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D’oh! by Snuppy
Monday, 24 July 2006, 9:35am
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**(update) OH MY! We didn’t realize there was a need to respond to something earlier today, when we slept in and then posted the post that we posted. But it seems The STILETTO has been nominated for a Best of Summer Blogging honor (Best Political Blog), and needs our help. We are nothing, if not accomodating and/or respectful of someone’s Shameless Request for Support. So get your asses over there and VOTE! 

*   ~   *   ~   * 

WE didn’t mean to, but, somehow, we managed to oversleep this morning. Apparently, we’re in some kind of alternate universe summer vacation mode, in which “vacation” = 4 day weekend. Sigh. Still, it was pretty sweet.

We hope the rest of you are having, thus far, a wonderful Monday. Oh, and, speaking of d’oh!, we hope by showing you the following video you’ll be reminded that, no matter how messed up things might get at work, chances are you’ll never feel as bad as this guy did, especially after investing 132 hours on THIS ONE PROJECT. Enjoy. We know we did.

~ snuppy


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Poor guy…it’s why I’ll never be an ice sculptor or brain surgeon…one false move and whamo! No second chances.

Comment by BoBo

I literally gasped in horror!

What’s this? I’m first here too? Is there something going on that I don’t know about?

Comment by Little Blue Pill

Okay…not first. I was beaten by a minute! Phew. This first business is freaky.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

Sorry LBP…we can be 1 and 1a?

At least this guy has pictures, right? video evidence that he did it. The truth is an ice sculpture is very short term by it’s very nature so he did it, recorded it…not so bad really…I guess.

Comment by BoBo

Still, it’s one thing for it to melt.

It’s another to not calculate how heavy your sculpture’s going to be. You could even see the slight hesitation before he lopped off the last post. Should’ve gone with the gut.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

The old coulda, woulda, shoulda…

Comment by BoBo

Bloggrrrrrr is driving me nuts!!


Comment by Little Blue Pill

Yes! It is having one of its bad days.

Comment by BoBo

Oh the poor guy! All that work, you’d think he’d have just kept the supports. Being a perfectionist is a curse. I’ve suffered the same affliction (uh, the detriments of being a perfection that is, not crashing into a heap of ice).

And if you’ll permit me a brief moment of shameless promotion, won’t you take a moment to stop by and vote in the caption contest for lil ole me too? Happy Monday all!

Comment by Sar

Sar…who would we be to deny you as much shameless promotion as you would like to offer? Proud to say I have voted (for you, by the way) and will do so repeatedly if they will allow. Best of luck!!

Comment by BoBo

Good Morning Snarkers,

Blogger is loopy today. Hmph. I feel so bad for the sculpter 😦 Even though I knew it was going to collapse, my heart was still beating fast in the “other shoe to drop” way. Poor thing!!


Comment by good girl

The video was pretty funny. I was amazed at how the man with the chainsaw kept his composure. Had that been me you would have heard some colorful language and air would be colored blue.

Comment by cj

I, myself, would have flung myself to the ground screaming “WHY, GOD, WHY???” as I pounded the snow with my fists. Then I would’ve taken the chainsaw and hacked up the big chunks of ice while sobbing “It’s not FAIR. It’s just not FAIR!!!”

Comment by Little Blue Pill

wowie! it’s sure slow around these parts today! oh well… guess that’s what we’ve come to expect from Monday’s right?

i’m with you LBP, i’d have thrown myself down and pounded the earth with my fists… “why? why? WHY??” actually, the first time i saw that video, i was afraid the guy was gonna go off on a pissed-off chinsaw hacking rampage, which would have been horrifying, and slightly entertaining (not really). hee hee! xo

Comment by snuppy

Oh well! I have been expressly banned, BANNED from You Tube! DAMMIT!!!

Yeah, it is very slow today, which sucks because I like loads of comments here, there and everywhere and there is simply no action in the blogosphere! Hey, going back to the clumsy subject, I hurt my shoulder now! *sigh* And the dumbest part is I have no clue how! So in go the needles now! Oh crap! There comes a large intestine point on my hand which means I can type and since my intestines energy is blocked this is gonna hurt! Ah! And I so wanted to hang out! Well, off I go!

Wooh to da hooh and blah, blah, blah! 😉

My way of saying hola on this badly slow day! Hey, blogger was off?

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

That was supposed to be can’t but hey, it turns out I can! YAY!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Thank you Snuppy and Bobo! And the rest of you too – it’s good to have friends in snarky places. 🙂

And oh no, MizB! I hope your shoulder feels better and your engergy is realigned soon.

Blogger was awfully buggy today. I wonder if it saw Doug’s word for today.

Comment by Sar

Thank you sweet sistah! It’ll be fine! I tend to always have something injured! Comes with being physical and clumsy all in one! 🙂 So I married the right person for sure! Good luck with the nomination! My vote is already in! Fo sho!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

A very quiet day and night in the park…feel better CYM…night everyone.

Comment by BoBo

i’ll second that emotion! (to feel better, CYM and nite-nite everyone!) oh, and unless i miss my guess… the Lampshade Lady will be weighing in here in the morning! and, no, not to tell us that she tips the scales at a svelt 107 (which she probably does) no, that was my very lame attempt at a “teaser”… (gee, and i used to be so good at those, too.)

sigh. say goodnight, dick.

Comment by snuppy

Good night dick. and feel better MizB – don’t sleep on that shoulder.

Comment by One Hot Puppy

That’s me – I’m not a puppy, I’m a lamp! d’oh!

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Ha, ha, haaaa funny people appear when the bohemians sleep! Good night to everyone!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

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