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Thankin’ it up from the heart… FO SHO! by Snuppy
Wednesday, 6 September 2006, 2:16am
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Yep… ’tis me, BoheMia, so RUN FOR THE HILLS cause there’s more philosophisin’ comin’ your way dammit! But what do you expect? My life is topsy turvy, upside down, completely uncertain, and I am at a major crossroads in life so if you expect me to shoot the shit I will most likely shoot you! GRRRR!

Oh wait… kitty cat here so purrrr and all that. COME BACK! I WON’T BITE! I PROMISE! Well, at least not today…

See, being at a crossroads where life is topsy turvy, upside down and completely uncertain is something I am used to… and I have not always handled such moments with the utmost of grace… oh no! But they have never been a waste either because I have had the good fortune to have enough of my wits about me in order to learn from these so-called “mistakes”… yeah, in quotes because I believe that if something arising out of our very own choices “fails”, that it is all a part of the bigger plan that we ourselves at some point, somewhere, sometime, mapped out for ourselves…. and if we learn from it, squeeze out some juicy wisdom from these supposed failures, then what the hell is there to cry about ’cause it’s all good!

My life in nonsensical Spain is suddenly garnering quite a bit of meaning… in the very midst of the topsy turvyness, upside downness and uncertainty of it all… and I find myself laughing, feeling hopeful, feeling confident that my vision of what is to come shall and will come true in spite of the fact that we seem to be temporarily engulfed by some darkness… temporarily being the key word here… the path to my desire is gonna be hard, it is probably gonna entail a crash or two with regards to my expectations, but I know I will persevere and not give up and this new drive, this new hope and this spirit is something I am thankful for and something that I was not at all alone in achieving no….

A very Snarkster of our own, a dear one with a heart as deep as the universe is vast, miraculously (or not… for there is no such thing as a coincidence we believe) appeared in my life and through many a conversation I have been blessed to have with said Snarkster, she shared tidbits of her life with me (Hey! Lay off! Bohemians don’t talk and tell! PSHAW!) that have worked wonders in fostering this unwavering hope that has taken a hold of me…

So Snuppy my dear, thank you… your beautiful words, the sharing of your vulnerable moments and hardships overcome and such similar stories which you so freely gave me free acess to, along with your delightfully contagious laughter, have worked wonders on this bohemian’s soul and mindset and are all moments that have not and will not go to waste for that is how dear they are to me I tell you… oh the miracles that arise out of a little bit o’ foreskin I tell you (yes, an inside thing but yes, you can ask…) and I carry this wisdom that you have imparted upon me with me at all times, hold it close to my heart and damned will I be if ever I give up! DAMNED I TELL YOU!

There could be loads more and much mushier stuff too because, well, bohemians are heartfelt like that and all but… ’tis time to shine the spotlight on you, dear gathered Snarklings! So come on and dish… what situations have you been in that warranted inspiration and/or help? Who or what helped you move on out of the tupsy turvy, upside down and uncertain aspect of it all? Who do you just loooooveeee and appreciate and think to be utterly fabulous just as I do Snuppy? WHO? So come on people! Live it up, have a sample, or ten, from our delicious buffet, kick back, relax and yeah, DISH DAMMIT!

And with that, yeah, you got it…

BoheMia OUT!


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i’d *first* like to say Thank You, you fabulous BoheMian, you!! i don’t know that anyone has ever found me inspiring before, but i appreciate the fact that you *do*! (just ask my kids, they’ll tell you i’m a major pain in their collective asses!) i’m humbled by your words, and truly honored.

as for the ones who’ve inspired and/or helped me through difficult situations throughout my life? hmmmm…the first one is obvious and easy and will make you all groan, but i SWEAR it’s my husband. i depend on his advice and wisdom (wise beyond his years i tell ya) and he has never led me astray. or adrift. or off course. he’s my best friend and my rock. MY ROCK, i tell you MY ROCK!!

the other person is my sister and lifelong bestbestbest friend, Terri. one of the most remarkable and supportive individuals on the planet. she’s my partner in silliness and she, and her husband, my beloved-and-also-wise-and-oh-so-amazing brother-in-law, Bill, have been there for me manymanymany times in my life (before Joel came along) when i’m quite certain i wouldn’t have made it, had it not been for their sage advice and/or support. maybe later i’ll share details, but for now, this is enough!

BEAUTIFUL POST, beautiful and beloved BoheMian! this was a very nice thing to see first thing this morning!! xoxo

Comment by snuppy

This entire year has been topsy-turvy. *sigh*. And since my family was decimated *sigh* and we were all left reeling because of Dad’s death, my friends became the pillars that held me up. Two have kept me absolutely, positively sane this past year and without them I probably would have fractured a long time ago. I lost track of the hours on the phone, the hours spent curled up on a couch, or hours on the computer because one is frickin’ far away! When I finally met him this summer, I think I hugged him for…oh…30 minutes just because I finally could.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

topsy turvy? Oh yes…there were a few incident sin my life that can be described by that word.
I am in a topsy turvy position right now, but a good one, and self inflicted as well 🙂
Ok..here comes soemthign you might not know about me. I believe in guardian angels. I really do. However confusing, painful and utterly horendous my life was, soemhow I always got out of a terrifying situation by incidents that are hard to explain. A peron that showed up at the right time, an option that presented itself at the oddest times…stuff like that.
So when I was about 14 I was utterly convince dthat there is soembody watching over me. Call it what you want…somebody that makes sure that I get through-sometimes despite myself. I owuld like to thank him/her/it for giving me the life I have now.
And then there are also human beings in teh flesh…like my mom of choice. But you know all about her already:)

Comment by Penguin

Wow… beautiful answers my friends, beautiful indeed!

Snuppy, thank YOU! It has been a long time that I have neglected truly connecting to my inner me, that inner wisdom as well as that collective unconsciouse, the universe, call it what you will, that we are all such an integral part of… you have such a beautiful and serene energy about you that something as simple as speaking to you on the phone, laughing and sharing many such moments has meant the world to me and has helped me keep my mind on positive ground…

Having come from a very toxic family, I never really had support. Instead, I was surrounded by very self-serving individuals… until Loverboy… he is literally my very reason for being here because had we not happened, had he not shown me that unconditional love truly exists, I would not have bothered making it through my anorexia… not an easy battle and the fact that he is still here, after all my nuttiness and the hard times we have had, is something I never take lightly…

And then, yes Monika, I understand exactly what you speak of… I have had so many dark moments where quitting would have been the easiest thing but then, the universe, my dearly departed who I am sure watch over me, would send little signs my way to let me know not to quite… a suprise letter from a dear friend, a phone call, a run-in with someone who had just the right thing to say…still happens and we just have to be open to it, to listen to what often comes as a whisper but when recognized is an obvious scream…

… and so, apart from Loverboy, and now that I have needed to call friends in SF for help and advice, I see how blessed I am with all the friends who have stood tall and are willing to help…

So I can relate to you too my dear Jenna. I cannot even begin to imagine what you went through with the love of your dad and I am happy to hear you have had such good friends by your side!

Ok amigos y amigas… this bohemian is off to feed the kiddos and then off to teach!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

That is exactly what I mean. I knew you´d understand. I think there is soembody watching over everybody in the world. Sometime sit is just so hard to hear and all you bneed might be a little belief 🙂
Have fun teaching, I´ll try some yoga poses today…although soemtime smy foot says no thank you!

Comment by Penguin

i’m quite certain we don’t make a move without our guardian angels. the ones we see and most certainly the ones we *don’t*! (my life has literally been saved a couple of times by one, so i know what i’m talkin’ about!) xox

Comment by snuppy

I second that…and teh more I think about it the more incidents I can think off.
This was a wonderful quetsion and fodder for thought. Ha dit in the back of my head all day…and with that: Penguin Out!

Comment by Penguin

In my life the two most solid people who have seen me through it all (or most all) would have to be my dad and my husband. I know I wouldn’t be here now if I didn’t have them taking care of me when I couldn’t. 🙂

Comment by cj

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