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Wednesday, 19 July 2006, 4:10am
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Oh my what OCD can do to a bohemian! As you dear Snarksters are drifting off into a nightime wonderland of delicious (and may it be sexy… after the previous discussion I say sizzle it up people!) sleep, yours truly thought that a little redecorating might be in order. Makes some people think twice about entrusting the keys to the kingdom to a certain bohemian, hmmm?

So, in honor of the new look, LET’S PARTY IT UP AND DANCE THAT DANCE ELECTRIC!

Weigh in and just gush over the makeover! GUSH I TELL YOU! Come on! You know you want to! But bohemians will take no credit, oh no, for this enviably brilliant vision of campy societal critique that is David LaChapelle’s enlightening work and not-so-subtle-in-your-face-delightful-rubbing, oh yes for the man rubs some the wrong way but I say let go of those inhibitions, kick back and oooh baby enjoy!

So check him out, speak up, rejoice! What do you see in his work? Is it spankalicious fun or does it make you wanna slap him, and me for adoring him (ADORE I SAY!!!) silly? Either way, bring it on and let the partay begin and let them threads go where they may! Neat and tidy thread management can only yield a sweater and well, it is mighty hot and rolling around on a mess o’ ideas, now that’s what’s in today!


Oh! And just in case it is not clear enough, the “sneaker-inner” into the Snark was me…

CYM or Miz B… choose your cup o’ tea! WOOH TO DA HOOH! BoheMia out!


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Hola y’all! Hope you like!

Neva, I had to go with this template in the end as the other one was faulty once installed. The sidebar was closely cropped, so much so that letters were cut off and it went off on its own and the body was off as well and this being wordpress, well, I cannot get into the template. Then not all the templates allowed a custom image header and this one did and was big enough to fit our banner (well,, I had to make it a new, slightly smaller one) whereas the others that did allow a header were not! So… this is the best I could do! Hope you like it! And off I go to start my day!

Nighty night Snarksters! See you when it dawns over on your side of the pond!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

i think this look FABULOUS! and, having perused LaChapelle’s site on more than one occasion, i can say i am in 100% agreement with you regarding his work. he pushes the envelope, and completely brings out the unique beauty/interest in each of his subjects!

well done, CYM/Miz B! my soul is not only sizzled and/or funkified… it is dancing the Dance Electric even as i type!! xoxo

Comment by snuppy

I’ll take the hemlock.

Hermana, you are an artist!

Comment by Doug


Will the likes of me still be allowed in such a hip, chic, space? Extremely cool…well done Catty!!

Comment by BoBo

Love it, love it…….only one little problem I cannot read the comments above to small and faded….I use internet explorer.

Comment by Mo'a Pretty Kitten Heels

You certainly are talented with templates Miz B! Don’t know how you do it.

Comment by kyahgirl

Her Royal Mizziness is one talented web designer – I know first hand. I agree this is hip & chic and we’re dancing the dance electric in Studio 54.

It may just be my love of trees throwing my bias, but I kinda liked the intimate social gathering in the park feel the trees lent. Am I allowed to admire the talent and effort of Catty but prefer the trees?

Comment by Sar

I feel fab just being here! Audacious! Excllent!

Hey BoBO – hip by association baby! Now move on over while I dance the dance electric in the new digs.

Love the envelope pushing.

MizB: Simply said – Magnifique!

Comment by g

Looks good. Not sure about the picture with the lines of Coke though. I thought I was the ONLY drug in the Park? Are we still the park?

Still because I’m teachin’ the nephew new things (what’s an auntie for) I shall wiggle in my chair and go “Sha’ sha’ sha'” The best part of the lesson Monday night was when he went “bootay.” I’m, like, the best auntie…ever.


Comment by Little Blue Pill

Wow. I had to check the addy to make sure I was in the right spot. 🙂 chic, hip, flashy, and sassy! Nice job Miz B!

I like LaChappelle’s work mostly for its uniqueness. It certainly is unlike anything else on earth.

Comment by cj

LBP: look closer… those are lines of diamonds, not coke!

Mo’a: i agree the comments are kind of small, wonder if there’s a way to increase the font size…

we’re all about the tweaking! hopefully a changing face/template will keep everyone guessing and/or snarking, as we all dance the DANCE ELECTRIC! (fo’ sho’!!) xoxo

Comment by snuppy

I hopped in a few times earlier and kept getting distracted by LaChapelle’s work. I’ve gone through his website and wow!

MizB, I am humbly electrified and funkified. Any more “fied” and I might have to be revived.

Like cj, I logged in and went, “Err..lemme see what the addy says here…” My g-strings in stilettos look would fit in here, methinks.

Now, where is the bar in this place?

GG x

Comment by good girl

I am glad I wasn’t the only one who thought that was lines of coke and thought “Hummmm”. However, I don’t think I’d snort lines of diamonds either. 🙂 I’ll wear them, happily, really I will.

Comment by cj

Hola everybody! What a party and thanks most certainly all for dancin’ it up! Sizzlin’!

Yes my dear Mo’a, the font is too small for my liking but this is not like Blogger where the template is accessible! I alas, have no control! What you can do with IE is make the font bigger on your browser and that should do it! I think, if I remember correctly, that an option may be there for that under View or Tools! But if I figure out font control here, your request shall be my demand!

LBP, yes they are diamonds but the pic is unfortunately too small for that to show so I may need to tweak at the banner and replace it! What do you think Snuppy?

I teach tonight and the lil’ bohemians are getting restless but I will be back for some more dancing with the fine likes of y’all! So come on and get those threads going!

For example, I LOVE how David LaChapelle pushes the boundaries and laughs in the face of conventional, repressive societal mores. I think his work really speaks to me because of the fact that I had quite the repressed past and had to work hard to get past it that to see something so unabashed, so tacky in such a gloriously unashamed way just makes my soul soar and speaks volumes to me. As an artist, he is brilliant and truly knows how to work with both the male and female body and make the beauty that is there just shine. *sigh* Methinks I have an artist’s crush on the man!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Oooh diamonds! Sweet! I can’t look closer. It doesn’t let me and putting my face against the monitor gave me a headache. *pout*

I had to increase the text size too with my browser.

Still sha’ing though.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

GORGeous! And nipples to boot! Can’t get any better than that, right?

So, blogger is effing up again. Expect a deluge ladies;-)

Comment by Big Red Joy

aieeee! i was looking at the other site… and accidentally clicked on the wrong thing…. don’t mind me. i’ll fix this. or Miz BoheMia will. shit shit shit!!! (snuppy)

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Miz B is on it! Moi! and then off I go to work!

Comment by One Hot Puppy

thank god! am i stupid… or just a maroon? (both, methinks!) thank you dear bohemian!! xoxox (snuppy)

Comment by One Hot Puppy

No worries sweet soul sistah! I just loooves you and am glad I was hanging out! (Lurking has its rewards I see!) Besos to my fave snuppy! Mizzy B…

Comment by One Hot Puppy

today, please spell panic s.n.u.p.p.y. sigh i’ll stay out of the dashboard for awhile. and thanks again!! (perhaps more coffee is in order for me. and a shower. maybe a bite to eat.) xoxox

Comment by snuppy

so, does Blogger go down on wednesdays on purpose? what the hell is up with that? (she wondered, in hopes no one would notice that she messed up the new banner… throwing the entire universe in a momentary tailspin, until calmer, more bohemian minds could prevail/restore order)…

Comment by snuppy

It’s every Wednesday fo’ sho’, Snuppy. It’s pissing me off. What? I’m supposed to work? Pfft.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

hey, if nobody else wants those lines


Comment by FirstNations

Blogger is sucky right now. Guess I’ll just HAVE to be lazy and not blog 🙂 Ahhh…lurking now.

GG x

Comment by good girl

“It may just be my love of trees throwing my bias, but I kinda liked the intimate social gathering in the park feel the trees lent. Am I allowed to admire the talent and effort of Catty but prefer the trees?”

by Sar July 19th, 2006 at 10:28am

i second that emotion! wwss!!

btw, i like the display of the time stamp along with the date stamp. wwss!!

Comment by canine karen

I’m with the stiletto on this one.
Spice is nice, but I, I, I miss de trees too
(sniff sniff) Does that make me terribly unhip and unworthy of sizzle?

Comment by logo™

de best thing about design is debate! that’s what we’re here for! no one in the park fears change (we sure as heck don’t, and we know you guys don’t either!) so we’ll keep playing around until we all love (love, i tell you, LOVE!) the template. or not. as long as we keep talking about it–and having fun in the process–i’m happy! oh, and last time i looked, sizzle comes in many forms…(fo’ sho’!!) you should see how hot i am in my “jakes dry goods” tee-shirt and running shorts. okay, maybe “hot” is too strong a word, but, at least joel thinks i look cute! (just sayin’…) xoxoxo

Comment by snuppy

OK! No more coke snorting ideas! She was snorting diamonds, DIAMONDS I SAY! I could not longer sin by distorting the great LaChapelle’s art so Uma is up and Drew Carey is what’s for dinner! YUMMY! (That one’s for you my dear and beloved Snuppy whom I ADORE and LOVED TALKING TO AND MAN WAS I BUMMED I HAD TO STOP!!! I WANT MORE!!!)

*GASPETTY GASP* There is dissent in the park? Y’all don’t find this FAB? MY HEART! MY EARS! MY EYES! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s cool! I guess… *bohemian walks away, head down, disheartened, sobbing, SOBBING I SAY!*

How’s that for guilt? Ha, ha, ha, haaa!

Hey! Bohemians gotta have some fun too! FO SHO!

Oh! And dearest Snuppy get down with yo bad self! You have got the lingo down cold! Sizzlin’!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Adrian – change of plans. Not having falafel, Drew Carey instead. I loved the Uma picture – that’s the one that caught my eye originally.

I too love the park, but some days it’s nice to be in a gallery or a coffee shop or a beach or a…

Lampshade out! (love that MizCatyummy so I borrowed it).

On the road, hasta luego amigos! I’m off to Jewtopia (an off Broadway play) if we can get a babysitter as it was last minute hook.

Comment by g

when I saw the lines of coke diamonds I thought

She’s got Diamonds in the holes of her nose. I am feeling so post modern today

Comment by The Village Idiot

G, borrow anything you like! You, my dear, are a beloved of bohemians! BELOVED I TELL YOU! Enjoy your night out and live it up with much spunk! Oooh! Sizzlin’!

VI~ Post modern? Fabulous indeed!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

whoo hoo! i love that Uma picture, too! and the Drew Carey pic, as well (i may be a vegetarian, but i can still appreciate the sight of a funny man roasting on a spit!)

ah… wish i could chat about Post modernism, alas, i can’t. mostly because i don’t know much about it, but also because i’ve got 3 (count ’em three) puppies who’ve decided dinner time is NOW! (they’re worse than my kids)…

CYM… you’ve been a creatively busy little BoheMian today… and i think everyone appreciates the Funk you’ve put forth! truly, you are the DANCE ELECTRIC! and it’s just one of the MANY reasons we all love and admire your funkified/spunkified self!! xoxoxoxox

by the way, like CK, i do like the fact that there’s a time stamp on this template… i think it’s fun to know when you kids are around… know what i mean, jelly beans?? 🙂

Comment by snuppy

gosh kids… all’s quiet in the park tonite. too much excitement, eh? well, Rockstar was pretty interesting. sort of. kind of. (not really.) and i doubt it will be until 6 or 7 more people get kicked off… even then, the only one i want to win is Delana. so… you know, that’s about as exciting as it got around here. how ’bout you guys?? care to share? (make it fast, tho’, cuz i’m going to bed!) xox

Comment by snuppy

Oh my! No partying anymore? No more soul sizzle? The SIN of it all, THE SIN I SAY!


Oh well, I’d best tidy up and get ready for another rollercoaster ride of a day with little bohemians! Night night amigos!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

How things have changed over here. There is a new template and everything looks so nice and neat over here. A wonderful job well done and all my best from germnay. Can#t wait to get back and re-join this snarking!

Comment by Monika

I should have know it wa sthat Bohemian at work. The one with all that boodylicious energy floating about!
Well done!

Comment by Monika

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