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Funk it up Friday Fun! by Snuppy
Friday, 28 July 2006, 7:01am
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Ok! Fresh off a nap and mind functioning as lucidly as is humanly possible, in-spite-of-the-fact-that-there-is-a-resident-three-year-old-regressing-to-the-sleep-habits-of-a-three-month-old-in-the-land-o’-BoheMia-who-makes-this-thing-called-sleep-a-joke-A-JOKE-I-SAY, here I find myself on this groggy fine Friday morning, ready to help out the fabulous resident Lady Snarksters I-love-oh-so-much-it-borders-on-the-psychotic-but-hey-that-is-what-you-get-with-bohemians with a much-needed break through this here meant-to-be-brief-and-to-the-point-and-yes-yours-truly-IS-capable-of-keeping-things-brief-dammit-so-stop-looking-at-me-that-way, *deep breath*, post!

So let’s get to it people! Crazy, by Gnarles Barckley, is stuck in my head, courtesy-of-Loverboy-who-for-some-reason-stares-at-me-during-the-song-and-what-is-with-that-man-I-ask-WHAT, and I figure that I cannot be alone in this so dish snarksters, DISH! Let us talk musica! What’s your poison? And be daring! Expand the thread and make it all things good, bad, cheesy, crass, guilty pleasures, sensual ooohs and to that add midnight madness moments courtesy of the mini-me’s called kids or life in general, yeah nothing to do with music but we can do that you know? YEAH BABY YEAH!

Come on and FUNK IT UP PEOPLE!!!

And there! Voila on the brief and to the point post! HAH! And some said it could not be done! FOR SHAME! And with that…

BoheMia out!


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viva la musica, amiga! y gracias for today’s topic!! it’s good to see BoheMian minds are functioning, in spite of lack of sleep, when other minds are not (functioning in spite of sleep)!!

hmmm… i can never get enough Afro-Celt Sound System (it’s African groove, it’s Celtic, what’s not to like? it’s the most magical of all music, and i adore it). and i lovelovelove Frankie Goes to Hollywood (Welcome to the Pleasure Dome is an all-time-all-time favorite) and i LOVE the Ditty Bops.

how’s that for a weird mix? not to mention the fact that anything motown and/or classic rock makes me happy. oh, and the Propellerheads. uh… were we supposed to keep this down to one artist/title/genre? so many possibilities… so little space!

and GOOD MORNIN’ (afternoon?) to you, lovely CYM…thanks for gettin’ our grooves goin’ on this fine(ish) Friday! xox

Comment by snuppy

LMAO!!! Sigh. Gosh, again, more homework. I’m almost afraid to come here too early. It’s easier when others have been here and I can “peep” at their answers.

Methinks I shall trawl through iPOD list now and revert to cool Snarkers. I have a feeling I can fulfil the “cheesy and crass” criteria..

Read: “GG, best we lay low and check out what the cool answers are later…”

GG xo

Comment by good girl

Oh early morning for you I see dearest Snuppy whom I missed oh so much yesterday! And with that, buenos dias!

I lovelovelovelooooveee your music choices and believe I have yet to sample that delightful Afro Celt Sound System you mention! For shame! Loverboy will be put on the downloading duties asap! PRONTO I SAY!

I guess I should offer some musical choices of my own? Well, since moving to Spain I notice that anything none Spanish rings my bell though when out of the country I delight in Flamenco, low-down-hard-core-shake-those-hips-and-spread-them-legs-as-you-dance-a-raw-and-passionate-dance-away, flamenco that can range from Paco de Lucia, to NiΓ±a Pastori, to Ketama… and the list goes on and I truly am mushy headed to remember and lord knows it has been ages since I actually sat down and listened to music so… I cannot remember!

I love NIN, Nathalie Merchant, Sting (dreamy!), Madonna (I ADMIT I DO!), Iranian music if traditional and not pop, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, loved Prodigy back in the day… and more to come I am sure!

Hey Lady S, bohemian souls would love to speak with you so do give me the green light for a ring-a-ling if you are home today! Because you are simply dreamy!

And to all, forgive my sounding high on crack, or the like, I am not but this is what happens when bohemians are deliriously and psychotically in need of much needed zzzzzz’s!

Oh! And Snuppy! No hurry because you just got up and lord knows bohemians yackety yack away! Ack!

Besos to all and I promise I am off… for now! BWAhAHAAHAHAHAAA!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

OH MY I MISSED YOU THERE GG! See what happens when I do not shut it? *sigh*

Read mine! They are so not cool so dish away! No homework! Ughetty Ugh! Just dishin’!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

I don’t know what is up with that font being so small!!!! Forgive me Snarkster but between this faulty laptop and wordpress not liking me I am DOOMED! *sob me a river*

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Let’s see, what’s on the old iPod…

Loving new Pearl Jam…Recanteurs…Live…Ten Years…The Cloud Room…also like The Motels, old Blondie…Dressy Bessy (“Electrified” could be one of CYM’s theme songs?)…also an Afro-Celt fan and love my man Vivaldi.

Comment by BoBo

Shake your groove thing, shake your groove thing yeah yeah – show em how to do it now… MizBYummy – rocking the snark.

Joel – The Recanteurs – are you listening to ‘FUV on your commute? I do like them.

Right now in my cd player in car (courtesy of Scissors) is a Chuck Berry cd (best of) which listening to him through an entire cd just reminds me of how much Rock n Roll owes this man. Unbelievable. Billy Zanes – Catch that Train (which I picked up in a Starbucks how corny, but they showcase some good talent) and KT Tunstell (can’t think of exact spelling of her name) and the song “Where I Wanna Be” is crank up the volume fun (actually a good windows down hooky song).

THese are what spring to mind for now.

“Drop the coin into the slot, you gotta hear something that’s really hot..” Chuck Berry

Comment by g

G – where is FUV on the dial?

Comment by BoBo

90.7. From Fordham University. Great station – I think Snuppy and you (perhaps) may know them from their Sunday Celtic shows. During the week, more singer/songwriter driven music – excellent though.

Comment by g

Goodness me! I love music, and so do my kiddos. I remember Erick and I used to crank up loud music and watch my belly move. Thea Kae LOVED swing music. Who would have thought she was a dancer at 7 months pregnant? Anyway… the ipod is home to many gigs of music and music videos. I like a wide variety of music and spend much of my time listening to it.

Some of my favorites are: Barenaked Ladies, Matchbox 20, Maroon 5, Train, Queen, Areosmith, Pearl Jam, Jimmy Buffet, Bon Jovi, John Mayer and the list goes on and on.

10 months ago today during my csection I remember a song that is linked to my website above is what was playing on the radio that cold September day when the doctor handed me my beautiful 4lbs 9 oz baby girl Gracie.

Anyone else connect songs to moments in life?

Comment by cj

Actually its linked to my name BELOW. πŸ™‚ I’m directionally impaired today.

Comment by cj

For me it’s all about the boyfriend Mmmmichael Buble. Yum. I stared transfixed at Bravo last night when his video for Feelin’ Good came on. Okay – so he can’t do the spank a booty move but damn the man can ssssssing. *swooooooon*

And when I had enough of some guy’s shit lying, I quite enjoyed Toein’ the Line. Actually we sat in my friend’s SUV and rocked out. Hard. Nothing like a cheesy 80s song to say it perfectly.

Playing on the itunes right now is Leona Naess because someone had suggested her. Good stuff.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

CJ – share your passion for Queen and Aerosmith.

Comment by BoBo

Did you see BoBo that they have video albums on itunes? I have the Queen Video Album. πŸ™‚ Thea thinks its great to dance to. Do you have a favorite Queen song or Album?

Comment by cj

Bobo~ Oooh! Pearl Jam! I once filmed the bassist (I think it is if I remember correctly!) Jeff Ament at an MTV Rock and Jock party as we stood outside. I had no clue who he was and filmed him talking to my friend who had a crush on him. After much shrieking at the poor guy, I got his attention for that to happen! Oy!

But love them and the high point for Loverboy and me was in our pre-kid days when we went to their concert in Maui. Good times!

G~ Oooh shake that groove thang Lady G! Funkay times indeedy!

Rock ‘n rol and an uh-huh-huh fo sho! Cousin A and I used to, when bored in the middle of the night and *GASP* hence a midnight moment anecdote, play old rock ‘n roll tunes, dress up and dance the night away in my room while sometimes making up scenes and roll-playing made-up characters. Geeky times!

CJ~ God dag min veninde! Love your choices for sure and have a connection and/or memory associated with a song from each group you list! George Michael for some reason comes to mind and reminds me of the time, after my brother died, when I was 12 and my uncle rented a whole 50-plus person bus and took us over to Granada skiing! Those were my George Michael crush days! *sigh*

LBP~ Spank a booty move? Ooooh sistah! Do tell!

Bobo~ Queen is a classic and for some reason, can’t quite put my finger on it, I have an affinity/love for/connection to Bohemian Rhapsody… hmmm!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

My hubby is a huge Queen fan – I also of course grew up on the stuff – Queen, Aerosmith. He actually just went (just – during the past year) to see Queen with Paul Rogers singing lead. He went with an old friend of his who just may be the #1 Queen fan in the (well that I know of) and they both thought it was a great show.

Bicycle! Bicycle!

Comment by g

Loverboy actually managed to see Queen with Freddy Mercury… lucky him!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Not with him but with him singing lead… *sigh*… not that you would think otherwise but…

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

CJ…did not know about the video albums but will definitely check out. As for Queen favorites…so many…let’s see…Tie Your Mother Down, Brighton Rock, Stone Cold Crazy, Show Must Go On, of course Bohemian Rhapsody…I could keep going but will end it there for now. Saw them in Berkeley, CA when I was 18, right after “A Night at the Opera” came out.

Comment by BoBo

I need a little break so I’ll drone on a little more about music. Growing up in a large family, I have very broad musical tastes in that my siblings all brought their own to the table (and I listened to them all). Remember tagging along as my oldest brother brough a Taj Mahal album. And before that when he would sing Beatles songs to us. I remember my mom liked the Procol Harem album my next oldest brother had blasting (with Salty Dog) on it. I know oldest Sis thought Steven Stills to be a madman on guitar, next one’s first concert was the Grateful Dead (and I as a result also got hooked – I loved their American Beauty album and well their live shows were legendary), next bro was a big Jackson Browne fan (he always was bit maudlin – Happy Birthday J (my bro), oh and bro before him was more classic rock – and I know he for one, loved Toys in the Attic and well we all know why artists actually put out double albums back in the day – don’t make me spell it out for you!

Comment by g

Yes Scissors was there also – Him, Loverboy and Freddy Mercury all in the front row!

Adrian saw them a few times in his youth (but then the man has been to every concert that hit these shores apparently).

Comment by g

Of course, I was always a big Neil Young fan (he can do no wrong, just ask Eddie Vedder).

Now I happened to come upon some real funk – talking bout the P Funk sistah (told you I had varied tastes) – tawking bout Parliament and the Funkadelics – Bootsy Baby!

We need the funk yoow, gotta have some funk, yeah…

Comment by g

oh please… thanks to a buddy hooked into the industry (right, honey?) Joel has every Queen CD ever made! can’t help but love the music… and Freddy Mercury was one amazing vocalist–what a range!

CYM? a call from you would be adored by me. i’ll be out and about for awhile over the next couple of hours, does later work for you? or is that too close to dinner/bedtime? how ’bout after bedtime (uh, is there such a thing as “bedtime” in your household right now? if not, is it possible to give Lil’ M something like hot milk & honey? or chamomile tea with honey… and Valerian?) xox

G? after reading KARMA’S post, i’ve decided you and i are gonna go get pedicure/massages for our next lunch outing. what do ya think? (i just noticed her link is missing from the side bar… i’ll go in and fix that rightthisminute!) xox

Comment by snuppy

CYM: Oh George Michael… those were the days. πŸ™‚ Everytime I hear the song faith I start to dance. I was at the dentists office not too long ago and noticed it playing over the music system. I had to laugh, not exactly the kind of song I’d play at a dentists office. “Oh wouldn’t it be nice, if I could touch your body, I know not everybody, has a body like you.” Speaking of George Michale, I really did like his Freedom album back in the early 90’s.

Bobo Now I’m really jealous, seen Queen in person! Oh my goodness. Sadly I don’t think I was old enough to see them in concert. Erick is a huge Queen fan, I absolutely love the song “I want it all.” πŸ™‚ The videos are pretty good, if I could figure out how to burn them to DVD I’d be happy to share them with ya!

Comment by cj

Only if we get them in Thailand!

Comment by g

i know i’m the only one here who likes ‘project ars nova’. sigh.

Comment by FirstNations

I think you may be right FN. Although does it count if I think I’ve heard of them?

On Neil, no arguments here.

Comment by g

Actually do you play them (or it) as you put up your pre-Raphaelites posts?

Comment by g

CJ…have to admit it was pretty awesome seeing Queen. The concert was in a great older theater in Berkeley. My first ever concert was YES, which was interesting but a little on the boring side…too much Rick Wakeman keyboard soloing. One of the most purely entertaining concerts was KISS. We snuck into the theater a couple of hours early and got to see the band “unmasked” doing their sound check. They were very nice…their manager – pissed that we were seeing them without makeup – not so much.

Comment by BoBo

Snuppy! Will do fo sho! We are planning on drugging the boy on melatonin… did that last night and even so… *sigh* We just got home from shopping and once they are fed and shipped off I shall call you!

Oh yeah, I am jealous of all y’all who got to see the mighty Queen and Bobo, Loverboy used to be a HUGE fan of KISS as a teen… ok, and now my absolutely embarassing but who cares so here goes confession… as a preteen (before he was freaky looking and WHITE), I was crazy about Michael Jackson! UGH! SHOOT ME NOW! If you opened three of my cupboard doors they were full of his pics, had bags with his face on them, bought his damn book, notepads, pencils, all his tapes (they were tapes back then), t-shirts and I even went to his BAD concert here in Spain. I am so uncool!

CJ, yeah, I loved his Freedom CD and Older wasn’t bad either. In spite of the bad rap he has in the US, I still like the guy! Ok, I am done with kids so off I go to ship them off!

Hasta la Pasta!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

All the little kids growing up on the skids go Cleveland Rock! Cleveland Rocks! Streams of consciousness kids – an office is no place to make a living I tell you! ugh, I think I need to go for a walk I’m having a panic attack at this confinement.

Comment by g

Hey G…how was that walk? My space in this lovely bldg. of ours is absent windows so I must live vicariously through those who have access and/or exposure to the outside world. Is the sun shining? hot? rain? is it still daylight? can you say claustrophoic?

Comment by BoBo

Have a great weekend everyone.

Comment by Gone to the Dogs ate my Bunny

that’s it…i’m going home!

Comment by BoBo

g: woo hoo, you HAVE hearda them!
they’re more of a winters day, embroidering, surrounded by pillows and dogs music, or music to do art to. those voices like bells! oh!
but when i want to get my red thing shaking i put on my Robin Trower (remember them? outrageous) or my Zep, or HENDRIX LIVE AT WOODSTOCK! YEEEEEE HAW!
Oh say, can you seeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
by the dawns ear…….reeee………..bwoararwhwhwhwaaaaaah, bwangga dangadanga duiaaaaaaaaaaanggggggg..

Comment by FirstNations

..well that came out a little dirtier than i intended! oh well (don’t hurt me)
jealous of all of you who saw Queen. Freddy Mercury is surely in heaven, making God blush and the angels jealous.

Comment by FirstNations

πŸ™‚ Good night everyone!

Bobo, really I’m dying of jealousy here. πŸ™‚

Comment by cj

i’m jealous too. it seems so much less impressive to say i’ve seen ELO and/or Neil Diamond in concert. Oh, and John Denver. AND The Fifth Dimension (bet you guys are really jealous now, right?)… oh yeah, and i saw The Pointer Sisters in a small nightclub in Hawaii once upon a time, too.

That said, i’m jealous of Joel, as well! and i totally agree with you FN, God is blushing at the site of Freddy Mercury, but in a *good* way, because Freddy voice is the reason God’s glad he let Man sing in the first place! xox

Comment by snuppy

Night snarksters…have a great weekend!

Comment by BoBo

Wow I fell asleep putting the kids to sleep and now woke up and have some itchy mosquito bites. For such small critters…

With the snarksters all gone sleepey for the night, LL trolls through their album collections dancing to Freedom trying on Michael Jackson gloves on her upstretched hand and what’s this what’s this in this old Woodstock double album (air guitars) the remnants of a long ago lazy summer afternoon (did I mention my love for the KINKS?) She actually thinks Scissors may hav been at that ELO concert and begins humming Solitary Man – hey Neil Diamond may not be a god, but he really is quite the songster! Rocky Mountain high now that’s what I was alludidng to (well back in the day of course). Thinks that BoBo and Scissors can meet on the common ground that they surely must have been at one concert together.

…..this is the dawning of the Age of Aquariuuuuuuuussss……….

Note to self: should I just wait til the next invention up from the ipod? I’ve waited this long…

Comment by lampshadelady

G…no, get an iPod. night.

Comment by BoBo

i agree with Bobo, get that iPod! and, shirley, you’re right… Bobo and Scissorhands must share a common ground (besides their odd interesting choices in women). Age of Aquarius, indeeeeeeed. let the sun shine…. (or is that *lamp* shine?) i’m tired and not making sense (as if i ever do!!)

nite nite shirl!! i MISSED you today! xoxo

Comment by snuppy

I don’t know Snuppy… ELO rocks! I’ve seen a lot of concerts, my mom was in the radio biz so we got tons of free tix. I saw Mili Vanilli once upon a time. πŸ™‚ Really I did!! I love seeing KC & The Sunshine Band any chance I get. I’ve seen lots of things but I’ve never seen Tom Jones and someday before I die I’m going to do it!!! Really I am. πŸ˜€

Comment by cj

Nite nite to all say I in my brand new day! Snuppy my dear, I had the priviledge to say goodnight to you and I woke up to see your delightful comments pop up in both my sites so I had to let you know that you made my morning too (you went to bed late young lady! I hope you sleep in!!!)

Thanks all to one grooving Friday!

Besos and sweet dreams!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

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