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A Head Trip… by Snuppy
Wednesday, 13 September 2006, 2:39am
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Seeing that I have yet to physically travel back home to San Francisco, I thought I would share a head trip or fifteen with y’all… that being the current cuckoo state bohemians are in so come on, we all need a good mind fuck screw every now and then!



You should see 7 horses in this picture…







Look at the middle column. Where does it end?


One time I read that you should see at least 9 people, while another time I read 11. Well, go for the max I say! Hooah!



A face?… Or the word LIAR?


What do you see here, the word LIFT or a bunch of black splotches?


I am biting my tongue with regards to the grammatically incorrect instructions below… BITING MY TONGUE I SAY!



Yeah… I really have no words in my mind… too fried… WHAT? You mean this wasn’t enough??? P-SHAW! Happy Wednesday fruitcakes! And with that, yeah, you know the drill…

BoheMia OUT!


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Loved this . I have to check out the picture again…with some I didnæt know what to do.
Four horses and I saw 10 faces…which makes me “extremely observer”. I am proud beyond words. What a lovely way to start the day, making your head spin. If I fall over when standing up, you´ll take the blame!

Comment by Penguin

5 horses and 11 faces. I rock. I get the first and second picture now.
Picture number four…I first saw an old couple. Than three small people. Why is there a wine bottle hanging on that old ladie´s ear?
Love the puzzle/real world interaction.
And teh last one is just way cool.
Ok…I´ll play some more!

Comment by Penguin

ooooh…i LOVED this too… and i guess i’m fairly observant… i see:

5 horses
8 people
*and* 12 faces ~ apparently i’ve created a new one or a few of the people i missed from the first one fell into the 2nd?

this was BEYOND cool. i lovelovelove this kind of mind-blowing artwork, too! thanks for also making MY head spin… not only with this amazing post, but with the fact that you can have so MUCH on your BoheMian plate and still find time to be so dang creative. you put me to shame. shame i tell you… SHAME!! (but in a very good way!) xoxox

Comment by snuppy

okay… i think i see 9 faces, maybe 10 in that first “face” picture…but i’m *still* only seein’ 5 horses. normally i’m pretty good at these things. maybe i just need new glasses…?

Comment by snuppy

13 faces. they are not telling what’s the next level after extremely observer. these pictures are fun, thank you Miz B!!

Comment by Ariel

failed with the gate pic, though, I can see only 8 people. I tried hard.

Comment by Ariel

that Möbius thing shocks me every time I see it. such tricks should be punished.

Comment by Ariel

okay… so now i’m going crazy. because i think i just found 17 faces. Ariel maybe we’re “very *extremely* above-average awesome observer” (the grammar is definitely part of the charm for this one, CYM!) xox

Comment by snuppy

I am somewhere between extremely observer and hallucinating. I’m going back. 2nd day back to work and I sit staring at my computer screen moving my head backwards and forwards.

This is a good one Cattyummy! Hope all is going smoothly on the packing front. I think I see you in one of the pictures with boxes…

Comment by Lampshade Lady

I quit looking after 12 faces. I wasn’t sure if I forgot how to count right OR if there are things that look like faces to me that aren’t. 🙂 Either way I made it into the very observant category which is good news to me.

Yay its hump day!!

Comment by cj

I still only got 5 horses…it is frightening how my eyes are hurting from squinting all morning 🙂

Comment by Penguin

whoa, man, that like completely played with my head, yo….i mean, wow…that, like, fried a buncha brain cells. i can hear them, you know, like, screaming and stuff. trippin.

*lies down under azaleas and counts fingers, coming up with a different total every time*


Comment by FirstNations

Must stop staring at those pictures…people are starting to stare at me! Oh my Catty…head spinning, eye numbing…good job. Now I must close my eyes and rest head on desk.

Comment by BoBo with blurred vision

Dude I told you not to eat the brownies before checking out the pics.

Comment by Lampshade Lady

of course! doh!

Comment by BoBo with blurred vision

OOOOOWEEEEEEEE! What a funky party full o’ squinting, dizzy, browny eating Snarksters! Funkified FO SHO! FO SHO!!!!

Believe it or not, I have yet to give those pics a try! I am glad they are liked though I did nothing to obtain them, NOTHING I SAY! Nope, I get them a while back in an email forward, it being one of very few forwards I actually opened and saved (I am not big on them you see, forwards that is)…

So yeah, I am packing away but I have yet to start in the office! We have an extra room we built when we bought the house so I am packing everything in there so as to open up space for the boxes from work once that is all packed up… but once I am done with that room and in the meanwhile (as in starting tonight) and before going to the office I have to do a crapload of paint touchups around the house… so done packing for the day (only cause I am out of small boxes and have no filler material) but off I go to paint once we tuck the kids into bed! Oy! Anyone wanna come with? 🙂

So nice to see you all cause I MISS YOU CRAZY GENTE! And hey, FN, what happened to my flatbutt status? WHAT DAMMIT!!!!!

Snuppy, I just adoh you dahling!

Bobo, Penguin, LL… I am so laughing at the thought of you guys watching this at work and visualizing you turned into chickens as you cluck them heas forwards and back… must be puzzling to the coworkers fo sho! FO SHO! Ha, ha, haaaa!

CJ and Ariel, glad you liked! PLAY ON! And with that, off I go! San Francisco dreaming baby! YEAH!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

🙂 Good luck packing Miz B – SF is one of my favorite cities. Erick and I love to go for a few days now and again to get away. Today is Gracie’s big test for the ENT – hiho hi ho off to the docs office I go!!

Comment by cj

help paint? it entirely depends on the color…!

Comment by Penguin

Ha, ha, haaa! Take your pic Penguin! I have no white walls and have green, orange, pink, blue, purple, lilac and fuchsia… oh my!

CJ… off you go! Besos!

And off I go… kids to bed first… sitting on the couch just feels damn good!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

5 horses
8 people
11 faces (I’m extremely observer)

I now have a headache and crossed eyes. Sigh.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

hey, this was fun….I’m an extremely observer dog!! 🙂

Comment by Casper

i hate to tell y’all how long i spent trying to find horses in that picture of the guy playing his guitar.


mizYummy: i done tole you and tole you YOU ARE A
FLATBUTT! would you like an official indian name? what about MinkaPengie?

come on, help me out, everyone, indian names for Minka and YummyBoho!

Comment by FirstNations

Night all – hitting the trails a little early. What’s this about the Flatbutts? Not that I would be able to with mine, but honorary. What do I have to do – I mean, I’m already sitting at my desk with my nose pressed to the monitor and then clucking my head back and forth…

Comment by Lampshade Lady

uh MinkaPengi sure is nice…I bet it means “she who walks the mountains and sometimes has to move them ´cause they are in her way!”
It is fun to be a flatbutt! I should put that in my profile, I really should.

Miz B. I´ll get a telepathic head-start on teh blue wall!

Comment by Penguin

Still just 5 horses and 5 people in that odd looking head-on-street pcitures. Drives me insane!
there are no 7 horse I say!

Comment by Penguin

that’s it, Snuppy, once you start seeing faces, there are more and more and more and more.

Comment by Ariel

Ariel… you’re right! aieeeee! too bad it’s not that way with the stupid horse picture, tho’, because no matter how many times i go back, i can only see 5. FIVE, i tell ya, FIVE!!! i even had my son look, now he’s bitching me out for driving his eyes crazy!

by the way, i’ve been so focused on the 3 pictures where we’re supposed to see however many things we see that i forgot to say how much i enjoy all these other pictures. some of them i’ve seen, or at least i’ve seen variations of ’em, but they’re all cool. and then there’s that last one, which makes me dizzy. very. very.



Comment by snuppy

I can´t offer nay help…I have been looking at these pictures all day (on and off of course, there is just so much head I cab waste!) and the numbers of horses don´t grow…why does the middle colum not end and turn into a square and I still need about 6 people.
Do we have a Lost&Found box around here?

Comment by Penguin

minka: whats the Icelandic word for ‘earthmover’? you can be ‘MinkaPengie _____________’ (whatever that word is)
I am ‘Runs With Scissors; Does Not Work or Play Well With Others’. its a long name but very musical.

Come on. what about the Boho? its got to be something magically babelicious and lemony!

Comment by FirstNations

hey. i want into this flatbutt club too, missy. whatcha got for me???????????

MinkaPengie-teh-Bomb! my head continues to spin and spin and spin and there are STILL only 5 horses and… did i mention the spinning? oh, and on the picture of the old couple, is that woman in the old man’s head because he cheated on his wife, and the bottle hanging off the old lady’s ear because she’s a boozer? help!!!




Comment by snuppy

by the way, MPtehB… what do we think about the final winner of RockStar (without giving it away… cuz that would be wrong.) i know i was surprised. xo

Comment by snuppy

Oooh! Party on people! Forgive me but I am too fried to answer all… 8 am (been up since 4:30) and getting ready to paint some more! Wooh!

An Indian Name? Hmmm…

Keyholder to the Gate of Gold? (get it? get it?)

Ball kicker with pointy shoes? (cause I kicked a bastard who tried to kiss me in the third grade right in the nuts with my pointy shoes)

Flies free on wings of words? (corny but hey… I SAID I AM FRIED DAMMIT!)…

I don’t know… hey, maybe we should do a post on just that! Suggestions for our Indian names… cause YEAH I think Snuppy needs to be a Flatbutt and would need an Indian name… she is my soul sistah you know! Funkified FO SHO!

But I want it to be hot and sexalicious…

Madonna/Whore keyholder of the Gate of Gold?

Fuckitall… I quit!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

that will make a lovely post…maybe tomorrow! I already have soemthign ready for today…gives us an extra day for coming up with clever name.
Minka Pengie slaturvel? Nope…that doesnæt work, FN! WE´ll have to contmeplate a bit further 🙂

Comment by Penguin

[…] illusions, and when Snuppy has nothing better to do I encourage her to put a link, right about HERE! For those of you who have already done this, there is hot chocolate and cake in the back, now be […]

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