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Friday Fun by Snuppy
Friday, 11 August 2006, 8:48am
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YESTERDAY we realized our orange-spiky-headed friend, (that’s the VILLAGE IDIOT for those of you not in the know) had his regular “Tropical Top Five”, which we totally forgot to pimp mention. This week’s challenge was to come up with songs about geeks. We aren’t good with shit stuff like that, so we did what any good geek would do–we performed a bit of Googlery. Imagine our surprise and/or total delight when we found THIS. We laughed our asses off a lot, and we hope you will, too.

WE also spotted THIS at the tail end of the Daily Show on Wednesday night, and it made us laugh and laugh and laugh and so we thought we’d share it with all of you in hopes of giving you a reason to spray your computer screen with tea, coffee, and/or whatever the hell you may be drinking when you watch, like we did. And, just so’s ya know, we took this straight off of Comedy Central’s site, so we’re guessing it’s ‘safe’. Also, there is a crummy (but short) commercial before the clip, but it was cute, and the clip is so damn funny it is SO worth the wait. Unless you’re in love with Geraldo Rivera and/or Bill O’Reilly, in which case you suck you may not be amused. 

BONUS! Anyone so inclined and/or who doesn’t get to watch The Daily Show everyday like we do, (LOGO?) can continue to watch clips from Wednesday’s show in order to get his/her fix and/or remember the one reason cable is worth it’s weight in fool’s gold.

~ snuppy


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“Help me, Jesus! Help me, Tom Cruise! Tom Cruise, use your witchcraft to get the fire off me!”

Comment by Sweet Baboo

Baboo! you’d fit right in at our house! quoting movie lines is a bit of a passion around here (you and our youngest son could probably trade off quips all day!) by the way, your friend, Shamrock, left an hysterical definition on WA today… i just cracked up (and thought of you & your recent trip to NC)! mornin’, by the way! xox

Comment by snuppy

Baboo: i just saw your latest offering over there, which was pretty tasty, too! xo

Comment by snuppy

snuppy the love puppy- I don’t think Shamrock will be topped today. Funny thing is he’s been scared to put up one for months now fearing he couldn’t hang. He is obviously doing well. As for mine- leftovers.

Okay, I’m off to see the wizard.

Comment by Sweet Baboo

PS I’m going to see Ricky Bobby again this weekend.

Comment by Sweet Baboo

PSS Timestamps are so freakin’ great

Comment by Sweet Baboo

I’m all bummed out I can’t see that clip. Going to have to fire up the husbands pc. 🙂

Comment by cj

The Tripods! My new favorite group…awesome video…could be our son’s theme song? Happy Friday everybody.

Comment by Joel

i’m so sorry CJ! sometimes i worry about putting up links because not everyone can see and/or use them! i try to stick with stuff from safe sites. that said, your husband is going to LOVE the first one, so be sure he watches it, too. as VI said, it’s the “perfect” geek song! xo

Comment by snuppy

and honey…you are SO right! that song can and should be his theme! and i mean that in the best way possible. at least i think i do! xox

Comment by snuppy

You tell that Shamrock we’re all damn impressed. One would not know he’s a WA rookie.

I need a nap. Or my pink bubbly crack cuz I am zonked. Email is dangerous. Lethal. Sigh. But it was by far the coolest 3.5 hours emailing…ever! And NOOOO Yummy Mummy it wasn’t Grr. Put away that whip. There was no misbehavin’ (really!!) at all. And the irony of who the guy turned out to be makes me slouch back on my couch and laugh, laugh, laugh. But now I’m tired so…pass the pink liquid crack.

Comment by Little Sleepy Pill

oh, and CJ?? speaking of videos… i should have linked to YOURS (adorable)! i’ll do so here, and try to do it on the main page later! also, SAR is telling tall (or is it short) tales on DOUG DRONES ON, anyone curious to hear what she sounds like should take a listen (it’s a good story, too!) xox

Comment by snuppy

Little Sleepy Pill (these just keep gettin’ better and better!): i’m guessin’ another can o’ liquid pink crack and you’ll be good to go! hope so… last nite around here was fun (not to mention FUNNY) and i can only imagine your marathon email session was too! no, wait. i don’t want to imagine your marathon email session… but i’m glad it made *you* happy!! xox

Comment by snuppy

Holy DINAH I love the Geek song. Lovin’ it!

Comment by Little Giggly Pill

Ah, sweet romance. It reminds me of a joke someone told me not long ago *clears throat*

Two nerds are talking on the phone
The first nerd tells the second “Dude, I made out with a girl last night, it was awesome!”
The second nerd asked “No way! At the Trekcon?”
“Oh yeah, I brought her back to my place.”
“Then what?”
“We tore each other’s uniforms off”
“Then what?”
“She sat up on my desk next to the new computer and pulled me close”
“No way! Mac or PC?”

Comment by Walela

Haha Doug.

Very funny clips – am on the run. Daily Show was funny as was the immediately following clip. I’m not a geek, but I have been know to be its distant cousin – corny.

Have a great weekend all. Gotta run for now – sisters visiting, have to make the house look tiptop.

Comment by lights out!

By the Snuppy, I say you actually go away with the tiara today. Nicely done.

Comment by oops lights on!

ha! Lady o’ the Lampshade! you flatter me!! but if you say so… perhaps i can get it from you next week (i’m just glad you’ve got it now, ‘cuz it’s a surefire way to impress your big sis!) have fun today!! xoxox

Comment by snuppy

Doug that’s hilarious!

The Jon Stewart one was cute. But that geek song? Love. It.

Comment by Little Giggly Pill

i loved the Jon Stewart clip because of the Geraldo/O’Reilly exchange. i don’t know why, but that totally cracked me up! plus, last night, Colbert was ON The Daily Show, “confronting” Stewart in person, again. hilarious! O’Reilly is such an asshole (i used to work with a few folks who worked with him before he did Inside Edition and/or FOX News and they said he was a total jerk.) Geraldo Rivera’s not much better… and the way he was totally sucking up to O’Reilly was icing on the bullshit cake! xox

Comment by snuppy

I sent the Geek song to a friend and he retaliated with this

and for the record the conversation was benign – nice guys finishing last sorta stuff, basically a themed discussion I’ve been having all week. It was just…cool.

Comment by Little Giggly Pill

🙂 Ok the international Geek song – Sadly, I can relate. It was hillarious but sadly, again I say sadly, its my husbands theme song. 🙂 Now I want to see if I can get the other to work on the mac almighty!

Comment by cj

Okay because I’m bored waiting for my lunch date to get here. I thought’d share my another addiction of mine. No…not sparkly pink drinks.

this guy who’s cute too!!

Comment by Little Hungry Pill

I found the clip on Youtube – VERY funny. 🙂 Poor poor Geraldo…

Comment by cj

LHP: that was great! i’ve seen that guy on Comedy Central… love him! xo

CJ: you can’t use MotherLoad, but you *can* use YouTube? interesting! xo

Comment by snuppy

Oooweee! Happenin’ partay fo sho! I have yet to watch the Daily Show bit… crazy laptop is funking it up! Dios mio!

Hey Mz Pill… I am getting confused with the ever-changing name… glad to see you back to your normal self and away from that caffeine high!

What is up with the language though? Y’all are behaving way too much! I AM SHOCKED! SHOCKED I TELL YOU!

Oh well… here, no news… other than we got a new cat… Ella Blue was very antisocial from the getgo… a year of trying and she acted like an abused cat, frightened by everything… so the woman who sold her to us took her back and admitted to the father being the same way, genetics it turns out… so there is an 11-week old baby here now, new sister to Ziggy Barley and named Tiger Lily… Tily for short… she is such a sweet little baby!

Now I am gushing so that I could puke, PUKE I TELL YOU! Dios mio!

Snuppy, you never cease to amaze me with your delightful posts! Bohemians everywhere humbly bow before you! Besos cause we love you so!

Comment by Miz BoheMia

Thank you so much for that, I love it.
You can’t get hummus without mashing some chickpeas.
The Geek Song is fabulous.

Comment by logo™

Hey all: As befits my sister – her ETA is anywhere between 12:oo-7:oo EST. I’m easygoing.

Mz Catty Yummy: Love you cat names! Good luck with the new baby – I’m sure she’ll be very happy with her new family. Oh, we’re making the hippy salad with dinner tonight. I’ll let you know how it comes out.

NBFF: How’s that eye? Hope you’re resting it today so that it’s ready for driving next week. xox
Hugs on the round. Have a good weekend all.

Comment by Lampshade Lady

Oooh! Bon appetit! Hope you like it!

Yeah, hippy times are being had here! Means I get to sleep on the couch to make sure Ziggy, who is literally 3 to 4 times the size of Tily, does not kill Tily… or maybe it is Loverboy’s excuse to get a night free of groping and I fell for it? Damn you Loverboy!

Dios mio!

Comment by Miz BoheMia

That video was extremely awesomely funny!

Comment by Pavel Cubano

logo™: i knew you’d be a happy camper! (i figured you’d like that video, too!) xox

Pavel Cubano: now how did i know you’d like that? (glad you did!) xox

NBFF: so? is your sister there yet?? if she’s like my sis… the answer is probably “no”. as for the “patriotic” eye? doing much better (still in my glasses…) arnica montana, girlfriend, i’m telling ya, that stuff is magic!! have a fabulous weekend, can’t wait ’til our lunch!! xox

CYM: new kitty?? how sweet is that? i’m guessing you’re a bit relieved to know there was a basis for the feelings you had about the other cat. (still, poor thing, what’s to become of it?) pictures! i wanna see pictures! much love to you, amiga! xox

Comment by snuppy

yeah I don’t know what the deal is snupp, perhaps its a fluke today.

Comment by cj

A conversation between Geraldo Rivera and Bill O’Reilly, now there’s something I’d like to see in an airtight time capsule, covered in concrete and buried deep within the earth…not the video tape, I’m talking about Geraldo and Bill.

Comment by TDB

TDB: you and me both, brother… you and me both!

Comment by snuppy

Hi sweet Snuppy! Do not worry for Ella will be ok… the lady who sold her to us, though she has a cattery, is very much in love with all her cats and cares for them immensely… this problem with Ella has been ongoing and we have tried for almost a year to help her and nothing. She acts as though she were abused and the like and it relieved me to no end to hear it was genetics and that her father was the same. It will be a little rough to adjust at first but once she does she will have the run of the property and be an indoor and outdoor cat as well, which she will love and a single, older lady will work out for her much better than our crazy, noisy household with a psychotically loving 3-year-old boy!

As for Tily, she is a sweetheart… being couchbound sucks though and her sweet purring was sooo loud there was no sleep to be had! But that is a good thing! So now we are working on getting Ziggy to accept her and to not feel insecure because he is quite confused and pissed off right now poor thing!

Pictures? Fo sho! If they do not go up in the blog they will most definitely make their way on over to you! FO SHO!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Oh! And Sweet dreams dear Snuppy and all my Americano and Canadiense amigos! Besos!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

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