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Monday’s & Monika by Snuppy
Monday, 17 July 2006, 8:49am
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HAVE we mentioned how much we dislike Monday’s? We have? Well, good, because we really dislike Mondays. And we don’t care who knows it, not even you.

Fortunately, there is one reason to rejoice, even embrace this particular Monday… for it is Teh PENGUIN’S birthday. Therefore, in honor of her, we are providing everyone with this INSTRUCTIONAL DISCO VIDEO, which will allow us all to celebrate the occasion in our best Eastern European Block Disco Mode. And really, can ya think of a better way to shuffle-toe-kick-ball-kick start a Birthday Party and/or a Monday? Neither can we.

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, Monika! Mai wird dieser Tag mit Wunder und Freude! gefüllt! Wir vermissen Sie!

~ snuppy


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Well, if you learned correctly, you don’t have to teach.

Comment by Walela

Walela: what…disco? (i’m so bad… cuz i changed the topic when i realized this day should be dedicated to Minka and/or Disco!) altho’, that said, your comment still makes sense (you planned it that way, right?)

Comment by snuppy

…pissed. paid 19.95 for the video

Comment by BoBo

Happy Birthday, Monika!

Wish there always was happyhappyhappy stuff goin’ on in this ole world, but unfortunately, that’s not the case. Come on over and join in the discussion regarding the destruction of Lebanon by Israel on today’s Monday Meme.

Comment by Canine Karen

Bobo: so that’s what that charge was for. well… i think it paid off, you were really impressive on the dance floor last week! xox

CK: i shall pop over shortly… xo

Comment by snuppy

…you mean the kitchen “dance” floor, right?

Happy B-Day Monika…whereever you are!

Comment by BoBo





Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Snuppy! Check out two emails sent today with regards to banner work! *hint, hint* I will be home after all for a couple of hours and if you like, I will install! Let’s get the party started!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Snuppy…I see you broke out the english to german dictionary again. Or are you secretly learning foreign languages in preparation for a career in foreign service…and I thought those were relaxation CDs…silly me!

Comment by BoBo

Snuppy, that video is hysterical. I didn’t know they had salvation army there, too. I’m enjoying you and Bobo right now. I think I might have married if I’d had a second address for the credit card bills to go to.

And yes, that was a flexi-comment.

Comment by Walela

CYM: i did… and I LOVE IT! i sent you one note… but now i have to go dry my hair/get a gazillion loads of laundry done, for our sons are going out to sunny (and HOTTER ‘n HELL) Central California tomorrow. i’ll “talk” to you later, tho’, okie dokie?! XOX much love to you, you creative genius, you!!

Comment by snuppy

Had married? You’re still too young to be married cousin!

You know the drill Snup, I’ll watch the video tonight in the kitchen with the kids – Scissorhands on the ropes. Those are my nights out as well.

And to Minka: Herlichen Glueckwunsch zum Geburtstag! Hope you are on the roller coaster with your arms in the air screaming as we speak!

Oooh Catty Yummy: Bring on the banner! The anticipation – it’s killing me!

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

Happy Birthday Penguin!! 🙂

Comment by cj

Happy Birthday Pengy!

My mom dances just like that woman. I swear…that’s my mom!! And I think she has that skirt. I won’t know for sure it’s her unless she sings.

Guess who taught her nephew to say “Shake shake shake”? Mm-hm. Unfortunately I didn’t tape it because it would have been highly entertaining to see my love go “Shay’ shay’ shay’ ” as he wiggled in his chair while I went “Shake your booty. Shaaaake your booootay!” I teach him all the cool things in life.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

Happy birthday little penguin, you’d look cute dancing with that guy!
Loved the video snuppy 🙂

Comment by kyahgirl

The park has gone quiet! Is everyone napping? At lunch? Cat got your tongue? No offense CYM. Is it just to damn hot to chat? Work getting in the way? Inquiring minds want to know!!!

Comment by BoBo

…or, is everyone at a birthday party for Minka that I wasn’t invited too????

Comment by BoBo


definitely napping BoBo, come on over into the shade by the fountain.

Comment by Casper

ah, siesta time.

Comment by BoBo

All of the above BoBo (except the Birthday party one). It’s that Monday Malaise working it’s tragic magic! But at least we’re (EST) on the coast down…

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

I can leave typos but a misplaced apostrophe in “its”, I just cannot leave the Snark with that there.

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

yep, I hear ya Lampy…Mondays suck! That is what you meant, right? I love that word malaise. I just don’t get the opportunity to use often enough…and yes, thankful to be on the downside of the day if only by a little.

Comment by BoBo

…i would not have called you on it…actually, i didn’t even notice…UNTIL NOW!

Comment by BoBo

i say what’s the point of having blogkeys if ya can’t mend a typo. as for “malaise”? that’s a great word… *sniff sniff* i smell a header for next monday… anyone? anyone? sigh.

why is it that everytime i show up you guys scatter like the cockroaches our bug guy just killed under the sink? (kidding, of course, the bug guy may be weird, but since he’s been coming around, there are no cockroaches… that i can see!) xo

Comment by snuppy

apparently this malaise of which Lampy speaks includes long periods of silence…perhaps meditation to end said malaise?

Comment by BoBo

Ohmmmm, she’s baaaack and so’s Lenny? Thank G-d we don’t have to contend with bugs because I can attest there is not one of us in my family that deals well with them (can’t share only my good qualities with the kids)!

As if Monday Malaise isn’t enough – the a/c in the office is sputtering it seems. My energy level is on a downward spiral! I may have to head out for an iced latte – any takers?

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

Although there is this ant thing every Spring/Summer. And I really try to use environmentally friendly products – for the Mother Earth and for my family, but I’ll be damned if this “powder” marked with a skull and crossbones that my MIL provided doesn’t stop then in their little ant tracks. Hmmm – MIL – white powder that kills – could it be – NAH, she loves me!


Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

I’m pretty sure a sputtering a/c is grounds for an early(ier) departure…it’s in the manual…or at the very least iced drinks for everyone put on the bosses expense account. It’s an OSHA thing.

Comment by BoBo

See – why don’t I work for you? But then, you never leave early and I would always feel like the weasel heading out earlier than everyone. You’re right – it is an OSHA thing!

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

Happy Birthday, Penguin!

Central Snarkers, the group dancing scene killed me! LOLOL! If only you’d posted this video before I’d stepped out on Saturday night. I would have appreciated those pointers, never mind the foreign language gibberish. That’s who I was chanelling. Not the Spice Girls but this God of the Dance Floor.

I wonder if he’s still around. I have some fan mail I need send.

GG x

Comment by good girl

Oh, Snuppy, nothing personal – just the ebb and flow of the snark I say, but is it down to the three of us ole reliables? Ah, the blogkeys! Right you are! Oh and Monday Malaise does have a nice ring to it, if I do say so myself. Allright, it’s okay.

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

See GG – we strive to be an offshoot of that Curmudgeon’s place by being always educational. Not that I myself provided said education.

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

Be out for a bit that – I mean I feel some cool air – is it Monday? I just want to be home already.

Comment by Yo Lampshade Lady

Is today over yet? Seriously. Because I’m not doing anything!! I’m reading my Task Master’s book and I now feel like I SUCK as a writer. Damn that man can write!! I’m just going to roll over to the gardens and have a sulk before it wears off and I can return to my trolloping.

3 more hours and I’m going to a birthday party. I’m hoping it’ll be a bbq. I should’ve put in my 2¢ when I had the chance but…I didn’t. I also forgot to clear off my memory card so I’m off to download the movie clip of my nephew entertaining me on my computer at work (shhhh) along with some pictures. Hm…yes, there’s a decided lack of photos of him here. I need more.

Gotta get back to reading. Very important stuff. Yes. This is how I return to work after a week’s holiday.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

OK! I am back, recovering from a crazy evening where I got nauseous in the middle of class… not good since I must talk nonstop but I pulled through… thank goodness for breathing! Sooo… Neva, there is one more email awaiting you! Hope you like the new look!

Here’s to a speedy arrival of the end of the work day to all and delightful trip home! WHAT ARE YOU DOING AT WORK STILL???

Dios mio!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Catty…glad you made it through…I can’t wait to strike it rich so the work days will be a number and length of my choosing!! Much energy be placed in that direction.

Comment by BoBo

Lampy…you still hanging in at work or did you pack it in already?

Comment by BoBo

Definitely Bobo! Loverboy and I figure that plenty of idiots strike it rich and for those of us who possess half a brain… then what is holding us back? It just has to happen!

Here’s a toast to striking it rich but for now, how about you and Neva check out the new banner! That way I can get it all up and running before heading off to bed!

I sooo hope you like it!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

I love that video, I’ve already known it but it still cracks me up. oh do you think you’ll stop wanting to have fun when you are not young anymore? just make sure you’re children are not in town. 😛

Comment by ariel

I’m super late to the park, is it dark yet? We can all dance under the sparkly disco ball! Because as the Bee Gee’s sing, you should be dancin, yeah!

Here’s to another Monday under our belts, and of course…..

Happy Birthday to the MIA Penguin! 😀

Comment by Sar

Too true Sar…another Monday survived…whew! good night snarksters.

Comment by snuppy

sorry, that was me channelling Snuppy again…darn it.

Comment by BoBo

even my dogs hate Mondays

Comment by schnoodlepooh

well this is me and i can say “good night snarksters” and i will!


CYM: i meant to send another note to you today… and i will in the morning (lots of ridiculous drama around our house, involving a son who’s less than thrilled to be heading to California tomorrow… yeesh). i had a thought or two to share with regards to the pending “artwork”… hope you don’t mind waiting one more day… i promise i’ll write in the morning (my morning, not yours, because if i’m calculating correctly, since it’s 10:58PM here… it’s 4:58AM where you are. technically morning. for you. not me!) xoxoxox

Comment by snuppy

Hi dearest Snuppy!

I got the email and no worries! I quite agree and so there is a campier version up and running and waiting for you to check out! If it doesn’t quite click, let me know as there are plenty of pics for me to dig through!

I so hope the issues resolve themselves! Kid problems are just… ugh and I just have toddler ones so I cannot imagine when adult ones enter the picture! I wish I could be there to somehow help you my dear Neva!

Sending you the best wishes and all the positive energy I can muster! Love you much and have a beautiful sleep!


Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

I think bobo needs to get his keys properly labelled in large font, perhaps in a bright shocking pink colour. 🙂

But perhaps I shld keep my thoughts to myself. After all, a well-guarded thought is teh bearer of happiness. I learned that at dog training school today.

Lampshade, I do find the Snark most educational. I do! Next week, I shall have my own video out doing these foreign language disco moves. Maybe Miz B can add a yoga section and Bobo & Sophie (The actual canines, I mean) can do the Jellybean Dance section i.e. joy at sight of food.

I patiently await Tuesday morning’s instructions. I wonder where I shall be sent to this time while Snarksters wait for coffee to do its trick, toothpaste to melt off faces etc :p

GG x

Comment by good girl

Amazing….my birthday has been honoured everywhere. And I am blushing at all this attention…sometimes it is good to be me, ain’t it?!
I donöt need the instruction though…years of east-germna in-harmonic steps have taught me those elegant movements long ago! 🙂
Polka here I come *penguin falls over*

Comment by Monika

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