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Saturday, 5 August 2006, 9:10am
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WE were so happy everyone enjoyed Making Fiends a couple of weeks ago, we thought it might be fun to link you to another story series by the same clever artist. We happen to think these cartoons are very cute ‘n funny. Dark, but cute ‘n funny, nontheless. Not unlike today’s tasty offering on WAKING AMBROSE, we hasten to add, which had us laughing so hard we almost forgot to do this post!

Anyway, we hope you all love this BIG PINK BUNNY as much as we do. To see the stories, click on the little boy wearing a shirt that says “yummy episodes”. You can thank us later for providing an excellent reason for your kids not to try wandering off in a forest alone and/or wanting a pet rabbit anytime soon. 

~ snuppy

* Just an added note a member of the Pez dynasty, ACTONBELL celebrates a birthday today! Here’s to a Happy Birthday Actonbell, enjoy it and come back from your vacation with some nice new blogposts! ~ Lampy

Oh and I’m just a little concerned for BoBo’s safety – it seems Doug’s “lovely” post has exposed a dark side none of us would have dared dream our Snuppy capable of.  Why? Why? We were going to be the best of friends forever! 


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Me first! You’re building quite the portfolio about town! I loveloveloved the story at Doug’s today and before reading this, I did say it reminded me of Making Fiends! And the monkey grams? Let’s just say they’re a huge hit in the Lampy hacienda. Tali and I just watched 2 of the Big Pink Bunny episodes. She actually knew about them – what’s wrong with this picture? Talk to you later – gotta get my java jones on. Your blogebrity grows NBFF – remember who knew you when!

Comment by lampshadelady

Hmmm, Lampshade Lady? that has a familiar ring to it. have we met? hee hee! i saw your comment on WA and cracked up (cuz i figured you hadn’t seen this post yet…) and how funny was his story, anyway? i’m still laughing! (not to mention impressed he pronounced my name correctly!)

i’m not totally surprised Tali would know of the Big Bunny… it’s an older series. in fact, i was afraid you’d already seen it, too. needless to say i’m glad you haven’t! it’s pretty darn cute! did i already mention that Amy Winfrey does annimations for South Park? i actually saw her name in the credits this last week… makes sense since that show has the same cutsie/dark humor. (okay, it’s wa-a-ay more dark, but still…)

hope you all have a great day! it’s mighty nice outside right now, which bodes well for all of us!! as for “remember you when”, what the hell are you talking about???? you’re my NBFF for cryin’ out loud!!! you don’t get to get rid of me that easily! xoxo

Comment by snuppy

Okay that’s it! I demand to know where Bobo is – after today’s “story” at Doug’s, it suddenly makes sense why he’s not here. Well, snuppy the truth shall set you free! Where is he?

Comment by lampshadelady

I come to you from a corner of our basement trying to ignore the pounding on the door above and Snuppy’s insistent assurances that “it’s okay to come out BoBo my darling, really…”

It’s all beginning to make sense…the missing pieces of an eerie puzzle coming together to form a picture I can’t bear to view. WHO IS THIS WOMAN? I can’t help but re-examine the many neighbors and friends who seemed to simply, well, disappear…overnight. A lunch date one day…gone the next. A long distance liason with a friend abroad who is then mysteriously silenced forever more. Coincidence? I now think not.

More pounding…more pleading…more hollow assurances coming from the other side of the door above.

WAIT! Are the kids really in California visiting family as she says? There’s no denying they were fraying fragile nerves.

OH MY GOD…the door is opening…”BoBo, where are you my darling? It’s time for our TGSNWM…you know you want one,” she says pushing the ultimate button, knowing full well that I will fall prey to the temptation…I always do.

GO NOW!…save your selves my dear blogging friends. It’s too late for me. I’m quite sure this TGSNWM may be my last…if there is to be a TGSNWM run at all…I believe I hear the gentle thud of a small shovel hitting the stairs as she decends. Fairwell my lovelies…farewe…

Comment by BoBo the barricaded

Who hasn’t been seen around the park? Head count everyone! Find your buddy. The buddy system works but only if we use it. Head count…LBP here (although hiding quietly because…that’s what pills do)

Comment by Little Blue Pill

Oh…and happy birthday Actonbell!

Comment by Little Blue Pill

Oh no! This can’t be! The question BoBo – did the boys try to put ribbons in her hair? I know you’re off the Hutch – I’m on the way, but will have to stop for my own IGSL. Hold on and fight! ChooChoo’s at Grandma’s – Tali you stay with Scissors, (we can’t afford any additional casualties).

Comment by lampshadelady

Is Sweet Baboo (oh – he did check in). What about Kyah? Blogging vacation indeed! LBP – You get the headcount, I’m on the way North!

Comment by lampshadelady

now you’re all just being silly. really. anyone not here is simply on vacation. and/or… er, um… hiding in the shrubbery and/or under their beds out enjoying the splendid weather we’re having. seriously. stop looking at me like that! but let this be a lesson… i don’t like annoying children pesky people, and i DETEST ribbons in my hair.

now where’d i put that key to the basement car? look, Bobo… TGSNWM!

Comment by snuppy

LL: i am SO GLAD you added the birthday greeting for Actonbell!! that’s what i originally came back to do!! oh, for godssake… pull up that shade, i see you in that corner! come out, NBFF… no one’s going to hurt you. look! i even have a nice hot frosty IGSL for ya… see? now come on over…come on. that’s a good Lamp. xox

Comment by snuppy

Haha! if it’s an IGSL – why is it hot!? What have you done with BoBo!?

Comment by lampshadelady

ya see? i just went in and changed it!! (it took that long for me to realize what the “I” was for!!) hee hee!! we’re off for that coffee now… but we’ll be back. oh yes… we *will* be back!! xoxox (~snuppy)

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Ahem, AHEM! A head count and no one thought of me! FOR SHAME Snarklings, FOR SHAME!

I lovedlovedloved me that story over at the Dawgy Doug’s place fo sho! Sizzlefied!

*GASPETTY GASP* What’s this I hear about Bobo? Oh *sniff*, seems that we have arrived too late! May you rest in peace dear Bobo of the Banjoeys!

I have yet to watch this newest form of entertainment… gotta get ready as Cousin A will be here shortly cause I get to go out on a DATE! 5th damn date since having kids! WOOOHOOOO! But there is a bathroom to be cleaned, dinner to be made and rules to go over with the lil’ bohemians! Glamourous fo sho! FO SHO!

And dear Neva of the SnuppyPuppySophieToes fame, had this not been in the works I would so be itching to give a certain N of the SPST fame a ring! Well, the itch is there but alas the time must be won! Perhaps tomorrow or the day after? Ooooh! Something to look forward to and I promise I will never put ribbons in your hair or commit any such atrocities… EVER!

Oh! The Loverboy calls and a certain nude lil’ boy and needs to go pee in the bathroom and not my couch… again… besos to all and live it up so I have juicy things to read when I get back! LIVE IT UP SAY I!

Comment by Miz BoheMia

Well I am over and out for now. She susupiciosly eyes the iced latte on the table and decides that well, it is hot and this would be very refreshing. Takes a sip and ummm, so refres…lights out.

Comment by lampshadelady

Oh Miz B (the lampy comes to for a moment) had I not seen you earlier at Doug’s I may had cause for alarm, but as it were I thought you were in a downard dog position and would be joining us at any moment! And you have! Have a great date and enjoy yourselves and come back with good things to dish about. Really you and Loverboy enjoy yourselves. Takes another sip and lights out again!

Comment by lampshadelady

Gracias delightful LL! Gracias!

Man I wish you guys were here! I have no clue what to wear! Pretty is in but pretty and dressed up mean heels and I just am not a fan of them as after a while I won’t be able to walk and so… oooh! Unless I wear pretty with heels and use it as an excuse to check out the sales and get some pretty flats! Ha, ha, haaa! Manipulatively funkified!

Well, off I go for real this time and will dish fo sho! FO SHO! If no toes are offered, I will not spit… bohemians are simple that way you know? 😉

Ha, ha, haaa! Besos all and happy sabado!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy


Comment by logo™

sorry, I hit enter without finishing what I wanted to say
OK, Snuppy, you’re absolutely lovely, keep your distance!

I am mostly worrieda bout Doug for exposing her and Joel for BEING exposed to her, let’s keep our fingers crossed. The cute ones are always the most dangerous.

Comment by logo™

…I’m not dead yet!

Comment by BoBo the barricaded

i thought it was especially funny that Doug did that exact story today, and the first “story” in the Big Bunny series is about what? that’s right! the fate of Muffin, a little, annoying dog!

CYM: a date?? oooooooh! i hope it’s a good one, and lovely and romantic and that it *doesn’t* wind up with you and/or Loverboy sucking toes (unless you want to!) xox

logo™ : so what are you saying here? that i *can’t* come out to visit you?? trust me, i’m as harmless as a fly. if you spell fly T.S.E.-T.S.E.!! xox

LampishlyLovelyLadyHidingUnderHerShade: does this mean lunch is off? xox

Comment by snuppy and her shovel

Let’s just say if BoBo was spotted in the Snark I may feel just a tad more comfortable with the idea.

Comment by lampshadelady

OH NO THANK YOU! No sucking toes for this bohemian at all! AT ALL I SAY! Loverboy learned his lesson the hard way!

Back from the date, boy’s room stank of bug spray (damn ant problem you see) so here I am, on the couch with him for the night! How romantic! Although the date was and even more so since there was no hint of toe sucking! 😉 Fabuloso!

The kids had a blast as our usual babysitting team consisting of Cousin A, her boyfriend J and little sister Cousin R came on over and Lil’ BoheMia was so excited we couldn’t leave fast enough for her! Apparently Lil’ M entertained them by singing for them and off-kilter conversations were had!

As for us, a night out in Spain made for much laughter and fun critiques of this backwards place! Indian restaurant so maybe some fodder for a new blog post next week!

It is nice to be home though! Geeks that we are, we missed the kids while having our dinner and even more so when we had some ice cream after! It was nice to come home after time spent alone! This should have us charged for a number of months easy!

OK! I have talked enough and off to bed I go! How is everyone else’s Saturday panning out? Hope all is well with much peace and funk and Bobo, you watch your back now you hear? We want you safe and sound and delightful Nevas with a dark past, well, you can never be too careful! Dios mio!

Besos to all!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

lovely CYM: there was no need to worry! all is well in the park and we’re just happy to know you and the Loverboy had a beautiful date! (you *do* need to have those every once in awhile… even a wayward shovel-totin’ puppy knows that!)

as for the rest of you Snarklings… hope everyone’s enjoying his/her weekend… we (me & the Bobo, assuming i let him out of the basement) shall see y’all manana! xoxox

Comment by snuppy and her shovel

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