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Ax Pansi! by Snuppy
Tuesday, 25 July 2006, 9:56am
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FOR those of you not acquainted with Pansi of Naked Gymnastics 4 Jesus (NG4J) fame, I provide this link ASK PANSI.  Mrs. Weirsdo is the genius behind THE PANSI FILES, and she writes a blog which is largely about Pansi and from what I can tell–anti-captists, drug addled parents and the Mall Diva.  That is a gross understatement but testament to how much I need to learn.  I have discovered her through that tastemaker Doug at WAKING AMBROSE and have never looked back. 

Pansi, whom you may have seen commenting ever so rarely at Doug’s, is the star of Naked Gymastics for Jesus (NG4J) and writes an advice column “Ask Pansi”.  With all of that on her plate, I can see why we don’t see much of her (except when we go to Ask Pansi and she’s well, naked).   I offered her up our list of questions recently presented by one of the Snark pals, Spin Cycle, who offers up her Spin on Things HERE.

The various NG4J members weighed in on the question, “What is your favorite season?”.  This gave me a bit more of a behind the scenes look at these gymnasts and somehow I felt better about my own life after catching up with them which is largely the effect The Pansi Files has on me.  As always, I scratch my head and say “Thanks Pansi”! 

Mrs. Weirsdo has also penned a novella appropriately titled, Mrs. Weirsdo’s NovellaFamily Values.  In this mixed up muddled up shook-up world, the fact that it is not yet published is a cause worth taking up and can be found HERE.

If you are already acquainted with Pansi’s crew, by all means please weigh in and give us some insight.  If not, head on over and don’t come back without a skip in your step.  And as always, remember to “Ask Pansi”!

~ lampshadin’ lady 


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OOOoooohhh! I get to be first? FUNKIFIED!

Well, I checked out the link to the seasons question and um… I will have to get to know the place better and… I am too frazzled to have an intelligent opinion but being a lover of boobies and nudity I say wooh to da hooh!

How is that for some deeply intelligent weighing in?

For now!

In the meanwhile I have a licorice-eating-naked-little-boy-who-so-far-has-had-no-accidents-but-that-was-on-his-father’s-watch-and-now-that-his-father-is-napping-lord-knows-where-he-will-poo-or-pee-so-I-am-scared-SCARED-I-TELL-YOU kid on my hands so… *sigh*

I wanna sleep!

That is my jumbled goodmornning to all and to you dear G, LL, I say FAB post fo sho! FO SHO!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

As you can see by my colorful hat. I am quite well aquainted with Pansi. However, she is working with me to make my spelling much better. Right now, my spelling is atrocious.

Comment by The Village Idiot

Hm…if I Ask Pansi, can she fix my ibook?

Damn it.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

Yes VI – that would make sense although not a requisite to Pansi’s writing. That’s very charitable of her to help with your spelling, but may I gently offer this extra copy of Merriam Webster?

LBP: Anything’s possible – just ask her.

Comment by g

After reading Pansi I find myself dazed, confused, and very entertained. This first day back to work from the long weekend requires some outside entertainment, believe me.

Comment by BoBo

i love The Pansi Files! and i’m SO GLAD you reminded us about NG4J… i can’t believe we’ve been missing out on all this good/weird fun, G…you’re the man woman lampshade, seriously, you rock!! oh, and not that you asked (Pansi and/or me), but i thought the Priate thing was hysterical, too!

now i have to read the novella. so little time… so many great blogs, sometimes it’s tough to keep up. sigh xox

Comment by snuppy

BoBo – perfect – everything I look to convey in a recommendation! Take it easy 1st day back – oh! and Congratulations on your Trifecta at Sars! (note to self – kicks Snuppy under table – must get banner going!)

We all need reminders about where our focus should be from time to time, myself included. On the novella, I still have to finish so I may just have to go the old fashioned route and ahem – print it.

Comment by g

Yes, I myself need to get back and catch up on the Pirates!

Comment by g

Thanks a lot, G. That was way more than Pansi deserved. Btw, Pansi and I also weighed in on the first topic (why men can’t find buttocks) last week here.

Comment by weirsdo

Where’s my comment?! I was here earlier and left it! Who misplaced it? *lifts and looks under the magazines and cushions to no avail* waaaa.

As I said, that Pansi is quite the character. Or maybe she’s surrounded by characters. Hmmm. And let’s just say Weirsdo knows more than a thing or two about more than a thing or two.

Comment by Sar

There! Now let’s hope my comment sticks this time. 🙂

Comment by Sar

Something screwey with the comments, but I think we’re okay now.

Weirsdo, I am only here as a divining rod to help share the joy. Now, let me go check out the other answer.

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Will I ever get the hang of this Wizard of Oz behind the curtains manuevering? That was me a lamp – not a puppy weighing in above.

Comment by g

LOL! Dammit. Why do we always get homework before we can comment here? 😛

*GG bows and humbly obeys*

Will be back.

GG xo

Comment by good girl

Because it makes us feel so powerful – ha! Alternately, you can just comment and go do your homework. Oh – you did. Good Girl.

Comment by g

i think you wear that curtain well, NBFF… and it looks stunning with that jaunty shade on your head. (one of the nice things about this template is that it doesn’t broadcast in screaming orange whenever one of us is logged on/commenting)

hmmm. have i paid bills yet? picked up my car? checked to see if the water’s through draining in the basement? no. i have not. guess i’d better get busy… sigh xoxox

Comment by snuppy

I’m so glad I popped by the Snark!
Mrs. Weirsdo’s novella is an awesome read and I encourage you all to go read it. Tom and Icy and Doug’s comments throughout it really add another dimension to the story.

Pansi is a bit of a tart but I like her too. 🙂

Comment by kyahgirl

Snuppy: Paying bills – so overrated. Oh and I saw you had some water problem on Joel’s post that I need to get back over to, but first (and speaking of paying bills) I really need to earn my keep…

Kyack! So true on the novella (the comments really helped me to see things in another dimension).

I must stick up for Pansi here – after she emulated your purple butt? That’s the thanks she gets being called a tart? She is though isn’t she?

Comment by g

Yeah, but adorable in her own egotistical, bossy fashion. I love how she embraced the whole ‘perple buttox’ thing 🙂

Comment by kyahgirl

pansi… is that anything like the chokeberry,’brilliant red’and spiraea – goldmound that i’m so-excited-to-plant-but-it’s-too-damn-hot-right-now!?! 🙂


Comment by canine karen

We just got home from eating out at a Mexican restaurant… the type where the burrito needed to be eaten with a knife and a fork and yeah, I did try it out with my hands and no go…

I never liked it and today a huge, HUGE craving happend but yeah… will only say that I am a bloated fool, FOOL, in deep pain,, PAIN! That stuff’s gotta come with instructions! I have learned that if hot food goes in one end it will come out the other so mild was the way to go.

Yep, I am wise beyond my years!

And in keeping with today’s post, no nudity for me until this alien invasion of my stomach goes down! Funkified!

Oy! 😉

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Oh and that means that I am now a pained convert. Me likey la comida mejicana fo sho!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

“Kyack”, I believe that was quite an honor conferred upon you.

CK: Well let’s just say, if you had Pansis like this growing in your garden, people would definitely come to admire. But don’t take my word, WWSS on over…

MizB – Would that more aptly be, ahem wise beyond your rears? I could not help it, I just couldn’t!

Comment by g

Oh, I mean Catty Yummy! Well you knew!

Comment by g

Ha, ha, haaa! Funny lady make-a me laugh!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Okay – kids have fun – I’m pulling the plug, but don’t worry, it’s still light out here.

Ciao for now.

Comment by g

adios amiga! i’ve been everywhere but here today… but since my brain is in a “hold” pattern, that’s probably worked out for the best! i’m gonna work my way through mrs. weirsdo’s wonderful novella–tho’, like you, i may have to resort to (*gasp*) paper (i am a fan of the environment, but i do like to carry my reading materials around with me, and until joel buys me that new MAC, which, thanks to jenna i now MUST HAVE, i’ll just print up a few pages and take it from there!) hopefully i’ll get a chance to say hi & bye to everyone else later tonite! xoxo

Comment by snuppy

I am regularly insulted by Pansi, she does doesn’t understand how I managed to end up with purple hair when EVERYONE knows perpl buttox are the way to go.
Back in the mist of time I took a quiz which indicated I most closely identified with Doo doo girl, a drugged out parent, I’ve felt much better about my caffeine addiction ever since.

Comment by logo™ aka Mrs. Loco

I am a creative artist tipe person!!!!
(but I also think pansi is a bit of a tart dont tell her i said so!!!!!)
Mrs. Weirsdo says thanks to all for kind words about “The Pansi Files” and Novella, whoever she may be!

Comment by Doo-Doo Girl

Snuppy ~ Just pass it on when you’re finished reading and you won’t feel so bad.

Mrs. Loco! I wanted to mention you today as it was your giving Pansi the G string that was my intro to the Pansi Files. That’s what I mean, so much rich history!

Doo-Doo Girl – Please tell Mrs. Weirsdo, it has been out pleasure to have you all as guests here in the Snark and we hope you do come back, but if have a question we all will Remember! to ASK PANSI!

Comment by lampshadelady

hello? am I late? is anybody still here?

Comment by joel

i totally agree, LL!! in fact, i’m thinkin’ “Ask Pansi” should be a regular feature here! (seriously) i have questions… questions that need to be answered. desperately! and if PANSI’s willing… i’m ASKING (this makes sense in my head, where everything is making sense to day, as opposed to in the blogosphere, where all my words become strange and disconnected and… um… nonsensishly stupid) still… an Ask Pansi day sounds like a mighty fine suggestion to me! (where’s that suggestion page when we need one?)

why yes. i am tired. and i just made up the world’s dumbest birthday song for my older sister, which i sang in my dumbest younger-sister-making-fun-of-her-big-sister voice, and i am exhausted. tomorrow is another day… another shot at blogging and/or not quite getting around to blogging but reading everyone else’s blogs and feeling that much more inadequate. oooh. can’t wait! xoxox

Comment by snuppy

oops, honey! yes… you’re late. now turn off the computer and come to bed. (unless the Dodgers are winning, in which case you can stay up a bit longer… since that’s become a bit of a rarity these days) xoxo

Comment by snuppy

Joel, I mean Bobo – it was beginning to get a little creepy in the snark, even with my lamp on. Have a good night to you and Neva and to all our friends in the Snark.

Congrats again on your Trifecta at Sar’s. Oh and Snuppy – a perfect 100 at Mrs. Loco’s – I get around, I find out things. You two are quite the Blogebrities! Good for you!

Comment by lampshadelady

Ohh Snuppy – who gets 100’s on Mrs. Loco’s quizzes, who has a fine singing voice, who basically runs this place on her own and goes and culls whatever’s worthwhile for us slugs? You do! Now no more talk of inadequacy – I just won’t have it! Looks around – you want to see inadequate – go check out Doo-Doo girl. You better submit that question to Pansi about guesting every now and again, but now you all know where to find her!

Now off to bed with all of us – Night!

Comment by lampshadelady

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