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Teh Penguin! by Snuppy
Thursday, 17 August 2006, 8:33am
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WE have an announcement! TEH PENGUIN has made us all very happy by agreeing to join Team Snark Park! We have always been big fans of this wonderful (and in case you haven’t noticed, and what are you, blind?) beautiful blogger, we love her spirit and energy, as well as her sass, which makes her the perfect person to participate. And, no we didn’t use that line for it’s alliterative value, tho’ we like alliteration, so you weren’t wrong to ask.

IN honor of this announcement, we thought we’d link to a GAME we think is funny, not to mention fun. It features a penguin, but should in NO WAY suggest we condone using this magnificent creature for the purposes you’re about to discover. It’s just fun. And silly. And, if you know anything about us by now, you know “fun” and “silly” are two things we happen to like very much!! We even like the fact that you can play this in English or German. Not that it matters, for language is not central to performance (is it ever?).

NOW we realize there are a lot of great posts out there to read today, but in light of our Very Important Announcement, and the fact that we’re very lazy, we’d like to suggest you peruse the links on the sidebar for yourselves. In fact, once you do that, perhaps you can report back to us what you’ve found. In that way, you can all be “Deputy Snark Parksters” today. Just our little way of making everyone feel special.

~ snuppy

Why I never had such a tough welcome…I can’t believe you did that to me! Most of all, I just can’t believe you made me do that to myself!*shakes head*

But yes, rumours are true. (no, it is not a spelling mistake; you can write rumour with a “u” ’cause the Queen of England does it, too!) There is a new puppy on the Snark. Why yet another one, you might ask!? Good point, but how insensitive of you. I am new here: so let´s try to get along, shall we?!

Seriously though, I always have appreciated diversity and different points of view and I bet the four of us can add quite a few flavours to this spicey recipe.
After a little pressure applied to the right spots, I was offered this opportunity:´We so would love a helping hand with Central Snark and appreciate your input whenever you feel like it.´ Thanks girls, you really don’t know what you´ve gotten yourself into though! I have a 7-9 hour time advantage, I am a blogging addict -I can quit any time I want, really!- and I have no children to take care off or man to canoodle.
Most of all, being one of seven siblings, I have said goodbye to the concept of peacefully sharing as soon as I closed my parents´ door behind me. Mwahhhhh!
Honestly, good luck with me!

So, you guys, expect a lot of spelling mistakes, grave-yard posts and German humour. (yes, there is such a thing!)

~Teh Penguin~


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the game is really easy, by the way! and you only need to put in a name–any name will do, i’ve used “happy” and “silly”–in order to play. for the first game, all you do is click the yeti once to get the penguin to drop, then click it again to whack the penguin. the goal is to see how far you can make that penguin fly. fun for the whole fam!! xox (there is a bloody version of this, but i figured i’d keep things PG today!) xoxox (snuppy)

Comment by One Hot Puppy

🙂 Its a fun game!

Comment by cj

“Gimme that park key” as the lamp and the penguin wrestled on the new urban concrete of the Snark, it hit them – clink light on! Hey we have extra copies! They couldn’t help themselves it was an ingrained reaction from growing up with enough siblings to strike up (in my case) a full court basketball game at any time of the day and in teh Penguin’s a good run at the real futbol game.

How happy am I to add another flavor to our receipe. Hey, I sort of like this whole co-op approach to things – after all, it takes a village to care for the Snark.

Penguin, couldn’t be happier to see you around. Now repeat after me. My name is Penguin, I am a Blogaholic. Hi Penguin!

Comment by lampshade lady

Oh I forgot: Wilkommen!

Comment by lampshade lady

Wilkommen is German for welcome huh? Vilkommen I believe is the correct Norwegian way. (My norwegian spelling is… not so good.)

🙂 I can’t wait to see German humor!!

I agree, I love the co-op part of the snark park!

..painting calls!

Comment by cj

Penguin! you are a *welcome* voice, and a true force to be reckoned with! thank god we had those spare keys, tho’, there’ll be no dog (or cat) fights in this urban park! lamps, penguins, kitties and pups all play along well

that said, my younger sis and i used to share EVERYTHING, but our older (crazy) sis used to take shit from us without so much as a how-dee-do (or a heigh-dee-ho). once, she (older crazy sis) actually took a CAKE terri had baked for her boyfriend… in order to give it to her own boyfriend (a married creep she was seeing that we hated anyway.) who does that? and don’t even get me started on the clothes. the new clothes. clothes that had just been purchased and had yet to have tags removed. clothes that were then returned ruined, stained, stretched out. plus she borrowed my car, and only returned it when a tree branch fell on the hood. because, and i quote “you’ll need to get this fixed”. sigh. now where was i?

OH YEAH! you (Penguin) up and at ’em early (along with CYM) is a very good thing! a very good thing, indeed!!! xox

Comment by snuppy

by the way, Penguin, our Twelve Step Blogger’s Anonomyous group meets Tuesdays and Fridays. i’ll send you a copy of the Serentiy Prayer… xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

lampshade, youa re freakishly strong, good wrestling! *re-arranges her clothes* Herzlichen Dank!

Cj…German humour stops when it comes to people enjoying hitting a penguin 🙂 I mean that game should be deleted. There were a few seconds of eveil in me, when I thought about fiddeling with the tag for that game, so it wouldn´t open. The seconds past! But Thank you for your kind welcome!

snuppy, I am the oldest of 7 and I was quite a bit to handle, I am told. We were poor, so the clothes that were handed down to me, were already worn by other kids outside my family. I bought my first car at the age of 28 and sometimes stole a piece of cake, but never an entire cake 🙂 I loved my siblings dearly and together we were a force to be reckoned with…

Comment by Penguin

Hurray for more Minka! The first time I saw that game, I think I spent an hour or two at it. Minka, I swear I didn’t know you were a penguin then. It’s still fun.

Comment by Walela

Snuppy! My cousin does that with my cakes and not my beloved cousin A mind you… no… crazy, confused and full of herself cousin D! She actually takes the cakes I make for gatherings and hides them to take home with her! Bitch! And she tried taking my cakes from my own home once but her plans were foiled when her kid got stung by a bee and she had to rush him to the ER! Ha, ha, haaa!

Now I’m the bitch!

Hola pinguino! Welcome to the Snark! Being a mutt, I sure do love me this mix of lamps, puppies, kitties and penguins FO SHO! FO SHO I TELL YOU!

Now, though not big on drinking nor special brownies in real life, I am all for them in the blogosphere as nary a hangover shall I have, can eat all I want and gain no weight, NONE I SAY! So! Any takers on partyin’! Although, of course, ’tis not limited to that! Dios mio! Here I sound like I want to get y’all high! Waaaaah! So not me!

Will the fresh fruit juice, fresh cakes, fruit galore and oooh, muffins too help to show you the true intention in my heart? *sigh* My bohemian heart?

*bats luscious boho lashes* BATS THE I SAY!

Oh! And one thing! I have an hour’s advantage to the Penguin! Ha, ha, haaaa! Neener, neener! Hey! Gotta show you I think of you as a sistah, no? Hey! Do not pull my hair and try to get me into wrestling and the like! So an unhippy-ish thing to do! Get back to wrestling with the pretty lamp but watch it! I hear she’s got a mean right!


Man! Now I am beating you up in my welcome! No matter where I go, there it is, fresh shit to step on! (I made that saying all up myself just in case you were wondering! Funkified fo sho!)

Minka, got your sweet email and a more dignified me shall be making an appearance into your inbox while the naked boy and the verbalicious girl allow me to escape and actually think because here, well, I would say ’tis more than obvious that not much thinking is going on!

Can you say airhead? Oooh! By the way, I can actually speak quite convincingly in a Valley Girl accent! “Like, for real!”

Ok… Oh! One more thing! My dear and beloved S to the N to the Uppy… I got your ever so sweet email and there should be one already awaiting you and the same goes to you dear Lampy! Phew! I have been a good girl today! Three down, one more to go!

BoheMia OUT!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Crap! Got spelling mistakes (and by the way Minka, my OCD may prompt me to sneak in and fix spelling mistakes! Tell me that is ok! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD it better be!!!) and that was meant to say TWO down, one more to go!

Why can’t anything be perfect?


Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Walela…that is an explanation, no excuse!!! You all are just species-ists! There you have it 🙂

Comment by Penguin

Did you know that speciesist is an actual word used by animal rights activists? Belee dat! Now read me up above! I am tired of talking to mysel I tell you!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

CYM, you just make me love with your funkified for sure. Whenever I read that, I just let it go:)
I´ll be reading you in a bit and correct all you want, except when I do them mistakes on purpose;)

Comment by Penguin

Hmmm? Let what go? Are you insinuating I am insane and that you pat me on the head with a “sure sure” attitude?

And do you just “love me” or do I “make you love me” or… well, hope it is not that you “make love to me” because though I do love you, titty action is just not my thang! Although you are quite the fine lady and I am sure that were I an actual lesbian or, god forbid, a man, I would be gaga over you!

Although, I have let Loverboy know that if we are ever born the same sex in a future life that then we shall have no choice but to be gay! He was not too thrilled about it all but said he guesses he has no choice! Ha, ha, haaaa! Now that is SIZZLIN’!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Congratulations Penguin! Don’t lose the keys to the Park or there will be a $50 (American) replacement fee and a big time scolding. Also…as the newest member of the team, cleanup will be your responsibility for the next month and you must supply refreshments at least twice a day. Also…the Park is not for private use so no after hour parties…kay?

Comment by BoBo

CYM…I let the laughter go, nothing else was in my mind, I assure you. Although, now that you mention it…
oh I see, I typed love instead of laugh…silly me. But I set out warnign for spelling mistakes, now did I not?!

Bobo, see I just knew there was a man looking after the ladies behind all this. *hands everybody ice-tea* and I will be off buying cleaning supplies now… I knew this job would cost me!

Comment by Penguin

Oh it always starts off nicely enough Penguin. Yesss. Come join us, write, add diversity and ice tea to your shopping list, I mean, to your glass.

LIVE – LOVE – LAUGH – tis all the same dear snarksters, hey…wait a minutes, what’s in these brownies? Where’s First Nations!?

Oh Penguin, intersting birth order dynamics – I was the 7th of 10. I shudder as I type it, but there is no better get together than those that include my family. Ask Scissors. He was even forced into -gasp- basketball games – he of the soccer playing crew!

Anyway, hola and adios amigas & amigos (how pathetic my limited liguistic offerings). Gotta pay some bills…

Comment by lampshade lady

Oh I am never mean to the penguins. I actually spend a lot of time in the penguin area at the zoo. Our tiniest is mezmorized by the penguins. 🙂 Although, I have to wonder after watching Madagascar – Are penguins Psychotic?

Comment by cj

hey, just because i put up a game featuring a Penguin whacking Yeti (or is that “A Yeti whacking a Penguin”?) does NOT mean i don’t have the highest regard for Penguins! and i am SO looking forward to the battle of the verbs between Spain & Iceland! 2 of our ALL TIME FAVORITE ladies tellin’ it like it is is MY idea of a “good time had by all”!! as far as i’m concerned this place just keeps gettin’ better and better and better! *nods at Penguin, takes fresh glass of tea off silver tray* “what? no cookies?” xoxox

by the way, CYM, i am notorious for spell/grammar checking my own stuff… i’ve been known to go in and fix typos from posts i’ve put up weeks ago! what? just my stuff… NO ONE ELSE’S… stop looking at me like that! xoxox

Comment by snuppy

cj…psychotic? Not more so than any humans out there. *grins disconcertingly*

Comment by monika

Like what? Such a confession is just swoonalicious to someone like me! SWOONALICIOUS I TELL YOU!

My posts take forever to put up since I spell and grammar check while in draft then in the preview and then once posted and lord knows how many times I go into posts to fix it and yep, go back to old posts too! In fact, I have a list of posts I need to work on! And writing a la Miz B in her-forever-running-run-on-sentence style is quite dizzying I tell you!

See? Just all the more reason to lovelovelove you FO SHO!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

spell and grammer check…I really should try that sometime. Snarksters, sadly I must away to lovely (not) Atlanta…have a great day all. Penguin keep them in line…it’s your job now.

Comment by BoBo

Say – feel free in my blog girls! Alhtough who am I kidding? I check once twice thrice and then reread 7 times more for good measure. Look at that – there goes my aura of nonchalance right out the door. Penguin may I have a refill? No, of nonchalance please. Although here, I tend to just let fly.

Ay CattyYummy, Sometimes reading I get dizzy – the hyphens alone must take quite the concerted effort. A lot of effort goes into a ramble I can imagine. I may do an ode-to-you one day just to find out. SOrt of a lesson in empathy.

Go easy on her Snuppy, I didn’t get to the cookie part – or did Bobo cover that? She’s edumacated – she’ll catch on.

By the way, Snuppy, I was just reading back about your older crazy sister (she doesn’t read blogs I hope) brings back memories. Although, I always thought it was my mother’s original admonishment to us “Neither a borrower nor a lender be”.

Oh and cj: what is that with penguins? There is an episode on a video in one of my other faves – Wallace and Grommit, in which a penguin (who is really quite sinister named Feathers McGraw) responds to a “Room to Let” sign in their window. Really whilst hiding out during one of his crime sprees. Don’t worry (oh, in case you were) the boys catch him in the end. The episode is “The Wrong Trousers” oh do I love that!

Comment by lampshade lady

By BoBo! Safe travels! Oh and good luck with the hair thing.

Comment by lampshade lady

yo peng-
welcome to the Park! have a seat under this nice tree.
are you cold? i have a site which will con-x you up with a sweater. just a sec on that.
i have to decline the ice tea, thanks. they’ve been adding ‘things’ to the snacks around here lately and then laughing at my lightweight antics. well, that and the whole ‘Jim Jones’ thing kinda put me off free beverages. *twitches, looks around furtively, signals to invisible minions*
hey, there are weirdos in EVERY park.

Comment by FirstNations

..I’m back. heres the sweater:

now i’m off to spraypaint graffitti in the mens room.
womens room
i meant to say womens room.

Comment by FirstNations

Fuuuun game even though it was beating up penguins.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

FN…now that’s just wrong! fucking hilarious, but oh-so-wrong!! (the sweaters on the penguins, i mean, not the graffiti! as for that? tag away, girlfriend… after all, last time i looked, this *is* an urban park, right?) xox

LBP: i know i know… at least there’s no blood, and those penguins are so perky. it’s almost as tho’ they were happy to get whacked by that bat-wielding Yeti! (my highest score on the first “sport” is 301.9, by the way… can anyone beat that??) xox

Comment by snuppy

Ah…what a strange airport. Bag checked and through security in record time…much time to kill…watching all the strange peeps.

Comment by BoBo on the Go

*makes herself busy at distributing the freshly bakes muffins, re-fills g´s glass and smiles knowingly into the rounds*

You guys so need me. I do spell check once every blue moon, and that only light-headedly 🙂 We´ll have much to argue about, I am sure.
bobo, safe travels
First nation? well, you are new to me…I better check you out…

Comment by Monika

You may want to have one of those brownies before you head over…

Comment by lampshade lady

Do you know about the brownies? Hmmm? They be magical! MAGICAL! Just ask FN!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Good people do not hit penguins. I am a good girl, therefore I qualify as “good people”. I swear I did not hit penguins, watch them topple to nothingness.

Nope, not I.

How can anyone hit penguins after March of the Emperor or Emperor’s March..? Yea, you get which one.

GG xo

Comment by good girl

Just hopping by, I too do not bop penguins. It is raining and lightning right now!!!

Comment by Brian

you know… i’d like to point out that the little penguin featured in the games says “whee!” when he’s flying through the air… so it’s not like he’s not having funfunfun!! (just sayin’…)

Comment by snuppy

welcome on over, Monika! and a wise caveat, lampy. in fact, she better have two brownies before visiting, and chase ’em with a shot of bourbon.

since i’m the park derelict today I think i’ll just sit here by the swings and talk to Abraham Lincoln.
he watches over us all.
and that big statue of him CAN TALK.
the one on the back of the penny waved at me one time.
the birds.

Comment by FirstNations

Well dearest amigos in the Snark, this feline bohemian has got to hit the hay! Besos to all and to all buenas noches!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Well dearest amigos in the Snark, this feline bohemian has got to go lullaby! Besos to all and to all buenas noches!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Oops! Both crappy version made it! Oh well! Too lazy to get in there and delete one! There you have me… geeky FO SHO!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

CYM!! CYM!! i’m so sorry i missed your call! i’m crying as i type (okay, i’m not actually, crying, but my eyes are misty…) i was at the dentist (yes, *that* dentist. the good one. the one you’ll meet when you come HERE) i hope we’ll have the chance to speak SOON lovely BoheMian! (i’ll be out most of the day tomorrow… but the weekend looks to be wide open…??) buenas noches y muchos besos para usted!! xoxoxoxo

Comment by snuppy

Why why why…
I just realized I typed Monika and Penguin soem times. I am new, old habits die hard and I get confused with all these verifiers, log-ins and passwords…it is hard for some people!

First Nation, *hands her THREE brownies*, according to the prophecy Abe Lincoln will guide your on your path next Tuesday. He´ll appear as a white swan in your dream. Jefferson told me 🙂

Comment by Penguin

THREE brownies??? Do you want to kill her? One is more than enough! ENOUGH!

(Pssst Penguin! We are talking marijuana brownies here! Beware for that is the only kind we have! Now do you see my concern?)

Snuppy my dearest! I missed you too! Literally in all senses of the word! But no worries! Now that I have that magical computer calling thing, ring-a-ling FO SHO! I will try you in the weekend then! Have a beautiful-even-though-it-is-busy-tomorrow day and know that I am always thinking of you! SIEMPRE TE DIGO!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Gosh, a girl needs to be careful around here. I tasted them myself and that explains why Jeffereson was so busy trying to talk to me 😉

Comment by Penguin

yay!! A Penguin in the Park…..so nice to come back
and see you waddling around in command 🙂

Comment by kyahgirl

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