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Sunday, 6 August 2006, 7:39am
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WE are very hopeful you’ll all be content to continue enjoying the yummy and crunchy BIG BUNNY series, and maybe give us a day to come off the fiendish-yet-fun cloud one of us found ourselves on yesterday, after reading THIS darkly hilarious tale by our favorite STORYTELLER.

However, if that doesn’t float your boat, we’d also like to give you the option of perusing this recent clip from THE COLBERT REPORT, which features an especially amusing (okay, we think it’s actually beyond hysterical) interview with D.C. Congresswoman, Eleanor Holmes Norton. This woman is so sassy we want to be her when we grow up. (the video was lifted from Salon.com, by the way, so we feel confident it’s not carrying the flu and/or any other kind of stupid virus ~ also, you’ll find a set up for the clip on the page that’s worth a peek before watching.)

~ snuppy 


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for those of you who don’t know, The Colbert Report is a spin-off of The Daily Show–which is a news-driven comedy show (or is that comedy-driven news?) on Comedy Central and hosted by the unbelieveably brilliant Jon Stewart. i, for one, happen to think The Daily Show is, hands down, the single BEST program on television, and it’s my preferred source for news. even if some of you can’t actually see the show, you can watch clips of it on Comedy Central’s website. or wait until we link something here!

anyway, Stephen Colbert’s show started a few months ago, and has become one of our other favorites, because he, too, is brilliantly funny. he does a parody of that asshole, Bill O’Reilly (on FOX News), in that he presents his character as staunchly conservative (which, of course, Colbert is not) his dead-pan delivery alone makes the show worth watching. how he stays in character is beyond me! of course, as you’ll see, sometimes he does come close to losing it… but this guy’s roots are in improv, so he’s quick to work a laugh into something that allows him to maintain his “air of righteous conservatism”.

okay… that’s all i’ll say… for now!! (~ snuppy)

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Colbert is the man! This was a brilliant bit…not sure how he keeps a straight face through it all.

p.s. I have been retrieved from my basement hiding place and Snuppy assures me that it is all a big misunderstanding…I’m inclined to believe her although she had no meaningful explanation for the shovel’s presence in the corner of our bedroom. Hmmm…never knew her hair could be placed in pigtails given it’s length.

Comment by BoBo the formerly barricaded

Holy Cow! That was funny! Two thumbs up for Stephen Colbert. (Don’t pronounce the “t.”)

As for the bunny, I like the Easter episode, except for the part about the bluebird: yuck!

Comment by pavel

Loverboy and I laughed and laughed and laughed… and then we laughed some more… you are one fine seeker of brilliant things but it does not surprise us as you are simply BRILLIANT dear Snuppy!

I just got to that Big Bunny! Dios mio! Creepy! Lil’ BoheMia was not too amused by his dietary habits to say the least! Lil’ M? He ignoreth us as he busies himself with shoes… he is on his damn 4th pair now! *sigh*

Have a great Sunday dearest amigos!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Oh that was funny. “How about French vanilla?”

Funny, funny, funny.

I am off to play on a big piece of ice. Ooh lah.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

That was hillarious! A great way to start my day. I really got a kick out of the whole French Vanilla quip at the end. 🙂

Comment by cj

I heart Colbert, he’s even funnier than the Daily Show:):)

Comment by My Spin On Things

Something funnier than the Daily Show? Speak not such sinful words! Dios MIO! 😉

I will allow him a close second but John Stewart… *sigh… he is dreamy!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

I don’t get comedy central anymore and I have to say, I am missing my Jon fix.
The Cobert report is pretty good too, and he really does manage to say the most outrageous things straight faced, its amazing.

Comment by logo™

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