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Stop the Mundanity! by Snuppy
Monday, 28 August 2006, 8:41am
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WELL lookey here, if it isn’t Monday again. Don’t you just hate the way the weekends fly by without so much as a hey-nonny-nonny or a ho-ho-ho? Us too.

THAT SAID, we accept our boring inclinations, because we don’t have the energy to do anything about it. That’s right, we’re content to embrace our boring ways, dammit. Still, we wouldn’t mind being boring quite so much if we could be boring AND funny, like THIS GUY. This link is to his first episode of sublimely hum-drum life in the next-to-the-last lane, but if you’re already familiar with his work, JERRY has a new(ish) episode, about his not-so-very-exciting-but-lame trip to Gettysburg, PA. (there have been a total of 8 episodes, which you’ll find on the main page of his Vlog)

IN case any of you wondered, It’sJerryTime has been around for less than a year, but his Vlog has already garnered some nice awards, not to mention impressive buzz. According to The St. Petersberg Times, it’s “Pure entertainment…a collection of weird, but incredibly funny, tales of a sad sack who trudges through life.” The Boston Globe calls it “Brilliantly Mundade”. And, finally, I Come of Reykjavik sings it’s praises by saying “Animeita vídjóblogg eftir einhvern gaur. etta er frábær snilld. Hann er svo óttalega næs og…og…óheppinn og yndislegur. Bara tvær færslur komnar, en meira á leiinni.”

WHAT more could you ask for? More links? More jokes? More tales of “what we didn’t do for fun over the weekend”? What part of “we’re content to embrace our boring ways” didn’t you understand?

~ snuppy

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Snuppy, Jerry, I’m sorry, I’m running through because I have to be doing something (what I’m not sure) towards getting us ready for setting sail Eastward ho.

So I’ll sneak in where I can before we leave tomorrow.

Hey all Snarksters – if I don’t get around for a visit, it’s not that I’m not aching to do so. The last minute has come and with it all the things that have been waiting for it.

Have a great day!

Comment by Lampshade Lady

that’s what i love about you (well… one of the many things) you can rub my face in the fact that you’re getting ready to take off for a VACATION and it doesn’t actually seem like *rubbing*. a mind frottage as opposed to a mind-fuck) have a great day! i’m just hoping you’ll be able to fit your computer in with all your other stuff… i’d hate to think we couldn’t tawk with youse once in awhile over the next few days!! have fun packing, NBFF!! we’ll be here when you get back! sigh. xox (~snuppy)

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Love “It’s Jerry Time!” He pulls off mundane like no other. Happy Monday all – an oxymoron if ever I’ve uttered one…and, it’s raining to boot. Oh well…onward and upward.

Comment by BoBo

THIS is BRILLIANT! YOU are BRILLIANT and I have yet to watch Jerry but will as soon as I get back home! Just popping in to say hi to the blogosphere familia, send many besos and oh! Dearest Snuppy, you’ve got mail x 2!

Party on and save me some fresh juice! Ooooh! Delish!

Comment by Miz BoheMia

Morning everyone!!
Lampy you enjoy that vacation!! 🙂 I’ll be not so secretly jealous over here. Hopefully you’ll have more pictures to post when you get back!

I am going to have to check out Jerry now. 🙂 The kids seem to be settled enough. 🙂

See you all later!
Viva la dull and boring I say!

Comment by cj

Snuppy, if the newpapers in Reykjavik give so glowing a report, I’ll have to see it for myself once the office clears a little. I hate busy employees.

Comment by Walela

Hey Snuppy, I know what you mean about the way lampy rubs things in without rubbing things in… She’a a pro at it.
Reminds me of the joke: what’s the difference between “erotic” and “pornographic?”
1. Erotic is using a feature.
2. Pornographic is using a whole chicken

Comment by Pavel



1. Erotic is using a feather.

Comment by Pavel

Ooh Jerry was funny. I loooooved the moth adventure because I happily smush them when they fly into my condo. I am…the mothinator.

Okay I have a couple of hours to write 2000 words (aaaaack!!!)

How the heck did it get to be almost Sep 1st?? I mean seriously dude! A few days ago I had, like, 3 weeks. Now I have 3 freakin’ days. I have 6000 fucking words to write!! Crap. IN THREE DAYS PEOPLE!!! THREE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Little Blue Pill

…ah ha…now I get it…thought I was dense(r) there for a minute. Thanks Pavel

Comment by BoBo

I am just laughing my heart out…doe sanyone of you wnat a translation of that glowing Reykajvik report?
well, I leave it for the time being…and just to remind you…just becuase soemthign seems fancily put in a nother language, doesnæt mean it is glowing 😉
g, lovely vacation…since you´ll be gone by tomorrow…would you mind an awful lot to decline from your first position over at Sar´s? ’cause you know, if youa r enot around to enjoy it, shouldn´t somebody else get teh chance? *looks innocently into the rounds*

I am off to check Jerry now!

Comment by Penguin

Oh dearest Snuppy! Enterprising, brilliant, got such a nose/eye/ears/soul for talent Snuppy de mi corazon… Jerry Time is brilliant! I just got home, am alone as Loverboy is on the PC in the other room and the lil’ bohemians snooze away, and apart from the occasional interruption caused by Tigerlily attacking my laptop, I have enjoyed it without much interruptions and what a fun thing to come home to! The first episode shut off before it finished and I just saw the second one and I loved it!


Makes me want to create stuff like that too! I am in awe of your discoveries and even more in awe of you! Hope you are having a beautiful day oh dearest Snuppy!

Hola Pinguino and LL! Happy days at the beach for you LL and Penguin, hope you like Jerry time as much as I did!

Bobo and Pavel, you guys sooo have me laughing! But yeah, your correction of the joke DID help amigo Cubano! Gracias!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

CYM & Penguin: it’s hard to go wrong with a little dry/droll humor, isn’t it? and yes… isn’t he creative, even as he’s the master of all things mundane? i’m glad you guys are enjoying him…or, if you’re not… it’s really nice of you to say you are!! xox

oh, and Penguin, i, for one, would LOVE a translation! i pulled that quote off his site exactly as he had it posted, and i figured it would be funny!

Pavel, “feathers/feature” it was a funny joke (tho’ it *does* make better sense with the right word!)

LBP?? girlfriend! as happy as we are to see you… you MUST get to your writing!! as i said before, we’re living vicariously through you, young lady… now go out there and MAKE US PROUD!! xox

Walela: you and Joel and your busy employees. what’s this world coming to when you guys can’t blog in peace (Gina suffers from this, too!)

Comment by snuppy

Will check Jerry. Excell at what I didn’t do but could have done this weekend or any other–oh it rained all weekend, of course. Knew that I had a valid excuse.

Comment by pia

You know this being denied time in the blogs isn’t exactly vacation…yet. See – I’m not here for a day and I’m being accused of odd things with chickens.

I don’t know Pengy – whadya got in return? Some cake perhaps 🙂 Actually it’s still anybody’s game. To quote the penguin – “no can’t do” 🙂 I won’t decline first, but you can celebrate on my behalf – how’s that, fair? How’s that flipper of yours? Hope you’re on the way to a speedy recovery.

Bye everybody – I’ll miss you all. Keep a look out over my lonely blog, make sure nobody vandalizes it.

See you Monday.

Comment by Lampshade Lady

arrrgghh! did i miss my NBFF?? i didn’t even get to hug her goodbye. damn. i HATE when that happens. *wipes tear from eye* have fun, LampluciousShades of a Lady! you will be MISSED!! now go. your blog and/or plants will be fine. just wish i could say the same for me. xox

PIA!! you came! yay!! it’s not every day we’re visited by true blogging royalty… and i sure hope it’s won’t be the last! yeah, i’m pretty sure i’m quite good at everything i *didn’t* do over the weekend, too. heh heh. you’re right, it was very nice to have such an excellent excuse for not having to prove it to anyone! xox

Comment by snuppy

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