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Blinding Voip by Snuppy
Tuesday, 12 September 2006, 8:52am
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SOMETIMES we wonder why we even bother with this blog, because, trust us, on any given day it’s a major pain in the ass lot of freaking trouble difficult to come up with interesting and/or fun stuff to write about. (Yeah, like that’s never happened to you…) 

LUCKY for you, on this day, as we struggled to make sense of our lives and/or this blog, we were reminded about a favorite internet character we find especially amusing, named: Strong Bad*. That’s right, we said Strong Bad. We intend to share other Strong Bad “productions” down the road, but we think the one you’re about to see is fitting for a day like this, what with summer being, for all intents and purposes, over.

CONSIDER this episode of TEEN GIRL SQUAD a “cautionary” tale wrapped in a “What I’m glad i didn’t do on my summer vacation because, damn, it would have been so lame” kind of a thing, and enjoy. We know we did. By the way, the voices will probably sound weird, because they’re all done by Strong Bad, who has, for lack of a better description, an unusual delivery. 

*This blog is very familiar with the Adventures of Strong Bad & his band of merry cohorts, but since today’s “reminder” was courtesy of SWEETNEY.COM, we suppose it’s only fair to give credit where credit is due. In the future, we’re certain we’re gonna have to start paying for this shit stuff, and, since she won’t take checks, we’ll be passing around the donation Blogcanister.

~ snuppy 


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You do this because you’re great at it and now we won’t let you stop! I’ll drop a dollar in now because I know I will watch it later because wahhhhhhhh – I’m back to work today. Did I say I’d almost be happy to be back to work. I take it back – can I go home now?

By the way, I’m first here, first at Ambrose. Maybe there’s something to this working.


Comment by Lampshade Lady

🙂 Well snuppy your hard work shows, as does everyone elses. Its one of my favorite sites to visit… and I make sure I visit every day. (sometimes very late.)

Comment by cj

LL!! you know… i’m so sorry about the link today! still, you’ll like this one… it’s silly, but dumb. (nice to see you “officially” back, NBFF!!) guess we’ll tawk when we tawk! first here *and* on WA?? damn! that’s pretty impressive, girlfriend (or girgfiend, which is what i just typed… d’oh!) xox

cj: you’re so sweet to say that! we’re fortunate to have some fabulous folks associated with this blog, on the writing side *and* most definitely on the reading/commenting side. the past couple of weeks have been slow going for us all, i think, what with summer wrapping up and school starting… everyone’s been too busybusybusy to spend much time reading blogs. (that goes triple for me, and, for the most part, all i’ve had going on was hanging out with Joel!) xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

d’oh! again… that was me, “snuppy”  by the way, i think we’re workin’ on that avatar… right girls??? xoxo

Comment by One Hot Puppy

I’m here! *waves*
I’m just gonna go play on the swings. Lemme know if the ice cream guy comes by.

Comment by FirstNations

Hello Snarkers xox

That was soooooooooooooo funny!! I love the “……………ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…’kay.” Hehehe! and the tres cutee. “Trey Cutaaayy”! Priceless.

Sigh. I laugh a good laugh.

How much is a Blog-dollar worth? Ermm..ok, I’d put out a fiver.

Only because there’s sometimes free bagels and coffee here. Speaking of which…

GG xo

Comment by good girl

I love that avatar – go on with your bad self Snuppy! We will indeed tawk when we tawk – sooner than later. cj: I used to visit sometimes very late as well, but it seems that lights outs will have to be earlier with the school year underway…we’ll see.

FN – Mr. Softee’s here (do they have Mr. Softee’s outside of New York?) Oh and GG, here’s a bagel for yur troubles – coffee too. Where is that Penguin – she out of the probationary period already? Miz B must be packing up her troubles in her ole kit bag.

Comment by Lampshade Lady

yowza…one “speedy” call from my kid in California and next thing ya know, a couple of hours have passed…

do you guys like this avatar? i tried to find artwork that would be consistent with what we have at the top… i almost gave up because i couldn’t get anything to load. i’m glad i was able to finally get this one to cooperate, ‘cuz i think it looks kind of cool (actually it looks just like YOU, Lampityshadalicious one! or it would if you wore reallyreally long false eyelashes, had your lips resized and, uh… dyed your hair blonde. otherwise that gal could be your twin!! or mine!! hee hee!) we don’t even have a Mr. Softees in CT that i know of. (if there is one, i’m thinkin’ it’s a good thing i *don’t* know!) xox

FN: as the bad line from the even worse film Signs goes, Swing Away. (what can i say? i NEED coffee!!!) xox

okay… i’m off to get myself a TGSNWM… it’s been a long morning and i’m pretty sure i need one! tres cutay, GG?? LOVE THAT!! xox

(it’s still snuppy, by the way)

Comment by One Hot Puppy

I LOVE the avatar!!!!!! 🙂

Thank you snuppy for the compliment. (Your still the sweetest!) I think that your right its a super busy season and there is more to to do than hours in the day. Right now I have been up to my ears in redecorating the house, getting Nina into the swing of high school, dance dance dance for Thea, and now Gracie is walking. *sigh* My days are wonderful from start to finish – I just need to get more “me” time in the day. 🙂

BTW are you making your own TGSNWM?

Comment by cj

cj: I believe Snuppy’s length in responding is your answer…just saying.

I’m cracking up Snuppy – yes with lip enhancements, falsies and change of hair color, why yes. Seriously, she looks like a tarted up surprised (or something) version of you!

Comment by Lampshade Lady

watchyutawkin’ ’bout, Lampy? actually, i think i looked a little like that woman in the avatar back in my singing days. only my hair was bright red (that’s right, red. and reallyreallypermy-curley. did you say “tart”? yep. that was me. i mean, i may have looked like one…)

and i *did* go out for a TGSNWM, but only because i had other errands to run. CJ is privy to the fact that i got Bobo an espresso machine for his birthday, in the hopes we could start making our favorite drinks at home from time to time. so far we’ve made… 0 – but we expect that to change any second now! xox

Comment by snuppy

Aha! I’ll send Scissors your way. We got one too and so far he’s the only one to make them for me. It just doesn’t come out the same when I attempt it.

Well I’m on the road my little tarts (red hair permed huh – ooh lala) see you on teh other side.

Comment by Lampshade Lady

“teh” other side? heh heh!! it’s good to have you back on any side, girlfriend (have i mentioned lately how MUCH i missed you while you were gone??) and maybe Scissorhands can give us all lessons. our youngest is going back to work at Starbucks, but in California, which does zipzeronada for us. sigh our older son is learning… and i’ve watched the tape (yes, they sent a video TAPE) but it wasn’t much help. CJ? are you up for giving out lessons???? xoxox

Comment by snuppy

Oh, LOL! That was hilarious! Great stuff! How do yu find these places? When I search for humor, all I get is blogs with humor in the title! ARGH!! D

Comment by FelineFrisky

Oh I’d be happy to give lessons. 🙂 I really love love love the whole coffee thing. What model did ya get?

Comment by cj

Greetings from rainy Hartsfield Int’l Airport in ATL…waiting out a flight delay…very anxious to get home.

Comment by BoBo the delayed

uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum ‘kay

I liked the name of the canoe. “Canoe Reeves”. hee-hee.

What the…I want an avatar too! *stomps foot* *pouts*

Comment by Little Blue Pill

LBP: we may have to lease this one if Sweetney ever decides to charge us for all the links i “use”! (i looooove the name of the boat, too. and am i the only one who howled at “Blinding Voip”?? cuz that totally cracked me up!) and uuuuuuuuuuuuuum ‘kay was beyonnnnnnnnd funny! xoxo

FF: Strong Bad has been around for awhile, i find a lot of the things we put up through my sons, who have the same warped sense of humor as i do! xox

Bobo: hurry home! lasagna awaits… xox

CJ: it’s the smaller Barista version (in other words, NOT the one that costs $1200) and i am SO sending you an e-mail to ask for help. OR…you could do a guest post for us and teach everyone the finer points in espresso/latte production! (i love that idea!) xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

LBP: i don’t know if there’s a way for everyone to have an avatar on this version of WordPress… i’ll try to find out, tho’, because it is nice to “see” everyone… (that’s what you meant, right?) xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

hey, you guys?
i got one of my braids caught in the chain of the swing.
does anyone got a scissors?

Comment by FirstNations

and the party just keeps on going. What a day today in my life…so many things to do and so little time to do it in 🙂
But I couldn´t go off to bed, before I snarked a bit.
Puppy, I take threats badly and heart attachs are not good for anybody 😉 Please don´t scare us like that!

Comment by Penguin

fn: You ask does anbody have Scissors! I’m sending Scissorhands over right now, not only will he cut you free, you’ll look stylish as well 🙂

I like the idea of cj giving lessons on the espresso machines. I totally blanked on cj being a barista! What can I tell you, I blank on who I am many a day! LBP! – I feel like I have to say hi to everyone, I’ve missed you all. Hi Penguin – how’s teh foot?

Snuppy – I missed you too, the Snark certainly makes going back to work all the more bearable. Now I’m going to watch…

Hope Joel got home safely (thought it was quiet from him today).

Comment by Lampshade Lady

ummmmm kay – another stellar one for the collection my girlfriend!

Comment by Lampshade Lady

FN: if Scissorhands can do for you what he’s done for his wife, you are in for a TREAT! (her hair is as fabulous as you would imagine it would be) xox

Penguin…scare you? with Strong Bad? or the new avatar? silly girl! by now you should know the only threats i’m good at are hollow, at best! xox

LL: yep… i think CJ can teach us all a thing or two and you just know she’ll be cute and perky while she does! CJ… i think we’re setting you up for a seminar, girlfriend! oh, and as for Joel? he had an incredibly LONG-ASS day, flew down to Atlanta and back. no fun for the Bobo. then dinner was late… because that’s *just* the kind of crappy wife i am. yeesh. xox

Comment by snuppy

LL: ummmmmmmmm ‘kay, so i *thought* you might like that! xo

Comment by snuppy

Don’t be so hard on yourself honey! He was happy to see you I am sure and was happy whenver dinner got to the table. Now let me go check my hair and make sure it’s up to “snup”. hahahhaha

ummmmmmm ‘kay G’night

New school hours, got to get up early, Pretty bad if the kid puts herself on the bus (no matter how mature I guess).

Comment by Lampshade Lady

Sounds like a plan! I can give a small how to seminar no problems.

I am glad you got the barista instead of the Delonghi piece of shit. We have had 3 bought and all 3 returned because they work oops I mean DONT WORK. Not worth the money at all. 🙂

Anyone have any coffee questions?

Comment by cj

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