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Saturday, 15 July 2006, 8:18am
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Hi, Lampy here.  It is guilt that has driven me here at 7:58 am to flip on the light – that’s the truth.  Poor Snuppy’s been working her paws to the quick guesting, posting, and driving to have lunch with me.  I just want her (and BoBo) to sleep in today (and for her to come have lunch with me again). 

I am getting ready for yet another cleaning person to come.  This one does seem to get the concept of water, cleanser, now go!  Don’t get me wrong – I’m no taskmaster, it just bothers me when there’s still smudges all over the stainless steel surfaces in the kictchen and the bathroom downstairs haven’t been cleaned, with hairballs rolling about.  I usually would not have someone come on Saturday.  After all, it is our day to chill out and just be together us – as a family.  But when she said she could come, I jumped at the chance. 

Tali said to me “I don’t want any more cleaning people coming here.  You don’t like how they clean and it costs too much” (there’s that frugality that G-d knows she didn’t get from me).  I explained that “Why yes, it involves a cash outlay, but the hours spent by the person cleaning are the hours I get to spend with you and Julian instead.”  She nodded – money wisely spent in her eyes. 

So, in the interest of getting it right, I shall be showing her the ropes today (I really do hate this) and trying to get the kids out of her way.  I’ll drop in later on though.  So to all Snarksters – good morning and may the road rise to meet you!

Oh, by the way I’ve been tagged and a can’t miss post is up (ever so slight hyperbole).  Just want you to visit – is that so wrong? 

I know it’s not just me, but I sure do miss that other hot puppy, Casper, Kyah by any other name, I’d miss you just the same.


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YOU ROCK!! here i was taking my sweet-ass time gettin’ over to the computer, in order to allow the cobwebs to clear and/or the caffeine to kick in (because, that’s what i do)… but once i get here/log on, what do i see but a thing of beauty!! yay for you! (or is that yay for me for not having getting to do this myself? hee hee)

as for the cleaning lady that doesn’t really clean but does at least a few things so you don’t have to? i completely understand. hazel (not her real name) isn’t too bad… but remind me sometime to tell you about emelina. oy.

hope you’re having a spectacular day, LL… lunch next week sounds pretty dang good to me!!

i miss casper/kyahgirl/laura, too… hopefully she’s having fun, and we’ll hear from here when time/kids/birthday parties/camping trips allow) xoxox

Comment by snuppy

Yes, I believe “Emelina” was the one whom I just set adrift after two visits when I realized Julian actually got more done in terms of cleaning. The one before that “Sasha” didn’t take kindly to her dishonorable discharge. When I called to ask her not to come back, she did a “you can’t fire me I quit” turnabout and said “Did your husband tell you what he had me do!”…STOP! “Wash off the porch!”. When I of course asked Adrian, he said “the kids spilled ice cream on the porch, I asked her to throw some water on it”. So you see, be careful what you ask some to do

I have a good feeling about this one – she had a carpet bag and umbrella when I picked her up at the train station.

Any way – have yourself a spectacular day. I’ll be in and out and here and there, but never far away.

Comment by lampshadelady

Morning…the worms are not flowing freely yet this A.M…cobwebs, lack of coffee, barking Beardie, beautiful little BoBo looking at me with those eyes that say “you want to give me a treat, don’t you?” Okay, so the worms are there just not very coherent. Anyway…if memory serves, we all gained ten pounds when Emelina was with us because while she couldn’t clean she could cook…always really fattening things. Dirty house but soaring cholesterol levels.

Comment by BoBo

Oooh! Methinks a yoga lesson or two would have been in order to ward/burn off those extra calories! Fo sho!

Double oooh! Cleaning ladies! Would love me one here but I am just not trusting enough as my mom always had stuff stolen in this country though I went trough 3 or 4 back home in the US, finally having found my ideal one but dammit, she had to go and reproduce! Bless her, happy for her, blah, blah, blah but *sigh* left high and dry again! I feel for ya LL!

And buenos dias to a delightful Snuppy! Thank you for the delish email and you have me on pins and needles with the promise of yet another one! Ooooweee! Is it Christmas already?

And back to you Bobo, you did indeed inspire a post I am working on and for that I thank you because I simply had nothing, NOTHING I TELL YOU to go on and man was that a tragic happening in the life of this here bohemian!

So off I go to type away in between kids’ screams/demands/needs but not before wishing you all a great and relaxing weekend! Besos!

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Oh no! How’d that happen? That was me up above! Can you tell I was in there trying to figure out stuff for a banner and looking for inspiration and yes, I am hoping to work on something this weekend so THANK YOU for that dear snuppy! I did start a test site, have done nothing yet but will tell you as soon as I do!

Phew! Glad to be a cat again! MEOW!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

I was very confused CYM. I thought the puppy was channeling a cat and that we’d have to find that priest from The Exorcist.

Someone recommended a vinegar bath for my sunburn on my blog. Is this a lie? Is he just messing with my head?

-going back to bed as I’m tired since I can’t sleep on my front OR back. Damn.

Comment by Little Blue Red Pill

As if there was ever a question as to whose voice was speaking. Lauaghing – because that was my same reaction to the first time I was snooping around behind the curtains. Ooooh, banner, inspiration, test site – I can’t take it! The anticipation, excitement – wai, wha, – a little crashing sound from downstairs. Wonder if Esmerelda needs my attention. The Ming Vase!!!! See you all later.

Comment by lampshadelady

Oooh you Canadians should know to stay out of the California sun! I’ve heard of cucumbers – and well, vinegar goes well with them, but I’d do a little more research before you end up a miserable stinging salad! Aloe – feel better.

Let’s get to the root of that sound.

Comment by lampshadelady

Okay folks we’re back and better than ever…have had our TGSNWM…have straightened out the mess that was our family cell phone plan…made a mess by boy #2 who lost his phone. Have taken the pups out to play. Have totally forgotten everything else that was “must do” for the weekend. So there you have it.

Hey LBP…vinegar? that hurts just thinking about it not to mention the smell. I’m with Lampy…aloe, aloe, and more aloe.

CYM…happy to see you taking Snark for a spin and happy I could inspire…can’t wait to read!

Comment by BoBo

oh you kids… i let you play in the blog and what happens. chaos, i tell you, CHAOS! cats/dogs/lampshades/little blue pills… what’s this world coming to? (LL i did tell you CYM was getting her own set of blogkeys, right?)

CAN’T WAIT to see what’s what (with the pictures and stuff)! and NBFF…you are correct, when in sunburn pain–aloe is the end all to be all (that you can be. a happy, unmarked camper). LBP, sometimes i’ve been known to put the gel in the fridge first, which makes it feel even better/more soothing)

CYM: i’m proud of you for jumping in here… guess we’ll have to make the official announcement so folks will know what’s what/who’s who on any given day! (altho’, i’m with gina, there’s no mistaking your unique voice, dear bohemian kitty… which is a GOOD thing, to be sure!!)

LBP: by the way, so glad to know you had a great trip (you did, right? tho’ i’m guessing vin diessel didn’t come into play?)

XOXOXO to you ALL!!

Comment by snuppy

I’m sticking with the aloe. I’m very suspicious of this vinegar idea. Very. Suspicious. Yeah, my aloe’s in the fridge too. I like the goop to be cool.

Snuppy: no Vin. We didn’t go the tour. Didn’t go rollerblading either. We hung out at the pool all day (hence the now RED pill where we plotted a book we’re going to write together frollicked like we were 5. Considering we regressed to 5 year olds at Disneyland it was a fantastic trip!

Hm…I need food. Later!

Comment by Little Blue Pill

Vinegar? Oh no, no, no, don’t funk with yo’ back! Listen to the wise sistahs and use aloe! Fo sho!

I am bug eyed, BUG EYED I TELL YOU from too much time in front of the computer! And I am Snoopin’ it up again dear Ladee! Help! 😉

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Apparently the movie “Twister” has become my regular Saturday afternoon companion while sitting in the office “working” on the computer. I believe this is the third of fourth Saturday in-a-row that I have left it on as a familiar companion. Although I didn’t realize it at the time of its release…it really was a pretty bad movie, which is part of the fun of rewatching it now…you see just how cheesy it really was.

Catty…just spied a peak at your post and I can see why your now suffering from eye strain and most likely cramping fingers! Can’t wait to dive in…coffee cup is full…lighting is good…comfortable…here I go.

Comment by BoBo

What post!? I’ll have to swing by but first – can you believe these kids want to eat? It comes from actually stocking food in the fridge! I’ll be by MizzyCattyB, just who knows when because since Neva put NumaNuma up, I’ve been promising Napoleon Dynamite rental and so the evening has come for said affair.

Hope all is well with all my fellow blog buddies. On a positive note, my new cleaning lady is aces. Oh how I love her already. Sometimes you just know.

Tata for now loves!

Comment by lampshadelady

I admit to not having seen Twister although my fave “bad movie” back in the day was “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventures”… yes, guilty as charged! *sigh*

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Love “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure!” We also like Napoleon Dynamite…a truly strange movie…a great surprise…but strange.

Comment by BoBo

You do? I am very pleasantly surprised! You do not know the strange looks that confession has gotten me! If someone were to pop it in right now, I would be stuck in my seat riveted.

Yeah, we also liked Napoleon Dynamite. Pardon my French but the character he played can only be described as one “weird fucker”!

oh! Another guilty confession? “Drop Dead Fred”… silly but funny for kids and the kid within just loves it.

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

love “Drop Dead Fred!” Are we scary or what?

Comment by BoBo

I wanted to pop in and say hi! Nicely done lady lampshade. And I’m officially jealous over these luncheons – I wanna come too!

I miss Kyah too. And you too Catty Yummy Mummy, my sistah in Spain! I’ll get back in the swing of things soon, but this site really is the best, it’s a one stop shop to check in with my buddies (even on the weekened when I’m technically not blogging – teehee!). I loves it!

*hugs* all around.

Comment by Sar

That’s right – technically not blogging! How long Snuppy – Sar’s in Virginia. I say it would be reasonable to meet for lunch in Delaware? Okay a little further. But Sar, you could make us next on the Magical Stiletto Tour! It really is nice meeting in person I must say. You have met the Pez dignitaries and the Curmudgeon!

Well we just watched Napoleon Dynamite! I loved that movie. I just loved the weirdness of everyone – Uncle Rico, Pedro, everyone!

Snuppy – was it Napoleon’s brother you mentioned reminded you of someone? Anyway, I’m watching another “Gina flick” on my own. I’ll update another time. It’s called “The Talent Given Us” that came in some generic West Coast Video box which has no info. about it. From what I can gather – it is actually fact based docudrama and is quite good. I can “not blog” and watch. Okay not exactly.

Have a great weekend all – hope you’re swilling whatever makes you feel good and watching good bad flicks!

Over and out.

Comment by lampshadelady

Sweet lampshade lady, thank you for your kind words. I just got back today and must say I missed you all too.
I had a lovely time camping, saw some new parts of Alberta, found a couple of other nice places to camp, got a bazillion mosquito bites and a horsefly took a chunk out of my neck. It was great. 🙂

love and hugs from kyahgirl

woofs and wags, licks and slobbers from Casper

Comment by kyahgirl

well… bobo gets to blog and snuppy does not? what’s up with that, i say? (apparently not much since i am, in fact, now checking in at 11:06PM est)

LL: yes. kip is the one. am i right or am i right? (and how much did you love his wedding song — Always and Forever — at the end?) the other flick you’re watching sounds interesting… probably better than watching (or trying to watch) the Pirates of the Caribbean on USA network. commericals every 6-7 minutes? gimme a break! (but please… don’t make it a commercial break! arrgghhh!)

and, i’m with you… Sar mustmustmust put us on the Magical Stiletto Tour. unless we put her on the Magical Kitten Heel tour. i guess it remains to be seen which will come first! tho’ Delaware by train takes a mere 2 hours from Penn Station, by AmTrak… so it’s definitely not out of the realm of possibilities, as far as i’m concerned…

thanks again, LampyLadyofShade, for a first rate post/host/whatever today!! i’m sooooo glad to know your house is clean and your cleaning lady is housed (what does that mean? dunno… it started out making sense and then lost it somewhere between “clean and cleaning”!) xoxo

Sar: a “one stop shop/visit” was one of the biggest reasons for starting this site … it’s too hard when we can’t stay in touch with the bloggirlfriends/boyfriends when aforementioned girlfriends/boyfriends aren’t blogging and/or on-line all day (tho’, who is, really? certainly not me!) hope that ankle is feeling better! (please tell me you’re getting properly spoiled right now. it’s the only thing that makes an injury worth the trouble pain! xoxox

CYM: Drop Dead Fred is funny. silly AND funny. joel’s right…. what’s wrong with us all that we like such silliness (and funniness)? don’t know. don’t CARE!! oh! do you get the Sci-Fi network in Spain? (i’m guessing you might not… but i’ll ask, just in case). i noticed that they’re gonna start airing Dead Like Me next Tuesday… which is one of the ALL TIME BEST SHOWS EVER. seriously. it’s killer. funny, dry, interesting, well-written, well-cast, you name it. it’s amazing. if you don’t get to see it on Sci-Fi, then i will definitely send you the DVD’s, because you have to see it. it will be your new favorite. oh yes…it will! (you’ve had busy fingers today, by the way… aren’t you exhausted? quite a post, i must say… and a FABULOUS one, at that!)xoxo

YAY!! Kyahgirl’s back from camping! (first trip out, right?) sorry to know there were mosquitoes and horseflies to contend with, but i’m sure glad you had a good time!! (i didn’t return your e-mail yet ‘cuz i thought you’d be gone a bit longer… i just didn’t want it to get lost…but, i’ll send it tomorrow!!)

so, technically you’re not blogging (like us) but you’ll be able to comment, right? (well, duh… since you’re here, aren’t you?) YIPPEE! as you can tell, we ALL missed you greatly and are oh-so-glad to see your happy face in this here park/blogosphere. or to know your happy face is peeking in this here park/blogosphere. or something like that. what can i say? it’s not 11:17PM est, and i’m having trouble keeping my eyes open, let alone type a coherent sentence!

Bobo: so? are we ready for bed? i know i am! guess i’ll see you… when i see you (which will be soon, i suspect, since we were both nodding off on the couch… man, are we an exciting couple, or what?) XOXOXO

nite-nite all!! see you kids in the funny papers. or not… that’s another of those old sayings that may… or may not…. have been funny “back in the day”. maybe they said that while they were headed for the round house. i just hope it was clean. (the house, not the funnies)


Comment by snuppy

I watched Drop Dead Fred last night. I was called a moron for doing so. Then again he doesn’t have taste so what the heck does he know? Although for all I know he was watching it too. Hm… I never quite know with that guy.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

LBP: You’re not talking about Doug’s Dad are you?

Comment by lampshadelady

BOBO! YOU LIKE “DROP DEAD FRED”????? You and Neva are long lost soul mate friends I tell you! I have NEVER met anyone who even knows the movie to begin with in order to even like it! WOW!

And Neva, Loverboy kept telling me to tell you but somehow I managed to not squeeze it into our 2 1/2 hour long marathon chat and then forgot to tell you altogether and so here goes… remember when I mentioned that Huff was cancelled and had my online hissy fit? Then you mentioned Dead Like Me and talked about it and I read it all to Loverboy. Then a couple of weeks passed and after many head conversations with you for some reason the title had been changed in my head to Deadwood, Dead Like Me being obliterated and forgotten.

Then Loverboy announced that he had downloaded the entire two series (I think it is) of Dead Like Me to which I repplied “What is that?” and he had a heart attack because he wanted to surprise me with something my dear friend Neva recommended and here I was a ditz, declaring that I would go to my death knowing that I was right and that you had mentioned Deadwood, not Dead Like Me and so we went into the older posts and dug out the comments and HE WAS RIGHT! DAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMIIIITTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!1

My brain really is mush, MUSH I TELL YOU!!!!

So long story short (NOW she does that? you ask?) Loverboy won, we have the series and somebody shoot me because I love you, really I do, and am baffled, BAFFLED that my once photographic memory now remembers nothing and I blame Loverboy for knocking me up since the pregnancies slowly but surely killed and brilliant brain cells I may have once possessed…


Nighty night my dear fun-movie-lovin’ friends! Besos and see you in your morning! Mine has already started and quite early at that, courtesy of the ever-shrieking Tazmanian devil of a boy!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

LBP~ You watched it? You liked it? Well, you ain’t a Ladee-Piscean-twin sistah for nothin’ I tell you!!!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

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