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Summer’s Over? by Snuppy
Tuesday, 5 September 2006, 8:19am
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SINCE today is the day most children across America are returning to school, we guess that means Summer is, indeed, over. Bummer.

WE know we’ve mentioned this before, but think it bears repeating: some of us didn’t get to go anywhere and/or do anything for our summer vacation. Not that we’re bitter. Okay, maybe just a little. Anyway, feeling less than inspired, and knowing we need a little something to spark a discussion and/or whiny Snark session (or snarky whine session?) we thought it might be fun to re-link to one of our all-time FAVORITE VIDEOS. Perhaps it will serve as a reminder that there are a lot of fabulous places to visit in the world. Places some of us have seen and some of us never will.

ON a separate note, we feel we would be remiss if we didn’t note the tragic passing of one of the World’s beloved travellers, the Crocodile Hunter, a.k.a. Steve Irwin. Here was a man who seemed to embrace and celebrate every day of life, often with random (and not so random) acts of courage and/or stupidity, depending on which end of the predator he found himself on. We were huge fans of this man, and grieve his death with the rest of the world. That said, we feel pretty certain he wasn’t the kind of guy who’d have wanted folks to spend too much time crying over him, so we decided to link to a series of clips from the ANIMAL PLANET that feature some of his crazier/more exciting encounters with the wild life he loved so very much.

~ snuppy 


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ahh…a fellow mourner.
I was so upset yesterday about it…it took me almost the entire day to comprehend what just happened. But you are right…he lived life and he wanted us to do so too…to its fullest. grieving about somethign you canæt change might not fill that prescription.
So “Crikey” everybody and welcome to a new day in the place where snarking is a must!

p.s Morning snuppy…I bought bagels and sun-dried tomatoe cheese…so you all dig in now and smile while watching those amazing videos.

Comment by Penguin

Good Mornin’ Peguin, and thank you for the delicious treats! and yes… as i said earlier, i came close to doing something regarding Steve Irwin yesterday, but since you did such a lovely tribute i figured it wasn’t necessary. Originally i had wanted to put up the Where the Hell is Matt video because it’s so neat and just makes a person smile, so i decided it might be a great way to kick off a new week, *especially* since it’s the first day of school for so many (Gina’s youngest starts “real” school today…) besides, i think you were gone when it was first posted and i thought you might enjoy it. and i KNOW Jenna will!

at the last minute i decided it might also be fun to provide a happy (and kind of scary) reminder of the reason we loved the Crocodile Hunter so much! i really *do* think remembering him for his antics, as well as his amazing and fearless passion for life is *exactly* what he would have wanted.

hope you’re having a beautiful day… and that your FOOT is feeling a whole lot better! now where’s that coffee cart?? xoxox

Comment by snuppy

Wow…coming into the city today you can really tell the old calendar has shifted from “lazy hazy good ole days of summer” to fall is here and school has started…whole different vibe (more serious) and lot’s more people on the road and on the streets – that’s not a good thing, by the way. I do love the crispness of the pending fall air, however.

Love the video…need silly this morning. Can’t even think about Steve Irwin…too sad.

Comment by BoBo

Bobo, every year I go through the same thing. Traffic mellows out all summer and by late August I’m almost enhoying the drive to work. Then the day after Labor Day I forget to take side streets and find myself a cow in a squeeze shoot. Don’t worry about me, though. The depression only lasts until mid-July.

Comment by Walela

YAY! I finally got to see the Matt video! Yes, it certainly brings a smile to one’s face although I am sure I am PMSing for once San Francisco was on (and I knew exactly where he was!) I burst into tears… I cry enough as is but now! DIOS MIO! 😉

As for Steve Irwin, I have a hard time swallowing the news… and honestly, now that he is the forefront of the news (because I had not seen nor heard of him in a while seeing that in Spain his show is not readily available), the vision of Steve with that contagious smile of his and his enthusiastic positive energy is one I mentally resort to to keep myself positive through these uncertain and crazy days we are living in the land o’ bohemia… thank you Steve for that and for so much more… I could go on but then the tears will start pouring in again so…

Breathe bohemia, breathe!

Snuppy, you are just a master at Snark-time entertaining! Brilliant FO SHO!

Comment by Miz BoheMia

I love that dancing matt video. I wish I had as sweet of moves as he does. 🙂 Actually dancing around the world sounds like a lot of fun!

I was sad also to hear that Steve Irwin had died. Erick and I watched his show quite a bit when we had time to watch tv. (You know before kids.) Last night I watched the documentaries that Animal Planet was showing. He certainly did have a love for life and for all of the animals on this planet. One of the things that made the biggest impression on me was all the footage they had of him with his children. They video taped fully both births of their children and there was so much footage they showed of him talking about his children and being with his children. I thought about how great it will be for his children to have those moments caught on video not all of us have such a vast library.

Comment by cj

sad about Steve Irwin and summer being over~ startin’ to *sniffle* Crocodile tears.

need to concentrate on our beautiful sunny day (still seems like summer and actually is til the 22nd).

now for a run in the park!

Comment by canine karen

You know that was just perfect timing for the Matt video because as I brought little J to school today, it reminds me how anything is possible dependent upon your outlook. And that includes Steve Irwin. So shocked and saddened to hear about him. Here’s to the free and determined spirits the world over!

Now not to be a poor sport or anything, but it’s just I received this bill for a party in the Snark that happened in my absence…

Comment by Lampshade Lady

I love dancing Matt. I do. I do. I do.

So sad about Steve Irwin. You looked at him and couldn’t help but smile. He just had one of those faces.

I’m not liking WordPress though because everywhere I post…spam’ed. Sigh.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

oooh…it posted?


Comment by Little Blue Pill

Summer can’t be over. It never began

Comment by pia

Donde esta Iman? Iman! Iman!

you know, when i was in about 2nd or 3rd grade, California started a mandatory language program for all public school kids, and the 1st lesson started out with that line: Donde esta Iman? now, considering the fact that that was… ummm…. over 40 years ago, apparently the program was a success, because i still remember it. (Iman, by the way, was the kid’s dog. the kid’s name, by the way,  was Pepito.) anyway, my point (for i almost have one) is Donde esta freaking Iman??? Y mis amigos y amigas???

okay. slow day. no biggie. besides, i’m with Pia. summer isn’t really over. Maybe it’s gonna be on hold for a few months, but it ain’t over. not no way, not no how.

and Pepito? i don’t know donde esta, Iman, amigo, but i’m guessing if he hasn’t come home by now, he never will! Buenos noches, amigos y amigas, y hasta manana! xoxo

Comment by snuppy

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