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Sunday Schlumps by Snuppy
Sunday, 23 July 2006, 12:06am
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*D’OH!! One of us (me) totally forgot to wish a certain WELL-HEELED LADY (aka, Mo’a) a Happy Birthday… and hope to make up for it by doing so, rightthisminute!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear Mo’a… and may your journey be safe, the wedding grand, and that cake topper (that we can’t wait to see) a spectacular hit with the newlyweds!! 

** ALSO, a certain Mr. Scissorhands, who is married to the one and only fabulous LAMPSHADE LADY, celebrated a birthday yesterday (yes yes we know. we were slow on the uptake… what can we say? we’re… uh… slow), and since we’d like to make sure he’s properly embarrassed by the fact that we all know it was his big day, we think everyone should hop over to her blog and leave a glorious belated birthday greeting! Humor us. The Lampshade is our NBFF, and we’d like to make sure she doesn’t trade us in on a shiny, younger and/or more thoughtful model anytime soon!

WHAT the hell. It’s Sunday. We’re tired. You’re tired. We’re happy to sit in the shade and sip on our morning coffee and/or tea and/or juice, you’re happy to sit in the shade and sip on your coffee and/or tea and/or juice. Maybe chew on a bagel. Maybe tell a dumb joke or two.

“Knock knock”

“Who’s there?”

“No one.”

“No one, who?”

“No wonder we’re gaining weight. All we do is sit around, drink coffee and/or tea and/or juice and chew on bagels.”

HAHAHA…HA…hahaha…ha. Ha? Heh heh. Yep. That’s the caliber of entertainment you’re likely to find around here today, kids. Brace yourselves. We know we are.

~ snuppy 


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i just decided to put up this silliness in lieu of an actual post…but anyone with a better idea should feel FREE and WELCOME to change it to something more interesting and/or fun and/or … uh… er… interesting. did i already say interesting? well, as you can tell… i’m not feeling that way right now. so. you know… this isn’t very…um… interesting.

CYM: hope you’re havin’ a beautiful Sunday…and you did a FABULOUS job with that post yesterday (Saturday)! we’re so proud of you, girlfriend!! (and, pleasepleaseplease feel free to keep it up, anytime. anyday!!) xoxox

LL: hope the “forced” birthday celebration for Scissorhands was joyous/fun! (i feel for ya, NBFF, ‘cuz i love to make a big deal around here, much to joel’s chagrin. i put up signs, balloons, streamers… bake goofy looking cakes. needless to say, there are many sighs throughout the day… and not necessarily sighs of joy and/or contentment!) xoxox

Comment by snuppy

You flatter me my dear Snuppy and I am just glad my clumsiness was able to give you a blogging break for a day! 😉 Have a good rest and here’s to waking up to a peaceful and beautiful Sunday!

As for Bobo’s comment in the previous post! CRAP!!! DAMMIT!!!! I totally FORGOT that Dead Like Me is cancelled and now I am going berserk because at episode 3 I am already goddamn attached and now that I am going into the damn thing deeper I will go through withdrawals and a mourning period when the thing finishes and so… AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!! CRAP!!!

Can you tell I am a little upset! Coño!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

PS~ Your silliness is delightful and this bohemian always thinks of your work as high caliber, HIGH CALIBER I SAY, so do not knock it!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

A quick hello as I hear the kids are stirring…and if they see a knock-knock joke well you know, they’ll try to get in on the action. Scissorhands had a nice birthday inspite of himself. I too love the whole banners, signs – festivities. The weather didn’t cooperate for many outside activities (that’s the beauty of a July birthday – taking it to the streets), but it was a nice day.

Okay, they’re gathering round me now – why don’t you guys get more sleep? Hmm? No. Okay then, have a great day all.

Oh, Snup – Making Fiends is Making Rounds – everyone loves it. Oh I, don’t think I’ll have time to figure out a way to add a banner short of doing a new post, but it’s Mo’a’s birthday today. So Happy Birthday Mo’a.

Comment by lampshadelady

CYM – we feel your “Dead Like Me” pain. We watched reruns of same last night on the SciFi Channel…a truly great show.

Just want to say I’m ready for a break from the cloudy, steamy, muggy, yuk that is this summer thus far. A little good old sunshine would be appreciated…a little dry heat would be welcomed. Okay, not a big deal…just saying.

Comment by BoBo

d’oh! i meant to put up a birthday greeting to Mo’a! i’ll just add an update to the post!

CYM: if you’re starting to feel attached now, just wait until you’ve watched a few more episodes… because oh. my. god. it just gets better and better and BETTER! we re-watched the first 2 episodes last night, and i had forgotten how dark they were. i’m so glad you’re enjoying it (i knew you would!) we’re VERY BITTER that it got cancelled. xoxo

Lampshades! and Ladies! oh my!: i figured Scissorhands would have a great day, in spite of himself, that’s usually how it is for Bobo, too! (right honey??) and i’m really happy the kids like Making Fiends… i thought it was pretty dang clever/cute… and, i wasn’t kidding about watching it with my oldest. pretty fun stuff! (tho’ i worry, cuz i’m often too easily amused, so knowing you like it tells me i still have a shred of entertainment sense left in my frazzled mind!!) hope the weather allows you all to get out today (lots of stormy weather yesterday, eh?) xoxox

Comment by snuppy

Good morning fellow amigos!

Bobo~ Yeah, I am mourning it already and watching it is bittersweet! I seriously wanna go to those damn network execs who don’t know a good thing when it bites them in the ass and knock them upside the head and see if that knocks some damn sense into them! I am shocked at how pure crap survives and stays on when brilliant shows such as Arrested Development, Huff, Dead Like Me, Deadwood… and the list goes on but I am too dead to remember more right now… are being cancelled left and right! WTF?

As for the heat, I hear ya! Same here! It is so bad that even by just sitting you sweat and I think it may be a factor behind the sinus congestion that has crept back in. I can barely move the damn head! I never thought I would actually miss SF weather! Go figure! I must be getting older fo sho! Ay! 😉

Snuppy~ I keep thinking of you when we watch Dead Like Me! Even Loverboy does because he dowloaded it at your suggestion (brilliant man who remembered in spite of his wife’s amnesiac ways that are so bad that when he asks me for a cup of tea and I walk into the kitchen I completely forget and come back with something for me and nothing for him so yeah… he still forges ahead remembering and there I am, laughing because I keep forgetting even though it probably is not quite the cute trait for him but oh well!)… Reeeeaaaaally try to see It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia! Guaranteed laughs and two of the main actors in it write and direct the show (which also stars Danny Devito)… It is just beyond fabulous and if you cannot get your hands on it let me know because we have copies saved and I will send them to you that is how badly I want you to watch it!!!! Brilliant I tell you and, pardon my French but it is the only way to describe it, fucking funny!!!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Oh! LL, as for b-days both Loverboy and I are of the Scissorhands variety of people. The thought of celebrating mine gives me a heart attack, although I am finally fine with doing so with just my kids and my husband and people I feel close to, such as my cousin A, who always insist on dropping by but an actual official b-day celebration would have me hyperventilating… although I much prefer the attitude of those that can actually celebrate! When it comes to Loverboy and the kids though, I love going all out!

And Snuppy! Lil’ B and I just started watching Making Fiends! She loves it and thinks it funny and thinks Vendetta very mean and Charlotte is a trip! Me like!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy


It’s TGSNWM time…we are so predictable that as soon as we enter the S’bucks now we hear them yell out our order…kinda like “Cheers” where everybody knows your name, except I’m pretty sure they snicker about our lack of imagination privately.

Comment by BoBo

CYM I have both seasons of DLM on DVD. I was deeply depressed when they cancelled it last summer. 🙂 Although SciFi is picking it up it will be editied …. Its SAD I say CYM. I swear they only cancel good shows.

Comment by cj

The clouds have parted and we are having a wonderful afternoon. Just back from our walk I am coming to you from our back deck…70 + degrees and sunny…very little humidity. BoBo (the real one) sitting to my right and Max (the beardie) to my left…sipping coffee…ahhhhhhh!

Comment by BoBo

CJ, glad you agree with all us DLM lovers, although I am new to the club I must admit!

Lucky you Bobo! Still crazy warm here althoug it being evening we probably have the same temps now, late in the evening as you do there in the afternoon at the moment! It was hotter last night at midnight!

Well, off I go to sleep my sinus infection in the livingroom, with the terrace door open, quiet and a cool breeze. In spite of the pain that comes with movement, it makes being off kid duty for the night almost worth it!

Buenas noches!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

It’s nice back here on your deck 🙂

Well thank you for the birthday greeting mention on behalf of Scissorhands – he’s somewhere eating leftover birthday cake and well I don’t want him to be lonely so I’ll have to go eat a piece with him.

Bobo/NBFF: Since I am sure you both have been catching this “lovely” freaky summer storms weather, today was such a nice change. We were out for the day and are just settling in for the evening activities. Think a video with the kids.

Enjoy the rest of your “mini-vaca” – Sundays are great when they are followed by a no work Monday eh, Bobes?

To everybody else (including you MizCatyummy who is probably sleeping right now) ~ Buenos noches ~ see you tomorrow.

Snuppy, I have to check out the other links, I actually e-mailed Making Fiends to one of my sisters who e-mailed back “fabulous” something like that, so I think you can still consider yourself the arbiter of good taste. Hey you amuse us – that’s all that matters!

Comment by lampshadelady

LL: trust me, amusing you puts me *way* ahead of the game! (heck, i’m happy when i can crack myself up! entertaining you, not to mention your family, is pure gravy!) more links will follow sometime this week (either here or else i’ll e-mail ’em… assuming i actually get into e-mail anytime soon!) nighty nite! xox

Comment by snuppy

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