really good comments. quite possibly the best i’ve ever had! (wordpress is starting to look pretty good right now….)

Comment by snuppy

I’m never even in the top ten there. I go I look I leave I come back I go I look I leave I come back – okay I’m working on the procrastination thing, but the delay in commenting is borne out of the need for that moment of clarity when something just comes to me. Often it never comes.

The first thing would be for me to actually draft a To Do List so that I might have a better idea of what is about to ruin my life if I don’t accomplish it. I know that if I don’t call the bank we deal with as I promised my husband since Monday that I would, I’ll have some splainin to do. Things are just swirling in my head now – get kid 1’s bike tires filled, get kid 2 a new bike, find out why the damn digital camera that I won in a raffle is not working, go through paperwork and set up new filing sysytem, clean out playroom that has the remains of the day still gathering so that kid 1 can continue in earnest decorating for her daddy’s birthday celebrating on the 22nd find out about kid 1’s need for a uniform at new school she will attend in September and incidentally how will she be getting into Manhattan every day? Those are just a few little items – but they won’t ruin my weekend – but if I could buy a little time to get one or two accomplished, well I think I’d be a little more relaxed by Sunday night.

Hubby just called – did you speak to the bank?

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

OK!!! Technically I am first here…… considering. I finally got my message up for the snuppy on Typepad……and I thougt this only happened to blogger……being down I mean. Is verklempt a word that the Lady of the Lampshade would use? So here I am for the first time had to find out from Waking Ambrose…..should that not be Walking Ambrose? I felt qulex and out of the loup…..we must chat more often…..ok!!! I know it was my own fault, since I went absent.

Comment by Mo'a

LL: if you hurry you can be 5th or 6th, but technically you’ll be 3rd because the 1st 4 comments are from joel and me. (uh… after all those numbers i’m confused.) actually, that chat of ours yesterday prompted this post–but i couldn’t remember exactly what we said (what with that ADD of mine) so i decided to blame Doug. (i deemed him a “current” hook!) xox

Mo’a: gotta get you on the blogroll, girlfriend! glad you made it over here… but aren’t you supposed to be packing and getting ready for that big wedding?? (thanks for leaving the comment on my site, by the way!) xox

Comment by snuppy

I was 7th or 4th or 5th – so that’s off the list!

Mo’a: It is indeed a word I would use and have and do and love. Have a good trip. Now I’ll have to head over to your place to catch up on specifics of it.

Sidenote: My moment of clarity came after just following the thread of comments be woven by Snuppy and mo’a. So thanks for the inspiration girls.

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

I’m tired.

Comment by My Spin On Things

His URL is coming up not found. Waaaa I so want to read your words!

Comment by My Spin On Things

I don’t keep a To Do list,
I keep an organized husband who functions as a remarkably interactive to-do list.
“Honey, have you called for a sitter yet?”
“Don’t forget to make your doctor appointment.”
“You said you were planning to do laundry last week, is there an ETA on clean shirts?”
Its just sooooo handy.

Comment by logo™

d’oh! i’m such a maroon! that was my bad, my spin… the link is fixed! (thanks for pointing that out.) xo (~snuppy)

Comment by One Hot Puppy

I have enough to keep me busy for three weeks around here! Actually my parents are coming to stay with me a few days while my sister has surgery on Tuesday. So I really don’t have anything I need to get done before the weekend, rather things I need to get done before the end of the weekend.

My dad is going to help me with some landscaping and yard projects while my mom is going to spoil the bejesus out of my daughters. I’ll spend my nights at the hospital with my sister, because I promised I would. So I’ll have to have plenty of groceries, treats etc made for my house for the various visitors that’ll pop in. But I think that’s going to be the easy part.

The hard part is today… dogs grooming appointment, errand running, and Gracie has an upper GI and Swollow study this afternoon. On the upside Erick is off of work to help me with all the to do’s so I can kick back and relax for a while. 🙂

Comment by cj

So, cj was just sharing some of the roles she’s taken on in a philanthropic manner over at the Curmudgeon’s – one of which was guardian angel or camp counselor to some juvenille delinquents. She ended it by asking – “How bad could it be?”. So, nu – how bad could it be cj?

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

Well my dear Lady of the Lampshade my week of volunteering turned into a job pomotion which turned into experience which turned into an even better job later. However, with 13 juvenile offenders of the worst sort (one actually put gasoline on a sleeping person and lit them on fire) seven camp counselors and myself – it had its moments. I earned my street cred by standing on a picnic table in the middle of the night banging on pots to scare a bear out of our camp site, as well as chasing down a deliquent who went “on run” in a canoe. (Finally mom all canoeing from bible camp paid off!) Really it was alright, they pulled the same crap other teenagers pull…. and there isn’t all that much trouble you can get in in the St.Croix Valley. They were all city kids, the thought of getting lost in the woods was more than enough to scare them. The one that tried to run away we found crying about 1/2 mile down river. She was freeked out by the loons calling. I didn’t sleep much that week, and took as much lip and guff as any one could imagine….. but I earned my stripes.

One night 5 years later I was in the hospital very ill. It was the start of my second week in the ICU and a familiar face entered my room. In all of my working I only have encountered people in their darkest times, it was what I did, what I was good at. Never in my wildest dreams would I have guessed that I would see one of those girls again (not on a wanted sign anyway) and I did, and this time it was in one of my darkest of times. She told me how I was the first person to belive in her and she was going to graduate from beauty school in a few weeks. She was working at the hospital doing over nights bringing supplies to the different units and had recognized my last name. She held my hand for a long time that night. I was not able to talk because of the tubes that I had, so I never was able to tell her how proud I was of her. It was, and still is to this day one of the most meaningful moments in my life.

Comment by cj

This is shameless promotion day for the Idiot

so be forewarned

Since the word at Doug’s is Philanthropy exercise your philanthropic selfs over here and donate idiot songs

Thanks for your support

Comment by The Village Idiot

To make a difference in someone’s life, particularly that of a child and a troubled one at that, well I say you done good, cj. Good for them and good for you.

VI: As if I don’t have enough swirling around in this lampshade…

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

What Lampy said CJ…quite admirable!

Comment by BoBo


Well done on the songs! I took the easy way out and did Idiot titled songs, you on the other hand got the real spirit of the whole thing

Comment by The Village Idiot

ah, thanks, VI… should i be worried about the fact that most of the songs i usually think of are either really old and/or show tunes? xo

Comment by snuppy

Met the one and only zeFrank today…that was interesting. (www.zefrank.com – sorry can’t remember how to do links and don’t want to exert the effort to research it…hey, I’m just being honest, lighten up)…he is one creative/smart dude.

Comment by BoBo

oooh! honey, you do bump into the occasional celebrity, don’t ya? sounds like an interesting encounter, can’t wait to hear about it! oh, and don’t worry about the link, i’ll fix it. xoxox

Comment by snuppy

Hi everyone! Just popping in to say hola! We have some dear, dear friends from SAN FRANCISCO here for a visit today and they leave in the morning! Such a short visit! Been crying my eyes out… happiness, bittersweetness, sadness, melancholy, nostalgia… so hoping to be back tomorrow! I MISS YOU!

How pathetic am I that I have been thinking about the blogosphere so much??? Not that much I say for it entails meeting up with the wonderful likes of you!

I was going to say I’d best be off before sounding like a dork but yeah, not a whale penis so… geek? Off I go! Besos!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Oooh! Ze Frank? You are one happenin’ man Joel! Methinks someone has great fodder for a delish post!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

WIll have to check out zeFrank a little further. There is a certain malaise in the Snark, in the sphere today – is it a post lunch comedown? It certainly is possible. Is it just me or do I even feel that I am typing in reverse?

and to all a good night.

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

Anyother nifty celeb running intos? In January-ish I was in the SAME elevator as Gwen Stefani. She was at Target HQ – with her clothing line and meeting in the ad/marketing department. Thea and I were meeting my cousin for lunch and she had just gotten out of a meeting with Ms. Stefani. *LOL* All I could muster to say is “Hi”

I don’t know who zefrank is but I will check out his site.


Comment by cj

Ok first of all Lampy…by goodnight do you mean “screw you guys I’m going home,” as in I’m off work while you BoBo are still chained to the desk? If that’s what you mean I just don’t want to hear it. As for your malaise (a word that sounds strangely like mayonaise…a condiment I hate by the way) theory…yeah, summer time blahs perhaps…everybody out of town on vacation except the poor schmucks that are us?

CJ – Gwen Stefani…very cool! I had an elevator encounter with Kevin Bacon once…I was waiting to get in he out…doors opened, we were face to face and he said “hey, how’s it goin?” I said…”good, you?” That was it.

Comment by BoBo

LL: how is it possible that we spent ALL that time together yesterday and have not had word one, today??? this is probably my fault. but worry not, NBFF… i will be SO calling you tomorrow! (i’d do it now, but it looks like you’ve closed up shop… sigh) i MISS you… if that matters in the least little bit!! xoxox

cj: gwen stefani? that’s awesome! i’m thinking “hi” was probably good enough… what else could you say? “join us for lunch”? probably not. xox

Bobo: why, exactly ARE you still at work? shouldn’t you be on your way home by now? we have walks to take. mexican food to eat (the boys are off watching Superman on IMAX… which actually sounds kind of cool). COME HOME, dammit!! XOXOX

Comment by snuppy

LL: what do you think of the name i gave Mo’a? i like it (but then, i liked those kitten heels, too!) xox

Comment by snuppy

SNUPPY – home soon I hope…some of us (he clears throat for effect) don’t have the 9 to 5 thing working on their behalf (another throat clearing to emphasize sarcastic reference). Superman at the IMAX…maybe they’ll meet some nice church girls.

Comment by BoBo

Hands Bobo a glass of water – “You seem to have caught a furball”.

2ndlee, Catty Yummy and I must have had a comment collision for certainly I would have acknowledged her. Glad to hear it is time spent with friends in person. And from SanFrancisco – very happy for you! Although I do know what you mean. I’ll sometimes wonder, hum wonder what’s going on in the Snark. Enjoy your visit, but we will be moping about until your return.

And you too Snuppy – how dare you have a life without us! I love the name you gave Mo’a – as I love the kitten heels and her artwork on disply. She’s amazing – perhaps we could do a little art show in the Snark – good time of year for it.

Bobo – Sometimes I have to leave before the toxicity reaches such a level, I’ll just disintegrate at my desk. I left shortly after speaking to some boob from another bank that was fretting about a $70 difference – to which I said “My loan department is looking into, but what are we talking about here $70 bucks, we’ve already wasted $100 talking about it”. That was my subtle que to pack it in for the day.

Also Snup, thanks for the redirect – I am definitely in a slump as I visited those sights and left comments. Oy vey I suck.

Comment by lampshadelady

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