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Pardon Our Drool by Snuppy
Tuesday, 15 August 2006, 9:41am
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WE confess we were feeling totally uninspired today, which is not an uncommon occurrence, by any means. Nevertheless, when we haven’t been exactly sure of what to write, we’ve usually been able to pull some interesting link out of our asses off the internet with which to entertain. Such was not the case today. Fortunately, we’ve been able to rely on a couple of friends in order to provide stimulating fodder.

FIRST, since it’s Tuesday, that means it’s time for us to challenge our brain cells again. Not that our brain cells need challenging mind you, (see above) but still, it’s always fun to find out what we don’t know in order to improve ourselves, right? Of course, every time we take one of LOGO’S quizzes, we’re tempted to take another night class and/or stop watching so much TV. Fortunately we get over such thoughts rather quickly.

SPEAKING of our penchant for watching TV and/or entertaining video, one of our friends with an amazing capacity to provide us with just that is PAVEL. We never cease to be amazed by the things he finds. THIS is just one example of the latest (and greatest). Visit his site for more. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed. (the “big” ads are especially impressive)

NATURALLY, we realize it’s not always necessary to provide links here at the Snark Park. In fact, sometimes the best conversations we’ve all had are on the days we don’t. It’s just that we’re constantly amazed and/or impressed and/or amused by the wealth of artistic efforts available to one ‘n all on any given day. Which is why, when we see something especially good(ish), we try to share. For example, THIS is what we had originally planned to show you all this morning, because it made us laugh. Yes, that’s how lame we are at the moment. Which is why, when you visit Logo and Pavel, you should thank them profusely for their role in sparing you exposure to more of this kind of drivel.

~ snuppy


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Woo-hoo! Got question #1 right. Yay for me. Good thing or else I’d suck as a Canuck.


Comment by Little Blue Pill

Stupid software quitting when I’m halfway through the quiz. Sigh will try later.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

You da woman! You da woman! You sizzleth fo sho Snuppy! FO SHO!

How is it that you never cease to amaze me? Not that that surprises me or anything!

Besos on a lazy Tuesday afternoon in Spain (although the morning was busy!)

Comment by One Hot Puppy

CYM: hah! you are waaaaaaay too kind! and thanks for kicking our asses last week on Logo’s quiz!! i’m sure you’ll beat me again, ‘cuz this week i did even worse… sigh. oh well, as i said, it’s gonna be one of those days!

a busy day in Spain? still hot? are you feeling better?? inquiring minds want to know, girlfriend, FO SHO!!! xoxox

Comment by snuppy

Oh crap! I didn’t log out! Bohemians are simply waaaaay too absentminded!

Yesterday I spent almost an hour looking for my keys (a replica of a set I lost last year already which had everything from my car keys to the house keys to the… and the BMW keys alone cost close to $200 to replace!) and they turned out to be in the key cabinet! Who knew?

I do not kick ass in Logo’s quiz… seriously mostly guesses! Lucky! This time too cause I KNEW NOTHING! I deserved at the most a 10 I KID YOU NOT!

Busy, yes… went to work early to squeeze in my personal yoga practice and then I taught at 11 and then I bought the girl her books for school (but zonked out on buying the boy’s books! Surpise, surprise!) and then I was gonna go to the supermarket but yeah, idiots were closed! So I came home and Loverboy washed one car while I vacuumed the other… then we went swimming but it was toooo windy so we rushed in (so YAY wind as it brings a much needed cool breeze and we are not dying today! *GASPETTY GASP*) and when I was about to bathe the kids we found out we had no water and have spent all day waiting for the damn water company to show… guess 20 minutes means in 4+ hours! And here we are! Although I cannot not shower so the little trickle of water that was available was used as I crouched in the tub and stuck my head under the faucet because there was not enough force to have the water come out of the showerhead! Bendy times fo sho! And as Seinfeld would point out, some things are just bad naked and that was REALLY BAD NAKED! FO SHO!

And yes, back to feeling better although waiting for the bloating to go down! That one’s a major bitch I tell you!

How about you? This bohemian has blabbed on enough! ENOUGH I TELL YOU! Can you tell I miss you? Methinks a ring may be in order some time soon cause your sweet voice is just what the doctor ordered!

Ooooweee! Dancin’ the dance electric at the sizzlin’ thought!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Okay, I’ve done my rounds – got a 60 on the quiz, but I see you **hot puppies** likey my comment about Logo’s photo 🙂 That’s about as bright as it gets for this lamp today.

Happy Tuesday to all.

Comment by lampshade lady

You are snazzy and here you strike gold yet again!

That’s about as bright as it gets… Ha, ha, haaa! *Bohemian laughs in a donkey-like manner as she claps her hands hysterically, much like a retarded geek (nothing against geeks nor the mentally handicapped but hey, I ain’t PC here DAMMIT!) having a spastic moment extraordinaire! Ooooh so pretty!*

*sigh* I think I should shut up now!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

my eyes! my eyes! the lightbulb is indeed bright, CYM, thank goodness she sports such a fetching shade, otherwise we’d all be blind!! tho’, i must add, snazzy and clever just about describes the both of you at any moment/on any given day!

as for the quiz? there were not one but *two* guesses i made that kept me on the 70 side of 60, but, as i said, at this rate, i should be scoring a big fat zero by the end of next month (i seem to drop a point each week!)

heigh-ho! it’s a good thing we’re not havin’ lunch today, NBFF… another crappy drive is not something i needed! what about the morrow? (Thursday is bad, and Friday is worse)… otherwise, methinks it’s gonna be NEXT week before i get my “fix” (which is fine if that’s how it works out!) by the way, your quip about that picture was GOLD! i howled! xox

as for a phone call, Miz B? i am ALWAYS happy to hear your lilting tones… i’d say hold off until you stop having those spaz attacks, lest you drop the phone! huh? what??? PC?? we don’t need no stinkin’ PC! besided, that word got you in trouble over at TeamBio, right? hee hee! that was such a great debate, and if i had had more time and/or better words, i’d have joined in! still, there’s no one better to take up the cause than my feisty and brilliant NBFF! between the two of you, that asshole was toast! xox

Comment by snuppy

by the way, i hope you can see the amazing videos Pavel has on his site today, CYM, you will SO appreciate them! and i’m sorry NBFF, because i know you can’t see ’em right now, either, but, trust me, you’ll enjoy them when you do!

as for the last link (my own)? what can i say? my sense of humor is nothing, if not low brow! xoxo

Comment by snuppy

Yipee! 80 on Logo’s quiz…coming off a thoroughly humiliating 20 last week.

Comment by BoBo

Bobo: show off. come here to rub my nose in it did you? hee hee! just kidding… i’m glad you did better and/or had fewer interruptions so you could complete the thing this week. the same thing that happened to you *last* week happened to Jenna earlier today… xoxo

Comment by snuppy

I am SMART today. Whoot! 80! Thank goodness I go the Canadian questions right. -phew- AND I got the car question right. Oooooh. Ahhhh.

And the flushing kitty was hilarious! There are more movies? Groovy.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

oooh! guess i spoke too soon, LBP! an 80?? smart girl! apparently you and Joel are today’s “eggheads”! i’m glad you liked the cat video… the others (one here, and those on Pavel’s site) are visually fascinating. i’m guessing you’ll love ’em! xox

Comment by snuppy

YAY! Fuck being #1! I LIKE 13! Funkified!

Now, if I make it cause I am going on and on and on! Just saw the cat video!!! Ha, ha, haaaa! I am sooo not gonna show my kids that one lest they try to force the cats to learn that! Dios mio!

I am not spastic anymore! WOOHOOO!

Yeah, that idiot could stuff PC up his ass! Although as Loverboy was quick to point out, I should have told him that PC could very well stand for pubococcygeal muscle and would not a republican make of me! NOW WHY DID I NOT THINK OF THAT? Dammit!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Oops! Too verbose! #14 for me! Although I gladly give you the #13 spot Snuppy!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Go back and tell him now anyway MizCatyummy receipe giver of the oh so delish hippy salad that made Scissors declare who gave you this receipe? I like her! PCPCPCPCPCPCPCPCPCPCPCPCPCPCPCPCPCPCPCPCPCPCPCPC

Hey if we can’t go off here? Where is safe tell me!
Ay SnuppyO – it looks like next week then because on the morrow I have a crappy video conference to participate in (maybe I could just put a cardboard stand in at the conference room table). We’ll make a definite date for next week!

Loved the cat video – not in the least because the cute kitty reminded me of Julian’s own little obsession with toilet flushing – not using (well to pee fine) but flushing. Now that’s a rant for another day ay Miz CYM?

Jenna and Joel – congrats on your egg shaped heads. Bobo – a 20 last week? Somehow that makes me like you even more.

Comment by lampshade lady

Woohoo! Got an 80 on the quiz! I’m joing the egg heads!

Comment by Pavel

Oh my LL! Do not get me started on the potty training! I fucking hate it! HATE IT! This crazy boy has no interest whatsoever in being a fully functioning human being, NONE! If naked, he is ok most of the time but if he is lazy anywhere will do… and god forbid if he has any item of clothing on! Then forget it! And school starts in a month and he has to be good to go or else! Seems that we are headed straight towards or else!

Fuck it all!

YAY! You liked the salad! Now if only I could be close enough to invite you guys over for a meal of my hippy quinoa, hippy salad, more veggie delights and for those non-veggie head out there, Loverboy’s famous salmon! *sigh* Bohemians can only dream!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

My mouth waters – at the menu and the chance of a get together! Ay, we can all dream. Oooh how appropriate as the post is titled “Pardon our Drool”. You know I’m just desperate enough to entertain the idea of a Potty Training Party! Hey you got a 90 on the quiz today, come up with some answers for us Bohemia!

Lights out!

Comment by lampshade lady

Answers? What say you you, Snuppy and I get our heads together into a delightful moneymaking venture and then I move myself on over to those shores and we can revel in potty training parties and I will make those dishes (plus yummy cakes and the likes) and everything will be great and we shall all live happily ever after?

You in?


THAT cannot be a dream! Oh no, no, noo, no, NOOOO!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Hey Snarksters! Youtube is down right now so those cool videos snuppy is so kindly plugging (thanks snuppy!) aren’t available right now. Sorry…

Comment by Pavel

Wow, you all are kicking ass at the quiz!
G, that was an awesome line about the cactus.
I went to Pavel’s but Utube is down.
I shall have to return later.
Thanks for coming to play!

Comment by logo™ and Ariella

This public service announcement brought to you by Pavel. Thank you Pavel.

Logo – my first line was “You want me to do what?!” but I opted for the other. Thanks for having a fun place to play I say!

I’m in! Catty Yummy, now let’s get to thinking! Think, think, think; tap, tap, tap. Green tea and cakes…ummmm.

By the way, I’ve tried to visit your place CYM and a few others, but Blogga is being difficult!

See you all later.

Comment by lampshade lady

Blogger is a bitch! A BITCH I SAY!

Hmmm… I think it is working now here but is it working there and everywhere?

Thinking I am! Tapping too! And… ooooh! Green tea! Sounds good!

*slurp, slurp*

Mmmm, mmmmm good!

One problem… you are still in NY! Or even worse, I am still here! Dios mio!

Still thinking (as I ship off the kids to bed!)

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

A lull has befallen the Snark…Coffee, tea anyone?

Comment by lampshade lady

Hey guys! Youtube is back!

Comment by Pavel

Coffee please…perhaps a cookie.

Comment by BoBo

Once again, thank you for that PSA Pavel.

Chocolate chip Bobo? Take as many as you like, I’m hitting the road.

Comment by lampshade lady

lying on my side on the floor, pounding the rug, tears streaming down my face LAUGHING at the flushing cat video. omg, not just the flusing, but running from one side of the bowl to the other to make sure she’s not missing anything!

…whats in these cookies?
oh come on. not again, y’all.

Comment by FirstNations

I deem it perfectly reasonable to just drool, if other bloggers put up posts of value. Soemtimes, one just needs to sit back and relax, drool a bit and stare 🙂

Comment by Monika

Penguin, I live by that theory. Thanks for your endorsement.

Comment by Walela

Yup, FN, time for our weekly batch!

I might have just kept on drooling, if I didn’t feel like an interloper.

Comment by Lampshade Lady

Thanks for the courtesy drool rag. 😉

Comment by Sar

Some provide napkins…

Comment by Lampshade Lady

Speaking of drool, having gotten an all-time low of TEN on this week’s quiz I find much of this commentary somewhat painful.
Fortunately, I am not the only mind at work on my blog. Pansi et al., still at work on Spin Cycle’s list of topics from some weeks back, are standing up for George Bush and the American Way today. Just wanted to let you know.

Comment by weirsdo

Weirsdo!! THAT is fabulous!! totallytotally awesome! (i have to go back and finish reading, but i wanted to come back here and say i hope to god everyone goes and reads Pansi, it’s FABULOUS! (wait, i already said fabulous…) it’s FANTASTIC!! wait… i know… it’s, it’s… IT’S PANSTASTIC!! xox

nitey nite, NBFF!! i’ll look forward to talking to you tomorrow!! xox

Comment by snuppy

Weirsdo, I’m sorry, but that’s excellent! Which did you get correct – Twelth Night?

Gnight NBFF and snarksters everywhere!

Comment by One Hot Puppy

That was me Lampshade G signed in. and now I’m signed out. G-night.

Comment by One Hot Puppy

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