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Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Wednesday by Snuppy
Wednesday, 2 August 2006, 9:06am
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When we found out that today’s word on WAKING AMBROSE was “self-defense”, we were reminded of a website that cracked us up the first time we saw it, and continues to do so, now. We found it to be an extremely fun way to get out all our aggressions without actually having to hurt anyone. And, as an added benefit, we get to take out the aforementioned aggressions on the likes of Britany Spears, Michael Jackson, and Dr. Phil (who bugs us to no end). You don’t need audio to enjoy the thrill of CELEBRITY PUNCHOUT, but it doesn’t hurt. (hurt… heh heh… get it? Hurt? Because you’re beating the crap punching out someone and you won’t get hurt? Sigh. In our heads, that was freaking hilarious.)

By the way, today’s guest on WA is another member of the fabulous Pez Dynasty, one of DDDRAGON’S daughters, BOOKWORM. Oh, and as long as we’re talking about the Pez Pals, it should be noted that TAN LUCY PEZ was just honored for the “perfect post” she wrote about public restrooms. It was hysterical, and, indeed, perfect. We’re sure she’s still flushed with excitement after receiving the award. (get it? “Flushed” with excite… oh… forget it.)

FINALLY, while we were bouncing around, guess who we bumped into? SWEET BABOO!! Now, we don’t know if he’s actually back in full swing just yet, but we hope so. The trees around here haven’t been the same since he left.

~ snuppy


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Well, this was in the shoot, so I fired away. Snuppy, you may be sleeping, you may have something else in mind, but I hit publish on this because it’s a good post and it’s Wednesday so by power of my higher reasoning abilities, I deducted that this was meant for today.

Morning all and Snuppy, I hope you are just out for an early morning stroll or sleeping in and all is well.

Comment by sexylampy

mornin’ Sexy Lampy? i won’t ask (tho’ i will say it suits ya)… and yeah… this wasn’t the original thought for the day, but the word triggered the memory which triggered the thought that triggered the post. (besides i, for one, can never get enough of virtually knocking a few teeth out of the sanctimonious Dr. Phil’s mouth! (not a fan, even tho’ i know a lot of his info’s really good!) xox

Comment by snuppy

Ooh, didn’t know it would lead to speculation! Just being silly, but yeah – Sexy Lampy (to be said to the tune of Jimi Hendrix’ Foxy Lady!)

Comment by sexylampy

and now i’m picturing you with a purple bulb… to create a lovely purple haze glow over your sexy/lampy/shady self! loved your new post, by the way! and that side-bar is a thing of beauty!! xox

Comment by snuppy

Thanks to you Snups – I had what to work with. I’m nothing if not obsessive or compulsive or maybe both, but I stopped just short of having to have a set number. Once you get going though…

Yes with the velvet psychedelic posters on the walls!

Speaking of foxy ladies – hope our resident yogi has her tooth back in her mouth and is feeling fine.

Comment by sexylampy

Buenos dias! Just got in from visiting your site and your fab post Sexy Lampy (looovee the name fo sho!)…

Mr. Dentist man says the crown next to it is stone still though I am convinced it moveth a little… time will unfortunately prove me right but oh well! Turns out the crown was not loose but the ENTIRE THING! Yes, as I waited to be seen, the metal rod that is stuck in the root and is said to be the hardest thing to ever come undone came undone! So I sat there breathing my panic away as my tongue fiddled with the gaping hole in my mouth and dammit! I am a vegetarian and that means my blood counts as something I so do not want to taste!

But I survived and I am ready to bite again! Fo sho! Maybe I will start out with nibbles and practice on that sweet Loverboy! Ha, ha, haaaa I cannot wait to see the expression on his face! I shall scream “Rejoice! REJOICE for the teeth work yet again! Now come here baby and let me bite away!” He will either run away or punch me… either way it shall be funny! FUNNY I SAY!

Ok… now I sound like I am high on something but I promise I am not. I am unfortunately naturally off kilter! Oh well! All this yoga and still not straight! *sigh*

Oooh! Snuppy! I wondered what you thought of Dr. Phil for I saw his books promoted over at the fab sistah Terri’s place and though I figured it a wise business move I wondered if admitting to wanting to punch him is OK! Big dumb oaf that he is! Preachy fool! You got something to say to me Philly boy? Huh? Let’s take it outside! K-POW!!! Can you believe he is on everyday on this damn Arab Satellite! Fools know not what they play! Ooops! Not PC of me? Bah! They ban kisses and play Dr. Phil! FOOLS!

And there is my psychotic buenos dias! I think I should become a drug dealer. Maybe a couple of huge deals for the Russian Mafia to their whores and I can finally come back home! GOLD I TELL YOU! GOLD!

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Oh crap! That was me! I ain’t no hot puppy! Just a kitty cat! Meow and all that!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Oh that was fun! I kicketh asseth!!

Do you think we can email them pictures? Like our own pictures? K-kish, k-pow, k-blam, k-splat! But then…hm…I thought I’d want to kicketh asseth on one person but after an email from him the other day I think fate has more in store for him…like a daughter! *laughs hysterically* Man…I hope she gets a asshole guy just like her dad. Yeah! *sigh* Damn it…I don’t even feel that way anymore. Crap. That wasn’t closure in my inbox was it? Damn. *hangs up angry hat and actually is happy for the jerk guy* Huh. I think I just matured ::::shudder::::

Yummy Mummy…you come see my Dr. Andy. He’ll fix you right up. AND he’ll give you sugar free candy afterwards. Score!

Comment by Little Blue Pill

Candy? No sugar? I want some fo sho! FO SHO!

Damn Spain and the Spanish! DAMN THEM I SAY!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

I kicked Paris Hilton’s ass! Kicked her ass I say! How dare that celebrity lookalike thingy say I look like her! K-POW you dyed blonde you! K-POW! She has a bloody face! Ewwww!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Oh Little Blue Pill, growing up right before our very eyes! Hold on – you mean there is some ass kicketh to be done – forgot all about that! Grrr, I’ll be back! You go CYM! That silly dumb whench!

Look at Loverboy with teeth and a bloodlust!

Comment by sexylampy

Apparently, I can’t even fight on my computer (as she throws a punch at it). I hit for Mystery celeb – Richard Simmons came up – I’ve got nothing against him, but I’m sure it would have been a 2 hit fight – me hitting him – him hitting the floor! That’s right Richie – you wanna piece ‘a me!? Come on. Oooh get out that aggression.

Comment by sexylampy

Bah! That silly Paris went down like *snap* that! Eat a sandwich! You’ll last longer!

Yeah take that Bill Gates!!

Stupid Windows software. Take that, Evil Empire dude who refuses to adopt me so I can become a billionairess. Can you handle me? I don’t think so! Yeah! k-pow!

Always good to mock ’em as you kick their asses. It’s feels much more authentic.

The ass kicketh was needed months ago, SexyL. Now though…meh. I actually thought I WAS still mad at him until I got an email from him Sunday night. It was…well…kinda cool.

*shakes out arms* what is this feeling? It’s very…adultish…brah.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

Happy to report that I “fired” the Donald in our Celebrity Punchout…it felt gooooood.

Comment by BoBo

Can’t we all just get along?

Comment by Walela

It was in “self-defense” Walela…I swear.

Comment by BoBo

Walela – go ask your coyote friends.

Comment by sexylampy

Michael Jackson is a wuss. Couple hits to that thing where his nose you to be and he faints.

I pulverized Georgie for you CYM. He didn’t even put up a fight. Sigh.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

er…USED to be.


Comment by Little Blue Pill

HAppy Arvo, Snarkers!!

I got Richard Simmons and I still LOST! *hangs head*

Maybe if I wore outfits like his, I might train better and punch like a the macho god that he is some day.

I lost to Simmons. Maybe I shld try Paris now. I love her hair. Bitch.

*mutter mutter*

GG xox

Comment by good girl



Okay so I feel sorry for beating the Queen. I mean I felt really awesome bad when I kicked her ass won the battle.

But I effectively kicked all their asses. Including Richard Simmons. He’s a frisky guy. Hard to hit him. All that talking. But I smushed him. And smushed him good!!

Yeah baby, got my grr on!!

Comment by Little Blue Pill

I have a suggestion, everyone!


Comment by logo™

LBP: i have a confession. i lost to Richard Simmons, too. stupid little fucker jerk. oh well… i liked punching out dr. phil (yep, CYM, he’s full of good advice, but he’s ALSO full of shit himself! he bugs me to no end) xox

logo™: ask and it is done!! xox

Comment by snuppy

That is a great link, Snuppy! I just pummeled Dubya and left him beaten, bruised, and missing a tooth or two. Now that’s brawling! 😉

Oooh and way to shamelessly rock the vote, Logo!

Comment by Sar

Logo – cookies? Actually it’s a done deed without your plea(although VI’s was a close second and I suspect it may pull at Sar’s 80’s girl within).

Well need to go home and kick some butt! On the computer of course! Of course!

Nice work Jenna – seems you’ve been kicking a** and taking names all day!

So long Snarksters!

Comment by sexylampy

SexyL: the first rule about Fight Club is you don’t talk about Fight Club.

Kick ass ladies. You can take R.S. GG & Snuppy! I have the faith Sistahs! And screaming “Die fucker bastard die!!” really really helps! I take my Fight Club…very seriously… Very.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

LBP: ha! fight club, huh? yeah… you’re right. he’s nothing but a big wuss in short shorts covered in a shitload whole lot of glitter. hell yeah i can take him. thanks for the pep talk, Jenna! R.S. is SO gonna wind up on the wrong side of a vat full of soap… xox

Comment by snuppy

I loved Fight Club! Okay what goes on in Fight Club stays in Fight Club! Well, let’s just say the don’t call me Gina the Queena the ring for nothing.

Who’s next?

Comment by lampshadelady

Gina the Queena the ring? lovelovelove that! (LOVE the movie, too) hmmmm…. would i be Thar-she-goes, Puppytoes? no. at least i don’t think so… xox

Comment by snuppy

Aww, thanks gals!
I will admit the Idiot’s would get my vote too,
if it were not for MEEEEE being a finalist too
(snicker snicker)
In light of THAT,
well, I definitely have to vote for me.
Cookies, you say?
Absolutely, and smores,
and chocolate covered espresso beans,
and ice cream!

Comment by logo™

That Logo catches on in a big way!

Oh and Snuppy, we’ll get you a nice catchy ring moniker!

Comment by lampshadelady

I have to say the only one who gave me a problem was Richard Simmons, I got him in the end though! No pun intended of course.

Comment by lampshadelady

Ok, Jenna, I shall fight Simmons again just for you. I’m going to now put on a leotard, a pink headband and tiny flannel shorts just to fight him.

Watch this space. lol

GG xox

Comment by good girl

GG: careful, he’s a little bitch in spandex. and way faster than you’d think. (maybe i should go back and try again, too) xo

logo™: s’mores? mmmmmmm. just for that i’ll go vote for you s’more. xo

Sexy Lampishly Shady Lady aka Gina Queena the Ring: i’ll take any fightin’ moniker you’ve got laying around–tho’, i’d appreciate it if you’d stay away from “neever beaver”, since it still holds a few bad memories for me… and on that note, i’m goin’ to bed!! (after i KO richard schimmons, that is) xoxo

Comment by snuppy

fine. i’m a total wimp (i’m not good with video games, either) stupid fucking richard simmons. sigh. maybe i’ll try again when martha stewart’s available (not a fan). nighty night gang! xoxo

Comment by snuppy

That’s funny – go vote for her s’more! Good night all! Moniker must get her moniker.

Comment by lampshadelady

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