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Monday, 31 July 2006, 9:00am
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AS all of you know, Monday’s are tough. We’re not sure why this is so… but take our word for it, it is!

With our own brains taking their sweet-ass time kicking it up a notch, we think it’s a fine idea to let you kids decide what it is you’d like to discuss today. Maybe you recently came across a particularly great blog that stands out in your mind. If so, tell us about it!  Maybe you recently wrote a post you’d like to share. If so, now’s the time to link us in! Or maybe you recently did something so different/bizarre/fun/weird you can’t wait to brag about it. If so, now’s the time!

Our point (for we have one) is this: we’re willing to bet a lot of you have something to say and/or tell us about. We also suspect it will be something infinitely more interesting and/or exciting than our own tales of running a bunch of stupid errands/exercising/eating Mexican food/watching too much TV and/or practicing(eth) Shakesnark (as we have come to call it) over the weekend. That said, those of us who actually did do those pathetic things have no regrets. Nary a one. We accomplished a lot, and hadeth a helleth of a lot of lattes ice cream fun in the process. Therefore, we would never stoop so low as to call you wimpled boil-brained joitheads for actually having a life more engaging than our own.

~ snuppy


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Guilty as charged… as in yours truly was one who engaged in the Snark a la Shakespeare and THAT MAKES ME COOL! COOL I SAY!

FO SHO!… eth… um, a hard habit to break (and I so kid you not because I was about to speak to the Loverboy like that all night but that I-am-so-gonna-bitch-slap-you-if-you-keep-that-up-look put things into perspective I tell you!)…

I am trying to get my ass in gear and hop over the obstacle that is having kids at home so a new post is up today, shorter than the norm which for me is weird but to make up for it articles on what I believe to be child abuse have been written in the Daily Kos and in BIO by yours truly as well as an old poem on Iran in the pink place (all linked to)…

… and not one to do this self-promotion thing so blatantly but because of the articles posted elsewhere I thought I might give it a go if it might bring more attention and dialogue to the issues at hand…

And with that, dear Snuppy, I bid you a good morning! You caught me sorting through some pics to send along (MORE? EEK!)… I am still high off of the ones you sent me! They sizzleth fo sho!

Ooops! There I go again! Besos to you my dear Snuppy and I will hopefully be in your inbox soon, children, cats, hubby and life all willing and not squashing me somewhere in the process!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

First at WA and at The Snark this morning? I am having a helleth of a time (I so wanted to use that phrase)!

My weekend sounds very similar, Snup, add to it a lot of pool & reading time. I trust this ensures my status remains ‘wimpled boil-brained joithead’-free.

Let’s see, at The Brawl today you can still vote in our caption contest and jump in the brawl about MTV’s 25 anniverary.

And a very special thanks to our dear snuppy for rocking the vote – The Brawl one Best Political Blog! 🙂

Comment by Sar

Well, not first at The Snark (kudos to you my sweet sistah of Spain!), but dammit I’m still having a helleth of a time!

Comment by Sar

…and that should read The Brawl “won” not one. Coffee, must have coffee…

Comment by Sar

CYM! morning… are you fixing those links? (hope so, cuz i, for one, want to read them). also… please check your email when you get a chance (it’s just a “quick note”) have a BEAUTIFUL DAY beautiful BoheMian!! xox

Comment by snuppy

howdy sista Sar! wow! you got all THREE of thse up before i got one silly comment going here! (yes… you rocked as first at WA!!) i shall be by presently to weigh in… and will have an e-mail for YOU later today, as well!! (ooh. look at me, writin’ all these emails. trust me, emails are SO not my forte… gulp) anyway, talk to you soon, Sassy/Sexy Stiletto! xox

Comment by snuppy

Checked and answered already my dear Snuppy! The links are in the post at my place! Worry not you dear Puppytoes you!

And buenos dias Brawling Belle who SO kicked ass! Congrats!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Hi folks! Did you know there was such a job as a “hooker inspector?” (Not what you think, you pervs!) Just finished posting on a list of bizzare jobs at my place. Perhaps folks want to share some weird jobs they’ve had?
Just a suggestion…

Comment by Pavel

Rocking the Vote Sar! Congrats! and good morning to all others who Snarketh here.

I can’t follow any thread right now as I am – in office on Monday with work left over from an uninspired finish of last week – ugh.

Snuppy ~ “You were always on my mind, always on my mind”. How about pathetic/frustrating/annoying? Tried to get my blogroll going. Don’t let Doug see this as he initially walked me through the whole thing, but I cannot since changing my template, get the effer going. So any volunteers to spend 5 minutes taking a stroll through my template with me, well it would be worth a latte at the very least, and a burrito at the most.

Be visitng around later.

Comment by g

I was thrilled to see that Sar’s blog won the BoS. Way to go Sar. 🙂

The weekend was pretty good. I’ve been busy busy busy with house stuff. We’re doing some painting and redecorating and changing bedrooms up among the kids to make more room or better use of rooms so to speak. I blogged about how bad I was to our household applaince and the lesson I learned about over filling the dryer today.

Points of interest: Has anyone seen Clerks II yet? Erick and I saw it last night and it was wonderful.

Comment by cj

Good morning y’all,

Had a very interesting late week and weekend. My friend Trailady had an inspirational post about Ian last week. Marj at Survivors Can Thrive has opened the 3rd Carnival against Child Abuse for submissions. She is on vacation this week. I will be submitting two upcoming posts, one this Wed the 3rd, and then Fri the 11th about my childhood and how it effects me as an adult. Barngoddess has gone up to the U.P. for a weeks vacation and to pick up her son from summer with the family. Good Girl is sitting on the beach thinking about Blue. Pixie is thinking about Tony. Jenna, is Jenna, we were comiserating about writing, the lack of writing on Sunday. Oh, we got a postcard from Minka, she is having a blast in Germany. It took two weeks to get the postcard, but I noticed the zip was one digit off. The penguin returns to Iceland on Thursday, I can’t wait to talk to her. And of course congrats to Sar.

I started a third blog, I know crazy, “Get Your Daily Knickers”, by Dewy Knickers, she will have daily questions and comments with news reports once and awhile. Which leads to another new friend, Red Neck Girl, whose post inspired me to write a song and have a Saturday post while at the library.

Diane is doing good, still waiting for the first SSI check, should be w/i a couple of weeks.

Comment by Gone to the Dogs ate my Bunny

OK dear Snuppy! Another more in-depth and picture-filled email has been sent your way! Hope you like it and man how I wish you were here! *sigh* Bohemians are good at dreaming!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Can we Shakesnark again in the future. Because when I’m not writing it feels like I am.

“Jenna is Jenna”?!?! What the blazin’ hell does that mean? Harrumph. “Jenna is Jenna,” mutters under breath.

I’m getting the shit kicked out of me everywhere. Lectures from Task Master TB (that’s Tough Bastard for those of you who aren’t in the “know” and why the hell is that?) and by lecture I mean: “Why the fuck hell aren’t you writing?”

Me: “Um.”

Him: “Yes? I’m fucking waiting.”

me: “Err.”

Him: “Well??”

and then he growled at me. AT ME!! Doesn’t he know who I am? I am fantabulous. *sniffs* Amazing *sniffles* Stupendous *wipes away tear* I’m a friggin’ Princess for crying out loud. *wipes nose with arm*

Him: “So…fix the problem.”

Me: “Um.”

Him: “You’re almost fucking finished. Do you want to waste all those words?”

Me: “And this would be a bad thing? Um. TB? Are you there? Hello? Helllooo.” (at this point I’m not sure if it’s a bad thing gmail chat crapped out on me. I’m thinking, yes.)

Methinks he is on a plane to kicketh my asseth. Hard. Fucketh.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

Hello Snarksters…lovely Monday isn’t it? I know…oxymoron.

Comment by BoBo

:)A lovely 103 degree hot as hell and majorly damn humid kind of monday it is Bobo. Although, I disagree there is not much lovely in this kind of Africa Heat. YES it gets hot in Minnesota. 🙂

Comment by cj

CJ…hot one here too but not that hot…that’s ugly.

Comment by BoBo

103? Holy shit crap that sounds hot. Is that hot? Sounds hot.

Holy shit moly…that’s 39C. (Whoo hoo for Apple Widgets!) Yeah…that’s hot.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

Right now the temp says 102 on my deck, the computer says its 103….. the sick thing is that its 102 in the shade. I am thanking God right now for central air.

Comment by cj

Is anyone else’s blogger limping along? Dangnabbit! I don’t want to WORK. Why would I do that?

Comment by Little Blue Pill

I am being called a NEOCON! ME! Ha, ha, haaaaa! I posted this thing in a political blog called BIO and the only words I say are “Just this… No words. Afghanistan Today” and what follows are three pictures and their captions as displayed in an article in the NYT which is linked to. I admit to having left a pointed and hotheaded comment (that I admit to having had to have put more forethought in and not been in a hurry with it but eh! What is done is done!) and then went about my day, taught class and came home to see that I am being called a Neocon! It is beyond funny!

Hey Jenna! Will you still be my friend and may I still be a Ladee? Turns out I am a Bush-lover *shudder* and didn’t even know it!

I can now add it to the list… I have also been called a “cunt” and a “fucktard” for sporting the boob-friendly banner I do! Oh! And I have also been called a “little shit” by the person who claims I am a neocon meant to divide liberals in classic BushCo tactics or whatever! Wooh to da hooh!

So? Any insulting hilarities being sprung anyone’s way? Dish because I am so laughing my ass off with mine!

It sizzleth fo sho!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

And yeah, it is about 39 C here too! It literally sizzleth here in Spain!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

The best part is that you were called above by someone who considers themselves a “progressive” liberal. Priceless.

Comment by g

It is, isn’t it? I am the kind of sicko that would relish in framing such labels and displaying them proudly!

In San Francisco, some freak cabbie was going ballistic at a red light at me, ME, and I had done nothing, just pulled up to the red light next to him. He gave me the finger and from the closed windows I could see him cussing me out with delightfully colorful language. And time just stood still for me and I left my body and viewed it all as a spectator while my body laughed away. I hopped back in and decided to have my fun with it so I blew the cabbie a kiss. His face got soo red from anger I am sure he would have shot me had he had a gun on him! Instead he screeched off, running the red light in quite the busy (and dangerous) SF intersection… it now lives on as a memory of dizzying and fascinating one-on-one observation of the human psyche…

… and it is the same with such moments and the names I have been called. My very first blogosphere insults almost had me peeing my pants…

I guess I should be thankful to that guy for the laugh, no? Fo sho!

Besos to all as off i go to attempt to read some blogs in my sleepy state! But I miss the amigos!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

i’m still reading through those comments, CYM, but here’s food for thought, that Jersey McJones character claims to have a higher IQ than you (or i) can imagine… yet he spells mores: morays?? MORAY describes a type of eel. (just sayin’…) xoxo

Comment by snuppy

CYM: so i finished the rest of those comments (on BIO) and i thought your final response was fabulous. FAB-U-LESS!! you? a neo-con??? hahahahahahahahahahaha!! (too funny, no?) sizzlin’ controversy fo’ sho’! xoxo

Comment by snuppy

The c-bomb? Someone dropped the C-BOMB on MY FRIEND????

*straps on the leathers*

Grab your whip Catty Yummy Mummy. I am going to KICK some ASS!!

The C-BOMB!!! Grrr….


Comment by Chief Naughty Sexpot

I just went for a read. Mostly skimmed. Your party shot though, CYM, about it “of course you’ve read this before…it’s in the NY Times!!” was priceless. All I could think as I read buddy’s comments was “Dude…she’s so gonna flay you alive. Stop. Whoa. No. Don’t go there…ah damn, you went there. Dead meat. You’re dead meat.”

So, all I did was slouch back in my chair, all CNS’ed out and there was no needeth of me at all. Now I’m all dressed up with nowhere to go. OOh…time to go home. Sizzleth.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

Very funny Snuppy! I have to read it through, just went for a quick look before I came home this evening. Thanks for the email.

Comment by lampshadelady

happy Monday evening, LL! have fun (i know i did!) xox

Comment by snuppy

You ladies are fabulous! FABULOUS I SAY! FO SHO!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

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