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Bonus Post! by Snuppy
Wednesday, 9 August 2006, 1:47pm
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**Just when you think you’ve seen it all, we come along and (hopefully) mix things up! Here’s the deal, we actually did a couple of different posts for today, and couldn’t decide which one we liked best. So we went with the first one, but thoughts of the second one nagged and nagged at us until we couldn’t stand it any longer and we decided we were going to have to put up in order to get our nagging-little-annoying-selves to shut up! So here you go, Snarksters, Post #2 for your perusal and/or general amusement.**

*   *   *   *   * 

SOME of us did something very grown up last weekend, in that we went to a movie without having small children clinging to our legs and/or screaming for Milk Duds, Skittles, and a Pretzel. That said, one of us did pout until we were allowed to purchase a small bag of unbuttered popcorn and some red licorice, but we digress.

The movie we saw, Talladega Nights, was surprisingly hilarious, but before the show started, we watched a number of trailers for other films, including one we think will make us snort milk duds out of our nostrils, which won’t be pretty, altho’ might be hilarious, as well. The name of this film we can’t wait to see is BORAT, and features an actor who also starred with Will Farrell as his nemesis in Talladega Nights. You may recognize him as Ali G, but in real life he’s known as Sacha Baron Cohen, and he is audaciously funny. What, you may ask, is audaciously funny?  Anyone who would go out in public at the Cannes Film Festival like THIS, THIS, or THIS.

For those of you unable to check out the trailer until you get back to your own, we’ve provided a little 411 on the character. We’re not wrong, are we? This is funny, right?

Full Name
Borat Sagdiyev

Kuzcek, near Almaty, Kazakhstan.

TV reporter – Kazakhstan’s sixth most famous man
Makes animal explosion for making more animals
Gypsy Catcher
Ice maker
Computer maintenance (the one who paint it and remove dead birds from its pipes)

Table tennis
Sitting on comfytobale chairs
Disco dance
Shoot dog
Looking on picture of America things example swimming pools
Speak on telephone – I have make over eighty conversation calls.
One day I would like to eat a very big chocolate cake… with a toffee, and have my name ‘Borat’ made with ‘toffee’. I also like to start fires.

Degree from Astana University in English and plague research.
Made 3 new plagues – one was release in Uzbekistan and kill over 50 thousands goat.

Music tastes
Korki Buchek
Bald homosexual Elton John.
Song of C&C Music Manufacturing Plant ‘Everybody Dancing Now’

Vilo – had grown a moustache when Borat visited his family last
A number of wives one died in a field in an accident and some he has to pay for, but they are worth it!

Azamat Bagatov


Igor the Pig

Apparently Cohen is so good as this character, he’s managed to insult the entire Republic of Kazakhstan, where, since 1991, folks have been allowed to laugh at communism, but not parody. Borat taped a statement of support for Kazakhstan, which can be seen and/or enjoyed HERE. Seriously, can a guy who aspires to have his name spelled out in toffee on a chocolate cake be much of a threat to the future well being of Kazakhstanis? We’re pretty sure the answer is “no”.

~ snuppy


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Aaaaaaurgh! My eyes! My eyes! Get that Green Stretched Panty look out of my head.


Comment by Little Blue Pill

LBP: yeah…that’s the first clue this is a guy ready to go… er… um… balls out for comedy, right? Sacha Cohen is really funny in Talledega Nights (he plays a gay/French race car driver, who’s boyfriend is Andy Richter (another totally funny guy). but i’m thinking as Borat, he might be even more hysterical! so far, so good. xox

Comment by snuppy

I suppose it’s a green SPEEDO stretched look.


Comment by Little Blue Pill

i agree! :::shudder::: is exactly what i’d do if i ever saw someone in something like that in person!! (shudder and aiiieeeee, that is!) in real life, Sacha Cohen is married to the actress that played the crazy redhead in Wedding Crashers (she’s in Talledega Nights, too) it must be a hoot to hang out with them as a couple. his Ali G character is extrememly funny… even more so when you know that some of the guests he’s had on his “talk show” think he’s for real. clever mockster. we like that!!

Comment by snuppy

Booyakasha! I IS BLACK!

Can you tell I love me that man? LOVE I TELL YOU! Loverboy and I have watched everyting he has done, from his UK work to his US work, that we have been able to get our hands on! He is brilliant! FUCKING BRILLIANT!

He got in trouble with Kazakhstan and as Borat released a statement that he supports Kazakhstan’s complaint against “that (fucking? Don’t remember) Jew Sacha Cohen”… ha, ha, haaa! He sop knows how to kick ’em where it hurts and his work is an amazing, brilliant, intelligent, well-thought out skits that bring out unimagined things and reactions in people that serve as brilliant, live, social commentary!


Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

DOH! You mentioned all that already! How dumb am I? And how well researched are you? Funkified!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

I’m gonna veer off subject…

“The bottom line is I’m the best. I piss excellence…”

“Dear Baby Jesus… I’d like to thank you for my two sons- Walker and Texas Ranger… and for my super hot wife…”

“Shake N Bake!!!”

Just thought I’d throw some lines from the #1 movie in America right now.

I’m sometimes embarrased that I am entertained by such unintellectual comedy, but Will Ferrell had me at hello. What we really need is more cowbell!

Comment by Sweet Baboo

Well I can only agree with you both. I love AliG/Borat – his show was hysterical! MizB – I’d like to see him on BIO. And that was the best part, in the beginning, many people thought he was there to genuinely interview him.

Of course, the green contraption – how’d you like to be the poor guy he is attempting to sit upon?

Well sort of in and out the old revolving door today. Snuppy, we’ll reconvene in the am on time?

Checks ya later.

Comment by lampysinthehouse

Oh didn’t see you there Baboo. But you and Snuppy are giving some good endorsements there. I think Will Farrell is funny in character in some telphone commercial so I imagine the movie is just more good ole “silly” humor. The more idiotic the better sometimes.

Comment by lampysinthehouse

He really is funny. Those pictures are hitonious.

Comment by Walela

The more I look at it the more I realize that “Yes, he did pull his speedos up over his shoulders. Yikes!!” An ass-tronomical wedgie.

It reminds me of when my brother was a kid and yanked his underoos up his butt, stomped his feet like a sumo wrestler then shook his butt. Yes. i saw this. the whole neighborhood saw it. We’re so proud.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

Imagine pissing off an entire republic…one can only dream.

Oh by the way Little Blue Pill, I’m so glad that the words “was a kid” were included in that story about your brother.

Comment by TDB

Scary…LBP, and yet, i’m laughing! quite a childhood ya had there! xo

aspire to piss of a nation? you and Doug, TDB, you and Doug…

Sweet Baboo! i know! it’s embarrassing to admit seeing the film, much less that we thought it was hysterical, and yet, Joel and I just cracked up throughout the whole dang thing! John C. Reilly was a hoot, i mean, there were many happy surprises. but oh-my-gosh did Sacha Cohen’s character have us in the aisles “Reekee Boobee” too funny!! by the way, did i notice a new avatar on WA?? pretty cool, you little primate, you!! (and hey, did you notice this new template has time stamps??) xo

Doug: hitoneous, indeed. not to mention painful. xo

LampityDoDah: will do, over and out! (there may be a snag… but i’ll let ya know in the AM when we talk about the t.i.m.e.!!) xo

Comment by snuppy

CYM!! thank you for that fabulous chat-fest this afternoon!! i should be embarrassed about keeping you up so late (7pm here = 1am there, right?) but i’m not. well, not too much, that is! as for “well-researched?” a little reading (on my behalf) goes a long-long way!! you are funkified, indeed, sister! and i love you for it!! xoxo

Baboo: one more thing… how funny was that “prayer”? i mean is Jesus the “baby”? should they pray to the Jesus with the beard? without the beard? i howled! xo

Comment by snuppy

I was choking on my popcorn and inhaling my coke through my nostrils because I was laughing so hard at the Baby Jesus jokes and the whole movie in general.

I did not notice the timestamp until 11:55pm EST

Yes, that is a new avatar… the Monkey Assassin.

Comment by Sweet Baboo

I saw that at Doug’s. Security for the Snark. I like it.

Comment by One Hot Puppy

TDB: I’m not to sure if that “was a kid” still qualifies. My sister-in-law has hinted that he still does it. And by the stupid-ass smirk on his face…I’d say she wasn’t lying. He ate ants…does this explain a lot of things?

Sometimes I feel like I should memoir about my childhood but, really, who the hell would believe it?

Comment by Little Blue Pill

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