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Happy Happy Humpday! by Snuppy
Wednesday, 9 August 2006, 9:22am
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WE don’t care how you’re feeling today… watch THIS and you will feel happy. It’s just about the most entertaining music video we’ve seen in a long time. OK GO singing a kick-ass song while dancing on a bunch of treadmills. What’s not to love? We stole it from found it on SWEETNEY.COM, and we’re very grateful to have it. For those of you who don’t know, Sweetney is one of the original Bloggoddesses… and at least one of us worships at her blog alter as often as we can.

From the “Smell Us (or not)” files, we also offer THIS TID-BIT for your consideration. We don’t know about you, but we figure we might save money by just rubbing ourselves down with some ripe gouda and/or brie. But that’s just us. You might think this shit concept is fabulous. We think we don’t want to be wearing anything like this shit that may elicit the question “Who cut the cheese?”, if you catch our drift. Of course, if we try any of that shit those fragrances, we suspect you won’t want to.

~ snuppy


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I wanna be first!

Now I’m gonna go watch.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

That video was cooooool. Very catchy.

I was reading until they said it was Stilton cheese. Then I threw up in my mouth a little.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

Why does the party always start when I am out the door???? Oh well! On better news, my yoga class tonight is cancelled which means I am home and maybe able to rina-a-ling my Snuppy dear! YAY!

As for you… feel free anytime for here I am!

Besos to one fab, innovative and oh-so-hip Snarkster who make this place oh-so-funkified!


Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Will you be getting Joel the Kiss cologne?

Well, what next Winsleydale? That’s our favorite from Wallace and Grommit. Wallace seems to hanker for Winsleydale cheese whenver he’s a bit peckish.

I should have done my homework but I was too busy wreaking havoc on any blog where I have posting privileges 🙂 Not to worry – no posts were hurt during the creating. I checked out Sweetney’s site – love it. Not to be a slacker, but maybe I should just copy your blogroll?

See everyone later!

Comment by lampysinthehouse

Awesome! I am always fascinated with what the moment of creation of concept must have been like. I mean did the choreographer have the brainstorm while working out at the gym? Did it come to him/her in a dream? Love it.

Comment by BoBo

I saw this video the other day from a friend who sent it to me. I had to urinate as a result.

Where happened to the trees? Is this still a park? Maybe it’s an urban playground? Cool, I can handle a concrete jungle as well. Just might be a little messy as soil does much better for hiding my droppings.

Catty yummy mummy- I love your funk!

Comment by Sweet Baboo

Oh, I heard about the cheesy perfume yesterday on NPR. Sounds cheesy to me… Excuse me, gotta go watch the video…

Comment by Pavel

Ah yes, KISS cologne…that sweet smell of leather…sweat…lighter fluid, and stage makeup…with just a hint of citrus.

I think I’ll go with the Derek Jeter Cologne instead.

Comment by BoBo

Does this mean it’s another groovin’ day around the park?

You know what I was thinking when I was watching that video? I can’t even WALK on one of those and they’re jumping and groovin’ and skating and such. Sigh. I wish I was one of the coordinated people.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

Actually, the cheese cologne reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where Kramer comes up with “smell of the beach” cologne idea.

Comment by BoBo

Laughing at the “smell of the beach” one.

Groovin on a Wednesday afternoon. Baboo just swung through. And so adaptable for an ape.

Comment by lampysinthehouse

yeah… “The Beach” cologne, by Calvin Klein (right?) that was a funny concept, and a great episode, to boot!

sooo? would it bother anyone to know i’ve put up a second, silly, but (we think, right LL?) funny post for today?? if you guys don’t want to read it and/or comment, i’ll just take it down and use it on some other blog. not that i have some other blog to take it to, mind you (well i guess i do, but that’s not the point!)

oh, and LL, i saw that Baboo was here earlier, too! we may have to revert back to the trees ‘n dirt once in awhile, just to keep that primate happy! (or at least keep the park clean, right? droppings? we don’t need no stinking droppings! of course, we could just give him a few baggies, so he could clean up after himself, right?? xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

oops! that time “one hot puppy” was me. sorry… sometimes it’s so easy to forget! xox

Comment by snuppy

For the record, my preferred fragrance is Tide with Bleach.

LL- I am thoroughly convinced that I can do anything. *pounds chest*

Snuppy, actually I like One Hot Puppy better…
One Hot Puppy- No need to revert for my happiness, I’m sure sooner or later some Flora will sneak it’s way into the concrete jungle, daffodils always end in the cracks of the sidewalks. I suppose concrete makes good for graffitti. I like graffitti. No need for baggies- my droppings don’t stink. 🙂

Comment by Sweet Baboo

Smelling like cheese is a good thing? Finally!

Comment by Walela

Ok, that’s my kind of exercise class – where do I sign up?

Comment by lights out!


Comment by trapp1

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