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A Friday Heart to Heart… Oooooh! by Snuppy
Friday, 1 September 2006, 3:24am
Filed under: BoheMia Rhaps

BREAKING NEWS!!! THIS JUST IN!!! Our only male resident Snarkster, the fabulous-and-so-far-behind-the-scenes-big-honcho-who-makes-sure-we-keep-things-running-smoothly-at-the-Snark-or-else Bobo is celebrating today!


SO COME ON AMIGOS AND PARTAY! And if the mood strikes ya, there is some reading down below… but before you do that, here is a little something for Bobo from his sweet lady love! Live it up you crazy pups!


Well, this was yet another improvised blog post that I had put up last Sunday. WHAT? Yeah, don’t look so shocked. It didn’t sing to me so down it came. But bohemians are good at tweaking and though still not a golden deluge o’ words that we all, I am sure, aim for, it’ll do! DAMMIT! It’s Friday! What do you expect from me? WHAT? LET ME BREATHE!

Ok. On with the show.

Whilst in downward dog, breathing away and hearing the delightful cracking in my back as my spine became aligned, I veered away from the world on my mat, bad bohemian that I am, and into philosophical ground.

Being a firm believer in karma (you know, what goes around comes around; if you create positive energy so shall you receive it and if you create negative energy, well, you get the point, right?) in reincarnation, in there existing a need and a duty to foster compassion and that if we give something our all, no matter how dire a situation might be or how hard things may seem, that we must know it all to be a test and that if we persevere and face these tests head on, the universe will respond in kind and lend that long awaited helping hand. Along the way, my beliefs have been put to the test time and time again and mostly, have stood the tests that they have been subjected to.

Life has been crazy yet kind enough, for these tests are all valuable you see, to supply us with enough rough patches that have tested, and continue to test, our resolve. There have been times that I have drowned in a sea of despair. Temporarily so though because drowning simply ain’t my thang… but to make it out of the water I had to rely on that wiser, fearless, inner voice, open my mind and my heart and really listen whilst taking that plunge into that often fearful unknown only to be met with wonderful rewards for a fight well fought.


Sometimes I find an answer in something as simple as silence… just silence…. other times hope and inspiration strike me smack dab in the middle of my stubborn forehead in the midst of the greatest hustle and bustle… my moments on my mat, breathing my worries away (or at least trying damn hard to) can serve its purpose and deliver unto me great peace or bring out a host of emotions and render me a sobbing idiot there on my very mat, on the livingroom floor, for all the bohemians to see… You see, sometimes it is in tears themselves that the greatest joy is found while plentiful laughter may prove to be fluff and hold nothing of value at its core…

So what am I saying? What am I getting at? I don’t know! Why? Am I supposed to do this end of the leg work too? P-shaw! GET TO WORK SNARKSTERS! So, here is where y’all come in…

What do you do when you are trying to make sense of the senseless? How do you live through your moments of joy and sorrow? What is your value system? What pulls you through the darkness? Wherein lies your hope? Any inspirational stories to share?

Go on, you know you want to dish!

As for me, I have a personal answer to each of these questions that works for me and I admit to having been blessed many times, throughout the course of my life, with many little miracles that have come knocking on my door, unannounced, if not as an aswer or a solution to my problems du jour then as simple markers that whispered to me that I was on the right path and in doing so added a flame to the ever-increasing number of candles in a night that would someday be illuminated yet again into day… yeah, little whispers along the way…

But I shall leave all that for the comments as this is about you, and us and me… but not up here. So, let’s take the plunge and I’ll see you down below!

And with that…

BoheMia out!


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Thank the heavens above it is Friday….so we have all weekend to hand in the essay, right?! Double spaced?
better get to it then…

Miz B. what an excelletn post and so well written. I gonna sip on my coffee for a while and get bakc to you on this.
A lovely start to this day!
big hugs!

Comment by Penguin

🙂 Great idea Miz B! I won’t double space mine – you will just have to bear with me.

I do my best thinking when swimming laps. I love the fact that I can swim and have no other noises in my head except that of my own voice. I have found the greatest support through rough times and good times through the love of my husband and my bestemore (grandma). Even on the darkest of days my children make me laugh and brighten things up tenfold just by a flash of their silly smiles. I also have a beautiful cocker spaniel who makes things better just by being there. Sappy but true. As far as what my value system is – I would guess that the golden rule pretty much would sum it up. I believe that I should do on to everyone as I would like done on to me. I just need to get the rest of the world to follow suit and I think that we’d be alright. Trudie and I will have to get on that!

Happy Birthday Bobo!

Comment by cj

what a BEAUTIFUL treat to find this morning from an even MORE beautiful and brilliant BoheMian!

hmmmm… what do i do when i need to think? usually, i go for long LONG walks and/or runs. sometimes by myself, often with Joel. (some of the best ideas i’ve ever had have come to me during these times!) i’m also happy to sit on a rock in our backyard with Bobo (the pup) and Sophie… looking out over the waters from the shore of Bar Harbor and/or Hawaii are nice, too!! and i want to learn how to meditate more effectively, so i’m planning to work on that ASAP (i’m told it’s the best way to access my universe!)

now, on a BIRTHDAY NOTE… it’s a good thing you did this lovely and thoughtful post, because i would have been silly today… and wished everyone RABBIT, RABBIT, and then offered up THIS VIDEO, as a means for wishing Bobo a Happy Birthday! (an idea that came to me while walking yesterday!) xoxo

Comment by snuppy

IT IS BOBO’S BIRTHDAY TODAY?????????????????????????



Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Ammends have been made! Phew! I can breathe now! BREATHE! 😉

Oh… this is me, CYM

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Happy Birthday, Bobo!!! Hope you have a great day.
Snuppy, that was one very funny video you gave him!

Comment by Pavel

CYM! you are TOO funny!! i LOVE the post you did… and i wouldn’t have changed a thing!! silly BoheMian!! go do some yoga… and breathe! you are most ADORED and LOVED for your loving and giving ways… and your thoughts are more appreciated than you can imagine. but the post? dear dear amiga… had it been a issue i would have done one! YOU ARE A BLESSING!! and i love this post and i hope to goodness everyone responds to the most important and excellent question at hand (by the way… your fabulous emails will be answered, but you know how i am, don’t you? distraction after distraction?? please know that’s the ONLY reason i have yet to leave a comment on your latest and ever-so-fabulous POST!)

i thank you and the Bobo thanks you. but you didn’t need to change a thing! (besides i put up that video on my site, too…) i would feel BEYOND TERRIBLE if i hurt your feelings and/or made you to feel anything but special, because that’s what you are… SPECIAL!!! xoxox

Comment by snuppy

Oh dearest Snuppy de mi corazon! You did not hurt my feelings at all, AT ALL! Bohemians are just screaming, shrieking banshees! ‘Tis their way and we jest often in psychotic ways I am afraid!

I know we are comfortable enough with each other and know each other well enough for you to know that you could have changed it if you wanted to and for me to know that you truly did like the post and that you had no expectations! Which is why I LOVE YOU SO!

This dramatic bohemian just wanted to celebrate and partay for your humble mistah!


As for the emails, no worries at all! Although do tell me the DIVX question if you can so we can get on it! I am impatient I tell you! IMPATIENT! 😉 (See? I just cannot steer clear from the drama! AY!)

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Dammitall! That was ME!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

i dont know how hot ‘meditation, study and action’ are, but thats what i do to get me through the tough stuff.
that and burritoes.

Comment by FirstNations

I will be baking Joel a cake and I will eat it for him too….now that is what I would call a wonderful party. Happy Birthday Joel.

Now about your questions: I never try to make sence of the senceless, it makes no sence to me….I am not trying to be flip here, it is just that I know I cannot do it.
In my joys and sorrows I try to live them to the fullest….one day at the time. I know from experience that joy can become a sorrow and sorrow can become joy.
My Value system? Is to respect others and to remember that we are all one….human being.
What pulls me through the darkness is Love.
My hope lies with the human race our growth and our acceptance of each other as one.
All the inspirational stories are with Friends in the Park…..I have gained much from all their stories sad,happy, profound, funny they are all inspiration to me…..I am not sure what I could add to that.

Comment by Pretty Kitten Heels

Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes…CYM you most certainly didn’t have to amend your fantastic post for the likes of me, but thank you for the very kind words…and PKH…thank you sooo much for the cake and, most of all, for actually devouring it for me…an admirable sacrifice on your part! Please tell me how it was, although I suspect it will be beyond amazing.

Like Snuppy…my best thinking comes sitting in front of an ocean or out on a rock in our backyard or watching our pups play in the front or on long walks…it’s pretty incredible how clarity seems to come when the artificial/manmade external noises are absent.

Comment by BoBo

Happy birthday Bobo!!

Comment by Little Blue Pill

Soooo… Penguin… still mulling it over? Hmmm? 😉

CJ… I LOVE swimming laps… I actually can’t be still in a pool and laps are all I end up doing and it is such a great, and yet calming, high! And I am glad you have your beautiful family to rely on through such moments! I don’t know what I would have done without my sweet Loverboy!

Snuppy de mi corazon… I never truly addressed your fab comment! I used to be a running fanatic but that is all I did and so, due to uneven muscle development around the knee I was in deep pain after over a year of jogging everyday for over an hour… I loved it though and no high compares to that of running for me! Hope you and Bobo had a great day!

As for meditation… fab I tell you! FAB! Man how I wish I was there to teach you ashtanga!!!!! YOU WOULD LOVE IT!

FN… Oooh! I knew that apart from a biker mama you are a meditatin’ hippy child at heart… no wonder bohemians just looooveee you! I love me the burritos but due to my damn lay gut cause me much hurt… crap!… or lack of…

EW CYM! Ok, ok, off I go!

PKH… so not being flip… on that one, my thing is this (and your comment reminds me of it)… the Dalai Lama is famous for saying that when things are out of your control there is no need to worry… Why? Well, because if there is nothing you can do about it, then there’s nothing you can do about it… why suffer over it? And if there is something you can do, then do it you will! So why worry? You are a wise woman! No wonder you are my LoveMo’a!

You know Bobo, I think that with …it’s pretty incredible how clarity seems to come when the artificial/manmade external noises are absent… you so got the point home! Back when I was 21, full of selfloathing and falling deep into anorexia, I used to get relief from going to the water’s edge, late at night, to just sit and listen to the Mediterranean and watch the stars dance in the constantly moving water… and during those moments all the noise stopped and everything was just perfect!

I hope you had a beautiful day dear Bobo! With Snuppy by your side, could there be any doubt about that? Dios mio!

Not trying to moderate but just a bohemian way to say gracias and good night from me! ‘Tis late in this neck of the woods and off to bed I go! Besos!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Yep…still mulling!
prolem is there were a couple of hours I had to scedule away from my computer today. It´s been most withdrawlsymptomy! (That´s a word!)

I sure had my share of rough patches, but when I look back it seems more of the good ones stick out. The way I like it. I hope it will always remain this way.

If I have to think about soemthign seriously. I need quiet, maybe some soft music in the background. I need it to be dark and a candle to focus. That is when I do my best thinking. That is also why I like to stay awake into the night! Most often, silence is my best companion…´cause it is hard enough to focus on the chaos in my head.

What is your value system? Put energy into those youacare about. Give everything, but don´t let unimportant issues drain you. “Every cloud has a silver lining” sometimes you have to look extra hard.
And if life throws you a lemon, throw it right back…harder!
My hope? *she smiles*
Although i was absent all day, your questions remained in my head and I shuffled them aorund a bit, that is why soem answers might not make sense 🙂

Comment by Penguin

oo, i like that ‘rockin the lemon back’ thang, pengie!
spoken like a true Flatbutt.

In fact….
How would you like to be an honorary member of the Flatbutt Nation?? it’s an indian tribe that I am the queen of which does not exist. But you get to wear a skirt with a picture of a frenchman on a bicycle on it.
whaddya say?

Comment by FirstNations

Uhhhh very tempting. Since I am Queen I of course have my own queendom on an iceblock….but I do have some free time in between ruling and my prime minister can see to everything while I am away.
I would love to join, I am signing up right now…gimme that shirt 🙂

Comment by Penguin

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