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Wanna Play Hooky? by Snuppy
Thursday, 27 July 2006, 9:07am
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OH how we wish we had time to sit and ponder the finer points of life and/or in the process tell you a few funny jokes (if only we knew some), but we have much to do and little time in which to do it. Golly, wouldn’t it be nice if we all had someone to do stuff for us that we don’t want to do so we could do the stuff we do want to do? We don’t know about you, but if we could afford that, we like to think we’d be out the door and on our way to the zoo and/or museums and/or writing a fabulous post for folks to peruse. Alas, (and alack), we are not in possession of a portfolio that allows for such things. Otherwise you’d be reading the aforementioned fabulous post rightthisminute, instead of a stupid question about what you’d do if you could be doing something besides what you are doing.

So? What would you do if you could be doing something besides what you are doing? (hey, maybe we can’t be doing something fun in real life, but in our heads, we’re havin’ a blast.)

FERRIS BUELLER: “I don’t care if you’re fifty five or seven, everybody needs a day off now and then. It’s a beautiful day. How can I be expected to handle high school?”

~ snuppy


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i, for one, would LOVE to get a manicure/pedicure and have someone massage my achy shoulders. then i’d take a nap. how’s that for a culturally enriching experience? xo

Comment by snuppy

I would be sitting on a balcony overlooking the Atlantic Ocean somewhere around Bar Harbor, ME with a certain Snuppy sitting next to and our dear pups nearby. I would be sipping coffee and eating fresh granola with yogurt and blue berries, while breathing in the sea air, under the spectacularly blue sky… and watching the “Cat” ferry glide across the bay towards Nova Scotia.

Comment by BoBo

okay… that’s much better than mine. (tho’ it’ll take more than a day) so? when do we actually get to do that again? xox

Comment by snuppy

Hm…somewhere with a beach, margaritas, cabana boys, room service and air conditioning.

Wake me when the day is over.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

In the spirit of Ferris Beuller I must say:

“The question isn’t “what are we going to do today?” the question is “what aren’t we going to do today?”” – Ferris Beuller

Its a great question to ponder – isn’t it. Today I have a day with my girls slated for me and an appointment later with our adoption social worker. Honestly I like my days with my kids, even if it means changing diapers, spills, and any other mess that comes along with it. Its not that I don’t like my days or wish I was doing so many other things… its that there are not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything I want to. If I had a few more hours in the day I’d chat more with old friends, which I have been doing a lot of lately. I’d have a happy hour with “the girls” whom are from various times of my life. That’s about all I’d change, just a few more hours thats all….

Comment by cj

hmmm. let me think. i’m rather disturbed because i can’t think of anything right now. ok–one confession, i’d really like to be on a plane on the way to blogher.

another choice–i’d like to stroll down to a sophisticated bar and meet a group of my favorite gal pals (you guys all welcome of course) and drink dirty martinis and snack on seafood appetizers. (this means not being pregnant, of course.)
actually, screw the bar. i want cabanas and sand and turquoise see in this deal too. and a swim-up bar. yup. *that* would be heaven.

Comment by Big Red Joy

I’m playing Ferris style – you got a day, play hookie – Pretend I’m going to work and…head into the city, quick dayspa activity actually sounds good SNupp – meet me downtown at BLiss, lunch with girlfriends, shop around the outdoor vendor types, have an iced latte and head home and have everyone think that I was at work, just a little more relaxed looking and open to their assaults, er love the minute I walked in the door. I feel better already.

Comment by g

It’s a lovely day to be on typepad.

Comment by Walela

Ferris Bueller! “The question isn’t what are we going to do, it’s what aren’t we going to do.” Words to live by I say.

Hmm, if I could be anywhere now and money was no object, I’d be in my beloved France (to bring those who don’t know up to speed, it’s my life’s dream to go there). From touring the Lourve, climbing the Eiffle Tower, and making my way along the Champs-Elysees towards the Arc de Triomphe, to experiencing the castles and vineyards to simply enjoying the pleasures of an outdoor cafe in Paris, oh how I could go and on….*sigh*

In reality, I’ll be taking my girls for a picnic lunch and the Children’s Museum today. Hope everyone enjoys their day both in reality and fantasy.

Comment by Sar

I’d be in San Francisco… moving there… then shopping… then some fun somethin’ somethin’ time with the Loverboy (gotta have that! Why is no one mentioning that??? Y’all need to be perverted a teeny bit more dios mio!), well LOTSA fun somethin’ somethin’s with the Loverboy… and then no cuddling, let me be I WANNA SLEEP FOR A WEEK NO KIDS ALLOWED IN MY BED AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!

As is, I just got up from a nap as Lil’ M shrieked the whole damn night away and the kids and the hubby are swimming and I am debating joining them but maybe not because I can still barely stop looking crosseyed and then I gotta shower… and then shower the kids.. tidy their rooms… give them dinner and ship them off to bed (WOOH!) and it is all so much work and thinking about it well, here I am, like a Zombie, blank expression in face, sitting here and liking my above SF fantasy so much better!

There you go!


Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

If on holiday, I want to be in the country, fresh air, mountains, rural life. ride horses, go kayaking, and rock climb. and then settle down for a massage at mountain-misted spa.

In reality, I would like to be under covers having pillow talk with a loved on, toes touching, gigging and sharing our day. Just breathing in someone else’s calm.

Waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Sniffle. Sob.

Where’s teleportation devices when you need them??

Beam me up,
GG x

Comment by good girl

get on the motorcycle and ride. farms and rivers and stone houses and tall trees, bridges and barns and friendly farmers and the smell of sagebrush and roses. wheatfields. draft horses. people living in old gas stations, dogs living in volkswagens. roll up to a tiny little cafe and eat a hamburger and a chocolate milkshake. cruise around a small town around sunset and wave to the kids.

Comment by FirstNations

I haven’t had any problems with blogger all day. Weird! When is a vacation not a vacation? When you don’t go anywhere. Got one week left though this year, so for a getaway, going to the Keys would be nice.

Comment by Gone to the Dogs ate my Bunny

Hey batta, batta, swiiing batta! Crack pop cheer. My daughter was treated to victory for the hometeam at her first Mets baseball game yesterday. Ah, who care about her, I’m still at the day spa just checking in – little more to the right please…ah that’ll take care of that fitigue.

Comment by g

Apparently the fatigue has caused me to misspel it. And gasp, some disagreement of tense going on, Oy vey!

Comment by g

G – isn’t baseball great!!! except when your team (the Dodgers) have lost 12 out of 13 including 8 in-a-row turning what had been a promising season into swirling straight down the old toilet. Oh well…football training camps opened yesterday. The day spa sounds like an intriguing possibility.

Comment by BoBo

unfortunatly following in “G’s” footsteps…meant to say “…except when your team HAS lost…” (he said suddenly feeling a bit dumb)

Comment by BoBo

Ok, you guys cannot do that because then I will have to start spellchecking my comments (which I didn’t do in my comment at your place Bobo and man did it eat away at me!) and will be going nuts with comment addendums and… I AM OCDish DAMMIT! STOP IT PEOPLE! STOP IT! FOR THE LOVE OF BOHEMIANS EVERYWHERE!

Ok… now I am actually going to spellcheck this comment! *sigh* It has already started! I am doomed, DOOMED I SAY!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

CYM…not to worry…perfect spelling and grammer be damned! Just let ‘er rip without pause or hesitation and I shall do the same. It’s much easier that way, eh?

Comment by BoBo

By the way CYM…feeling better I hope?

Comment by BoBo

Come on over to the day spa Ms. Yumummy, a little soak for the shoulder?

Grammer be damned! I’m nothing without my dicshinary. I still like to use my paperback – just can’t trust that spell check.

Joel, I have the same reaction as when someone writes something in another language – reach for the phone to get a translation. I mean I know the basics, but I didn’t know until the new Met fan was going that they’re actually having a good season.

Comment by g

Still on the mend but at least on my way which is great in my book! Gracias for asking!

G! The spa sounds fab! I am comin’ over right now! *sigh* If only!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Oh and Phew! No pressure then on the whole spelling thing? Funkified!

(You guys surely are sweet to humor that bohemian’s dramatic ways! Oy!… message from the girl behind the mask)

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

I’ve been playing hooky in my office. Youtube is very dangerous. VERY DANGEROUS indeed.



Comment by Little Blue Pill

Oooh! You are naughty! But then again you ain’t the Chief Naughty Sexpot for nothin’!

Sizzlin’ Ladee! Sizzlin’!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

I could be wrong, but I think Snuppy has litterly taken this Hookie thing to heart! And good for her if so.

Comment by g

I found her over at Doug’s! She’s too fatigued to make it here I think.

Comment by g

Yeah! Where she at? Bohemian minds want to know!

(Yeah! I am all ghetto like that!)

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

she’s flying suspiciously below the radar…for sure.

Comment by BoBo

G – are you still at work for crying out loud??

Comment by BoBo

Isn’t that just sick – yes! Clearing up for the commute though.

Comment by g

ya know… i was on my way over here, i really was… and somehow, i just got distracted (what are the odds?) lo and behold, i never quite made it. so, now i’m here, and hopefully bobo will be on his way home soon (you will, right??) and g? i hope you’re racing down the LIE towards your home even as i type! (sorry i missed you, too!! tho’ after that “thud” at doug’s i was a little worried. not enough to call, mind you, but still…)

as for you, CYM? how are YOU?? i didn’t mean to play hooky all day… and i’m sure sorry i missed you, girlfriend! (not to mention *all* you other girlfriends and/or boyfriends, come to think of it!) hope the little ones are not wearing you out too much… stay well and/or sane (yes, do both when at all possible!) xox

did i write a new post today? no. i did not. will i ever do so again? possibly. stay tuned. (or not… okay, stay tuned… but do not, under any circumstances, hold your breath.) xox

Comment by snuppy

g??? i’m SHOCKED!! you should have been out of there hours ago. or at least minutes!! go home!! xoxox

Comment by snuppy

see? this is why i stay away. ‘cuz everytime i show up, you guys scatter to the four corners of the blogosphere! was it something i said? sigh. xox

Comment by snuppy

Hola! I miss everyone too and it has been a strange and very sloooooow day in the blogosphere it seems! Why am I up you ask? Well, no one did but being up at 3 am warrants a nag or two and so unfortunately my dear snuppalicious friend, the bohemian boy is a shrieking mess that I have been working on since 1:30am… long story short, daddy does not follow through on the sleep routine and the strict rules mummy puts in place for the kid to understand that he sleeps ALONE and that he cannot keep waking us up and when things get out of control as the ALWAYS do because this has happened many times before and daddy does not lear the lesson well, then sleepless nights for me training the shrieking mess of a boy! Damn heat wave does not help as he wakes up a sweating mess with sheets soaked which means much middle of the night work!


I want him to be 5! 3 is too whiny!

See? Like that, like me! Oy! Wonder where he gets it from huh?

So there you go!

Glad to have you back dear Snuppy for the blogosphere is a cold, cold place without you and your deliciously warm ways, COLD I SAY!

Well, I am gonna be brave enough to venture back to bed! Fingers crossed!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Hi there! G sent me…
I’d be watching a musical right now. Oh, I don’t care too much which one: Mama Mia, Wicked, Rent,…
You know what. I take it back. I’m in the mood for Rent right now…

Comment by Pavel

pavel: it looks like wordpress was messing with you the other day… i went ahead and deleted the multiple comments… altho’ the other musical you mentioned was Urinetown, so i’m sorry that didn’t make it into the final cut! (did you mean for multiple comments? cuz i’ll put ’em back if you did!!)

a comment, by the way, garners you a coveted spot on our blogroll… so thanks for stopping by, and come again!! ~ snuppy

Comment by One Hot Puppy

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