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Friday Friends Fiends by Snuppy
Friday, 21 July 2006, 12:53am
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*slight and insignificant update **slighty more significant update

OH, we know what you’re thinking… another long, drawn out post to read/absorb/comment on. Well you couldn’t be more wrong. We aren’t in the mood to write, let alone read. So we’re just gonna let you watch MAKING FIENDS, an oddly entertaining animated series about a creepy little girl who likes to make fiends, while another one makes friends. Funny and fiendish. Win–Win. (not to worry, this is cute/clever AND child friendly)

*JUST so’s ya know: you don’t have to watch this video series in order to comment! Making Fiends is just a means for amusing yourselves… at your leisure. (assuming you haven’t all found other means for amusing yourselves today that we don’t want to hear about and/or know.)

**ORIGINALLY we wanted to share a different link with you today, which we had seen on Sweetney.com (one of our (my) favorite sites). But last night it was nowhere to be found. Now, we’re happy to report, it’s been relocated and can be viewed HERE. It’s cool, and a whole lot shorter than Making Fiends (for those who might want to savor that series over the weekend). Not to worry, it’s still cute/clever/kid friendly… in a really cool real-people-in-a-stop-action-Space-Invaders-video-game-reenactment kind of way. Enjoy.

~ snuppy


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I am first – that’s because no work today. Visiting day at camp and the little rugrats haven’t yet awoken! Okay, I even got to watch one episode of Making Friends! Oh, I love it (and the kids will too). Funny, Charlotte reminded me of a certain little snuppy a, puppy as a little girl (even before she got to the part that said “We’re going to be the best of friends” to Vendetta! Would that make me Vendetta?

You find the best stuff NBFF!

Comment by lampshadelady

How fiendishly clever…you’ve provided me with something to do at work today. Sigh. I’m not going to get anything done, am I?


Comment by Little Blue Pill

Dammit! I am so going against the Loverboy and watching it! Then again, he has to check it first! I decided to listen to an audio post of Alice’s and the computer froze! DAMN! I panicked, did a hard shut down and so far it is ok and Loverboy is none the wiser! You think I told him? Ha, ha, haaaa! Now THAT’S funny!

Witholding information he has no clue about is NOT lying, is it? Bah! So what? I gotta be bad somehow!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

the pathetic thing about this video series is that my 25 year old son showed it to me and he and i watched most of it together (see what i mean about “child friendly”?). i know it’s silly… but it’s addictive!

i figured you needed some *good* entertainment today, Jenna! besides, i knew you’d appreciate the creativity/presentation of this work (that’s what you’ll tell your boss, right?)xox

and, NBFF, i’m guessing you were the coolest girl on campus and had more friends than ANYONE!! still… for today, we could be NEW/NEUROTIC BEST FIENDS FOREVER, right? (no work today? cool. joel’s taking today AND monday off. i think we’re calling it our “vacation”.) xox

Comment by snuppy

CYM! didn’t see you there, girlfriend! i think this site is safe… she (the gal who created it) doesn’t have any advertising. actually, i think my son told me she does work with the South Park dudes… she’s got that kind of cute-meets-dark sense of humor! i’ve spent a lot of time watching this, with no troubles (i try to make sure the stuff we put up is safe…tho’ that’s not always possible) hopefully, loverboy will appreciate the fact that you can (if you like) sit the kids in front of this and keep ’em occupied for awhile today! (i’d only worry if either one wants to start “making” fiends!) xoxo

Comment by snuppy

Morning everyone…haven’t watched the video yet but based on comments looking forward to it. A blessed couple of days off making for a long weekend! Very happy.

Comment by BoBo

Thea and I just watched episode 1. 🙂 I fell in love with that giant hamster when he cut the ropes on the swing. God how I wished I had a hamster like that in 1st grade!

Comment by cj

Heck CJ, I wish I hamster like that now!!

Comment by Little Blue Pill

Watched episode 1…love how the internet has allowed the wonderfully creative but deeply disturbed an outlet to express themselves. Loved it.

Comment by BoBo

Well back from visiting day which it ended up pouring rain so the festivities were moved inside whereby we watched Tali watching Nanny McPhee on video. At that point, we waited a little bit and I went in whispered that we would be back for the next visiting day (there weren’t many parents as it turned out).

Anyhoo – good for you two Snuppy and Bobes – a mini vaca – no boys!? Damn (nod to Doug) that’s what I call living. Enjoy yourselves and your time together.

I love that Making Fiends. Snuppy you are the queen of finding these things. Actually nod to your son. We (Tali and I) decided it was good to be a mix of both girls. Charlotte (well she’s nice) and Vendetta (because she seemed smart and dark, always a good mix). We loved the swing part too!

Comment by lampshadelady

LBP: The hamster rocks, but I’m afraid he causes a bit too much trouble. WHO would watch my house, dogs and kids while I am on vacation with a hamster like that. I have a hard enough time getting a sitter! *L*

Comment by cj

Hm…good point. But I’d love to have a rampaging hamster do my bidding for me. I’d be so grr. So very, very grr.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

Well, we got a mention yesterday and missed it,
Darn! But thank you, Blogger is a pill sometimes, it is true.
Oh, and by the way,
DAMN, it s fun to swear at Waking Ambrose!

Comment by logophile

Damn straight Logo.

Comment by lampshadelady

YAY! i’m so happy i found a new link to Human Space Invaders! (it’s what i was initially gonna put up for today… until i couldn’t find it.) anyway, it’s pretty damn cute. tho’ i can’t begin to imagine how long it took to put the thing together!

oh, and Logophile, i’m sorry i didn’t come over and tell you about the link yesterday. totally my bad. that was a very cool necklace, by the way… and i loveloveloved your meme! xoxo (snuppy)

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Human Space Invaders…cute, clever, makes me know that there are many, many people out there with much, much time on their hands, eh?

Comment by BoBo

🙂 Have a good weekend everyone!

Comment by cj

Hey all, just wanted to say thanks to all who came aboard my luxurious yacht today. I tried my best to relegate a certain drinking clan to another deck so as not to impede the comfort zone of everyone else (yours truly included). That aside, it was fun thanks in great part to you all! MizB, you’ve been sorely missed you hot party mamma!

This thing will continue through the weekend. So that means Bobo, you’ll have your bbq (good call!), G you can conga away, snuppy we’ll relax as ladies of leisure, and MizB have I mentioned how much you’re missed??

Love to all!!!

Comment by Sar

Sar! You’ve just been rocking the place since your return from vacation! And you know me in my lampshade – only too happy to conga along. OOooh in port over the weekend, well I’ll be back. Which means I better go rest up!

Good night all – sleep tight!

Comment by lampshadelady

night all.

Comment by BoBo

nite nite. xox

Comment by snuppy

Oh no! Everyone’s in bed now! Well, nighty night to all and Sar, I miss you too my dear! I just have not been home to come and party it up but I will try to sneak in a dance or two fo sho! Besos to all!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

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