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Great Superman’s Ghost! by Snuppy
Friday, 8 September 2006, 7:56am
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TODAY the film HOLLYWOODLAND opens across the nation. It’s a movie about the mysterious circumstances surrounding the alleged suicide of actor George Reeves, who played Superman back in the 1950’s. Now, since we grew up watching and enjoying that show as kids throughout the 50’s and 60’s (because some of us are just that old) we are mildly interested to see this film, especially because the part of George Reeves is played by Ben Affleck, and, well, we like him. The rest of the cast ain’t bad, either.

STILL, because we don’t get out much, the chances of actually going out to the theater, especially since we’ve already seen two releases in the past month, are smaller than the size of a piece of Kryptonite it would take to render Superman helpless. Fortunately for us, THIS VIDEO, featuring Tony Curtis as, what we can only guess to be, a gumshoe hosting a bad TV show, tells us all we need to know, in a fraction of the time it would take to watch the more expensive/better cast/better acted movie. And for a hell of a lot less money! You certainly don’t need to watch the whole video, but we found the clips from the original Superman TV series so entertaining, the “party/death” scenes so hilariously/poorly acted, and the whole presentation oh-so-over-the-top-mysterious, we loved it. Of course, we believe we’ve established over and over the fact that we are easily amused. In this case, we hope you will be, too.

~ snuppy


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Cool! I’m actually first! What a coincidence. I actually blogged about Superman this morning.

Well, heck, I didn’t know how Superman died, the irony is too much.

Comment by Pavel

Wow…seeing that old Superman TV show open brought a rush of memories. My favorite show growing up…the open gave me goose bumps. The Tony Curtis show was pretty campy…sad story…laughable treatment…but very interesting nonetheless. And, by the way Snupster, we might go see the movie this weekend…you never know…stranger things and all.

Comment by BoBo

I wasn’t aware that Geroge Reeves had died that way. I just watchted the Youtube clip. I wonder had this happened in today’s times if the forensic evidence would be so much better that there would be no question that it was murder. After watching Tony Curtis – in his schnazzy shirt – I’m going to have to lean towards Murder and it being Toni’s husband Eddie who pulled the trigger.

Comment by cj

i love that entire ‘Hollywood Confidential’ era of tinseltown. i’ll at least be renting this one out when it comes available.
‘go’ to see a movie? *collapses in laughter* thats fer city folkses! we’uns jest rent ’em out from the feed store.
now i’m trippin…is Tony Curtis still alive?????

Comment by FirstNations

i was just surprised to find out there actually *was* a mysterious aspect to the death of George Reeves. i mean, i’d always heard he shot himself–which we assumed (being the stupid kids we were) he did while trying to prove he was, in fact, SUPERMAN!! (oh we laughed and laughed and laughed at that thought)

FN, we tend to rent everything… and i mean EVERYTHING (except for the 2 movies we saw last month) so you got nothin’ on us’all, countrygal! and, yeah, i think Tony Curtis is still alive and kickin’ it up, somewhere! xox

Comment by snuppy

Wow…this is going to be uplifting movie isn’t it? “With his brains blown away” I didn’t know people really said that. Especially Tony Curtis.

This is a long clip…it’ll have to wait until I do some work here first. Sigh.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

Actually, I grew up watching that show on reruns in the 70s and liked it but it was no “Spiderman.” Man I loved that show.

About a year ago I got in touch with my pre-fourth-grade best friend and visited him in Portland. We watched hours of DVD Spiderman and sang along with the theme song while his Russian wife looked on, apparently pretty entertained and not as concerned as you might have expected.

Comment by Walela

Adrien Brody? Nice…I´ll be seeign this movie, strnage it hasnæt created any buzz here yet. Well, we are all caught up in Rockstar Supernova 🙂

Comment by Penguin

Where the heck is everybody?
I even showered becuase I thought it was my smell!

Comment by Penguin

more on tony curtis….check this out. who knew?
lookin’ good for an old guy, isn’t he?
i loved the old b/w superman tv series. reeves gave superman such a great attitude.
remember running around with a towel pinned to your shoulders going ‘SUPE! erMAAAAAAAAN!’ and then running to beat heck with your arms stretched straight out in front of you like you’re flying? or riding your bike down the street going ‘Nanananananana-Nanananananana-BATMAAAAAAAAN!’

…of course,i was a weird kid, too.

Comment by FirstNations

yes, Firstnations. you just described me to a tea as a little guy, running around my back yard. My brother always wanted to be BatMan, but I told him Batman isn’t anywhere near as powerful as SUPE! erMAAAAAAAAN!

Comment by Pavel Cubano

now see? my sister and i collected Superman comics as kids… so we were totally infatuated with him. (we liked Batman *and* Spiderman, too… altho’ i also thought the Flash and Aquaman were cool). we used to read up on Superman, Superboy, Supergirl… you name it, we were reading it! and to show just how weird we were… our *other* favorites included Archie, Richie Rich, and Winnie Winkle! (do any of you guys even know who that was??) and you guys got that the title of today’s post was a play on Perry White’s favorite saying “Great Caesar’s Ghost”, right? RIGHT?? (please say yes, otherwise i may have to go bite my pillow)

oh yeah, and in junior high school, my best friend and i wrote a parody of the Superman open (“faster than a speeding bullet, etc…”) based on fruit. yep, fruit. it was called “Super Pomagranite”. (i said i was a weird kid, right? now you know.) 😉

Comment by snuppy

oh, and FN? that link is beyond HYSTERICAL!! not only is Tony Curtis alive and well, he’s selling paintings?? *that* was funny!! xox

and, Pavel? you’re 100% correct, sir! Batman is cool, but very dark. Superman, on the other hand, well, he’s an alien, for cryin’ out loud. an alien with SUPER POWERS! there’s no topping that! xox

Comment by snuppy

Holy cow, snuppy! I completely forgot about Richie Rich. I used to read ALL Richie Rich comic books and hadn’t thought about it since I was, like 9, and now you jarred my memory. Dang, I was such a nerd…

Comment by Pavel Cubano

watch it, Pavel… remember who you’re talking to! xox

Comment by snuppy

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