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Thursday, 24 August 2006, 8:01am
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THURSDAY already? Wowie… time flies when you’re having fun* and/or not laying in bed with a bum foot.

WE figured it might be nice to keep the Snark post short today, for there are many goings-on … er… um… going on around the Blogosphere. So, in our continued efforts to cheer up Teh PENGUIN (and all the rest of you and/or us who are ailing in some way, shape, and/or form) our question is a simple one:


SOME of us lay on the couch and watch waaaaay too much TV. Some of us sleep. Some of us drag ourselves to the computer in order to live vicariously through the rest of you via blogs. Yep, some of us are just that pathetic desperate interested in finding some means for entertaining our pathetic desperate naturally curious selves.

OH YEAH, and if you’re one of those freaks people who rarely takes a day off due to illness and/or the occasional broken bone, we want to know what the hell’s wrong with you YOU’RE doing to cheer us up?

*SPEAKING of flying time and having fun while it does so… today the LAMPSHADE LADY celebrates an impressive/important blogging landmark, 90 days on the Blogosphere wagon! She’s handing out balloons at the door, but only while supplies last. Congratulations Gina!! And thank you for casting your bright and beautiful light in our general direction.

~ snuppy


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Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

🙂 Morning everyone!

Oh…. I try not to let things bog me down too much. I did do a long stint at the “Spa” (We say spa here and no hospital so I don’t have a panic attack.) When I could concentrate enough I spent a lot of time watching the history channel. Truth be told, when you get sick like that you truly know who your friends are.

🙂 on the cheering up end, I am a flower sender. I am known by my friends to be a mad flower sender.

Comment by cj

OK! Now for the real comment! What do I do when sick? Well, I really do not get to rest upl, unfortunately. At the most, I may be lucky to squeeze in a nap but with the kids I have to have a move on and if I don’t tidy up the house no one will. Last time I felt like utter crap I was nauseous beyond words and had a horrible, painful sinus congestion and if I had a spurt of energy to last me even 5 minutes I would get up and do as much as my body allowed and when tired rest up in waiting for the next rush of energy…

… and I still stick in some yoga! I rely on the breath to cleanse whatever ails me out of my body faster and even if it means a 15 minute practice, then so be it! The breath is amazingly cleansing and great to free the body off toxins… at one point when we moved here I was unable to practice yoga for a number of months and it was awful… I was sick all the time, I had horrible allergies (having never had allergies in my life!) and aches and pains everywhere and emotionally I was a basketcase… so getting back to my practice and breathing set it all in place and now I do not dare veer away from it… and it helps with actual physical aches and pains in that it correctly aligns the spine and sets you straight, literally! I am a freak that way…

… then I will take any and every natural thing I can get my hands on to kick my body back on course… can you tell that physical weakness and ailments are things I cannot stand? Huh? HUH? CAN YOU? 😉

So needless to say, I keep Loverboy busy and to shut me up in go the needles… mostly into my ears to straighten me out emotionally as well as into other areas of the body to deal with the ailment directly and since I tend to be extreme regular acupuncture won’t do and I demand electroacupuncture which is basically when you are hooked up to a machine that sends an electric current through the needles… can be quite intense… I take over the machine as I like to go to the edge where things are intense and almost painful but not quite there and Loverboy takes it too easy and so no… kick out the sick I say! KICK IT OUT!


That is as far as treatment goes… otherwise you will find me surfing blogs and reading away and if for whatever reason I am unable to do that then I will be either passed out on the couch and if I can’t sleep there will be an ongoing, nonstop, live and improvised rant that will let everyone and anyone know EXACTLY how I feel!

Hope that covers it! Dios mio!

LOVED the post oh brilliant Snuppy de mi corazon! Oh! And if this wasn’t enough, there is an email waiting for you in your inbox!

So, anyone wanna shoot me or not yet?

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

That should have read, “So anyone wanna shoot me yet or not?”


Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Hmmm…I am mostly surfing the net blogging and wishing I had bought chocolate a couple of days ago before I injured my foot!
I let people wiat on me hand and foot.
I send Mom out at any point to get something I desperately need to survive;) yesterday it was a particular bran of jogurt with chocolate flakes.
dad has to carry my around on his back, since our place has too many stairs and I am clutz when it comes to crutches.
basically, I am a brat!
Any takers?

Comment by Penguin

You know I’m almost – almost – embarrassed to have put a post up to celebrate this milestone. But you know me and celebrating – although I don’t think this will get me anything in terms of say, a free latte. But thank you for the mention and really I couldn’t have landed in with a nicer bunch of people.

Now when I am feeling a little punk, I love to lay in bed and watch TV and hope for a really good rerun say, like Jaws (I just remember that from one of my convalescent days and it made me happy). That and of course – now – reading blogs, voting for G at Sar’s, surfing the net, voting for G at Sar’s, like that.


Minka – hope you are on the mend. You are a spoiled little one, but should it be any other way? Here’s some chocolate, now don’t you want to vote for me? Gracie does!

cj: so true that – when you are sick, you do find out who your friends are. But as it turns out, there were no surprises thankfully for me.

Comment by Lampshade Lady

I have a hard time asking for help… although I am getting better at it and Loverboy makes a good nurse in addition to doctor man… he would get quite exasperated with me in the beginning of our relationship as I would try to do it all myself… same goes for him but we are learning to be a little more whiny and needy!


But as a mother, my biggest dream when sick is for the luxury to live it up and sleep away and do NOTHING! *sigh* Gone are those days I am afraid!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Penguin is up for Sar´s caption Final.
Penguin´s Mom has something to say about that on Penguin´s blog 😉
Please donæt listen to her!
Thanks for the chocolate g, but no can’t do *gulps down chocolate and grins*

Comment by Penguin

what do i do when i’m lying at home ailing?
drugs, baby.

Comment by FirstNations

Very freaking funny on the title, Snuppy!

CYM, not yet.

Comment by Walela

Sick? Been awhile, but I usually just sleep a lot. Which considering I sleep nine hours a night, means more like 14 hours.

Never broken a bone in all my life. *knocks on wood*

Comment by Gone to the Dogs ate my Bunny

ah Walela… i hoped you’d notice!

Comment by snuppy

by the way… i’m thinking this site is gonna become Shameless Promotion Central! if not for the Penguin’s injury and the Lamp’s bright milestone, i would have linked to you two *and* CJ for your excellent captions! fortunately (for you three hussies sluts girlfriends, we have all weekend for that kind of thing. and i’m not the least bit offended by the fact that my very funny (in my head) caption is not up for consideration this week. nope. not even a little. *sniff* no, no, really, i’m fine… i’m just gonna go over here and eat a few worms. don’t mind me. xox

Comment by snuppy

You know I would have voted for you too – it was so funny Snuppy. But alas we can’t, so now you can just go vote for me:


How do I link in here anyway? Someone/anyone? Don’t make me trot out those tired campaign slogans from my last promo. A vote for G….

Comment by Lampshade Lady

an email is forthcoming… or on it’s way, or whatever the hell it is when i’m in the process of writing an email and sending it. (which i told you i would do 2 days ago and yet here we are and i have not. apparently, when it comes to email… i’m known for my LIES FROM THE PITS OF HELL. i’m workin’ on it. along with that email i’m in the process of sending you, which is forthcoming.) xox

Comment by snuppy

G…I think that about covers it. I´ll tell you how to do links as soon as this campaign is over;)

Comment by Penguin

Snarkers xo

When ailing, GG takes to the couch where many distractions await her. Not wanting to slight any of them, it is not uncommon to find GG watching telly on silent, iPod plugged in, laptop on her lap (wow! I’m such a poet. Laptop on lap??!), nail varnish drying, books and magazines strewn about, phone within arm’s reach, and let’s not forget the moat of snacks that guard this Queendom of Lazy Ailing Brats. I tried knitting once too. I do believe the knitting needles are now used to prop up my orchids.

I am nothing if not resourceful.

Oh, forgot about blogging. Yea, I also write award winning blog entries so that I can fawn over myself and act all intelligent.

Happy 3 Months, G!!

GG xo

Comment by good girl


Do not think you were not missed! Oh no! Because I surely did miss thee! FO SHO!

An email? Are you talking to me? I will say yes because that means that well, I will be getting an email!

Tee, hee, hee, heeeeee!

Bohemians are sneaky that way!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Oooh! The email was for me! FOR ME!

HA, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaa! *more psychotic laughing from one ecstatic bohemian*

I will get to answering you asap!



Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

ah… BoheMian! somehow i managed to fire off a couple of emails over the course of the day!! (what’s up with me? i dunno!) xox

by “jove” things are slowing down a bit this Thursday evening… it’s not the weekend yet, kids, where’d everyone go??? oh wait… i’ve gotta go.

i’ll be back later for the answer, tho’, dammit!! xoxo

Comment by snuppy

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