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Saturday, 26 August 2006, 9:02am
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*Oh sure, we could do a new post today, but why bother? Clearly many of you Snarksters are off doing something (anything) besides hanging out in the Blogosphere. Don’t worry about us being stuck at home on a crappy rainy Sunday morning… we’ll be fine. Just fine. You just keep having fun. We’ll just keep being pathetic.

*   *   *   *   * 

IS it possible this is really the last weekend in August? Holy cow, how did that happen? Where-oh-where did our summer go? We’re shocked. Shocked, we tell you, SHOCKED!

OKAY, so some of us actually spent a month or so in Germany, some of us already live in the oh-so-glamorous country of Spain, and some of us will soon be heading out for a fab family trip to a sandy beach along the Atlantic shoreline. Then there are those of us who’ve been satisfied to sit at home, week after week after week, eating Mexican food and watching the weeds grow in the front lawn.

WELL, maybe we did a few interesting things. But, for the most part, we just hung around and tried to avoid thinking about anything too ponderous, as we tend to get headaches. That said, we’ve been trying to pay attention to current event as much as humanly possible, but only in ways we find AMUSING. Or ENTERTAINING. Or flat out  FUNNY. Or flat out FUNNY *and* ENTERTAINING. Because A) we really like to laugh, and B) that’s the kind of shallow non-serious thinking people we are.

BUT hey, at least we didn’t waste time watching THIS crap. Okay, maybe we did glance at one or two of these, but no matter how funny and/or entertaining it was, watching an entire show about crummy commercials would have been incredibly sad, not to mention pathetic. Even we have limits.

~ snuppy


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I am laughing my ass off with this post my dear and beautiful Neva… oh-so-glamorous Spain? OH MY! I almost choked when I read that!

Hey, you wanna trade? Let’s go! Wooh!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

you are WAY too kind, CYM! i wish i could take credit for the truly funny stuff in this post, but that credit goes to the shows i lifted clips from! i just had trouble figuring out which clips to use… so many of them are so freaking funny. and the Ze Frank “report” from Friday was classic.

right now it’s an ugly, rainy day. i know what the view looks like from your veranda, young lady… beautiful and serene are the first 2 words that pop into my head!! but i’m glad to give you a reason to put a smile on that beautiful face of yours! i know you don’t get to watch The Daily Show and/or The Colber Report too often, so i hoped you’d enjoy! (besides, my brain was a bit fried last night, and borrowing humor from tv shows was the only thing i could come up with!) hope your’s is a happy and lovely day, dear one, i’m off to the showers, and then it’s off for a scenic–albeit rainy–drive! xoxo

Comment by snuppy

You are too kind dear Neva and with regards to yourself, shortsighted as to your brilliance! WHAT you choose and write and put up all combined are a window into the workings of your fascinating mind I tell you!

Rainy? Yeah, it is foggy and misty here but I am enjoying it after a crazy and intense, albeit shorter than usual, summer… have a beautiful day!

And if you check in before you leave PLEASE, let me know… DIVX yes or no, hmmmm? 🙂

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Running through to say hi! didn’t have coffee yet! Me mum’s coming for a visit with one of my bros! Gotta make the beds and get the house in order!

Great post Snupps – only got to start watching Zefrank, very funny – ah, I’ll have something to look at tonight! You too modest girl – I think you know that~

On the weather: stopped raining here, but looking gray. Have a great day and great weekend all.

Comment by Lampshade Lady

Great way to start the day – with a laugh! Awaiting Snuppy’s arrival downstairs so that we may away to get our TGSNWM and then (can you believe it) head up the highway to check out a spot on potential vacation spot. I said “potential” so no one should get too excited about it just yet. Anyway…won’t be gone all that long as it’s not that far away…back in the PM. Wish the sun would come out of hiding, but oh well.

Comment by Joel

…oops, clearly an “uncaffinated post.” meant to say …check out a potential vacation spot…not that jumbled line as read above.

Comment by Joel

CYM – looking into DIVX capability…we have to run out for a bit but I’ll confirm one way or the other this afternoon.

(Snuppy made me write this under the threat of sitting back down at her computer and delaying our TGSNWM run)

Comment by Joel

Ha, ha, haaa! Gracias for the update Joel! It is much appreciated! Have a great outing and see you guys in the PM FO SHO!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Funny and Fun…..I am so glad that it is raining….everything here was getting so dry….I drive by dead trees every day….we needed this rain.
For an Icelandic girl in the US….yes girl, this was not a typo….rain is a welcome sight, reminds her of home ;> Sorry if I rained on you tirade….*uh* parade.

Comment by Pretty Kitten Heels

“Then there are those of us who’ve been satisfied to sit at home, week after week after week, eating Mexican food and watching the weeds grow in the front lawn.”

yep, yep yep.

oh well. *cracks another beer*

Comment by FirstNations

Uncaffienated posts in the early AM are total bitches sometimes.

First Nations, cheers!

Anyone for drunken blogging? OK, maybe not. Off to rock my sox off! Ciao!

Comment by Ride'Em Cowgirl

hope you guys all had a fabulous day! we went out for a lovely drive (despite the crappy weather). i expect i’ll see you all around these here parts tomorrow…?? anybody? anybody?? xoxox

Comment by snuppy

Where everybody at? Whas happenin’? Dios mio!


See Snuppy? You are not the only ones home! Certain bohemians are too lazy/tired/spent to venture out! Oh well!

Hope you are having a great weekend!

Comment by Miz BoheMia

Great links, guys! You’ve brightened my morning considerably!

Comment by Pavel Cubano

Still laughing, it truly takes little to amuse us 🙂
Weekend over, another week starts tomorrow. But who cares, not for me…I will continue sitting on this here red sofa of mine, and do nothing that involves movement. It´s been tough, let me tell you…
*she says as she reaches for another bag of potatoes ships, gently wraps a blanket around herself and hit the play button to FRIENDS series 9 :)*

Comment by Penguin

Penguin: way to power through an injury, girlfriend! as far as i can tell, the only thing missing is a nice cup of hot cocoa (with marshmallows). good to know you had a lovely long weekend… and that you’re continuing to recover in such fine form! xox

Pavel: the weather here is absolutely dreadful today… so these links are making me smile, too! xox

CYM: tired? check. too lazy to do anything? check. feeling a cosmic connection with a certain favored BoheMian? CHECK! of course, after your brush with the creep on the street, not to mention store, you need your rest!! that was some mighty fine dirtbag dodging, amiga! (by the way, Joel downloaded that program, so i guess we’re good to go…) xox

Comment by snuppy

Pathetic? A few intereting things?? Hey I may not be able to keep up as often as I’d like (read having kids at home over summer break), but I seem to remember something about a Snuppy & Bobo trip to a house overlooking the ocean? 😉

Fall is my favorite season, and I’m ready!

Comment by Sar

And here’s something interesting – I’m trying to catch up and do some surfing (could ya tell?) and I’m getting a Google Server error for all of the blogger accounts.

Yet another reason to be thankful for the creation of the Snark Park.

Comment by Sar

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