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Google Talky Thingy by Snuppy
Tuesday, 22 August 2006, 8:22am
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*update: NEW LINK! Hopefully it’s a better version!

SOMETIMES we luck out and trip over an interesting link we think we should share. As luck would have it, this is one of those days, and THIS is one of those links. Go ahead. Try it… all you have to do is type in a few words, and the Google Talky Thingy does the rest. Sometimes this comes up with totally cool sentences, from random bits of Google info. Just be careful, though, because sometimes it gets stuck. Sometimes it gets stuck on a really stupid word. A stupid word that leaves you wondering about stuff.

WE started our “sentence” with the first four words below, and the rest was filled in by that Google Talky Thingy:

Smart People Write Blogs Just because they are. a little more interesting than the moon s and Sun h) and Trivedi, KS, Queueing network models for parallel Processing of the NIST compliant transactions. The Automated. Workflow did did did did did did did did did did did did did did did did did did did did did did did did did did did did did did…

…did what? Did good? The laundry? Did anyone win the lottery? Did someone drink the last Tab? Did ya hear the one about the guy that walked into a bar? Did you know the way to San Jose?? Did what, for God’s sake, WHAT?!!?

YOU know, we thought that Google Talky Thingy was fun, but then it started to drive us nuts. Did we say started? It DID drive us nuts. Maybe you’ll have more luck. We sure hope so. To tell the truth, we got up this morning feeling pretty good about ourselves. Even confident. We couldn’t wait to race over and take today’s QUIZ, especially since some of us (me) haven’t scored very well over the past couple of weeks. We really hoped to kick a little academic ass. But now our heads hurt from that stupid Google Talky Thingy, and until we can figure out what the hell we did wrong (or right) we plan to stay away from anything more challenging than, say, sipping coffee and/or doing the crossword in People Magazine and/or watching THIS* a few more times.

*Yes yes… we know the movie was stupid, but this is cute and, if nothing else, the music is catchy! We stole this off of SWEETNEY.COM, because we could.

~ snuppy


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I think it’s broken…just a bunch of “dids”

Comment by BoBo

Not working for me, or at least it doesn’t “seem” to be working. Hey, have you ever played “guess the google” where it generates a bunch of images and you have 20 seconds to guess what search term was used?
It’s fun but very hard.

Comment by Pavel

i changed the link… hopefully it will work better. sorry about that! and i’ve seen that site, Pavel, and you’re right! it’s a lot of fun… but hard! i just took Logo’s quiz… not sure my brain is ready for more challenges just yet! after coffee? all bets are off!! thanks! 🙂

Comment by snuppy

oh that´s right…Logo´s quiz…not usre i am ready for that quite yet…I woke up with such a headache this morning! besides, teh Village idiot will take first spot and we know how penguin gets when not being first;)

Now I have to try these links!

Comment by Penguin

yep…the thingy seems to have a problem generating word after diddiddiddiddid 🙂

Comment by Penguin

Not that this is so great, but i typed in “USE GOOGLE TALK ON” and got:

Use Google Talk on your cell phone. is a free software license and Services Agreement, This Agreement is governed by the terms of the license is distributed on a first- Date in the format battle. between HD- DVD, and Blu- ray Disc Association BDA) is the voice of the People. s Republic of China in the World. Textbook? and other Readings The first two Years. of Intifada. Closures and Palestinian Economic Crisis An Assessment Guide to Geriatric Psychiatry, in addition, to the Hot springs. are located in the heart OF THE Game of Life is the only way to go. is a game of Thrones is a great idea. For a new Century.

sometimes the Talky Thing will stop after one sentence, sometimes, if the words prompt others it goes on for quite awhile. as i said, it’s silly. the fun part is seeing what words will lead to what other words. or maybe it’s just stupid. after taking Logo’s quiz, i’m not feeling like the brightest bulb today (that honor can go to my NBFF, Lampy!) xo

Comment by snuppy

Okay, no links for me today baby, I got work to do. Sort of. This reminds me of when I spell check on occassion and it wants to change names and certain words. My thought was to let it change and post that way. So I see that perhaps I should follow my natural instincts. That or get more java.

Comment by Lampy Edison

one of the fascinating aspects Google is the instant access to information (well, heck that goes for the entire internet, doesn’t it?). i think this particular “tool” demonstrates how searches often go awry… the creator (i guess that’s who it is) says he believes it’s only a matter of time before Artificial Intelligence becomes a reality. i think it already is, because, on any given day, without my use of Googlery and/or Wikipediocy, i’m a total maroon. if that ain’t “artificial” intelligence, i don’t know what is.

are any of you as reliant on this stuff as i am? and where the hell was all this information when i was in school? and don’t say books… as an ADD girl, i’m talking about the “instant education” info! xo

Comment by snuppy

I’m only thankful for it for my children’s education! It does just boggle the mind.

Comment by Lampy Edison

Now, remember, there are points awarded for participation, so you are all winners just for playing.

Comment by logo™

For a good conversation, dial 555-http://www.elbot.com/

Comment by Walela

I am sorry that I was not here yesterday. I am so proud of Penguin she is so amazing (and the only penguin in Icealnd….unless, they have one at the zoo) and everything she said is true, take it from this Icelander :p
The google thingie went quite political on me….which was alright, as it is obviously in/from a Blue State.

Comment by Mo'a Pretty Kitten Heels

Hey were is that funky bohemian today?
Anyways, I just came by to announce…the penguin broke one of her flippers?
For detailed pictures and emergency update check her page in about 20 minutes!
*feels so sorry for herself it is difficult to breathe*

Comment by Penguin

What the deuces! I await update!

Hey where is Catty Yummy?!

Comment by Lampy Edison

I am here! I am here! I just came in to see I was missed! Ooooweeee! Blame a night of no sleep, a class that needed teaching without energy, an emergency nap, swimming with and bathing the kids and two posts that needed to be written and well… Phew!

But no worry sweet chicas, not comment at the Snark? Why that would be a sin, A SIN I TELL YOU!

Now… off I go to make some phone calls before I catch up! Forgive me dear Snarkster but will all these boho kisses do?

Kissalicious FO SHO! Mwah-etty Mwah! YEAH!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

for anyone who hasn’t looked at the front page lately, there’s new post up in honor or our poor damaged Penguin!! xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

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