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Wednesday, 16 August 2006, 1:08am
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Okay, you know we haven’t had our coffee yet right? Well, that’s mainly because we haven’t gone to bed yet. Had to channel Snuppy to get a Snark post going.

The Lampshade Lady here wishing to wrest this blog out of Snuppy’s hands and let her enjoy the morning with her blogger hubby that she just loveloveloves! And I believe I could find all of the links to prove that! And if possible, he loveloveloves her even more! I also have links if needed.

I’m breaking the Snark rules (should any exist about using non-Snark real life names) and wishing Neva and Joel a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! After I believe 21 years, you make it look so damn easy. I’m taking notes. Really! Any of us in the Snark (and many of the other blogs where both of you can be found) have come to know and enjoy you as a matched set – pot with a lid, salt and pepper shakers, yin and yang. I draw the line at Ebony and Ivory – you saw what that did for Paul and Stevie. Well, actually it made them both richer; it just made me a bit nauseous.

Here’s to you both. I, for one, am quite happy to have met and consider you both friends. You are a great couple and deserving of these wishes and more. Enjoy your special day and may you have as much happiness in the coming years as today!

Attached is a little video that is really a tribute to Pixar by a fan. Now I am partial to Toy Story and some of the other Pixar offerings, and I do love the song from Rent that is used. So all in all, I think this is appropriate in wishing you both happiness and many more 525,600 happy and healthy minutes together! L’chaim and mazel tov!


With love, love, love ~ Your friends.

Ooh! Look close, I think Minka is singing in the video!

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*GASPETTY GASP* After our delightful and amazing and uplifiting and simply fantastic-beyond-words-so-I-am-going-to-quit-trying-to-define-it-lest-I-demean-it-with-mere-mortal-words-which-would-so-be-the-last-thing-I-would-ever-want-to-do-cause-I-love-you-so-and-this-can-go-on-endlessly-so-I-will-put-an-end-to-it-now conversation how can we forget to tell each other things (and believe me when I tell you I have TONS more things to talk to you about! YES! You rightfully shudder! Next time the phone rings, DO NOT PICK IT UP! It might be ME! Bwahahahahaaaa!) such as, hmmmm, for example, that your anniversary is today!!!!

I wish I knew so I could have congratulated you in person! DIOS MIO!

Thank you G for knowing and for writing such a beautiful post to our sweet, delightful Snuppy and her equally sweet and delightful hubby Joel…

May you both have a wonderful day and in case you do not get to celebrate today, when you do, may it be joyous and just what you wish it to be… happy, happy 21 years and here’s to many more amazing, beautiful and wondrous years ahead!

Yes, I second my sistah G in that here I am taking notes and loveloveloving all the lovelovelove I see! Don’t ever change cause this bohemian for one loveloveloves you just the way you are!

Big boho besos to both and all my love,


Me… the meowing fool! 😉

PS~ (She still has more to say? Beleee dat!) And Snuppy! Forgive me (though I cannot say I am sorry because well, I enjoyed myself soo much that I zonked out on the very concept of time and space and hubbies and babies and kitties and there was just you and your delightful voice on the phone and I was a kid getting to play with my dearest friend and what a fun playdate it was!… now where was I? Oh, gotta jump out of the brackets now!) for taking so much of your time yet AGAIN!!!! I always am on such a high after talking to you but then also think, crap, I should be less verbose next time and considerate of the time and of the fact that you have an actual life and a hubby on the way home and puppies and errands and…. Dios mio! If it was in my control (and I am working on it though it may not show but that is because I work on it when not on the phone with you and when actually on the phone with you well, then I forget!) I would try to be good but it just feels so good to be bad! 😉 Gracias for you and for yesterday and ok, BoheMia done and back to….

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I humbly bow before you both, dearest Neva and Joel, and the loving hard work and dedication it takes to be where you are today! BoheMians, felines and all in all crazy, frizzy-haired girls stuck in Spain who are San Francisco dreaming everywhere applaud you, APPLAUD I SAY!

Ok, lest someone shoot me for hogging so much airtime (so what’s new dammit!) I need to disappear!

BoheMia out!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

damn! i mean DAMN! i mean DAMN!!! … you leave me speechless. both of you leave me speechless (so small feat, believe you me)

CYM: since we have roughly 30 years or so of catching up to do, i think the conversations are exactly what they’re supposed to be! i wouldn’t change a thing or a word or a minute of the time i am allowed to spend with you!! you are a joy and a treasure and i adore you!! of course, once you and the fam find your way back to these shores, we can, perhaps have more opportunities to spend together and/or on the phone, altho’, that said, i can’t imagine the chats being less interesting/intense, nor wanting them to run shorter! you are loved, dear friend, and hopefully you know that with all your heart! take all my time you need and thank you for giving me so much of yours!! xoxox

NBFF: you blow me away with your generous words and that amazing video! to say you are thoughtful is to say the Mona Lisa is a nice painting, or NYC is a big town, or TGSNWM’s taste ok. and i know you were up late (i think i finally logged off at 1am-ish…) which is crazy, considering that video conference you have today (it’s today, right?)!! don’t you need to stay awake for these things??

thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my humble and loving heart! this was a lovely and fabulous suprise, and i am truly touched beyond what i’m capable of expressing here. not sure it’s a good thing to make me cry so early in the morning… especially before i’ve had my requisite coffee, but so be it! you brought a smile to my face AND a tear to my eye in one magnificent post! THANK YOU! and thank you for venturing outside the blog-bubble to meet/greet and let me into your life! i love you, i really do!! xoxox

Comment by snuppy

Happy Anna-ver-sir-ree…Happy Anna-ver-sir-ree…Happy Anna-ver-sir-ree…Haaaaapy Anna-ver-sir-ree!

Yep…our marriage is now of age…21 tremendous years old!

Thank you Lampy for the wonderful tribute. What a great surprise! Your Snark rule violation, although noted, will be excused this time. And, thank you Catty for those very kind Bohemian words.

Comment by BoBo

HAPPY HAPPY Anniversary, Snuppy & Bobo!! 21 years. Imagine that 🙂 While some look every which way to find their dreams, I hope yours find you instead. While you sit back, touch toes and hold paws, may each and every dream you have find its way to you and call you home.

One dream already did, why not all the rest?

Love and Smooches,
GG xo

Comment by good girl

yep I trained my voice all week long! Good, aren’t I?
I just wanted to say that soemtimes your wishes are uttered with little sincerity, a birthday greeting here, andother there:
when it comes to Joel and Neva…it just has to be honest. The love we get to see through their writing -I don’t even wanna know what happens behind closed doors- is just so darn honest, sincere and inspiring.
I hate the fact that I am even incapable of being envious when it comes to the both of you!

I, therefore, wish you many more aniversaries to come and may you continue to inspire people.
Sincerely, The Penguin
*sobs for the second time today*

Comment by Penguin

Oh and “g” perfect choice for a video. Just magnificent. You´ve got taste my lady.
And if you think I am going to calculate teh minutes into years…you were wrong. I don’t do numbers!

Comment by Penguin

*Pours a round of unleaded margaritas*

A toast – here’s to Neva & Joel and the continued sharing of their love for each other and Mexican food!

Happy Anniversary and Cheers, my dear friends!

Comment by Sar

I’ll say it again – Happy Anniversary. Celebrate when and where you can. I know you will. Oh, remember the candles with the Mexican takeout tonight. Glad I could bring a smile and hey the funny thing about tears are that they are salty and salt actually punches up the sweetness in recipes. May it bring sweetness to your day as you do for so many. Lots of love your way ~ Lampy Oh and Bobo (I can make that go away real easy – say the word).

Oh and MizB, who would ever consider your sweet words as anything less than genuine and it’s a sweet testament to Snuppy the dear friendship that you two have. I, for one, love reading about your intereactions (but then again, I’ll admit to a slight bias). And love reading the rest of your madcap prose. This sistah for one could watch you go on and on! Besos.

Peguin – you go girl! Ah, there there, another sentimental Cancerian. Hands her tissue. By the way my daughter loves calculating time. She would walk around with a calculator saying “Did you know that I am 4,467,600 minutes old?” I reply “Really? Do you think you could spare 2 of them to pick up the clothes from the floor?” Glad you liked – I mean, nice voice!

Hi GG!

Comment by lampshade lady

I started, but stopped and missed Sar’s toast – Cheers!

Comment by lampshade lady

Oh happy anniversary!! I’m trying to think of something to say but I can’t so…happy 21 years of love!

Comment by Little Blue Pill

Hoppy Anniversery you crazy kids!! Here’s to many more beautiful dates to come. Have fun today, tonight and to infinity and beyond!!!

Comment by Gone to the Dogs ate my Bunny

in case you didn’t all hear me the first time, DAMN! what a lovelylovelylovely treat… i just wish you were all with us rightthisminute (or in a few hours) to share our Mexican take-out (which you’d have to earn first with a fast-paced 3 mile hike through our hilly roads) and the Ben & Jerry’s Karmel Sutra ice cream we’ll be having afterwards (if i make it to the store, that is)

honestly, we didn’t have this nice a reception when we first tied the knot! of course, that’s because we eloped, but still… on our wedding night, we had a lovely dinner, attended a work-related function, and topped the night off with 3 scoops of Baskin-Robbins ice-cream (each)…because that’s the kind of crazy fun-lovin’ kids we are! it was very spontaneous… so-much-so, Joel actually forgot to bring the rings!

anyway, thank you all again for your lovely and wonderful wishes! i am overcome with emotion, and, needless to say, more than a little overwhelmed… which is not at all how i am on any given day! you’ve made this day very special for us both. xoxox

Comment by snuppy

Ahh Snuppy, we’ll tawk amongst ourselves. I’ll tell you what – I’ll hike to your home to have Mexican takeout with you two! Can we top it off with a video – say Napoleon Dynamite with the ice cream? I was going to ask your wedding story. Perfect!

LBP: What! No “story” for the lovely couple?

The floor acknowledges the Wabbit for “to infinity and beyond” – good one. Not in the least of all because it’s one of my favorite movies!

Comment by lampshade lady

Dearest Snuppy and LL,

Gracias to both for the sweet, sweet words… forgive my tired tone… it is cause I am, well, tired… a day out and about with verbalicious kids can do that to the best of us although my greys are gone! Wooh! Quite worth it even if it meant going to get the dye job, constantly-talking girl in tow!

Comida Mejicana? Why does that not surprise me? Bon appetit FO SHO! Hey, does the fact that Loverboy makes a killer nacho dish act as an incentive to get y’all to come? Ooooweeee! Funkay dreams!

Well, off I go to ready myself for a class to be taught tonight at 8pm! Ciao for now and many besos and Snuppy and Joel, ENJOY and all the positive energy and besos I can muster coming your way!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

By the way Bobo, I forgot to mention that I do love your Flinstones rendition of the Happy Anniversary song!

CYM: I am tired too. Kudos to you for being able to stand and bend and teach I say! You have your head in the right place – literally. Get your hair done at any cost! WIth the little chatfest cutie in tow, whatever! Have a good class.

Comment by lampshade lady

BTW: I am having a tough time opening certain friend’s blogs on my computer. Catty Yummy – yours! and I can’t open the Stiletto’s. Grrrr. I think blogger is at the root of this evil!

Well have to grab a bite as I am heading into a meeting shortly. Don’t worry – see the header, it says “promise we won’t bite…this time”.

Comment by lampshade lady

Here Here! It’s not that you guys make marriage look easy, you make it look conceivable. No mean feat.

Too many employees around to watch the video and prove to them what they already suspect, that they work a lot harder than I do. I’ll swing back by later.

Comment by Walela

Hi back to Lampy!!

**GG waves madly**

I am awake at this hour. It’s a miracle!!

Snuppy, what a romantic story! Sigh. Sigh. Sigh. Forgot rings?? Baskin Robbins?? A sweet little secret?? SIGH.

Maybe if I drown a mysterious very handsome boy in melted ice-cream, clobber him on the head and drag him to the docks to be wed by some ship-sailing minister, I might soon be Mrs Mysterious Very Handsome. Do you think if he was wed while unconscious and unaware he was “eloping”, it’d still count??

GG xo

Comment by good girl

GG: Have him propped up for good measure to avoid the appearance of inpropriety. I am sure he’d be quite happy when he came to.

Doug – Here Here to your Here Here!

By the way, GG, I was up late last night and am ready to have my head crash the desk (just came out of a video conference which actually was oddly restful). As I seee you are up quite late as well.

Cha Cha snarksters – see you later.

THis wedding celebration needs a little life – a little music! Band cranks up with “Hava negilah, Hava…” That’s it – hoist them up on the chairs. Where are the strong people? Hoist them up as Klezmer music blares on “Have le nane na…

Comment by lampshade lady

Lampy, I can feel my body snoozing a little but damned, I am awake. I think I overdid the coffee today in an attempt to stay up a wee bit more. I have been sleeping way before my usual bedtime.

And now, I’m past. I was never one for precision 🙂

I have taken your “prop him up” suggestion to heart. I’m thinking of a leash and choker which I can yank behind my back while I smile innocently at the minister.

Comment by good girl

Ah and who would question the intention of a good girl?

Well I’m hitting the road all. Happy Trails and happy celebrating to our Couple of the Day! Enjoy your mexican rock star!

G Lampy

Comment by lampshade lady

it’s not as if i’m not here today… but ya know, as the consummate ADD girl, by the time i try to visit everyone, there’s barely enough time for me to come back here and bask in all this Anniversary Glory!

i’d just like to thank you all, again, for helping to make this such a special day for Joel and I. your kind words and loving messages have been wonderful, if not a bit overwhelming!

GG, Jenna? do i think that “special guy” is out there? hell yes! but, here’s the thing… you don’t need to go out looking for him. when the time is right, and you’re not “planning” for it to be anything but what it is, THAT’S when it happens. seriously, the last thing i needed and/or thought i wanted was a relationship when i met Joel for the 2nd time (after i had my baby and had separated from my ex). but something about him was beyond special… i paid attention to my gut. not my “here’s what i’m looking for”. that said, i had a lot of “not so great relationships, as had he… it’s those experiences that help us grow into the people we want to be, and to open our hearts to the people we need in our lives when we’re ready for them.

what the hell? what did i just do here, turn into Dr. Brothers and/or Ruth and/or Phil?? i’m sorry… you guys sure as hell don’t need my advice. but i’m always here if you want it. (my sister, happily married for over 32 years, is a Life Coach now… and, yes, GG, the same one who wrote that book! she’s available for consultation… and trust me, she’s fabulous. she is also, by the way, my role model, and has been all of our lives!)

okay… pull out the crummy violins now… no, wait, don’t! I’m much more in the mood for Earth, Wind, and Fire… or, even better… the Doobie Brothers. (what? i’m a classic rock kind of a gal!)

much love to you all!! and i hope we get to sing and dance and play with you all on each and every special day each and every one of you have!! XOXOX

Comment by snuppy

Happy anniversary,
happy anniversary
happy anniversary
“Shut it!!”

Comment by logo™

Dr Toes, GG thanks you for your words. I get that “something special”, that “gut” stirring. While I never look for him, whoever he may be, once in a while, I whisper out to night, “Oi, wtf??! Aren’t we a wee bit ssssslooooooooooww?”

Lol! Ahh, puppytoes. To be wise and to be loved.

GG x

Comment by good girl

Happy Belated Anniversary, Neva and Joel! I knew I was gonna find a tribute here in Snark, I came to celebrate the joy that no matter how many things are out there to make one sceptic, the shining faces of your two give me hope. thank you, and spend many more of great 21 years together!

Comment by ariel

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