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Oh How I Love Thee! by Snuppy
Wednesday, 30 August 2006, 5:33am
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I am in LOVE with this woman! LOVE I SAY!

Watch why!

Jocelyn, I’ll be yo bitch FO SHO!

How’s that for a post?

Now, whose bitch would you be? Where the lovin’ at and for whom or for what? Hmmm? No specific thread here… can be movies, TV, actors, writers, crushes, memories of… come on! Could this be any easier? NOW DISH!

And with that,

BoheMia OUT!


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Miz B. That is a rather short post/comment/rambling.
You ok sweety? 😉
Unfourtunately I canæt see the episodes…I don’t have a certain plug-in that this would require. But if you like it, I am pretty sure I am missing something.
Whoses bitch would I like to be?
New realms of pleasure have opened…let me chew on it for a little while!

*hands out freshly baked rolls, fresh pressed ornage juice and Icelandic Vinarbraud for First Nation!

Comment by Penguin

OH NO! Well, the plug in you need is Real Player… this is one place where you can get it…

Yeah, I am ok… ’tis called needing to feed the kids, tidy the house, attempt to write something, do the laundry, practice yoga and teach tonight… *sigh* otherwise I would always be online, ALWAYS! That’s how big a geek I am!!!

Do you get BBC in Iceland? With a satellite dish it is free and her show is on BBC Three and she is just brilliant!

Ooooh! Fresh OJ? Forgive me but off I go to munch it up! MUNCH I SAY!

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Ooopsy! That was me!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

CYM: you ROCK!! i LOVE this post, and i LOVED reading about this actress! oh, and, as a fan of any and ALL BBC Comedies… i can’t wait to see THIS video! for some reason i can’t get the Real Time to play it, i guess there seems to be something wrong with the connection. but i’ll watch as soon as i can… and i know i’ll LAUGH!!

hmmmm. you’ll think i’m crazy, but you know what TV actor–among a few, truth be told–i am totally loving these days? JAMIE PRESSLY from My Name Is Earl. that link is a silly compilation of her best lines from the show. not only is she beautiful, she’s brilliantly funny. of course, being a blond, she won’t be in any BBC “non blond” comedy anytime soon! xox

Penguin: fresh OJ? Icelandic Vinarbraud? my waistline may suffer around here… but man! at least i’ll have a happy mouth! *takes a glass of OJ & healthy slice of Vinarbraud. sits down and digs in* xox

Comment by snuppy

OH NO! Really? That is crap! I am now testing mine to see if it works… if not I will be majorly bummed! BUMMED! If this carries on I sugges that this post be replaced by something that works! AAAAHHHHH!!!!!! She is FABULOUS and I wanted y’all to see!

Ooooh! Jamie Pressly you say? You are definitely my soul sister! I have admired her for years and watch Earl because of her! Her talent really, REALLY shines in that show! Makes me itch to act I tell you! ITCH! Yeah, sexy imagery baby! ITCH!

Crap… mine does not work either for some reason! *Bohemian wanders off, scratching her head, wandering what to do and she sobs, MAN DOES SHE SOB!*

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Who’s bitch would I be? Oh goodness me…. this week I’ve been sneaking in a few hours of volunteering every day for the DFL in Minnesota. So right now you could say that I am Coleen Rowley’s bitch because I’ve been putting up lawn signs and and working at the state fair. I’ve been a Demo bitch all week and next week I’ll be the same. 🙂

Comment by cj

Couldn’t get it to work

Angelina Jolie, fer sure. Liked her before she too cool for words

Comment by pia

Oooh! Y’all are fab! FAB I SAY! And it does our hearts much good to see you here my dearest Pia! Angelina Jolie’s! I say she should be your bitch dear one! K-KISH!

Now, whose bitch would I be? Hmmm…

John Lithgow, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (YES! I want them all!), Hank Azaria’s for Huff, Dead Like Me, Mayor Gavin Newsom (because of his stance for human rights in the face of so much opposition and for his unending efforts in the city and well, he is a San Franciscan dammit and I read an in-depth report that has me loving the man), David Letterman, Lost (well, the writers of the show! They are GODS! GODS I TELL YOU!), and dammit there were more but I forgot! *sigh* Oh well! More for later!

Man am I easy!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Miz B. hank Azaria- very nice choice.
I think I can´t come up with an answer, because I don´t wanna be a bitch to anyone 🙂

But becuase all of you are sharing, I let you in on a secret:
I adore Jennifer Lopez. I think she is a goddess. She is so beautiful, her skin so delicious…(I really am not!)

Comment by Penguin

I am a bitch to triple grande soy no whip mochas from Starbucks and I blame Snuppy and her sister Doc Terri (who introduced the concept to Snup who in turn hooked me up). I now crave them daily and have gone from strictly a recreational, weekend habit to a full blown daily need…also am getting increasing urges for multiple hits on any given day.

Comment by BoBo

That sounds funny. I can’t watch the vignettes either but I can look forward to the day that show gets remade here starring Whoopi Goldberg.

I like to think that as a bitch, I belong to the whole world.

Comment by Walela

You know Bobo, you can get the soy milk at the store and buy an espresso machine… we sell that crappy mocho powder when it gets to be fall…… AND YOU CAN do it all day if you want. 🙂 I mean, if your really jonsing it!

Comment by cj

Jason Statham…take….me….n-o-w. Holy shamoly. Is it time for Crank yet? Huh? HUH?!? But my one true dream is to be the cream in a Jason Statham/Vin Diesel Oreo cookie. Mmm….yeah.

And if it had to be female? Probably Angelina Jolie.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

CJ – I now know what I want for Christmas…bless you! My own stash – how cool would that be?

Comment by BoBo

Now that I think about it…I am also a total bitch to the resident bitch in our house…

Come on! You didn’t think for a second I was referring to Snuppy did you – shame on you if you did…timeout for you! No, no, I was referring to little Sophie, our female Tibetan Terrier. You are her bitch or you do not reside in our house – her rules, not mine. She looks small and cute but let me tell you what…cross her and, well, just don’t cross her.

Comment by BoBo

Snuppy, have you checked your mail today?

Comment by Pavel

Oooh! What a fab party to come home too! I can definitely sympathize with you Bobo, my addiction being green tea with soymilk (Edensoy original being THE BEST back at home in the US… plus, it has seaweed in it which is essential to balance out the soy in the system as contrary to popular opinion too much soy is not good for you)… we drink HUGE mugs that are double the size of a regular HUGE mug and yeah, once I was up to seven of those a day! DIOS MIO!

CJ! Shame on you wheelin’ and dealin’ away to our resident addicts! Well, who am I to talk? Hey, can those machines be used for tea? Bohemian minds would like to know! FO SHO!

Well… hum de hum de hum… I am SO bummed that clip won’t play because it did this morning when I wrote the post! Dammitall! So hey people, pimp yourselves shamelessly! Have you written a new post? Want some attention thrown your way? SPEAK UP! Live it up and let’s partay!


And Walela, you are definitely a generous, generous soul to say the least! No wonder bohemians everywhere just loooovee you!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

since the invitation was extended…I do have a new post up (take that Monika).

Comment by BoBo

since the invitation was extended…I do have a new post up (take that Monika);-).

Comment by BoBo

Me too… *whispers the bohemian as she is not too good at pimping her work in spite of the fact that she suggested it but is doing so in the hopes that others will too*

Off I go to check out your latest amigo Bobo of the Banjoeys!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Excellent Catty…will check out tonight!

Comment by BoBo

Your welcome bobo! 🙂 There should be a fall brewing sale coming up… I’ll keep ya posted!

Comment by cj

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