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Hump Hump Harrumph by Snuppy
Wednesday, 26 July 2006, 9:04am
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WE know it’s hump day. So we figured we’d take it easy on ourselves you and provide a few fellow-blogger links, in case you’re wondering what our your friends are up to. Not that you have to read anyone else’s blog, mind you, but then, neither do we. But if none of us read any of us… what’s the point? Ooooh. This makes our head hurt. We’re gonna keep this short, maybe give you a few more links tomorrow. Maybe not.

WAKING AMBROSE (because this blog is his pimp. or bitch. we can’t remember) is featuring the gifted and/or lovely and/or we are knocked out by how busy she is and yet she’s so stinkin’ talented we can hardly stand it, DDDRAGON as his guest, so race over there and tell her how wonderful she is. Then get out of our way, because we hope to suck up get closer to her in order to garner ourselves one of her fabulous pieces of artwork and/or admission into that talented Pez family.

BELLE of the BRAWL is featuring “denial” as her inspirational word today, thanks to the latest post by the adorable and/or clever BOBO, who writes about a water-damaging incident that is in no way embarrassing to anyone associated with this blog. (Oh, and while you’re over there, would it kill you to click on the link in her side-bar and vote for her in the Best of Summer Blogs contest?)

SIMPLY SAID has a simply divine post up about life in the fast lane and/or beat up cadillacs. We found it inspiring.

AFTERTHOUGHTS has more than a few (thoughts) on Reality TV (Big Brother, Jenna? Really?). Not to mention construction workers. Not that any construction workers are on Big Brother (that we know of) but, well, you know. We’re talkin’ about Jenna here.

And, finally (for today, mind you) CJ IS BLOGGING about preparations for celebrating her 30th birthday (hint: Las Vegas). Part of the fun of checking in on CJ (the most All-American looking blogger on the planet, we suspect) is that she changes her template as often as her baby’s diapers. Sort of.

Hopefully this is enough for you kids for today. If not, well, what can we say? Bite us. We’re sorry.

~ snuppy


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Thanks for the plug Snups…good to know that I can inspire my fellow bloggers to live in the state of denial…and I was worried about a higher purpose for my life.

Comment by BoBo

and you thought it was to sit around and drink TGSNWM’s with me, while our puppies lay at our feet. (or are we at their feet? i can never remember) xoxo

Comment by snuppy

Ditto on the thanks Snup. Now I better go proofread what I put up at midnight. Bobo – your post was particularly inspiring to me because it made me relax ever so slightly into my own denial and for that I must thank you. But congrats on being an inspiration at Sar’s.

This post is a really nice idea – you being the beat reporter is a real service.

Have a good day all.

Comment by g

Laughing Snup – just saw your comment.

Comment by g

Oooh a plug in the park.

Don’t forget the praying to the Computer Gods. Oh there’s lots of that now.

Every girl should begin their day with 30 construction workers bending over to touch their toes. Really. It’s awesome.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

Bobo: It was a great post. I think that we all have things we go into denial about, and its certainly a topic each of us relate to. I have a good set up for household issues that come up. I mention it to my dad and he zooms down the next day to fix it. (He lives 3 hours away.)

snuppy: Thanks for the mention. Actually I was updating the page when you visited. 🙂 I’m all american looking? Amazingly enough my class voted me girl next door – which I think is kind of similar.

Alright I am off to read the other links!!

Comment by cj

I have read Bobo’s post and made it in here by a sheer miracle! Our internet connection should be 2MB but this being Spain is a little higher than a regular modem’s which means our laptop has not turned pages all day… only sporadically so… which means I was unabel to comment over at Bobo’s, nor have I been able to post, nor have I been able to answer emails… *sob me a river* this sucks! Let’s see if the page turns for this to friggin’ post!

So hello, goodbye, and I will be back later, hopefully to a functioning connection/laptop/day and for now, off I go to teach! Besos to all and blog on!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

G’s post is fantastic.

it’s like bonnie raitt singing unacompanied. blogblues. blognoir.

go read it.

Comment by FirstNations

If only I had taken more than two guitar lessons from that nun. I’m blushing under this lampshade, but am very honored by your ringing endorsement. Thanks FN.

MisCatyummy – Thought you were a little quiet today. I just realized Snuppy may be out and about and I have not been able to come check on the fountains and such in the Snark today. Started to make rounds and it was abruptly stopped by – WORK. Haven’t they read my memo?

cj – you all american girl you – when’s the big 3 – 0? Happy planning, will be by this evening (if you need anything fromt the store, let me know on the way over).

LBP – still dreaming of her construction workers…

Ciao for now folks, just a quick hi and goodbye!

Oh and Let’s GO METS!!! My daughter is at her first Mets game at Shea with her camp group. Hey I know how to jump on a bandwagon and get brushed up. When she asked me who my favorite Met was, I replied “uhh – Darryl Strawberry? Lennie Dykstra?”. Then I russled up my METS caps from the 80’s and she wore it to the game. Hope it brings luck.

Grooving on a Wednesday afternoon…

Comment by g

FirstNations: agreed. it is a thing of beauty. so are the pictures you’ve posted today (actually, i guess those are “things of beauty”… especially those tomatoes. okay, Goonybird looks mighty sweet, too!)

CJ: All-American Girl/Girl Next Door… a blond-haired beauty from Minnesota by any other name still looks like you!

CYM: dios mio!! first your sinuses… then those needles in your face… *then* the shoulder trouble …NOW a shitty internet connection?? will your suffering NEVER end?? (hee hee! sure wish i was there takin’ those classes with you, girlfriend!!) xox

Comment by snuppy

having just finished a two hour conference call I fear my head may explode…just needed to drop by to decompress for a moment. My ear hurts. Can’t believe it’s after 4pm…glad to be sure, but geez, talk about taking a bite outta your day.

Comment by BoBo

Thanks for the link love Snuppy! Sar’s superdelicious pancakes coming right up for the hot puppy.

BoBo, a 2 hour conf call? Yeesh! You need a speaker phone my friend. Tell the boss Sar says so.

Please tell me I didn’t just refer to myself in the third person not once but twice! Oy vey. Well for those interested, Sar’s voting poll for Sar’s caption contest is finally up at Sar’s place.

Comment by Sar

that’s it! i’m thinking we can’t be sending folks off to read other blogs… no one comes back! or is it just generally quiet in the blogosphere, today? (i’ve been out) still… i noticed a few friends made this week’s caption finalists, Sar (what? you didn’t like my last minute “Beavis & Butthead” joke? it took me all day to come up with that. kind of pathetic, huh? hee hee!)

fine, i’m outta here. time to go pick up my car (one of these days i’ll explain what happened to it when a certain boy #2 got pissed and removed a certain handle from the inside of the door)… then joel & i shall take a walk, and… what? what’s for dinner? hmmmm. let’s see now, could it be… Mexican food?? maybe! hopefully.. (probably) xoxo

Comment by snuppy

It’s true Snup, you give them all of these great leads and nobody returns. I need to make a few rounds before going to bed at a hopefully decent time this evening.

See you all manana ~ have a good night.

Comment by lampshadelady

LL: hasta manana, hermana! so… we’ll crank things up a bit tomorrow, eh? be? see? (get it? a? b? c?…) okay… so we won’t crank it up with hilarity. lemme see what else we’ve got up our sleeves. actually, know what we’ve got up our little sleevies? our little armies! HAHAHAHA! hahaha? ha? h….a? yeah, maybe we *do* know why it’s slow goin’ in the park today! sigh

hope everyone had a GREAT DAY!! Project Runway was good (not that Joel would know, since he slept through it) so… that’s all i’ve got tonite. boring, and yet, pathetic. see y’all tomorrow! 🙂

Comment by snuppy

…actually saw most of Project Runway. Just closed my eyes a couple of times…is that sooo wrong?

Night all.

Comment by BoBo

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