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Rabbit, Rabbit! by Snuppy
Tuesday, 1 August 2006, 8:32am
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WE aren’t sure which of the Pez Pals came up with this interesting first-of-the-month-blogging tradition, but we do know we like it! (Still, we’re hoping one of our favorite Pez Pal gals might stop by and enlighten us…) Anyway, being the Wikipediot’s we are on any given day, we looked up Rabbit, Rabbit to see if the practice was, in fact, based on something real, or just the creation of a fertile Pezzy mind, and this is what we found:


The exact origin of the superstition is unknown, though it has appeared in print at least as early as 1920 in England, where it is most commonly said to have originated, though some reports place its origins even earlier, into the 1800s. Today it has spread to most of the English-speaking countries of the world, although like all folklore, determining its exact area of distribution is difficult. The superstition is related to the broader belief in the rabbit or hare being a “lucky” animal, as exhibited in the practice of carrying a rabbit’s foot for luck.

variations include:

~ Instead of saying “rabbit, rabbit”, saying just “rabbit”, or “rabbits”. Some also extend it to three rabbits: “rabbit, rabbit, rabbit,” which has some of the earliest written references.

~ Saying “black rabbits” the night before, and “white rabbits” on the morning in question.

~ Various ways to counteract forgetting to say it, most commonly saying it backwards (“tibbar, tibbar”) before falling asleep.

~ Making “rabbit, rabbit” be the last words said on the last of the month and the first words said on the first of the month.

There are more, but we didn’t feel like listing them. Anyway, for what it’s worth, Rabbit, Rabbit! to all you Snarklings on this, the 1st day of August.

*By the way, Tuesday, is also “See How Smart You Are Compared to Everyone Else Around Here” day. You can do that by visiting the brilliant LOGOPHILE. Oh, and just so you know, one of us just scored a 90 on today’s quiz. We dare you to go over there and try to kick our ass.

~ snuppy


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Rabbit, Rabbit! everyone! and do go take that quiz… trust me, it’s not that hard this week (well kind of hard, but not oh-my-gosh-i’m-going-to-hurt-my-brain-today hard!

hope you all have a fabulous day! assuming any of you show up around here. gosh i hope you do. i hate being alone. i get so bored. then i start writing stupid things… like i am now… sigh

Comment by snuppy

Well then, Rabbit, Rabbit ole chum! Didn’t you score 100% on last week’s? Well, I’ll go over after I finish my yogurt and am feeling a bit fortified. Not to undermine your efforts which are stupendous on your worst day, but if you open the gates here, your friends will show up cause we just like hanging around with ya! See you later. 90% ay? Smartypants.

Comment by g

70. Phew. Thank god for questions on Pop Culture. I suck at that serious stuff. Although I guessed pretty damn well for a girl who’d rather read a romance then the newspaper. Huzzah for me!

Comment by Little Blue Pill

Due to some crafty guesswork, I pulled an 80 (I even had Greek yogurt for breakfast and got that one wrong).

Comment by g

It was that first word that made me “I’m in sooo much trouble” and so I guessed. RIGHT!

Thank GAWD I got the romance author/novel one right. Phew.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

Me too, although on the romance novel, I just guessed the first one.

Comment by g

i guessed on the first one AND the romance novel… and lucked out. the one i missed (because i’m stupid like this) was the “Sandwich Islands”. d’oh!

oh, and just so ya know, the first time i did one of her quizzes? i think i got 50% (and i’m pretty sure i lucked out on 3 of those answers)… xox

Comment by snuppy

Hope springs eternal for a perfect score on a logo quiz!

Comment by g

BTW, Snuppy a certain Pavel has the nicest things to say about you today…

Comment by g

Oh GOOD, I am glad everyone is enjoying.
I tried to make sure I didn’t get too obscure this week since Snuppy told me she would be mentioning the quiz over here and I didn’t want to scare anyone off.
I accept donated questions (one per customer) and some of my quiz regulars have contributed great questions.
Thanks for the shout out!

Comment by logo™

Oh no! I have to take a test? Well, off I go! But I will be back! Bwahahahahaha!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

When I read “Sandwich Islands” I was all “I’m from Canada. The sandwich aisle is in the DELI.” THAT answer wasn’t on the list.

Then all these current event questions came up and I sighed and went “I’m screwed now!” And I was.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

It won’t open for me! wooh! Does that mean I get a pass on a test? Why did this not happen to me back in school? Hmmm?

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

G: the video he has is very funny (you’ll like it)! thanks for telling me… i’d have gone over there at some point today, but i’m glad to have seen it sooner, rather than later! oh, and nice job with the Nirvana lyrics today on WA, by the way! (everytime i hear that song i envision that cool dancing scene in Moulin Rouge)you did good, NBFF. xox

LBP: i’m with you! sometimes i feel very up-to-speed on current events, and at other times? fugeddabout it! and i totally applaud logo™ for raising the intellectual bar for us all… even if some of us would rather walk under it, it’s still fun! xox

CYM: you have to wait a second for it the test to load up, then put your name & email address, and you’ll be good to go! BY THE WAY… i just looked at my email… and thank you sooooo much for the reply!! and i’ll respond in kind later today, okay? (i keep forgetting about the time difference, by the time my morning is over, you’re already into evening. but i’ll try to get back soon!) xox

Comment by snuppy

A friend has a friggin’ IQ test on her blog today. I started and thought “Why the heck am I doing this? I already know I’m brilliant.” So I stopped. Which makes me a certified genius in my books.

*shedding a few tears as she throws her nearly new, pretty pink, sparkly flip flops in the garbage bin* Damn.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

Snuppy~ Oooh! The promise of an email is delish to this bohemian fo sho! As heavenly as ice cream on such a scorcher of a day! Refreshing and all in all good for the soul! I cannot wait *jumps up and down giddy like a schoolgirl, a SCHOOLGIRL I SAY*

LBP~ Why are you throwing your new, pretty, pink, sparkly flip flops in the bin? Huh? Why? Why? WHY I SAY?

*sigh* I am bored. Can you tell? And in this heat I actually have to move my patootie and get the kids to bed! Ugh! I don’t want to move! Melting is easier!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

My Lord I am embarassed. I got a 40!!! I figured oh a quiz I’m good at trivia. EVIDENTLY NOT! I’ll blame it on multitasking, I had a kid on my hip at the time and we both were trying to hit the right button. Maybe I’m not a morning person… Maybe I should never take another quiz again! A 40! A 40! I may go back to college afterall. 🙂

Comment by cj

cj – there but for the grace of a wrong guess go I.

Comment by g

cj: let me echo g (g…g…g…) there but for the grace of a *few* wrong guesses… i kid you not! plus, it really is easy to hit the wrong button…. in fact, i think that’s what i did when i got that 50! yeah…that’s right, i hit the wrong button… (you believe me, right?)

besides, the most fun about these quizzes is learning something new (i feel that way about crossword puzzles, too). today you learned you need to go back to college. see? that made the whole thing worthwhile! (just kidding. not about it being worthwhile, about you going back to school!) xox

Comment by snuppy

80… I got in… Phew!

Comment by Miz BoheMia

Sassy CYM: it’s cuz my (kinda) new, pretty, pink sparkly flip flop RIPPED on me. RIPPED! The toe thingy…RIPPED!! when I stepped off the bus only I hadn’t noticed so I was all “Wow, my shoe feels lose.” And then it fell off and I saw the limp pink ribbon and I swore wept sadly at the thought of having to walk around in a broken flipflop until I remembered I had Keds in my office (saved for snowy winter days y’know) and so I…threw…out…my shows. *sob* the other one was about to blow too! Cheap ass $9.95 shoes. Harrumph.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

Happy Trails fiends and friends!

Comment by g

I need to get the fuck out of this goddamned country!

I was eating chocolate. Turns out the fucking Spanish cannot distinguish the hazelnut from its shell. Crunch… the crown where the hole in my gum is is out and I cannot close my mouth and the damn dentist better see me tomorrow!

Loverboy! Sell the fucking house before this damn country kills us!

I hate going to the dentist!

Forgive my venting but I thought I would give Loverboy a break! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Comment by Miz BoheMia

I pushed it in. I should not know how to do these things! I should squeal like a teen and freak out, not be cold and calculated because that only means you have lived through this one to many times (or two years in a row in my case… nonstop)…

You can laugh if you want to but forgive me if right now I am pissed. Hopefully I can laugh about it tomorrow!

Crap! Well, if I pushed it back in then hopefully the damn metal rod and the crown are ok so I can keep them. Otherwise we are talking extraction and implants and nightmares and more cash when I just got this damn crown and… breathe BoheMia breathe!

Comment by Miz BoheMia

I was just on TV! On the local TV but hey! I made it through watching myself and did not puke!! Wooh! Breakthrough! *sigh* My mouth worked there! 😉

Comment by Miz BoheMia

oooh! CYM! i feel so jealous that we couldn’t see it here! i bet you looked GORGEOUS! (you taped it, right?) soooooo sorry about your tooth. i’m just gonna hope you managed to pop that crown back into place properly… i’ll keep my fingers crossed you won’t have to go back to the dentist. oy! xox

LBP? i’m sorry about your little sandals. still, at least they were flip-flops, and not Blahniks, ya know? xox

Happy Trails, NBFF! (fiend AND friend!!) xox

Comment by snuppy

Oh Snuppy no school for me. 🙂 I’ve gotten my two college degrees and now I am done until I pay for my kiddo’s schooling. 🙂 But it did make me wonder about how the hell I got my two college degrees in the first place!

Comment by cj

That’s it – “I was just on TV!?”. Inquiring minds want to know…details! Hope the tooth is back in – I mean you ought to be able to enjoy a lousy piece of chocolate in peace! Hope you’re feeling better manana! xox The Shady Lady

Thanks NBFF ~ I’m off to work on my newly adjusted links (let’s see how far I get).

Comment by lampshadelady

Oh no, the tooth is uncomfortably squished back and seeing that it is where I had that infection and it came undone to begin with I am getting set as I type to leave to see the dentist man! I think the crown next to that crown is loose too! I cannot wait to go because it has been one restless night full of dentist dreams!

LL, yeah, the local TV channel called us to see if they could interview us for a show of theirs. So Loverboy got two segments filmed where in one he speaks of NAET, an allergy treatment he does, and in the other one he speaks of Bloodworks, where he analyzes live blood and dry blood under a dark field microscope as an anlaytical tool… good stuff! And I was interviewed for a segment on yoga. We didn’t tape it though because like the idiots we are we forgot all about it and just happened upon it on TV!!! So I am gonna see if the reporter who interviewed us can give me a copy of the show!

I coulda looked better, my face was too haggard and tired which is well, how I feel but I did not look as bad as I thought I did nor did I sound awful! For once I did not want to shoot myself while watching myself. It is what tends to happen and though I love performing I have never been one able to watch myself and last night, I made it through and no nausea! WOOOHOOO!

LL and Snuppy, next time I am taking you to the dentist with me so y’all can set him straight! Damn straight I should have a piece of chocolate in peace! Not a good sign when biting into toast and the like scares you! *sigh* Well, off I go! No appointment, no waiting around to call… they are gonna find me waiting there at their doorstep! Bwahahahaha! I demand a mouth that can close right! Unfortunately I cannot threaten them with a bite! I am afraid all my teeth would fall out then! Ha, ha, ha, ha ,haaa! Don’t I sound sexy? 😉

Hope all you ladies (and whatever gentlemen may be lurking around and not saying howdy!) are doing well and here’s to a great night! Besos,


Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

CYM: i can’t believe this has happened to you (again)… and i hope by the time you read this you’ll have been to the dentist and are finally feeling better. and i think you are correct to demand that your mouth closes correctly. (it’s that alignment thing… kind of important!)

and it’s too bad they didn’t tell you when the segment was gonna air so you could tape it, but i’m guessing you’ll be able to get a copy from the station, if the reporter can’t help. xoxo

Comment by snuppy

[…] DON’T think we didn’t have something completely Snarky for you on this fine Friday, because we did. We really did. But that was before we remembered today was the first of the month, and you know what that means. That’s right, it’s time to wish you all Rabbit, Rabbit, as has become our monthly habit, habit since we first started this blog.   […]

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