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Sunday, 20 August 2006, 8:45am
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LIGHTS ON – Lampy here.

Why am I exhausted at 7:36 am? Because I woke up at 5:31 and decided that well, that was enough sleep. But I haven’t even had coffee yet. You couldn’t tell that if you linked to my place through HERE* this morning, what with PAVEL BEING PERFECTLY NAUGHTY wreaking havoc all over blogs as we slumbered soundly.

So have a little fun, and continue confessing, dishing, sharing, showing us your human side in the “Confessional” below. Or just chill and relax.

That’s what weekends are for…after all.

*Pavel used a program to manipulate the websites found HERE, but don’t freak out if you can’t get it to work, it apparently went down this morning… I, for one, can’t wait until it’s up again, for I’m thinking we owe that clever Cuban some payback! ~ snuppy


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those links were hysterical! i can’t wait to wreak a little havoc of my own! thanks NBFF!! xox

Comment by snuppy

🙂 I’ll be checking those out!

Morning everyone!!

Comment by cj

Funkay ladies FO SHO! I had just checked in to see if a post was up or not and if not to scramble my brains, get off my ass (well, I have been running after kids, making the girl do her work, boy stop shrieking, kill ants in the cats’ food, vacuum and the like, oh, and yoga a bit to boot)and contribute something!

Thank you Lampy for taking over today! And Snuppy too! You guys rule! Now? What happened to that Penguin of ours I was sure, SURE, was itching to post something today, hmmmm? 😉

Big kisses to all… here’s to a beautiful Sunday and off we go to take the kids to the pool, then the bath and then, maybe I can come back to play! Ciao for now!

Comment by Miz BoheMia

PS~ Snuppy, thanks for the sweet note in the thread below… I am afraid we are fast becoming star crossed sould sistahs doomed to not make it over the phone… see? More reason for me to move there and kidnap you and Gina for looooooong delish hippy lunch, dessert and chat sessions!


There goes that bohemian a’ dreamin’ away!


Comment by Miz BoheMia

Crap! That was meant to be “soul” and who is this Miz BoheMia? Dios mio! Ok, I am seriously gone now!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

snuppy, just read your e-mail. I had to work this lovely Sunday morning!
I am gonna reply to it in a sec, but before I just wanted to say:

I love Rockstar Supernova! And since Iceland is just that small, it even gets coverage in our news, since our Magni is there! Magni is a really good guy, I know a guy who knows him. Iceland is THAT small!
I encourage voting for him, sinc ehe is not only a fanatstic and dedicated singer, but a good bloke at heart!
Afram, Magni!!!!

Comment by Monika

Iceland is definitely that small! My mom once met some Icelanders, here in Spain, and after much explaining who my grandfather was and that we have family there still, it turned out they knew them!

I figured you were working dear Monika! Nice to see you at the Snark! Besos!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

That is so nifty with the links!!!! 🙂 I can’t get it to work now. I wanted to see what “God Almighty” looked like.

Comment by cj

…woo, good morning snarkie warkies! it am de day after a garage sale here at rancho FirstNations! garage full of bikers working on harleys and me drinking mucho beero day is what it was, more like. i had a great day, we all had a great time, and did’nt sell but 50.00 worth of JACK SHIT. now i gotta find a logging road….

no! ha! oh ha, is my so joke of humor! no, ha ha!

i mean, gotta find a dumpster in an out of the way location some dark night soon.

am SO CONFUSED. who WOULDN’T want a thrity year collection of Avon Beer Steins?????is there no g-d? (this was my father-in-laws stuff. he moved into assisted living and so we had to shift the crap that wouldn’t fit, y’all. shoulda hove the whole shitload into the bay.

no, ha ha! so laugh my face!

no, i mean, shoulda set the whole pile out in the middle of a wal-mart parking lot and tossed in a match.)

Comment by FirstNations

…hey parkies, that webdisaster site is back up.
1. is there any way to preview the disaster before unleashing it?
2 does it mess up the site in question permanently? 3.what actually happens to the site attacked in
cyber terms?
4.if attacked, how do you fix your site?

Comment by FirstNations

Hi Firstnations! gosh, no. I would never do something like that. It netdisaster.com doesn’t actually do ANYTHING to your real site. I think it just takes a snapshop and incorporates the “disaster.”
If you’ll notice, once you “generate” the disaster and the page comes up, you can’t really see the whole page, just some of it and you’re not really at that blog, although it looks like it.

I should have mentioned: No actual blogs were damaged in the making of my post.

Sorry for the alarm…

Comment by Pavel Cubano

Here’s a little more info on it, straight from the horse’s mouth:


Comment by Pavel Cubano

That FN – such an alarmist! Haha.

That was a fun link Pavel! Now I must get out with the family. If I’m caught here, well trouble could ensue.

Have a great Sunday all.

Hey FN: Maybe hold a garage sale in the Snark. We grant permits pretty easily.

Comment by g

DAMN TYPEPAD! I don’t know if anyone has been having any trouble with it but Neva, I have tried all day to get into your site but was diverted, for the longest time, to the Blog Flux site… then I got in but your posts didn’t show! And now I get into the whole place fine but am not allowed to post! DAMMIT!

I LOVED today’s quote and will save my comment for when I can make it in!

Many kisses, have a beautiful Sunday and know that I have been trying to get in! Oy!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

alarmist, HA!
and again i say HA!
i’ll have you know i had a specific target in mind!

well. if it doesn’t actually DO anything i guess thats it, then.


G: if anyone wants 800 glasses, 2 tables, a filing cabinet, an electric stand roaster and a bunch of cheap sterling plate, hollaback.

Comment by FirstNations

Would you care to describe the target?

Thanks, I’ll pass. I’ve just recently gotten rid of my own stash.

Hey all you snarksters – hope you had a good weekend. Enjoy your Sunday night.

Comment by Lampshade Lady

stash – of junk and no more use-fors that is.

Comment by Lampshade Lady

Glad you all had fun with it…

Comment by Pavel Cubano

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